Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ajit Krishna Bans PADA: Complains of Bans?

BANS PADA! ... Allows Molester Messiah's Program?


PADA: This is amazing. Ajit Krishna is complaining the GBC is banning some of the people complaining about the book changes (at Mayapura). Great! Of course its also good, Ajit is now complaining about Jayapataka's MAFIA, who is banning people who complain about the books changes. Oooops, which is why Ajit Krishna worships the Bhakti Vikas swami program, and he is a sannyasa disciple of the leader of the Mayapura Mafia (Jayapataka). Yes Jayadvaita swami is a deviant rascal for changing the books! Therefore lets worship the people who -- voted him as as a guru, or the other people voted in along with him? 

Yep, we hate the books changes, that is why -- we worship the program that changes the books and bans the protest of the changed books! This has been PADA's problem all along, yes we all hate child molesting, that is why -- we worship the leaders of the child molesting infrastructure process, and we ban PADA for protesting. And Ajit also worships the GBC's gurus aka the members of the child molesting infrastructure program, and Ajit promotes the biggest hand maiden of the GBC's "voted in" guru process -- Rocana das?

Why does Ajit Krishna worship members of the same program that is banning people who complain about the book changes? Did we forget to mention that people who complained about sexual predators in Mayapura have also been banned by Ajit Krishna's guru parampara folks? 

Meanwhile Ajit Krishna bans PADA and he says -- we need to listen to Rocana, who is one of the "50 man committee" founding father members of the 1986 "ISKCON guru reformers" which: Continued to promote the original 1978 "appointed 11"  deviants (and maybe guru poisoners?) as acharyas in their parampara lineage; Which votes in MORE deviants if not sexual predators as their acharyas; Which reinstated sex with taxi drivers as their Vishnupada acharya; Which voted in Ajit Krishna's hero Bhakti Vikas swami as an acharya -- because he is the sannyasa disciple of Jayapataka, a founder father of the illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara. 

And BVKS sannyasa guru JPS is the leader of the Mayapura MAFIA? And is a person who has made strange whisper comments on "the poison tapes"?

Yep! And Jayapataka's people are the people who banned the recent complaints about the book changes! We need to complain about the books changes, by worshiping the sannyasa disciple(s) of the people banning us from complaining about the book changes? We need to worship the regime that is enforcing book changes, while complaining about the books being changed?  

And worse, Rocana's and Ajit's "reformers" excommunicated Sulochana which lead to his murder, and eventually lead to burying Kirtanananda in Krishna's holy dham of Vrnndavana, by Gopal Krishna and Radhanath -- two big leaders in the Ajit Krishna / Rocana "guru reform." Why does Ajit promote a "guru lineage" that buries sexual predators in the holy dham, and which creates a $400,000,000 lawsuit for child molesting? That is a guru lineage? 

Well yes, its a guru lineage from patala loka! Hee hee! Did we forget to mention that porno swami Gunagrahi was also voted into the Rocana / Ajit Krishna guru parampara? And now he was buried in the holy dham, because their program thinks porno swamis are samadhi acharyas? And we are banned by Ajit when we mention these things? That means he is direct or de facto defending these things? Same problem we had with the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks, they want anyone who complains about porno swamis "banned from the internet," so their porno swami program wins by default.

Did we forget to mention it is Ajit Krishna's "guru reformer" program which has been master minding the book changes program, headed by one of their "voted in gurus" Jayadvaita swami? Then Rocana writes his "ISKCON constitution" wherein he says his current "guru reform" GBC guru voting process is fine, we just need to tighten up the ADMINISTRATION, ENFORCEMENT and REGULATION of the rules and guidelines for Rocana's (deviant) acharyas. We need to administer Krishna and His acharyas? Rocana is the acharya police force?

