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Woman Claims Sadhu's Harassment

PADA: Oh oh, apparently, another dastardly property take over program. Vrndavana has some saints, and some rascals, ummmm -- not unlike ISKCON? Heh heh heh! ys pd 

Narendra Modi Cites Indian History

Trick or Treat: Hari Sauri Halloween

Bhavananda and Hari Sauri

Hari Sauri das (Denis Harrison) in August 1975 moved to the newly opened ISKCON Krishna Balarama temple in Vrndavan U.P. India, where he served as temple commander. In November of the same year, he joined A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada's personal entourage, remaining as His Divine Grace's servant for 16 months.

[PADA: This means -- Hari Sauri knew much more than the average ISKCON citizen about the ongoing 1970s deviations of the leaders of ISKCON. And therefore Hari Sauri knew ALL about all the "troubles" these leaders were causing ALL ALONG for ISKCON -- and some of the major headaches some of these leaders had made for Srila Prabhupada -- throughout the entire 1970s. A few examples:

* Stealing Srila Prabhupad's Gita manuscript.
* Four sannyasis locking Srila Prabhupada in a room in 1970.
* Shaymsundar's bogus ruby business bankrupts UK.
* The 1972 umbrella corporation take over attempt.
* Bali Mardan fiasco.
* Sending Tamal to China.
* Etc.! 

And therefore Hari Sauri shold have known extensively how these "leaders" were quite often -- not -- following the instructions, if not leaving ISKCON with no warning -- to go back to their mundane life, usually their former life of illicit sex, drugs and etc. (For example: One prominent ISKCON leader ran off to become a big leader in the Rajneesh organization). 

In short, Hari Sauri knew that these leaders were -- for the most part -- conditioned souls and thus not fit to be acharyas. And he at least should have known these facts perhaps much better than almost anyone else in ISKCON, since he was always associated with these "leaders." Hari Sauri also knew -- and extensively -- that Srila Prabhupada heavily condemned imitation of pure devotees and acharyas as "sahajiya-vada," which he said causes people to "glide down to hell." 

Srila Prabhupada says that the people who make a business of showing the deity are "the most sinful" and they will end up as debtors. Worse, false acharyas (and their supporters / henchmen) will go to the most obnoxious regions of the universe, at least so says shastra. Yet in 1978 Hari Sauri became one of the biggest hatchet men / defenders of the false GBC's gurus. Hari Sauri's team even claimed that these ISKCON leaders -- with well documented mundane conditioned tendencies and behaviors -- are (by some sort of magic trick?) -- acharyas. 

* How did Hari Sauri become duped into thinking these conditioned beings are acharyas? 

* Did the guru clique offer him "a cut of the pie" after they hi-jacked the mission? Or what? 

* How do the same people regularly displaying conditioned behaviors left, right and center, rate the title of "acharya" according to people like Hari Sauri? 

One reason we think the 11 gurus annointed themselves with the acharya title (with the help of the Hari Sauri sector) is, then these "acharyas" became instant millionaires by declaring themselves to be the proprietors of ISKCON's properties and assets. Srila Prabhupada said that the whole 1936 Gaudiya Matha guru imbroglio was all about "usurping the assets," and we think the ISKCON guru imbroglio was made for the same reasons, they wanted total and unquestioned control of the money, resources, manpower, physical properties, and assets of the movement. 

And then the 11 gurus "paid off" motivated lackeys by giving them a "post of authority," ok people like Hari Sauri. Just like Machiavelli said, give motivated people a post of authority, put them on the payroll, just to keep them on your side. As Trivrikrama swami said "this is our career." Right, a "career" of supporting deviants as acharyas -- in return for mundane fringe benefits. 

Rocana has done a good job showing the myriad "spin off corporations and charities" these folks have made for themselves, while ISKCON was being burnt to the ground these "leaders" were taking off with big chunks and pieces of the remnants of ISKCON for their personal agendas. We would argue, when Stalin was handing out "posts of authority" to his friends and associates -- for his ruthless purge regime -- people like Hari Sauri signed up to get a position. 

An acharya is supposed to be a person who is ALREADY freed from mundane defects such as: egotism, lust, anger, greed, illusion and so on. And yet Hari Sauri's program finds defective people to annoint as ISKCON's acharyas. 

* Why is the Hari Sauri program juxtaposing mundane conditioning with God's successors and acharyas -- since 1977 -- and they still do that up to today?

Hari Sauri himself even admits he knew that Srila Prabhupada had suspended sannyasa in 1977, so he knew the sannyasa order was meant to be "closed off" for the time being and that would simultaneously mean -- they are not acharyas. Yet one year later, in early 1978, Hari Sauri himself began helping the bogus gurus in promoting their plan of making another 100 ISKCON sannyasas, which violated the DIRECT order from his guru -- to  suspend the sannyasa  program. And worse Hari Sauri started not only a bogus sannyasa rubber stamping factory, he ALSO created a bogus acharya's rubber stamping factory, creating major mayhem all over ISKCON. 

Eventually, even Jayadvaita swami admits that Hari Sauri's acharyas were often caught "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and possibly children." What kind of acharyas are coming out of Hari Sauri's acharya factory? And if General Motors made cars that mostly crashed and burned all the time, how could they stay in business? 

Yet Hari Sauri's program cranks out acharyas that mostly crash and burn, then they wonder why ISKCON is like an airplane crash disaster site, a burnt out shell of its former self? Hari Sauri claims to have been often in the association of Srila Prabhupada, this means -- he would have many times heard Srila Prabhupada saying, "Do not manufacture false acharyas like the Gaudiya Matha has done, this will destroy our mission." He knew about these warnings perhaps more than many others, but he was first in line to ignore these orders.  

Srila Prabhupada says the false guru's program of 1936 "caused a fire in the math which destroyed the mission." And yet the first thing the Hari Sauri party did in 1978 was, they poured "false guru" gasoline all over ISKCON -- and then they lighted up a match by declaring these gurus are authorized -- with the assistance of their newly minted "Gaudiya Matha advisors." Then they wonder where all the banning, beating, molesting and killing comes from? Duh! Its coming from the Hari Sauri party's policy of promoting false acharyas. They started this fire in the ISKCON math, with the same odious results as the post 1936 Gaudiya Matha in India.   

And eventually Hari Sauri became one of these bogus sannyasas himself, perhaps one of the worst examples of a "pompous ass" bogus sannyasas in ISKCON after 1977 "Srila Prabhupada Kripa Maharaja." He propped them up -- so they would prop him up. Gangsters of a feather.  

And he has done this knowingly, i.e. enforcing people with known tendencies for deviation into ISKCON's Vyasasana acharya's seat etc etc. In short, Hari Sauri's program crammed the worship of bogus people down the throats of the citizens of ISKCON, and those who opposed like us, were banned, beaten, and sometimes killed, and thus all sorts of crimes were enabled, allowed, and enforced to continue by their violent purge of us "dissenters."

And Hari Sauri knew perhaps more than anyone else about the deviating tendencies of some of his "pals and buddies," but he still annointed them as the messiahs of ISKCON. Meanwhile, Srila Prabhupada says his heart has been broken because "the people I depended on so much -- did not -- rectify the situation." 

* Why did Hari Sauri defend the criminals and deviants as messiahs program?

* Why didn't Hari Sauri help us rectify the situation?  

Hari Sauri has not been "rectifying" anything, rather he has been pushing and cramming all these deviations down our throats by enforcing the worship of the clique of deviants as God's successor messiahs, and he still is promoting that agenda even TODAY. Again to be clear, the widely well known results of this policy of cramming false acharyas down our throats is: Krishna's devotees were systematically banned, beaten, molested and some were assassinated. 

