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Mayesvara's "puppies in training" Acharyas

The Elephant in the Mandir, Part Two


— A Critique in Three Parts.

The Soul of ISKCON?

Why isn't he the guru of ISKCON?

Mayesvara das: In the fall of 2015 Bhadri Narayan wrote a serious paper that asks many questions about the soul and direction of ISKCON called: "Who are we and where are we going? A Fight for the Soul of ISKCON". We are all troubled by the issues he raises and now Hridayananda is campaigning for his own interpretation of ISKCON with his drive to present Krishna West propaganda.

[PADA: First of all Hrdayananda's deviations date way back to the early 1980s when it was reported that he was "hanging out with a woman secretary (who has big boobies?)" by a number of people including the BBT's Dravida das. Then he supported Bhavananda -- even after it was reported he was having "homosex in the holy dham." 

Hrdayananda was living in Beverly Hills and was known as "swami 90210" for quite a long time, and women were reportedly constantly going in and out of that residence including "Mustang Sally." He was often seen in front of the LA temple surrounded by a dozen women (I am a witness) etc.

He was chastised even decades ago for "not chanting his rounds and attending temple programs." OK he was already living the "Krishna West" program even decades ago. Hrdayananda was known to be supportive of gay marriages and he was often critical of comments made in the Vedas. 

He also claims that parts of the Mahabharata are "fictional." Then, he officially launched "Krishna West." There has been a long series of red flags here for decades -- and nothing of substance ever gets done. And this is why the book "Monkey On A Stick" calls the GBC "gutless wonders."

Of course, now the GBC has spent apparently $20,000,000 ($20M) suing the Bangalore devotees, so they can make another temple into a ghost town -- and they have won -- nothing. Not even a paper clip. So this is another example of how they "manage" things. More devotees are getting elderly and they are sick and dying and they need to start a "fund me" site to get medical help, while the GBC pours millions and millions down an endless legal battle rabbit hole.  

They spend $20 million dollars and cannot even show us one paper clip as a result of all this expenditure. Srila Prabhupada says, whatever you do -- do NOT waste piles of Krishna's money on lawyers -- like the Gaudiya Matha did and -- big surprise, that is the first thing the GBC does! 

So this is a fight for the soul of ISKCON and it looks like the GBC is -- losing the fight, and losing bags of money in the process. Now Mayesvara still seems to think the GBC is doing a good job managing at least some of their crises, but he seems to forget, they are the ones who created these crises in the first place. They start a fire, then act like they are the fire department?]      

The New Age movements attract huge followings because they mix some elements of the truth in with all their speculative nonsense. Hridayananda appears to have done the same thing. He is quite astute and offers some good observations, but unfortunately he packages them up in what many have said is a wacky proposal. Krsna West threatens to undermine the purity which has been the true force that makes ISKCON the powerful religious and cultural revolution that Srila Prabhupada intended it to be. Unfortunately, this pattern for building a newer and better ISKCON has been tried several times before.

The Gopi Bhava Club

Even before Srila Prabhupada departed some leaders bonded together in an elite clique that soon became known as the Gopi Bhava Club. It was made up of a select few devotees that met to discuss the intimate pastimes of the gopis, artificially thinking that they can enter into understanding of the gopis prematurely. As soon as Srila Prabhupada found out about it he immediately snuffed it out and chastised his disciples severely for interjecting their own speculative interpretations into his very straightforward and clear instructions. It was an insidious weed that sprouted from the hearts of senior devotees and threatened the creeper of devotion, bhakti-lata bija, so Prabhupada pulled it out strongly.

One would think that should be enough to snuff out that maya for good, but about 15 years later after Srila Prabhupada moved on, the Gopi Bhava Club was resurrected, at least partially due to the association of Narayana Maharaja, who spoke much more liberally about the Gopis' lila than Srila Prabhupada ever felt was appropriate. This time however, the GBC can be credited for disciplining those senior devotees who fell into that trap and sparing the greater devotee community from this deviation which Srila Prabhupada had clearly considered a sahajiyic tendency rooted in the hearts of those who promoted it.