OK, practically speaking for example, it appears that when one of Rocana's voted in messiahs is watching porno, that is not a real problem at all. The real problem is that the GBC does not have good "enforcement" of their regulations for messiahs. We need to have a better GBC controlled police force to control Ajit's porno swami acharyas? In other words, we keep all their illicit sex with men, women and children acharyas, porno swamis and so on in their parampara, we just have to have a better process of correcting, administering, and policing their wayward acharyas. 

And because PADA does not fall down and worship Rocana and Ajit's illicit sex with men, women and children guru program, and try to help them "make better enforcement" for controlling their deviant acharyas, we are to be banned! And that is also why Rocana bans us from contributing to his site for the past 20 years.   

Rocana's "guru reformers" have not ever proven that acharyas are usually deviants who need administration, censure, admonishing, monitoring, suspension, removal etc. -- in the first place? Anyway notice, Ajit Krishna, Torben, Kim Moller, Hanuman Croatia and so on, they all agree with the Rocana process, we need to promote "guru reform" people like Rocana and his voted in gurus like Bhakti Vikas swami, because they are the co-founder fathers of the illicit sex with taxi drivers reinstating guru parampara, and they ban those who want to worship Srila Prabhupada. 

And then these fools wonder why there has been BOOK CHANGES, never mind mass molesting, crimes, embezzling, and murders going on in their "guru parampara." Did we forget to mention, Bhakti Vikas encouraging people like Jayapataka to be diksha gurus and absorb sins, is killing people because they are being overwhelmed by taking sins. Yep, we need to ban PADA and WORSHIP AS OUR MESSIAHS the program of people who -- ban the complaints about book changes. ys pd 

Keep taking sins, you are almost there!
Ummm, I mean dead?

Why does Ajit Krishna promote this bogus guru lineage and he bans people who do not worship his illicit sex with men, women and children (and maybe goats) guru lineage, and he bans those who want to worship Srila Prabhupada instead? ys pd


  1. S Das: It's true. A friend of mine whose son was molested by a dear most disciple of JP was dismissed and no investigation done.

    [PADA: Yes, Bhakti Vikas swami is the sannyasa disciple of Jayapataka and BVKS has become the sort of hero of these guys like Ajit / Torben / Kim Moller / Hanuman Croatia etc, but the fact is, Mayapura is a place where a lot of the complaints about abuse have come from and it does not seem like much of a "reform" to worship the people in that regime. Of course, these Rocana ilk people are idiots to think acharyas need reform in the first place. Its also amazing that as soon as we say, maybe we should not be worshiping an illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara, these "reformers" boot us out the door. hee hee. Fine, we do not want to be associated with you GBC clone heads either. ys pd]

  2. Yes this is what we are down to now. Rocana says that his acharyas are often deviants, who need to be "reformed," hence his "guru reform." And if his acharyas cannot be sufficiently chastised, rectified, reformed etc. they need to be removed and so on. Then he gets all sorts of other people to join in, for example Ajit Krishna, and he is criticizing GBC acharyas like Jayadvaita swami. No one ever explains, how did any of these people have the purity to be voted in as gurus in the first place? What is guru voting? What is a guru reform? Why is Rocana training people to accept that acharyas are usually defective -- if not deviants -- who need to be corrected and reformed? And if acharyas are often defective / deviants and / or those who need to be corrected and reformed, is this not why all of the books of the acharyas have to be re-written, they are defective? Rocana and his disciples like Ajit are giving the rationale for book changes, and all the other changes. ys pd

  3. Dear DJ, I agree, it is amazing that Ajit Krishna / Torben / Hanuman Croatia / Rocana / GBC etc. think the way to fix their bogus illicit sex and book changer's guru parampara is -- to worship the other members of their bogus illicit sex and book changer guru parampara; i.e. those who are ALSO participating, enabling and empowering their whole bogus process. Yep, the way to conquer Satanic problems is, to go full steam in promoting the worship of Satan, that will fix everything! Hee hee, yes they are very foolish, agreed. They want us to worship their illicit sex / book changer's guru parampara, and they think that fixes everything. Yep, they have no sense and never have. ys pd


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