Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Akruranatha (Monday Feb 28)

Dear Akruranatha, I am not sure if you are aware of the mood during 1978, anyone who asked questions was given severe treatment, if not threats, and / or a big boot out the door. Jadurani for example was kicked out and later atacked at LA Rathayatra in 1980 by four "Ramesvara women," fortunately my karate expert friend Mahasraya dasa was there and was able to fend these women off, they wanted to "make her bloody."

So she was booted out, Kailash, Yasodananda, myself, hundreds of devotees from Paris, hundreds of devotees from the Harikesh zone, hundreds and hundreds were being purged all the time, so the whole lot of us were being booted out, and by 1984 there was only two Prabhupada devotees left in Berkeley, there was a mass purge that you seem to be unaware of. I am not sure why you think this is the conduct of "regular gurus"?

It was simply not a good time to come up and say, hey, I recall that Srila Prabhupada said this, or that, or anything else. Yasodananada was informed by Mahamsa swami that if he left his room he would be beaten, and so Mahamsa and friends accompanied him off the property in India, to protect him.

I was aware all along for example that on January 21, 1977 Srila Prabhupada had said, they are not fit for sannyasa, so suspend sannyasa, so, how could they be gurus by January 1978? Made no sense. And so, why didn't I bring that up right away? Because, people bringing these type of things up were being bounced out of the society, as I eventually was in 1979, for asking these types of questions. Questions were simply not allowed, and are not that welcome even today.

As for the 1990 debate, I was invited but was told I would not be able to bring up any of the GBC guru's behaviors and history, which is basically our whole argument, i.e. they are not acting like acharyas. As a lawyer, you'd never take a case where you were told that you would not be able to bring up any of the behavior and history of your opponent in court, its called cheating. So I boycotted the meeting. I am also not sure why it was bona fide for "gurus" to threaten to kill me for publishing the letters written by my guru? In any case you seem to be doing what happened in 1990, avoiding the behavior and history of these gurus. ys pd

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