Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Martin Raghavendu writes

Martin A. Raghavendu Lewis
Tim Lee, Puranjana Prabhu, what happened to you dude? I can't believe in was just the murder of Sulocana. Something very disturbing you must have happened in your childhood therefore you must have deep scars. It could have been, sexual or physical abuse or a combination. But your current mentality is certainly the sad result of this. Of course you frustrate me, by either refusing to have a normal discourse or perhaps for the reasons I list above, you are not capable of normal communication. You seem to want to unnecessarily blame and shame persons who do not entirely agree with you and see them as you enemies. Actually as wacked as you are you should know that I don't hate you at all. I know that at one time you did some sincere service for Srila Prabhupada especially during his Earthly lila, so actually I am trying to see you in that light. But I feel that it is unfortunate that you take a stance where it makes almost everyone your enemy. Actually it is a very sad thing and in some ways just as sad as the abuse that took place within Iskcon. In some ways you have allowed yourself to become the poster boy for all the dysfunctional relationships with Iskcon.See More
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  • Tim Lee
    Dear Martin, you did not read the above letter from Akuti dd, she is being harassed right NOW. The woman that was shoved around at your temple is upset over this NOW. Your people are NOW saying acharyas fall down, as of right NOW. You folks... are saying Lord Krishna's messiahs are crashing and burning is as of: right NOW. Your folks are suing Bangalore and spending millions of rupees to shut down our free food program now. OK NOW is not 1986! You are always talking about the past, I am talking about right now. And your book editor says he did a botch job editing the books, so NOW he says he wants to re-edit his botched editing of Srila Prabhupada's books. Martin, you need to quit dwelling on the past and catch up to speed, I am giving you examples of what your team is doing now, sorry, it is no longer 1986, it is NOW that we are discussing. ys pd
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    1. Martin Prabhu,

      Whatever Puranjana Prabhu has written about the current status of ISKCON is accurate. I myself visited Mayapur In Dec 2010 to ascertain the facts and The GBC[JPS] their is still running his Kingdom as a Zonal Acharya giving false dikshas even now. The complete empire in Mayapur is that of a Cult Regime. Dissenters and Questioners can be killed even now.Most of his disciples are duds and no nothing about JPS
      and his past and his child molestation activities in the Gurukula with Bhavananda.

      This is even now happening in Gopinath Gaudiya Math of False Guru B P Puri who associated with JPS in 1978 and Endorsed his Cult Regime. New Recruits leave in just a few days of coming to the Math as the Politics and envy is too much.

      My Full Support and Dandavats To Puranjana Prabhu for all his good work in exposing these rascals[ISKCON Guru's]] sitting in the Garb of Sages.

      If you still doubt read my blog and decide for yourself if you want false successors of Prabhupada or Prabhupada Himself.

      Aniruddha Dasa.


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