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ISKCON GBC Policy: Guru is Ordinary Conditioned Soul

ML: Well these GBC guru people that they seem to give a lot of attention to chatting it up with women. I just see a spade as a spade. I saw my own diksha guru behave the same way. He ignores me and goes straight past me to my girl friend and her sister to start chatting. Its quite sickening really. They don't even care about much other than keeping their positions over at the institution. Rotten to the core really.

BD: Just because you think someone bypassed you to get to your girlfriend and sister doesn’t mean that’s what really happened in that exact way with ill intent. Did your diksha guru start sending your girlfriend / sister letters, text messages, illicit sexual conversations, stalking? If the answer is “no” then you’re leaning on your own misunderstanding.

LD: Look at Jayapataka, he is being punished in his body severely. And the rest of them are simply awaiting their turn / time is awaiting. That’s a given, they are so extremely offensive to Srila Prabhupada and we see that falling down and suffering, even dying prematurely is common in their group. And what planet are you living on? You have to be joking? Surely, ... You said: "Sex is overrated and that becomes increasingly clear the older you become.” The entire world and all the living entities living in it are working hard day and night for sex. 
As Srila Prabhupada has said, even a man in his 90s looks lustily at a young girl and wants to enjoy.

BD: I’m just saying physically and mentally the game changes with time where the body isn’t what it once was and the mind isn’t as feverish for sexual encounter. Lust is lust but to go into a meeting with a Swami and walk away thinking “He’s just trying to talk to my girlfriend.” That just screams insecurity. The entire tone here is accusatory with no facts to back it up.

LD: The Iskcon swamis are mixing and mingling freely with women today, against Srila Prabhupada’s Orders. Which now makes them untrustworthy. I can understand M pr’s concerns and suspicions.

BD: Not all Iskcon swamis are doing this and mixing / mingling. Its not the same as inappropriately groping, touching, meeting and enjoying sexually. It simply is not the same thing, not even close. So the concerns and suspicions are there because those who claim to be concerned or suspicious want it to be. It’s their own doing.

LD: I agree there should be a good balance of KC, most devotees will maintain a balance of sharing nectar Shastra, but along with their concerns / complaints. You have to ask why there are so many complaints about these GBC gurus?

PADA: The GBC says that their "guru parampara from God" contains illicit sex with men, women and children. And now we are splitting hairs, that their gurus are so advanced, they are not having illicit sex with goats? Really, that is the whole basis of the argument that they are preaching nicely? Yes, we have a pile of successors to God who are at least not having sex with goats, aren't we an advanced human culture? 

Heh heh heh. Sulochana said the GBC is not advanced enough to worship a bucket of dog manure, because a bucket of dog manure is harmless, it will not orchestrate mass molesting of children and kill the vaishnavas. Yes and a bucket of dog manure will not be having illicit sex with men, women and children, and attacking anyone who objects. Why is the GBC not advanced enough to know that -- Sulochana is right? ys pd

BD: It’s still not what many new devotees deal with currently. Everyone eventually dies off. There’s a new generation waiting.

PADA: The GBC says all along that their guru parampara contains debauchees, and they said that all along, and still do. And thus many "new people" are promoting that parampara? What difference does it make if the people promoting that deviation are "old" or "new"? Same old wine, new bottle, so what? The old people, or new, or newer people are promoting the same old apa-siddhanta that has been preached the whole time since 1978? Why do I care if the persons preaching bogus siddhanta are older or newer, makes no difference whatever. Which devotees are making it clear that the parampara contains no deviations? Can you name these people and / or their group? ys pd

BD: This too shall pass.

PADA: Well everything eventually passes, including the entire universe. Yet it seems you cannot name the specific people and / or group that you are linked to -- that is saying that its a deviation to consider the parampara as containing debauchees and sexual predators? Wrong ideas only pass away when people preach the actual right ideas, and that is simple common sense. ys pd

BD: You seem to think everyone is only looking within Iskcon or even if in Iskcon that they are glorifying illicit sex among gurus.

PADA: I don't know, you so far have not told me what program you are promoting, or what your actual siddhanta is? What guru parampara are you promoting?