[PADA: This makes no sense? A group of ISKCON's "acharyas" are discussing the gopis, and this is not appropriate? Its not appropriate for acharyas to discuss the gopis? Then we need to fix that deviation, because acharyas who are deviating need to be corrected, censured and disciplined? Acharyas are deviating and need to be disciplined? 

Where does Srila Prabhupada discuss this process, when the acharyas deviate -- they will be disciplined? And why would their "discussing the gopis" be a deviation unless the GBC's GURUS are NOT QUALIFIED to discuss this topic. And if they are not qualified to discuss the gopis, why are they being advertised as "assisting the gopis" acharyas?  

And -- who will discipline the acharyas? 

Oh great, the GBC, Mayesvara, Badrinarayan, Rocana, Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna and ilk, they will correct and fix their wayward acharyas. Wait a minute, that would mean these people are SUPERIOR to the acharyas, because they can "discipline" the acharyas. How did this lot become the boss of Lord Krishna's guru successors? And worse, this lot says that the acharyas are post samadi, posthumous and postmortem. All glories to -- the postmortem?  

Badrinarayan and ilk also say this all the time as well, we are going to "discipline" the GBC's acharyas when they deviate. Problem is, its an offense to consider that acharyas are deviants; and its an offense to correct the acharyas, and so forth. Badrinarayan is going to "train" his acharyas how to behave, in just the same way my neighbor is training her puppy to behave?

So this is the first problem with these folks -- like Rocana, the GBC, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna, and similar other thinkers, they keep saying (A) God's successors and acharyas are just like our neighbor's foolish puppy dog -- who is digging up another neighbor's garden, because both puppies and acharyas deviate. And then (B) we'll have to "correct" and discipline this bad behavior. 

We will train and "rectify" this puppy out of digging holes in the garden and "discipline" this wayward puppy -- by attacking him with a newspaper. And these folks have the same policy with their acharyas. When their acharyas are doing bad things, they will censure, rectify, suspend, monitor and correct them too. Mayesvara thinks acharyas and puppies are on the same level, both need to be disciplined for bad behaviors?  

So there you have it! Puppies deviate and have to be corrected, and acharyas ALSO deviate and have to be corrected. Nope. People who are deviating are not acharyas in the first place, hello! And so now they have created a giant GBC management "system" for correcting, suspending, monitoring, removing and training "wayward acharyas," without understanding -- the Lord and His acharyas are not deviating in the first place? 

And if a person really is an acharya, why would he accept any managerial body discipline or correcting, at all? A puppy might accept correcting. Whereas the person who is artificially made the messiah -- might not take other's advice and correcting. And isn't this the whole trouble with these guys false acharyas, they do not think they need anyone's advice or correcting? Hee hee, so Mayesvara thinks acharyas are in training and puppies are also in training, no wonder ISKCON is in such a mess!] 

Puppies need to be disciplined, and so do acharyas?


Sridhar Swami of Navadwipa

Sridhar Swami was one of Srila Prabhupada's most beloved Godbrothers. He suffered from several serious medical handicaps but he loved Srila Prabhupada dearly and was one of the few who stepped forward to help him when he asked for it after he came to the West. Shortly after Srila Prabhupada departed, Sridhar was consulted by many concerned devotees in an attempt to sort out all the confusion on how ISKCON should move forward.

[PADA: Sridhara Maharaja believed that the 11 were gurus, despite the rest of us having serious doubts. He said that when these guru deviate we should "wait and see" before we take corrective measures. OK so when your guru is watching football and taking all sorts of psychotropic drugs, we should "wait and see," maybe he'll give that up. Really? And Sridhara Maharaja was the person who said that GBC should vote in more gurus every year at Mayapura, which they introduced. 

Sridhara Maharaja is also the original architect, and founder father, of those who said puppies and acharyas are equals, they both need to be disciplined and corrected. Puppies and acharyas are equals? Sridhara Maharaja did not resolve any confusion, he started mass confusion by his saying puppies and acharyas are equals, both need censuring, correcting, disciplining, removing and etc.]