As one of the prominent leading henchmen / enforcers / apologists / vociferous advocates / writers for this bogus guru program, Hari Sauri bears considerable responsibility for this regime and its odious effects. OK he is a leading general who will be charged by Lord Yamaraja as a war criminal.]

*** In March of 1977, Srila Prabhupada appointed him ISKCON's Governing Body Commissioner for Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, a service he performed for over 7 years. During that period, he oversaw the growth of the ISKCON society in the South Seas from 4 temple and ashrams, to 17, including 4 farming communities, 2 schools and several restaurants. He was also instrumental in establishing branches of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust in Australia and Indonesia.

[PADA: In March of 1978 the GBC declared that people like Bhavananada are acharyas, and this was supported by Hari Sauri, and for that matter Bhavananda still is supported by Hari Sauri in the Mayapura program. After Hari Sauri made Bhavananada into the messiah of the schools in India, the messiah of Australia etc. -- then -- these places became known as havens for homosexuals and even in some cases -- pedophiles. 

* Since we all knew this was a growing problem, how come Hari Sauri didn't? And why has Hari Sauri suppressed us for trying to rectify these issues? 

Meanwhile, Hari Sauri knew people like me and Sulochana were protesting his guru program, and its ill effects, but he simply criticized us and defended the regime. And the result of his protecting and supporting the Bhavananda / Kirtanananda regime was -- there was a horrible media publicity problem, a mass exodus problem, a criminal influence problem, a molesting problem, an assassinating dissenters problem, and actually -- ad infinitum problems. 

And all these problems were apparently "required collateral damage," just as happened with Stalin's 1930s purges in Russia, i.e. almost everyone else has to suffer so that Hari Sauri and his pals can walk off with a few bits of stolen Judas gold. Millions of dollars were lost forever; Millions of people had to be turned away from Krishna basically forever; Thousands of devotees had to be banned, and some were beaten and killed; Many children were forced to suffer terribly, all so that this clique of fools could get a few "pounds, shillings and pence" into their greedy little pockets. 

There is a picture in the Bhagavatam of a person literally being sewn up by the Yamaduttas for the crime of -- making others suffer by being too greedy for material gains. What if the people who suffered from one's greed are Krishna's dear sevakas? Well, as Sulochana used to say, he would not trade his past ten billion years of bad karma for -- one minute -- of these people's future karma.  

Sulochana dasa felt that people like Hari Sauri were "demonizing" us -- in order to get us killed (by Hari Sauri writing for example a contrived story about us in his "diary" -- without ever consulting me and Sulochana for our version of the story.) And Sulochana was right, he was eventually killed -- by the Hari Sauri regime -- for his protesting the worship of deviants as acharyas. Me and Sulochana ilk were in sum "the enemies" of the Hari Sauri regime for one simple reason, we did not accept that deviants and conditioned souls are God's successors, gurus and parampara members. 

Of course Sulochana's son mysteriously drowned at New Vrndavana right after he was killed, and the subsequent POLICE and FBI investigation of New Vrndavana uncovered that everything Sulochana complained about was actually going on, and perhaps even worse than what he had reported was going on etc. 

Yet we never see any of these big leaders publicly apologizing to Sulochana, resigning etc, its just "business as usual" as if nothing bad has ever occurred. Special thanks then to God, and His police and FBI, which saved me from the bogus guru project's plan to have me "taken out," this disaster was averted only by help from the "karmi police." The police told me -- I was "next on the hit list."    

* Why doesn't Hari Sauri know that deviants, criminals and molesters are not messiahs from heaven, which any hamburger eating mundane person already knows?

SRILA PRABHUPADA: Everyone must make mistake because a conditioned soul is liable to four defects. One of them is to commit mistake. One of them is to become illusioned. One of them, he is a cheater. And one of them, his senses are imperfect. So every conditioned soul who has got this material body, he is defective in these four things. Therefore he has to take knowledge from a person who has no defects. Then his knowledge will be perfect. (Prabhupada Evening Darsana January 7, 1977, Bombay)

[PADA: Basically, we were hunted like dogs by the Hari Sauri regime simply because we agreed with Srila Prabhupada that the acharya must be pure.]


Srila Prabhupada disciples purged from ISKCON modeled after Stalin's purge

History of Stalin:

The atrocities continue. Sadly there was no stopping Stalin once these early purges had taken place and it was now the turn of ordinary Soviet citizens to suffer. It’s always been impossible to explain exactly why some citizens were singled out and it’s often claimed that some were chosen simply because they looked to have a ‘will of their own’.

As a general rule, everyone had to accept ‘Russification’ and the ideals of the Communist party. Christianity and the Muslim religions were also banned at the time. At the end of Stalin’s purges some 20 million ordinary Russians were sentenced to the Gulag’s where many died in the extreme conditions. For this reason alone, Stalin’s reign will forever be remembered for this unspeakable cruelty and his rule will be defined by one chilling quote.

‘A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic’.


*** In 1986, Hari Sauri began the work of transforming the diary he kept while traveling with Srila Prabhupada into a book, or rather a series of books. In 1990, he moved to America and worked as publisher for Back To Godhead magazine, the Krishna consciousness movement's spiritual periodical, for a year.

[PADA: Correct, the "Back To Godhead" (BTG) magazine became the propaganda arm of the bogus gurus after 1977. And by 1986, the exact time Hari Sauri emerged on the BTG scene, the BTG was saying that Kirtanananda is "like Jesus." Its interesting to note that just at the time the GBC / BTG was saying Kirtanananda is like Jesus, they had ALSO just re-instated Bhavananda as their Mayapura messiah, despite knowing of his homosexual antics, Worse, in May of 1986, the GBC orchestrated the murder of Sulochana to keep these deviants in the acharya's seat. 

* Wouldn't Hari Sauri have known about all this because he was in the inner circle? 

In sum, Hari Sauri was brought in to "manage" the propaganda machine in 1986. The 1986 "Guru Reform" not only reinstated homosexuals as acharyas, it opened the door for the GBC to rubber stamp another 100 acharyas, many of whom later on fell down, and worse -- some of them later became anti-Krishna. Of course there was a simultaneous plague of "gurus" who ran off with money and women, and so on and so forth, in the name of acharyas. Hari Sauri's program simply increased the corruption of the acharya's platform.

Hari Sauri was always seemingly connected to keeping Bhavananada in a post of big authority, the whole time. Some folks have said "they are joined at the hip." One devotee commented that even if someone had paid a million dollars to a professional "corporate image" company to give ISKCON a bad name, they could never have given it a name as bad as Hari Sauri and the GBC company has done.

*** He lives at ISKCON World Head Quarters, in Mayapur W.B. India, near Kolkata, with his wife and daughter where he continues to publish his memories of being with Srila Prabhupada. He is currently the director of the Bhaktivedanta Reseach Center in Kolkata an academic resource of Gaudiya Vaisnavism and an archive library of ancient vaisnava text. These ancient texts are being both digitized and preserved in the original state.

- See more at:

[PADA: Of course, anyone who creates a regime which bans, beats, molests and assassinates
other people is very sinful right out of the gate, never mind all the other considerations. Arjuna says since the people who destroy the family tradition of the society dwell always in hell. And Hari Sauri's program devastated ISKCON's root tradition of worship of the pure devotee in favor of their idea -- worship of illicit sex, drugs, and criminals, and this destroyed the family of ISKCON. They destroyed the tradition established by the acharya, and destroyed his family thereby.

Another major problem was that Hari Sauri and his twin brother Bhavananda were living like JET SET rich kids, flying around the globe dressed in silk clothes and living like opulent Saudi princes, at the expense of the ISKCON society. They were getting big fancy feasts, were being served by many servants, had nice luxury vehicles (Bhavananda was seen driving a Cadillac), were living in nice facilities and so on and so forth. 

