Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rocana's Downward Spiral Continues

PADA: Rocana recently complains about the Prabhupadanugas / ritviks (again). However, he mainly posts articles by GBC guru friendly people like Mayesvara das. Mayesvara das has --all along -- promoted the GBC's bogus gurus like Hrdayananda swami, and he even wanted to help set up a meeting between PADA's editor and Hrdayananda at one time, claiming he is good friends with Hrdayananda.

Should we forget to mention that Hrdayananda has been at the heart of the bogus guru's programs since 1978, and he is currently getting chastised even by the GBC for promoting gay marriage and other deviations?

Mayesvara also promotes other trouble making messiahs, including various Gaudiya Matha gurus and their programs, and he even invites them to his place for programs there. OK in sum, Mayesvara is compromised with both the GBC's and Gaudiya Matha's bogus gurus. Worse, Rocana himself writes that Mayesvara is compromised with protecting bogus GBC's gurus like Dhanurdhara swami, who was part of the molesting problem in ISKCON:

Notice that Mayesvara is afraid that if we go after these bogus gurus in ISKCON this might create a "witch hunt mentality." OK, well maybe, but not going after these bogus gurus does not seem to have helped matters. Anyway, all of this does not seem to show where Rocana really stands on these issues? Is Rocana for the GBC's gurus, because he promotes their supporters like Mayesvara, and their programs like for example "Friends of the BBT"?

So this is the main problem with Rocana:

1) He is against the GBC gurus like Radhanath swami, but he still promotes the people who support the GBC's guru program, like Mayesvara, and / or Friends of the BBT (Jayadvaita's program) etc.

2) He is against the Gaudiya Matha's gurus, citing them as betrayers of Srila Prabhupada, but still promotes the people making programs for their bogus gurus.

3) He says people like Mayesvara betrayed ISKCON's children, simultaneously promotes him.

4) Meanwhile, Rocana says we cannot worship the GBC's gurus AT SOME TIMES, while he says we cannot worship Srila Prabhupada at OTHER TIMES,  saying that worship of Srila Prabhupada is the: posthumous, post samadhi, post mortem pooja deviation.

5) Therefore, we are left to worship -- no one? We should not worship the GBC's gurus, we should also not worship Srila Prabhupada since that is the post mortem deviation, so who is left to worship? No one.

TO SUM: While its easy to pick holes in the GBC's program, and to find faults with the Prabhupadnauga's program (certainly there are problems) meanwhile, Rocana has no program at all to pick holes in, or advertise, or anything else, since his program does not  exist. His program is neti neti neti, not this, not that, not the other, i.e. we should not worship the bogus GBC gurus, we should not worship Srila Prabhupada, ok then, no one is going to be worshiped. OK, how is this the way forward? Sounds to us like he is getting desperate, he is at a loss to tell us the way forward, because he has none. This is basically mayavada, there is no guru, no program, no conclusion (siddhanta), no nothing. ys pd


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