Krishna clearly stated that ALL his devotees are magnanimous souls (Bg 7.18). However, it was not too long before anyone who even mentioned Sridhar's name would might be asked to find a different place to go. This was the first sign that our GBC leadership felt threatened by any outside source even if it happened to be a very exalted devotee of the Lord that Srila Prabhupada clearly trusted and respected greatly.

[PADA: Mayesvara has failed to explain why Sridhara Maharaja supports the idea that acharyas and puppies are equals?] 



The ISKCON Monastery and Prabhupada the Monarch

The next radical deviation to the core ISKCON teachings came shortly after Srila Prabhupada moved on. It was brewed up in the defiant mind of Keith Ham (Kirtanananda) and manifested in the hills of West Virginia at New Vrindavan. He instructed his sycophants to replace the Indian dhoti with the brown robes of medieval Christian monks. He then dressed up the murti of Srila Prabhupada with a royal red robe, and a gold crown modeled to make His Divine Grace look like a king. It was the most ridiculous thing anyone who understood Srila Prabhupada's humble and servitor mood could ever imagine. Fortunately it did not take long for the GBC to act. Shortly after that Keith and his merry band of monk(eys) were all exiled from ISKCON for how shamelessly he embarrassed the reputation of His Divine Grace. After Keith and some of his eccentric followers were hauled off to jail for crazy things like racketeering and conspiring to commit murder, what was left of New Vrindavan was welcomed back into ISKCON!

[PADA: Sorry, it was people like me and Sulochana were waving all sorts of red flags on the New Vrndavana program years before it was raided by the SWAT team. Nothing was done, plain and simple, and they marginalized us and orchestrated killing one of us. Mayesvara handily forgets that the GBC was writing in their Back To Godhead magazine that Kirtanananda is like Jesus, thus they are collectively the ones who made the New Vrndavana nightmare evolve.]

The Ritvik Reaction

Then the Ritviks became alarmed by how many people were victimized after they got initiated by overly zealous individuals who accepted them as disciples but later fell down.

[PADA: That is part of the problem, the real problem is that these overly zealous persons were declared to be acharyas by the rest of the GBC, and then people like Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja and others supported the false notion that these people are acharyas. Even a "sort of" follower of Narayana Maharaja admits to PADA recently, well yes, Narayana Maharaja was fooled by Tamal into thinking these people are gurus. The ritviks were not fooled.]  

The Ritviks leveraged the faux-pas of those individuals as indirect proof to assert that Srila Prabhupada didn't feel any of his disciples were qualified to initiate disciples into the ranks of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. They preached that His Divine Grace had the extraordinary vision to see how incompetent his disciples were before he moved on.

[PADA: Notice that Mayesvara carefully avoids telling us who is a person who is qualified to be the diksha guru of ISKCON now? He handily makes the vague notion that there is someone to be the guru now, of course he will not tell us "who or whom that is," because then we will realize this is a giant bluff. Srila Prabhupada says persons who do not identify the name of their guru are mayavadas.]

At that point they contend he radically changed the instructions he gave about initiation for over 11 years with a one page highly controversial letter dictated to Tamal Krishna Maharaj on July 9. In that short correspondence, the Ritviks propose that Srila Prabhupada changed the parampara system set up by Krishna in the Gita (Bg. 4.2) and there was absolutely nothing unusual about that because Srila Prabhupada was empowered to change what Krishna established!

[PADA: Established what? Established whom? Established where? Where is the continued parampara that Mayesvara alleges is now existing? Krishna establishes that there should be a no-named, non-existing phantom guru who has no name, no books, no temples etc.? Srila Prabhupada and Krishna established that there is a phantom guru out there somewhere who has no apparent actual existence?

Srila Prabhupada was empowered to make -- zero -- successor gurus, who do not exist? Mayesvara is basically saying there is a current guru, but he is a little like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, he cannot really be seen by anyone. And Ajit Krishna, Torben Nielsen, Rocana, all of these people are the same, they say there is a current guru out there somewhere, but they cannot name who he is. So they worship a phantom, whereas at least the ritviks can identify their guru, his books, temples, devotees and etc.]