MEANWHILE, the children in their schools reported being abused, starved, deprived of basic requirements like food, clothes, shelter and medical treatment, and so on and so forth. That is because the money meant to care for the children was being SIPHONED off and was instead being used to make jet set lifestyles for these elite sannyasas / gurus.  

This is exactly what happens under dictators like Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, and others, there are lots of citizens who are starving, maybe even eating old shoes and so forth, while the big leaders live like demigods on a heavenly planet. Simply stated, the citizens of ISKCON, including the children of ISKCON, all had to be crushed down to dust so that Hari Sauri and Bhavananda and ilk could fly around in Boeing 707s in silk clothes, where they could go out to the jewelry market and look for $5,000 jewel encrusted writing pens. 

Bhavananda was famous for wearing extremely expensive jewelry while the children were eating rotten oatmeal, and Hari Sauri was famous for defending this regime and also living like an opulent jet set dictator himself. Why is this team still in charge at Mayapura?

SULOCHANA DAS: These guys are standing on the skulls of their God brothers ...

How did you guess, none of the bona fide Prabhupadanuga folks ever writes to PADA citing Bhakta das, Hari Sauri and similar other GBC guru defenders as their authority, at least they know these people are not authorized. Again, this is great progress, at least more and more folks know that PADA's history is accurate and these GBC sympathizers are not accurate, and legal actions are needed. Only a couple of really stubborn GBC sympathizers are still serving us up the Bhakta das, Hari Sauri program, and complaining about our legal action plan, at this late date! Did we forget to mention Hari Sauri's program is burying dead deviants in the holy dhams?] 

Kirtanananda's Vrndavana "samadhi" -- courtesy of the Hari Sauri program?


Mathura Pati Das (Mathias) moderator of Prabhupadanugas EU

Ajit Krsna Dasa is a very sentimental Devotee because he even don't like to call a rascal as rascal. Hari Sauri knows very well that Prabhupada's Iskcon is infiltrated by Kali and that Prabhupada's books, his vani (more important than vaphu), are being changed unauthorized by black snakes and judas Putanas like Dryadvaita Jaya Israel Iskcon destroyer! But Hari Sauri is not protecting his guru Maharaja Prabhupada and his Iskcon. No he supports the demons, rascals, infiltrators and Prabhupada vani killers and book changers.

He even is supporting all the book changes of Jaya Israel Putana! And now Ajit Krsna Dasa don't want to hear that someone call such rascals and Guru Vani Killer as Hari Sauri as Rascals. This is sentimental platform. He even don't want to accept Prabhupadas ritvik order so for him such rascals are real Iskcon gurus.

[PADA: Great, all this is basically what we said in 1980, we are glad more people are finally catching on to the PADA message which we stated all along. We are glad that Mathura Pati das backs our idea that no one should cite people like Hari Sauri and his "diary" as their authority.]


(quoting a pilfered e-mail message):

HARI SAURI: "As far as clarifying what I said, I tell you frankly I have no clue what to say instead as WHAT I said, I believe in. Namely that the Zonal Acarya system and the still perpetrated remnants of it has brought ISKCON to the brink of ruin - and one has to be blind to deny that. In fact I actually think we are better off to be honest about it."

[PADA: Except, the GBC gurus still have zones? Hari Sauri knows his guru system has brought ISKCON to the brink of ruin, or ruin really, so why does he still support that system? Who authorized Hari Sauri to ruin ISKCON? And since the GBC gurus still have zones, when is Hari Sauri going to make a public statement that their whole program is bogus?]

Since it is undisputed that Harikesha has acquired at least half a million dollars of Srila Prabhupada's laxmi, and since the GBC admit that this is a violation of ISKCON law (and almost certainly criminal law also) What Is The GBC's Executive Committee Doing To Retrieve It ?

[PADA: Yep, millions and millions of dollars are missing and un-accounted for, and meanwhile there is no harinama and book distribution in many cities, of course San Francisco temple was just shut down, all because the Hari Sauri program killed the yagna of Kali yuga so they could instead make presents of Judas gold to one another. Did we forget to mention it all has to be paid back with interest accrued by the second? Did we forget that killing God's yagna for the age is going to really upset God, Who is a Person with feelings? And messing with His feelings does not produce good results? Ever!]  


Do Not Trust Hari-Sauri das


When we read Rupanuga Prabhu's article, "A Scientific Method For Evaluating Editorial Changes to Srila Prabhupada's Books", it is very clear. Srila Prabhupada makes it very clear: "Our editing is to correct grammatical and spelling errors only, without interpolation of style or philosophy"

Now Hari Sauri das is speculating that the re-edited versions are better even if it means being disloyal to Srila Prabhupada. Actually, he deep down knows he is being disloyal. And his trying to justify it is 'OK, how can we trust Hari-Sauri Prabhu?' That is my question?

The former sannyasi (Prabhupada Krpa Goswami) who used to boast that he had exalted consciousness because of his association with Srila Prabhupada, simply became a vantasi like so many other former ISKCON sannyasis. He has always defended Bhavananda and still is his biggest supporter and defender, despite all Bhavananda's crimes.

I do not trust Hari Sauri. I accept Bhagavat Prabhu's recollection. Hari-Sauri's is most likely changed to suit his homosexual pedophile friend, Bhavananda. Well, Srila Prabhupada called Australia the land of the mellechas. There might be mellechas everywhere in Kali yuga, but his watering down things is upsetting. His disloyalty to Srila Prabhupada is obvious to me.

He believes it is ok to fall from sannyasa then get married, and later take sannyasa again (hoping he once again will be flattered left and right by taking sannyasa?) The danger with Hari-Sauri das is too many GBC men take him to seriously, as if he was the siksa guru for all of ISKCON.

He is the one that started a rumor that it is ok to accept grains on Janamstami, Gaura Purnima, Rama Navami, and such days, though Srila Prabhupada never allowed this, and has written differently in his letters. To me, it seems Hari-Sauri teaches many things opposite of Srila Prabhupada's instructions. He disagrees with many devotees about their recollections of things in Srila Prabhupada's presence, as he wants to be the greatest authority in ISKCON.

Do not trust Hari-Sauri - he appears loyal to Srila Prabhupada, but it is fake -- familiarity breeds contempt. This is what has happened to Hari-Sauri. He thinks he is on the same or higher level than Srila Prabhupada. Otherwise why would he admit his disloyalty to Srila Prabhupada and be proud of it, too. Shame on Hari-Sauri das and those who take him seriously.

The fact remains, the changes done to Srila Prabhupada's books is a clear violation of Srila Prabhupada's instructions. Rupanuga and Bhagavata Prabhus are solid Prabhupada disciples you can trust, but watch out for Hari-Sauri das......he will throw sand in your eyes like Trinavarta so we can not see Krsna (the absolute truth). The fact is, Srila Prabhupada wrote:

"Our editing is to correct grammatical and spelling errors only, without interpolation of style or philosophy"

On top of that, meanings have been lost and changes have been done to the philosophy out of ignorance. Just like when Srila Prabhupada talks about Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati's Surya Siddhanta in the Caitanya-caritamrta, Srila Prabhupada wrote, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati translated and gave commentaries, Dravida and the BBT speculated Srila Prabhupada was mistaken, and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada did not write a commentary to Surya Siddhanta, so they changed the whole purport to their speculated version. It is offensive and mistaken.

Hari Sauri promotes book changes:


[PADA: Then again there is the poison issue which folks like Hari Sauri and Bhavananda have left us with more questions than answers:]

BV Puri says gurus were never appointed, this was the Hari Sauri party's "big lie" (Joesph Goebbel's propaganda program): 

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India's President visits Vrndavana Temple project

Vrndavana Temple Will Be India's Tallest

Pranab Mukherjee, President of India

Vrindavan, 2014.10.29 (TNN, Brij Khandelwal): President Pranab Mukherjee will lay the Foundation of the 213 metre world’s tallest Sri Krishna temple in Vrindavan in November.  UP governor Ram Naik with the chief minister Akhilesh Yadav are also expected to attend the special function, being organised by ISKCON (Bangalore).