BD: I’m not promoting anything other than Krishna consciousness and Srila Prabhupada’s work. I’m not about competition, not about us versus them, no compare and contrast. I have what works for me, the good association and meditation.

PADA: OK so you are not worshiping the GBC's debauchee parampara of gurus, you are worshiping Srila Prabhupada, goody, that is what we are promoting. And we are convincing others to do the same thing. Yes, this is not a competition, its reality, we have to worship the pure devotee if we want to attain Krishna. ys pd

BD: Who is the “We” you speak of? Also just because someone has an Iskcon guru doesn’t mean they support all the missteps of the past and it doesn’t mean those gurus play by GBC rules either. There are gurus within Iskcon that the GBC doesn’t even bother because they know that they’re doing things right and that they know too much to risk offending.

PADA: A guru has to follow GBC rules, or be chastised by the GBC? What kind of guru is that? And just because a person has a guru from the illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara, does not mean they support it? No, anyone in that parampara, or who supports that parampara, or worships that parampara, is a participant in the process? 

"Parampara" means a connected chain of co-equal gurus, so if there is illicit sex with men, women and children in some of the liinks, then all of the links are contaminated because a chain means all the parts are connected? Since illicit sex with men, women and children deviants voted in more people into their parampara, that means they are all implicated. Gurus in the parampara are also not engaged in missteps, that means their parampara has defective conditioned souls in it. ys pd

BD: That’s not how that works. However if that’s the case then if my father cheated on my mom before I was born then that makes me a cheater by bloodline as I’m connected in the same line of succession. Intelligence would suggest that the actions of men are individually based and even further that all humans are imperfect and subject to the modes of material nature. 

PADA: A chain of gurus from Krishna, shaksat hari tvena, means they have the same quality as Krishna, and this chain: contains illicit sex and missteps? That would make Krishna defective? "We" are the people who worship Srila Prabhupada and not illicit sex and missteping and defective beings.Yes, humans are imperfect, and that is why we are not supposed to worship imperfect defective beings, because if we worship conditioned souls, we become what we worship and we are also defective. ys pd

BD: Krishna isn’t defective but humans are and as long as humans are around in the material world there will be defects.

PADA: Ok so saying gurus are ordinary is called the mad elephant offense, and -- gurusuh narah matih narakah sah, anyone who says gurus are ordinary humans (narah) are residents of hell. Of course the GBC cannot find ordinary people, they find sexual predators and debauchees to be their gurus. ys pd

BD: I have spoken all I need to speak here. So as to not talk in circles, I bid you farewell on this thread topic. Hare Krishna!

LD: Hare Krishna dear PADA Prabhu, Pranams Dandavats, Agt Srila Prabhupada! Thank you dear pr ji, for exposing and continuing to expose their terrible misdoings, the plotting and the scheming and the past and current revenge tactics of the misfit ISKCON leaders, Gurus and GBC. Without your voice we would all be none the wiser. Agt Srila Prabhupada! Ki Jaiiiiiiiiii

LD: Pranams BD! Agt Srila Prabhupada, Prabhu, these incidents didn’t happen to you. It’s easy to preach, when one is completely aloof from the emotional and physical trauma caused by violent ISKCON members to other devotees. Nothing has changed in Iskcon today, just more leaders, and those involved in past violence, still hold positions of power today .

PADA: Yes, in any case this BD fellow says he follows Srila Prabhupada. Then he says that gurus are ordinary, misstepping, conditioned souls, which is not what Srila Prabhupada teaches. And in fact it is forbidden to preach that concept. Yes, he does not understand the past, nor does he know that what he is saying now is apa-siddhanta even at present. 

Yes, the "gurus" who engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children then voted in another wave of gurus, that is not a very bona fide process either. How many people would agree that persons engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children can -- vote for the next wave of God's successors? Yep, he does not get it how -- bad this looks. ys pd

ML: I saw myself what I saw, my guru was overly anxious to chat it up with women. You didn't see that ok, but I've seen enough to know they're not sincere enough, and most of them want adoration esp from women. Cheaters. Ill stick with Srila Prabhupada not worshiping any other

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