Narayana Maharaja

Those who took shelter of Narayana assert [without evidence] that he was appointed by Srila Prabhupada to carry on and lead his disciples into the future after His Divine Grace departed. Yet some of those individuals became just as openly antagonistic to the welfare of ISKCON as the most militant of the Ritviks. This led to a complete breakdown of good will in the Vaishnava community that should have been avoided but wasn't, to the disgrace of all parties.



Sexist Language & Female Gurus

More recently women have objected to some of the language that Srila Prabhupada used in his books and for a while there was a campaign to have all of those clauses rewritten using more politically correct language. Now there is a huge debate regarding whether or not it is appropriate for women to accept disciples. Once again it appears everyone's intentions are also good, but that is obviously not an acceptable criterion for deciding such delicate issues. One thing that is evident, however, is that while this debate rages on it will further divide the Vaishnava community and may lead to yet another group defecting from ISKCON proper.

[PADA: OK well the GBC has a lot of these people in their midst and they do not officially remove them, for years together?]

Sexual Distractions and Personal Preferences

Those who are attracted to the same sex are also becoming more vocal about wanting to know where their place is within Lord Chaitanya's sankirtan movement. Will ISKCON acknowledge their plea, or will we exile them to the social equivalent of the leper colony? At the end of the day, sex that is not exclusively for the purpose of bearing a Krsna conscious child is distractive and inappropriate no matter how it is practiced.

[PADA: OK Tripurari swami and Hrdayananda are the leaders of the homosexual acceptance and homosexual marriage program, but we simply think this is not the way forward. Homosexuals and for that matter bi-sexuals and heterosexuals need not advertise their sexual behaviors in and around Krishna's program, that is their private business and should be kept that way. Its not something we need to meditate on. Meanwhile, because the ritviks do not believe homosexuals are or were acharyas, they are banned.]  

The Wild West and Krishna Whoppee!

Now Hridayananda claims he was appointed by Srila Prabhupada to "Use His Intelligence"to devise ways to make Lord Chaitanya's mission acceptable to the masses in the Western world. He apparently feels that the program Srila Prabhupada set up has failed and therefore justifies the interjection of the radical changes he has concluded will fix it. His apology to the GBC, published by Sampradaya Sun on Jan 15, sounds very prim and proper… but I am sure I am not the only one to notice that nowhere in his apology does Hridayananda say he intends to back off from his radical ideas. 

[PADA: He has had these radical ideas for years and nothing was ever done.]

We can only assume he remains intent about stripping the Vaishnava culture out of the Hare Krishna movement. So all his letter really says is: "I am sorry I got caught and called my Godbrothers a bunch of morons. I'll be more careful not to do that in the future if the GBC will no longer pose any objections to my revolutionary ideas about changing the dress, the food, and everything "Indian" about the Hare Krishna movement." I.e.: Politics as usual.

I have my doubts regarding ISKCON management being able to resolve all of these divisive issues to the satisfaction of those who raise them. When the Ritvik revolution began I suggested that perhaps ISKCON could make some accommodation for those who wanted to take shelter of Srila Prabhupada's mercy until they felt comfortable surrendering to one of his disciples for diksha initiation. Perhaps those individuals would never do so in this life, but had the GBC offered a way to accommodate those with the Rtvik sentiment we might have been able to prevent the huge conflict that now exists between that community and ISKCON.

[PADA: OK so we should take shelter of the GBC's illicit sex guru sampradaya? Why should we even have to be bothered with that bogus program? Why can't people take shelter of the acharya?]  

It later became obvious that there was nothing the GBC could do because it was Krishna Kanta who boldly asserted that he would not tolerate ANY aspect of the traditional parampara system. 

[PADA: OK so the GBC asserts that acharyas are most of the time falling into debauchee behaviors, and Mayesvara et al. are saying that is "the tradition"?]

He showed no goodwill and made no effort to cooperate on all the other things Vaishnavas readily agree on. It was Krishna Kanta's stubborn unilateral demands that forced the fracturing that has since led to a lot of unnecessary strife and ill will among the Vaishnava community.