District magistrate Rajesh Kumar along with all senior officials visited the site and interacted with the promoters of the project to prepare the ground to accord a warm welcome to the temple.  A helipad is now being developed close to the site. According to Kamal Yogi, an official connected with the project said a large number of state ministers and political leaders were expected for the function.

Construction work has already begun on the piling for the pillars of the Chandrodaya Mandir, using latest technology. The chief project director Bharat Prabhu who keeps shuttling between Vrindavan and Bangalore said, “The Rs 300 crore project of the world’s tallest skyscraper temple for Lord Krishna, will take five years. We are using the world’s latest technology and engineering processes to ensure a minimum life of 500 years for the gigantic structure that will go a long way to promote and nourish Sri Krishna consciousness, especially among the youth.”

The project is conceptualized and is being executed by ISKCON from Bangalore, who also bring Akshaya Patra, the world’s largest NGO run midday meal program in the country. Prabhu said “this is a culturally and socially driven project which aims to put Vrindavan and India on the world map of iconic heritage structures. The project also employs many technological innovative solutions to ensure environmental sustainability.”

This grand temple with monumental proportions and iconic architecture shall harmoniously combine elements of both Indian temple architecture and modern architecture. A look-alike of the verdant forests of Vrindavan, consisting of twelve forests (dvadasha kanana) of Braj will be recreated around this magnificent temple. Water from the Yamuna will be lifted and pumped to the meandering rivulet that will allow for boating and support aqua-life peculiar


JD: You have to understand that Iskcon in India, both versions, have had a lot of success attracting young, educated Indian men. I guess it is parallel to what happened when Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati was preaching in Kolkata in the early 20th century, just when there was a big social upheaval going on with the independence movement.

Maybe India hasn't stopped having these upheavals, but certainly ISKCON appeals to young men who are seeking an identity that is both Indian and modern, in which they don't have to sacrifice their heritage entirely in order to show that they are capable of achieving great things. Projects like this appeal very much to them. It is not really about Radha and Krishna and the Vrindavan mood, but does it matter?

A dd: I'm sure there are a lot of people in Vrindavan who would like to see a lot of money like that used for something else which Vrindavan needs. Perhaps the builders of it expect it to bring in rich people and have them give the money to do something better for Vrindavan. I don't have so much faith in such ideas while urgent issues remain unattended to.

VGC: Few months back, they were approaching prominent Goswamis and businessmen of Vrindavan so their (Goswamis/Businessmen) friends/followers could buy 20 million rupees flats in their temple compound. I was wondering about this.

JD: Well, just speaking as objectively as possible. The current theory is "West is good, East is not so good. Modern is good, the past is not so good. Money is good, no money is not so good." So tourism is good, pilgrimage not so good. Because the former implies more money. Hotels. The ISKCON mindset is totally in harmony with this. Big temple means wealth, because wealth attracts wealth. Prabhupada was thinking like this all along, don't kid yourself.

When he built the Mumbai temple and all the Bollywood people started coming, rich industrialists became life members, the guest house was supposed to be "world class" and so on, catering to the wealthy. Prabhupada recognized that you cannot convince a rich man with poverty. Like it or dislike it, poverty is for the bhajananandi. Sannyas in the world is the teaching of the Gita. That is what Prabhupada wanted. You cannot say that this project is anything other than a continuation of his policy.

VGC: Vrindavan is not Bombay. Its a land of Love. Vrindavan has already many wealthy big temples. Anyways, I hope it will bring positivity to our Vaishnavism.

M Das: As far as I understood, this temple project is not actually a main branch of Iskcon as I understand, It's from the renegade Ritvik Bangalore Branch. Correct me if I'm mistaken

[PADA: Yes, this is a project of ISKCON Bangalore. Srila Prabhupada wanted big temples being supported by high class business men, industrialists and so forth. Vrndavana has all sorts of major infrastructure problems at present, and it needs LOTS of money for development, repairs, and updating. 

And this program will bring in money and government interest into advancing and securing the infrastructure. The new temple will be using up to date things like modern solar power, low impact greenery, and so on. In any case, it will bring lots of people to see the holy dhama of Vrndavana, and that is a good goal right from the start. Yes, lots of young people will become attracted, and that is what we need. We need to make more vaishnavas, that is the highest goal of life, to help others think of Krishna and to become His bhaktas. ys pd]   

600 Aindra Kirtanas

[PADA: You can play these kirtanas in your browsers, you do not have to download them. ys pd] 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gaudiya Matha vs ISKCON (update)

Confused about the fact Gaudiya Matha leaders supported the GBC's guru project.

PADA: Unfortunately, a lot of the history this person says is true. The GBC in the 1980s especially had all of the ISKCON followers accepting and visiting to the Gaudiya Matha's gurus and leaders -- like Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, BV and BP Puri, Fakir Mohan and others (as he explains). The GBC announced that these Gaudiya Matha leaders are -- pure devotees, shiksha gurus, rasa-acharyas, rasika advisors and so on, and the GBC coerced all of the ISKCON devotees into "taking darsan" from these "gurus," listening to their lectures, reading from their writings and so forth. This problem continues to the present time because some of the GBC still visits with Radha Kunda babajis and others.

The first problem is that the GBC said SRILA PRABHUPADA had ordered ISKCON to "take shelter" of these Gaudiya Matha leaders, and that these Gaudiya Matha leaders had understood all along that Srila Prabhupada was going to appoint guru successors. Problem is, Srila Prabhupada did not tell us to go to the Gaudiya Matha for "advice," nor did he appoint any guru successors. To his credit BV Puri said that Srila Prabhupada told him that he was only going to appoint ritviks, and that Narayana Maharaja held a grudge against Srila Prabhupada for using the title of "Prabhupada." Unfortunately, BV Puri also later on supported some of the GBC's false gurus.

In any case, the GBC re-wrote history by saying ISKCON has to duplicate the Gaudiya Matha's "living guru" program and accept their leaders, and the result has been -- the GBC ended up helping these Gaudiya Matha folks siphon many people away from ISKCON, maybe thousands. At one point in the 1990s, Narayana Maharaja was even openly bragging that he has "more original Srila Prabhupada disciples in his movement than ISKCON has." Perhaps he was right, there was a mass exodus away from ISKCON over to these "camps."

And this mass exodus was started by the GBC itself when they said we need to go to these Gaudiya Matha leaders for "shiksha" advice. In sum, the GBC spawned ISKCON's own competition. The GBC used the "rubber stamp of authority" from these folks to prop themselves up as authorized gurus. Of course, now the current followers of the Gaudiya Matha cannot connect the dots of the whole story together, that their Gaudiya Matha styled "gurus" like Narayana Maharaja were among the main cheer leading supporters of the 11 GBC gurus of ISKCON, and that implicates these "advisor" gurus in the problems that were generated by supporting these bogus GBC gurus.

Worse, people like Sridhara Maharaja and Narayan Maharaja were ghost-writing the GBC's position papers and documents starting early on. Later on, when the GBC made a declaration in 1982 that no one should go and visit Sridhara Maharaja anymore, and his followers would be banned, naturally these folks started their own independent spin off operations that are competing with ISKCON. First of all there was the Jayatirtha spin-off which took away thousands of ISKCON devotees, and then there were many others such as Tripurari swami, Dheera Krishna swami, Jagat Guru swami, Paramdvaita swami and several others.

In sum! The ISKCON leaders spawned their own competition, by telling ISKCON's people that these Gaudiya Matha leaders are pure devotees, they started a sort of pied piper program leading everyone over to the Gaudiya Matha and other similar outside programs. I think this was an unintended consequence, they probably did not envision how all this would fracture and divide ISKCON. Anyway, the fact that the GBC first glorifies people as pure devotees -- then bans the same people as rascals who are trying to take over ISKCON -- is clearly a severe hypocrisy problem, which is explained in this video. Just this hypocrisy issue alone has driven thousands away from ISKCON.

The main good news right now is that the Sridhara movement has died down quite a bit, except in South America under Paramadvaita swami. And now that Narayana Maharaja has departed, his movement is fizzling, and they are fighting over "where did the money go" for his samadhi. So we are finding even locally around San Francisco area that some of the former followers of these programs are sort of gravitating back to our idea of worship of Srila Prabhupada.

Of course we could have done a lot better if not for some infighting within the so-called Prabhupadanuga's program. We could have got a lot more of these Gaudiya Matha exodus people on board with us if we had been more organized and had some sort of shelter to offer these folks. In any event, we are gaining some of their former people gradually, so we feel that over time our Srila Prabhupada worship idea will expand.


From PADA news 1999:

PADA: In 1976, "Nitai dasa" said that vaishnava acharyas may fall down. He cited the alleged example of Lord Brahma's fall down (which took place before he had heard the Bhagavatam Verses), and which is not appropriate to cite as an excuse for bogus cheaters posing as acharyas in the first place. Anyway, Srila Prabhupada said Nitai is a rascal, poisonous, and he banned Nitai from ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada says in his "who is that rascal?" conversation, that those who think the acharyas do not have to be a pure devotees are rascals. This would seem to indicate many prominent current leaders of both ISKCON and the Gaudiya Matha?

The idea that "acharyas fall down" is now the GBC's main siddhanta, which can be proven from numerous GBC documents. In fact, this bogus "falling acharya" idea has become the centerpiece of the GBC's post 1977 guru siddhanta. The GBC follows Nitai dasa. We find that this siddhanta was also given in the Gaudiya Matha: that acharyas fall down (as is also found in Sridhara Maharaja's book "Sri Guru And His Grace"): "So, deviation and partiality, these two things can take down the acharya." SGAHG p.78

Naturally, Srila Prabhupada says the direct opposite, acharyas like Narada Muni cannot ever be brought to the material plane, and it is an offence to think that they can. "Narada muni, Haridasa thakura, and similar acharyas especially empowered to broadcast the glories of the Lord CANNOT BE BROUGHT DOWN to the material platform. Therefore one is strictly forbidden to think that the acharya is an ordinary human being (gurusuh narah matih naraka sah). (SB 7.7.14)

In a portion of a book penned by Narayan Maharaja's group included below, we find that they still think that the (homosexual) Ananta Vasudeva was the appointed acharya for the Gaudiya Matha. I was very much shocked to see, despite my pointing out this (homosexual guru) to you, in person, nearly twenty times in a direct conversation, you skipped over it as not even barely worthy of a reply, and instead you went forward telling me that Vasudeva was a great scholar and so on. You are like the mother of a bank robber, "Oh, Charles is robbing banks, true, but he always ate his potatoes nicely." Fine. But then he started robbing banks? You have missed the point?

Indeed, you are missing the whole point: a person with unresolved homosexual anarthas might be a great scholar, agreed, but he is not and was not the acharya. Nor was he ever appointed as the acharya by His Divine Grace BHAKTISIDDHANTA SARASWATI THAKURA PRABHUPADA. Therefore Sridhara Maharaja and his associates --deviated-- by making Vasudeva the acharya. That point you are not even answering: the real point in question? I hate to say this, but you sounded very much like the ISKCON GBC sector.

I have been saying to them, for years together: "You have homosexual deviants in your guru parampara." And their reply is almost always, "So what, why are you objecting? And dissidents are getting killed, agreed. And the media is practically vomiting in disgust, agreed. STILL we are not to be questioned, since we'll get our sidewalk goondas to threaten you"? In sum, both you and they are EVADING a direct reply, although I have to admit your approach is very much higher class in comparison.

Of course, the Gaudiya Matha's false gurus evaded the same question from Srila Prabhupada: "... I have also read specifically your articles on the matter of acaryas, wherein on the 14th paragraph I see that the acarya shall be entitled to nominate in writing his successive acarya. But we do not find any record [in the 1930s Gaudiya Matha] where our Srila Prabhupada nominated any acharya after him. Different persons have interpreted this point and every one of our God brothers are acting as acharyas..." (SPL August 21, 1969)

Worse, you tell me that Sridhara Maharaja's solution (to his Frankenstein mad guru concoction) was to leave the Gaudiya Matha and start his own independent institution. In sum, "I started the Gaudiya Matha's house on fire, as a result, innocent citizens are now being banned, beaten and killed. So, to help my fellow citizens, those who are suffering death threats and so on from my creation, I am formally leaving the burning down house. I personally poured gasoline on that house for years, so 'too bad suckers,' I am moving to another house. Bye bye!

Or suppose that the ship's captain foolishly places the big ocean liner on the rocks in a 90 mph gale, with 2000 passengers, and he slips off in his private yacht and drinks soda on the banks of shore, while the passengers are horrified and in danger? That is your idea of helping? How does that help?

Yes, how did that help? That ONLY made matters VASTLY worse for the suffering souls aligned with the Gaudiya Matha. In sum, Sridhara Maharaja created the very dangerous cult imbroglio, and instead of clearing up his own creation, he instead said, the best thing to do is to --leave the mission, and feed my poor God brothers to the sharks that I empowered, and forget all about it? How did this help? You TOTALLY lost me here?

Both Sridhara Maharaja and later Narayana Maharaja's book further says that there were eleven GBC gurus? What? No, there never were eleven gurus? Where is there any evidence of this? We have been asking for evidence of this for over 20 years? Are we ALL not aware, by now, that these eleven were only appointed as ritviks? Why are we saying there are eleven gurus, and some of them fell down as Narayana Maharaja's book says?

No. There were eleven imitators. End of story. And they were fallen WAY before they even spent one second on a vyasasana, because they were already thinking they could imitate the acharya. This is always forbidden everywhere in shastra. And then along comes Sridhara Maharaja in 1978 and encourages these cheaters, "wear the acharya's uniform and it will show you what to do" (i.e. cheat others by posing as acharya, as he had encouraged in the Gaudiya Matha). Just like he told Vasudeva to do in the 1930s?

Sridhara Maharaja should have said, "gurus were not appointed in ISKCON because your Srila Prabhupada opposed --appointing gurus-- for forty years. And where is the specific proof that you were appointed? Why was this not released earlier? And besides, you are not qualified to be acharyas, and so on, and so on, and so forth.]

TD: It is precisely for this reason that Srila Madhvacarya does not accept Brahma-vimohana lila & so many other portion of 10th canto. This also one of the reasons Mahaprabhu felt Himself in some ways closer philosophically to the Ramanujas than to the Madhva camp Now your dealing with more substantial issues than who's in charge at New Dvaraka. You say the Gaudiya Math has similar guru problems.

[PADA: We don't say anything independently. The fact is that there are hundreds of quotes from Srila Prabhupada about the Gaudiya Matha's post-1930s guru debacles which included: false guru appointments; homosexual gurus; murders and beating of dissenters; bad publicity; an "acharya's" child not only being abused but murdered; and in sum: ditto of what has occurred in post-1977 ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada said: "Another man comes, another man comes (by vote) to be guru." (Room Conversation, August 14, 1976 Bombay, India)

TD: There are over 20 Gaudiya Math branches because most of Srila Sarasvati Thakur's sannyas-sisyas eventually opened up their own branch, not to defy the others but to increase the flow of nectar of Mahaprabhu's sankirtan parties.