This is the real tragedy and as new challenges come up, we should all strive to learn from this how to avoid similar breakdowns in the future. Despite our various minor differences we can remain bonded as one Vaishnava sanga to protect mother Bhumi and her inhabitants from New Age nonsense, Neo-Advaita sophistry, Buddhist voidism and the other demoniac forces of Kali in general.

[PADA: Except Mayesvara is worse than a Buddhist voidest, at least they have a guru namely Lord Buddha. He says we have to take shelter of a guru, -- who does not exist. He says we need to follow the tradition and accept a current guru, but he does not name the guru who is current, so he would rather have people worship zero than worship Prabhupada. 

And Mayesvara and his pals say we are bogus Christians who want Prabhupada to be worshiped like Jesus is worshiped. And why is that such a bad thing? At least the Christians can name their guru? ys pd]

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Narada Muni / Srila Prabhupada (video)

Everyone Should be a Sannyasa (Even Householders)

Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura..."It has been stated in the rasa-pancadhyayi (Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.33.39)*  that the heart disease of those who study this lila is vanquished. What is the heart disease of the conditional soul? Material lust. This lust naturally arises in those who identify themselves with a male or female body composed of seven dhatus, such as flesh and blood, and who take shelter of the subtle body by accepting an identity consisting of desires pertaining to the mind, intelligence, and false ego. Nothing has the power to remove this lust easily; it can only be dispelled by the continuous cultivation of endeavors and moods in pursuit of vraja-lila." 

Srimad-Bhagavatam - Tenth Canto - 10.33.39: The Rasa Dance
vikrīḍitaṁ vraja-vadhūbhir idaṁ ca viṣṇoḥ
śraddhānvito 'nuśṛṇuyād atha varṇayed yaḥ
bhaktiṁ parāṁ bhagavati pratilabhya kāmaṁ
hṛd-rogam āśv apahinoty acireṇa dhīraḥ
vikrīḍitam—the sporting; vraja-vadhūbhiḥ—with the young women of Vṛndāvana; idam—this; ca—and; viṣṇoḥ—by Lord Viṣṇu; śraddhā-anvitaḥ—faithfully; anuśṛṇuyāt—hears; atha—or; varṇayet—describes; yaḥ—who; bhaktim—devotional service; parām—transcendental; bhagavati—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; pratilabhya—obtaining; kāmam—material lust; hṛt—in the heart; rogam—the disease; aśu—quickly; apahinoti—he drives away; acireṇa—without delay; dhīraḥ—sober.
Anyone who faithfully hears or describes the Lord's playful affairs with the gopis of Vrndavana will attain the Lord's pure devotional service. Thus he will quickly become sober and conquer lust, the disease of the heart.

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High Court Rejects Bombay ISKCON's Plea

Bengaluru, Jan 29, 2016, DHNS :

The High Court on Thursday dismissed a petition filed by religious organisation, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon), Mumbai, seeking quashing of a letter by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India exonerating V I Varadarajan, a former chartered accountant of Iskcon, Bengaluru, from the charge of misusing funds.

[PADA: This is pretty amazing, the Bombay ISKCON GBC's folks thought they could "prove" that a letter from the "Institute of Chartered Accountants of India" was fraudulent. Really? Yep, the GBC folks are spending lakhs and lakhs of rupees in court with all of these nonsense shenanigans, and have so far not proven anything, or won anything.  

Maybe they have at least finally proven that they wasted or lost maybe $20,000,000 u.s.d. on purchasing -- nothing -- with all these frivolous lawsuits. Why doesn't someone investigate their book keeping and see where all this legal attack money is coming from? I give up, where does Srila Prabhupada say, "From now on -- protect the people who promote deviants as acharyas, and spend millions suing anyone who thinks acharyas are pure devotees."   

As one of their disgruntled ex-supporters tells PADA, "they spent $20 million dollars, and have so far not even purchased one brick for all that money." Meanwhile, a number of  senior and elderly devotees who served ISKCON for years are now having to make "fund me" pages to get medical help money for themselves. In fact, one of their own leaders named Gunagrahi swami made such a page begging for his own medical treatment funds.  