[PADA: That is the deviation exactly. Srila Prabhupada said in 1959 in his Vaisistha - astakam offering that this "many branches" is due to the tigress of name and fame. They were not supposed to start a big imbroglio of fighting guru camps, many separated guru branches, rather they were supposed to unite under one acharya, namely Srila Sarasvati Thakura, and form a GBC and work cooperatively. They did not do that. They have still have not done that.

Besides, the main parties were called "usurpers," not "bona fide brances" as you imply: "...Regarding the section 92 case against the Gaudiya Matha, I don't think there is any possibility of compromise. Both the Bagh Bazaar party [Sridhara Maharaja's group] and the Mayapura party [Tirtha Maharaja's group] have UNLAWFULLY usurped the missionary institution of Srila Prabhupada..." (SPL September 5, 1969)]

And these "bona fide branches" were simply a headache for Krishna and his pure devotees: "All along my [Gaudiya Matha "guru"] Godbrothers have gave me ONLY depression, repression, compression, but I continued strong in my duty." (SPL August 4, 1972)

TD: Any normal tree will eventually branch. That is not deviation; that is a sign of health & growth. We all have to become qualified gurus. Meanwhile we cannot tolerate that our gurudev's mission is being led deviants & cheaters. I support you until you blame senior vaisnavas outside of ISKCON such as Srila Sridhar Maharaja & Srila Narayan Maharaja. There's a saying among Christians: you're never defeated till you blame others. SSM never even kept any Vyasasan in his own Math for himself! What to speak of him being responsible for the size & altitude of asanas in ISKCON. Hoping this meets you in good health & protected by Sri Guru & Gauranga. Your god brother, servant & friend, Tarun

[PADA: This is fact finding not fault finding. Srila Prabhupada is the authority, and he has proven that by his books, his preaching and his accomplishments. And he severely criticized the Gaudiya Matha's false gurus.

For example, Srila Prabhupada called some of these so-called branches the "cockroach guru" branches:

"That [extensively preaching] is the duty of a [guru] acharya. Not that three dozen [guru] acharyas in Mayapura. [The Gaudiya Matha] Each one has a temple and a few dozen, not few dozen, one dozen disciples. Collecting some money, taking [pilgrims] to the holy place. They [artificial gurus] say "whatever is in our capacity we are doing". That capacity means when they are speaking that "cockroach is as good a bird as Garuda. Cockroach is also a bird and Garuda is also a bird." How can the cockroach say "I am also as good as Garuda?" Tamala Krishna: "That is called insanity. (RC April 10, 1977. Bombay, India)

Anyway, Sridhara Maharaja said on numerous occaisions that these eleven GBC were not ritviks --but gurus. The point is, you should not dare to question Srila Prabhupada's judgement on the Gaudiya Matha's deviation: "...If you are serious to be an important assistant in our society NOT mix yourself with my SO-CALLED [Gaudiya Matha] Godbrothers. As there are some residents, like monkeys and hogs, in Vrindavana, similarly there are many RASCALS in the name of Vaishnavas, be careful of them. And do not DARE to question impudently before your spiritual master... " (SPL November 21, 1972)

Narayana Maharaja also claims that the GBC were gurus in defiance of the order for them to be ritviks. Yet, there is no evidence anywhere that these people were ever qualified to acquire the title of acharya? This is the same false propaganda that caused the reactions (and responses from Srila Prabhupada) as mentioned above --in the Gaudiya Matha. These Gaudiya Matha folks have never proven their first point: that either Ananta Vasudeva or later our eleven were EVER appointed as gurus?

Yet they dare to challenge the acharya on this point, even in the book just now penned by Narayan Maharaja (see analysis below) --at their and our peril. "We haven't got to manufacture. To manufacture ideas is troublesome. Why should we take the trouble? And as soon as you want to manufacture something to my...., that is DANGEROUS. Guru mukha padma vakya cittete kariya aikya ara na kariha mane asa. This is ...You are singing every day, "What our guru has said, that is our life and soul. We do not want". Ara na kariha mane ...As soon as this POISON will come-suppress guru and I become Brahman-everything FINISHED. Spiritual life is finished. Gaudiya Matha finished, that, ...VIOLATED the orders of Guru Maharaja." (RC April 20, 1977 Bombay, India)]
ys pd

Pancali Dasi's Message to Doubters

Pancali DD: To those who insist on writing to me via my private message trying to convince me that Srila Prabhupada's Ritvik Acarya Order is not bona fide..."DON'T BOTHER." To those who are trying to tell me that ISKCON gurus are authorized as successor gurus and the assidhantic resolutions of the GBC should be respected..."DON'T BOTHER.

To those who write to me suggesting Mahaprabhu's order "amara ajnaya guru hana tara’ ei desa" to mean give diksa initiation..."DON'T BOTHER" To those who write to me telling me that I am causing Vaisnava aparadha for speaking the truth..."DON'T BOTHER." To those who continue to write to me preaching the word jugglery of the unauthorized guru and the nonsense resolutions of the illegal GBC, trying to persuade me to take shelter of and surrender to those who are disobedient to Srila Prabhupada..."DON'T BOTHER." 

Finally, to those who write to me trying to say that I and other Ritvik initiated devotees are saying that the Parampara ends with Prabhupada..."DON'T BOTHER."

There is nothing you, or anyone else, can say to me to convince me to leave the lotus Feet of my beloved Srila Prabhupada, and bow down to those who are conditioned souls. You are simply wasting my time. There is nothing any of you can say that I have not debated and defeated via the teachings of His Divine Grace. 

It is simply a case of chewing the chewed. 

Either you accept Srila Prabhupada's final instructions for the future of His ISKCON Society or you don't. This is your independence. But please stop contaminating me with the prajalpa of word jugglery. It is embarrassing for me when I have to point out the obvious to those who claim to have read and understood Srila Prabhupada's books many times, but then are completely bewildered to the point of anger when Prabhupada's Vani smashes their illusion.

I find it very sad that those who write to me are trying their hardest to convince me to be disobedient to our Founding Father. I guess misery likes company. 

All glory to His Divine Grace Srila A.C Bhaktivedanta Svami Prabhupada!

[PADA: Good job. There are lots of nice Srila Prabhupada devotees out there who are preaching like this, and its having a nice impact locally here, and all around the globe. As Pancali dd and many others are all agreeing these days, the Prabhupadanugas devotees need to stick together, cooperate, and focus on saving the conditioned souls and bewildered ISKCON and Gaudiya Matha people, that is real service for Srila Prabhupada and Krishna -- which will be appreciated by one and all. 

For example, we recently got word from a few Spanish speaking Prabhupadanuga devotees friends, that they are working on translating all the original books into Spanish. These types of big projects are vital, and they require cooperation from all of us -- in a sort of group style of development -- thus we need to cooperate together to accomplish these important tasks. Srila Prabhupada said our love for him would be shown by our cooperating with his devotees, so lets do that more and help the fallen souls in the process. ys pd]  

Goverdhan Pooja Bangalore (Video)

This is the way its done! ys pd

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News From Bhaktivedanta Archives

Hare Krishna (electric version)

Our top stories / reader's list

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What up with Tripurari Swami?


Everyone loves a huge Goverdhan festival ...


Bhakti Vikas swami meltdown saga continues ...



Lets vote in a pack of women as messiahs, could not get any worse than it is now!

Did I miss the bogus guru train to nowhere?


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Crying For Krishna's Service

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tripurari Swami's "Guru Tradition"?

On Sunday, October 26, 2014 8:38 AM, Sanga <> wrote:

The Ritvik House of Cards

Q & A with Swami B. V. Tripurari

"This ritvik notion blinds its adherents from recognizing the qualified gurus among us, which if acknowledged, would bring the whole idea down like a house of cards."

Q. There is a lot of discussion about "ritviks," but so far I haven't really gotten a grasp on the issue. What is a ritvik, and what is the controversy all about?

A. The word ritvik refers to a delegated representative of the guru, in this case one who performs initiations on the guru's behalf. The current phenomenon of ritvik initiation in the Gaudiya community is a twist on the perennial notion of guru parampara, or ongoing succession of gurus, whereby spiritual knowledge / bhakti is imparted from guru to disciple.

[PADA: The main problem with the "tradition of gurus" promoted by Tripurari and Sridhara Maharaja is that their original 1936 guru (Ananta Vasudeva) was a bi-sexual deviant, who created chaos in the Gaudiya Matha. Later on -- after 1978 -- Sridhara Maharaja and Tripurari swami then supported the 11 bogus GBC's gurus, which again, contained even more illicit sex and deviations in the name of guru, including murders of us dissenters and so on. 

Jayadvaita swami has summed up that within the "tradition" of the GBC's and Tripurari swami's "gurus" there has been (among other deviations) "illicit sex with men, women and children." That means -- these Sridhara Maharaja people never understood what is a guru, much less the tradition of gurus. Why does the GBC and Tripurari swami keep saying their post 1936 and post 1977 guru program of illicit sex gurus is "the tradition"? Are bank robbers in "the tradition" of saints?]

TS: Scripture teaches that when the current initiating guru passes away his or her qualified disciple becomes the guru of the next generation of students.

[PADA: Except that Sridhara Maharaja passes on the title of guru to persons inclined to deviate, he does not find qualified disciples to be the next guru.] 

TS: However, the ritvik notion in question contends that after the physical departure of the guru if there is no qualified disciple to continue the chain of spiritual command then a system of ritvik is to be substituted. In this system adherents designate a devotee to initiate students on behalf of the previous guru in succession with the initiates becoming disciples of the departed guru (in this case Srila Prabhupada).

The problem with this novel idea is that it lacks scriptural and historical precedent. Furthermore, it effectively does away with the perennial and scripturally based system of parampara (one guru after
another), which in effect freezes time, rendering the dissemination of the teachings out of touch with new times and circumstances. By definition, the ritvik notion can only flourish, if at all, to the
extent that a qualified living guru is not present to initiate disciples.

[PADA: And that is why the ritvik idea is flourishing, we found out that Tripurari's mentor Sridhara Maharaja promotes homosexuals and deviants posing as their messiahs, and so their system is gradually being rejected and our Prabhupadanuga idea is making headway.]

TS: Born from sentiment and/or religious fanaticism and fueled by examples of unfit persons posing as gurus, this notion blinds its adherents from recognizing the qualified gurus among us, which if
acknowledged, would bring the whole ritvik idea down like a house of cards.

[PADA: OK except, your Sridhara Maharaja party is the same group that fueled the whole problem of unfit gurus starting in 1936? Your program created and endorsed false gurus, thus how can we "acknowledge" your gurus are bona fide, when they are the same people who generated the whole false guru fiasco in post 1936 and post 1977?]

TS: In the words of Pujyapada B. R. Sridhara Deva Goswami, one who has attained the devotional stage of ruci (taste), as epitomized in this verse, is safe and therefore qualified to help others.

[PADA: Except that Sridhara Maharaja helped promote illicit sex, drugs and criminals who orchestrate murders to sit in the Vyasa seat of gurus, and that makes him an accomplice to all the subsequent banning, beating, molesting and assassinating crimes, since he endorsed the "guru" parties that generated these crimes -- both post 1936 and post 1977. Dissenters to Sridhara's homosexual gurus were murdered in both post 1936 and post 1977, that means he is an accomplice to these crimes for propping up these criminal acharya regimes.]

TS: Advocates of the ritvik system limit the scope of their conception to the International Society For Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), an organization that has had problems maintaining credible spiritual representation in the parampara since the departure of its founder Srila Prabhupada.

[PADA: Same problem Sridhara Maharaja created in 1936, and same problem Sridhara Maharaja created when he endorsed the 11 GBC gurus post 1977.]

TS: In addition, Srila Prabhupada has written some things that are somewhat ambiguous with regard to his succession.

[PADA: No, Srila Prabhupada said that he is not going to appoint any guru successors, but Sridhara Maharaja and Tripurari said that he had appointed 11 successors. Where is the evidence he appointed 11 successors?]

TS: Furthermore, recent ecclesiastical policies concerned with keeping Iskcon's Founder
Acarya "in the center" of Iskcon have arguably moved the sect in the direction of what many other Gaudiya missions consider a formal covert ritvik system.

[PADA: Good!]

TS: Fortunately, the teachings and practice of Gaudiya Vaisnavism are beyond the limitations of any particular society or organization. As B. R. Sridhara Maharaja so eloquently put it, "Krishna is independent; he cannot be confined to one side of the Ganges and not the other, nor can he be imprisoned within the walls of any particular religious institution." Thus the relevance of the ritvik notion peculiar to ISKCON dissolves once one understands that the actual parampara is well represented elsewhere. Institutions come and go, but guru parampara continues; this is Sri Krishna's promise in the Bhagavad-gita: evam parampara-praptam imam rajarsayo viduh.

[PADA: Right, Krishna cannot be limited, so the entire Sridhara Maharaja homosexual guru program has been exposed left, right and center all over the place, and so its dying out, and our system is expanding.]

TS: So within ISKCON or elsewhere, my recommendation is for students to find a vital living connection to the guru parampara and accept siksa and mantra diksa from him or her. Without this foundational connection, one's bhakti will surely collapse--like the proverbial house of cards.

[PADA: Most of the "gurus" rubber stamped by Sridhara Maharaja have already collapsed like a house of cards, never mind the troubles their followers have had. ys pd]

See also Sanga: The Ritvik Conception of Guru Parampara


From Mahesh Raja prabhu:

Hare Krsna!
Tripurari is on a TRIP to get himself worshiped. The way he does this is thru Sridhara Maharaja a DEVIANT who was EXPOSED by Srila Prabhupada:

Srila Prabhupada’s Godbrothers


Analysis of Srila Prabhupada’s Letter to Rupanuga

Was Sridhara Maharaja a bonafide guru?

Conditioned soul Sridhara Maharaja Vs Srila Prabhupada the Mahabhagavata

Exposing Gaudiya Math Twister: Sankarshana dasa (Bhakta Suria)

Jesus People For Animals

21 hour wait for 2 second darshan

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scientists, Philosophers, False Yogis

Goverdhan Pooja Bangalore

[PADA: Thousands and thousands of pilgrims came for darshan. Place was packed to the walls. Great success! This is  what Srila Prabhupada  wanted,  masses of people coming to worship Lord Krishna, and this is the way to do it prabhus! ys pd]

Friday, October 24, 2014

Janmasthmi in Radha Kunda

BVKS: Vaishnavism is Sexism [!!!]

The Grandest Pooh-Bah In the Jagat 

PADA: Bhakti Vikas Swami (BVKS) is giving a "lecture series on "Vaishnavism is sexism." OK, the title is offensive for starters. BVKS seems to be blaming the Vedic literature for all the misogynist problems that have developed under his post 1977 deviated GBC gurus. BVKS has made "28 pages of notes" apparently, by watching CNN news and reading all sorts of mundane news stories about women in contemporary society.

Which begs the question, why is a sannyasi meditating on women like this?

We all recall how, maybe ten years ago, the BVKS program got into hot water with the GBC itself when his "GHQ" folks were insulting women and this made even the GBC issue a statement that the BVKS program is "out of line."

Lets fact it, many (most!) women in ISKCON have not been too happy with the BVKS leadership program in any case -- for the exact reasons the Vedas say women are not happy with bogus leaders -- i.e. the women are being exploited and not protected. We have had since 1978 the BVKS / GBC guru's "institutionalized women exploiting and abuse" program going on such as -- "women's collection parties," "marrying 13 years old girls to much older men," "destroying marriages," "not allowing women to have a say about their exploitation" and so on and forth.

We even had "coercing women to divorce and re-marry a guru's loyalist," which is what happened in the Sulochana fiasco. We have had many other reports from women -- that PADA posted over the years -- including: Some women were unable to get sanitary napkins from the "men leaders" in charge of them; Some of them got sick they were kicked out on the street; Some GBC gurus were telling their husbands to ignore these women if they did not accept the bogus GBC's gurus; Some of them ended up living in cars with four children and etc.

Small wonder various misogynist people are still against PADA since we championed these stories over the years. We even have fools saying all our reports over the years are all "PADA's lies," since they are still in league with these misogynists and children repressing folks.

Anyway! The BVKS / GBC program -- as a group -- is seen by many women as being anti-women, anti-children, anti-householder and worse, pro-homosexual, pro-sexual predator and pro-criminal. Overall, women as a group are alienated from the GBC guru's and their loyalists like BVKS. At least BVKS admits he has the reputation for being "a misogynist." Goody. Ooops! Wonder how that happened?

BVKS's "lecture" amounts to a giant mish-mash of incoherent rambling. Is BVKS for (or against?) the alienating of women's program made by the GBC's gurus? BVKS creates more questions than answers -- because he does not actually take a coherent side on this issue. Does BVKS think that shastric citations from the Vedas are responsible for the bogus GBC's oppression of women program? Or is the bogus GBC guru program at fault for creating that problem? He simply does not give us a clear answer.  

At the same time, BVKS more or less admits -- it is self-evident -- that there is a problem with the women's alienation from the GBC's program, and BVKS seems to be trying to come up with a convoluted explanation for "why and how" this process emerged post 1977, but he does not know where to lay the blame? In other words, he has no solution.

Yes! It is very self-evident the "women being alienated" problem is still causing considerable grief for the GBC's gurus and BVKS, hence he is trying to come to an explanation / resolution. Unfortunately, he has yet to address the root issue, the GBC's guru program as a group has mistreated women, children, householders, senior devotees and so on, and that is the reason all of them are alienated.

BVKS is apparently trying to shift the blame for all the "troubles" to the Vedas, and to the traditional role women in the Vedas are supposed to have therein. Unfortunately, in the ACTUAL tradition of women in the Vedas, they are protected at every stage and the GBC guru program has instead created havoc and exploiting for women, totally the reverse of the Vedic standards.          

BVKS writes: Mainstream Western thought would classify such statements of Srila Prabhupada as extremist, sexist, or maybe Talibanist. And it appears that members of ISKCON who acquiesce with mainstream Western thought think similarly about those devotees who maintain faith in such words of Srila Prabhupada.

What should we do with such statements? Expunge them from the Vedabase? Explain them as the eccentricity of an elderly Bengali gentleman? Or that they are merely the material, not spiritual, teachings of Srila Prabhupada and thus invalid? To simply ignore such statements is not an option because there are followers of Srila Prabhupada who take very seriously the principle “guru-mukha-padma-vakya cittete kariya aikya ara na kariha mane asa” and who will not very easily allow Srila Prabhupada’s words to be forgotten or recast in the light of various popular theories.

Undoubtedly, we have to consider carefully how to present and apply Srila Prabhupada’s teachings to a world that is not very open to them. But we are in danger of losing our connection with Srila Prabhupada if members of our own ranks adopt the prevailing dogmas of the misled civilization and employ them to attack those followers of Srila Prabhupada who are trying to uphold his message in its most pristine form.

[PADA: Right, so BVKS supports a misogynist -- pro-deviant, pro-homosexual and pro-criminal "acharya's" program, which bans, beats. molests and assassinates devotees, and exploits women and children terribly, and then he talks about "the pristine original teachings." The program he supports is attacking women, children, devotees, and attacking marriages, attacking the system of protecting women and children ad infinitum, and he puts a nice wrapper on this warped program and says it is pristine? 

BVKS has to address the root issue, the women, the children, the devotees, the cows, have been exploited and mistreated by his bogus guru's program, and this has nothing to do with the pristine teachings, its a deviation created by the program he helped create, and he has supported and endorsed. ys pd] 


Open Letter to Bhakti Vikasa Swami
by Lalita Madhava d.d.

Dear Bhakti Vikasa Swami,

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. As you are undoubtedly aware, your disciple Caitanya dasa has been writing a blog entitled "Hare Krishna Diary" as a vehicle for propagating your "teachings." Throughout it, purporting to quote Srila Prabhupada, he pervasively vilifies women as "whores," "prostitutes" and "animals" and consistently vilifies them in abusive language in numerous additional ways. 

His statements are deeply disturbing and offensive. Even more disturbing is the fact that you are at the very least allowing, if not encouraging, him to do this, which reflects very poorly on you and casts you in an extremely unfavorable light. That you would impart such a distorted and dangerous version of "Krishna consciousness" to young, impressionable devotees in your care reveals a serious deficiency in your judgement and calls into question your qualification to act as an initiating guru on behalf of ISKCON.

In addition to his own distasteful statements, Caitanya dasa also quotes and provides numerous links to your texts from the infamous "GHQ" conference. This conference and the statements made by its members (only one of whom is known to have ever had the decency to apologize) were emphatically repudiated by the North American GBC 10 years ago. Therefore it is most surprising that you appear to be encouraging your disciple to actively propagate these very statements, which the GBC described as "demeaning," "ill intended," "ridiculing," "berating" and "vilifying" and thus strongly denounced as "crossing the line of decency, morality and Vaisnava etiquette."

In this way, whether you have merely tacitly allowed these things to go on (though one has to wonder how your newly-initiated disciple, a mere 2-year devotee, happened to come into possession of all of your old GHQ writings and one has to to assume that he would surely not have published them without your permission) or whether you have actively encouraged them, you are fully responsible for the abhorrent, vulgar, offensive and abusive statements made by your disciple and consequently must be accountable to the Society of devotees for them.

Therefore I am requesting you to please do each of the following:

1. Publicly apologize for the offensive and disturbing statements made by your disciple with your tacit or overt permission. As these statements are being publicly disseminated on the Internet, a public apology from you is similarly in order.

2. Compel your disciple Caitanya dasa to also publicly apologize for the offensive and disturbing statements he has made.

3. Compel your disciple Caitanya dasa to remove this offensive blog from the Internet. Its existence is a liability for ISKCON in every way.

4. Forbid your disciple Caitanya dasa from ever again using the sacred words "Hare Krishna" in any title or in any writing disseminated via any medium which propagates hateful, vulgar, offensive, abusive and misogynistic rhetoric. Calling that repugnant blog the "Hare Krishna Diary" is a disgrace to the Holy Name and a disgrace to Srila Prabhupada that dishonors his legacy and everything he sacrificed to make "Hare Krishna" a household word.

Thank you very much.
Your servant,
Lalita Madhava d.d.

Laughing Matter

The following email was received:
Date: 24-Jun-14

To: Bhakti Vikasa Swami
Subject: laughing matter
Jaya Sri Sri Guru Gauranga!
Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

Dear Guru Maharaj
Please accept my obeisances.

One devotee for whom I had much respect and have know for more than 10 years recently wrote about watching a football game on TV. I responded that it was an absolute waste of time, and that these kind of activities keep us in the material world life after life. His response was that when he mentioned my comment to some other devotees "everyone was laughing so much , that because of so much immaturity and fanaticism, they could only laugh at it."

A few days later this same devotee posted some pictures of their day trip to one amusement park in UK. Why are they wasting so much time? Well, maybe because our leaders are doing the same! There was one team-building activity here in XXX recently where all the leaders gathered for -- a cricket day! The other week I saw that one very senior guru in ISKCON was recently photographed at Disneyland. I guess because our leaders are doing these things, it is OK.

This morning I deactivated my account because I am saddened to see the attitudes of ISKCON devotees. Your servant