Yet there are apparently millions and millions of dollars of money on hand to waste on frivolous lawsuits -- ok really purchasing nothing -- not even one brick, but there are little or NO funds to help the poor or medically needy citizens? Why are the GBC spending tons and tons of money chasing after the "Institute of Chartered Accountants" in the first place? Aren't there more important causes to spend money on, like making temples and printing books? Where do the Vedas say, "The goal of life is to defeat the Institute of Chartered Accountants and take them to court"? I just cannot find that instruction?] 

Dayaram Das, the legal head of Iskcon, Mumbai, had also challenged the disciplinary committee’s report against Varadarajan. The letter was written on January 12, 2013. Justice Anand Byrareddy dismissed the petition stating that nothing was brought on record to show that Varadarajan had acted in connivance with Iskcon, Bengaluru, and accordingly, the ICAI had not found him guilty.

The bench said that it was a trite law that this court should not interfere with the findings of a professional body such as the ICAI when the procedure as per law had been followed. It dismissed the petition citing lack of merit.

[PADA: "Lack of merit" says it all. They are grasping at straws now. Its interesting that when I asked Dayarama why the GBC has made homosexuals into their acharyas, he agreed -- they have been doing that. So he is going to court to defend the people he admits -- are making homosexuals into their messiahs? 

Why isn't he suing the GBC for making deviants into de facto Hindu acharyas and messiahs? I do not get it, there is no loyalty even to Indian culture. More than a few Hindus told me, you have more interest in preserving Hindu culture than a lot of so-called Hindus. Right, 

I think we should NOT be making deviants into Hindu-isms acharyas, that makes me more loyal to India and Hindu culture than many "India born" folks. Dayaram also said when all this started that this case would take not more than one year and not cost more than $1,000,000 u.s.d. -- ok that was in 1997? 

They still have not won anything and the costs have spiralled out of control ever since, and its taken more than one year, because its now 2016. OK, he lied. Anyway, it looks like they are losing more court money -- again. I am not sure what is the status of the same court's separate case -- charging the Dayaram party with court tampering and fraud etc. It seems like these guys love to toss tons of money down an endless rabbit hole that goes nowhere, while some temples are in dis-repair, some of Prabhupada's books are out of print,  many ISKCON people are in need of medical care, and so on. Why not spend all this money on something useful? ys pd] 

Beef Eating: Not in the Vedas

GBC's "lines of authority" - non-existing?

Their representatives -- must be authorized

Acknowledging Authority


Dear Assembled Devotees,

"Although we greatly appreciate Purnaprajna's rebuttal to Hridayananda regarding the disrobing of Draupadi, we wonder if both these scholars have forgotten that our primary authority is Srila Prabhupada, for neither has cited him in their articles. In bypassing the words of Srila Prabhupada as primary evidence in the debate and instead referencing other authorities, are we not guilty of jumping over the head of our guru? At what point did Srila Prabhupada's words, particularly his Srimad Bhagavatam purports, begin to carry less authority than a sanskrit verse?"

You wonder if I along with Hridayananda das Goswami (HdG) have forgotten that Srila Prabhupada is our first and primary authority. To answer you - No I definitely have not. I mention Srila Prabhupada in the first paragraph "that he contradicted the teachings of the purva acaryas including Srila Prabhupada."

And the first footnote in my article links to a page that includes quotes from Srila Prabhupada. But HdG already knows what Srila Prabhupada and other acaryas have said, but he rejects them as his authority, so it would be redundant to present as proof what he already has rejected – his own guru. 

[PADA: First of all, the GBC "appoints" a person as their guru, and then their guru self-evidently does not accept the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, and the GBC fails to take action to correct this problem. If a person who was a cleric in the Christian church said he no longer accepted the teachings of Jesus, or he thought these teachings were fictional, he would be booted out the next day.

Why hasn't the GBC -- removed this person from all positions of authority; banned this person from using the name of ISKCON (which he is STILL doing on his web site); removed this person's books and writings from ISKCON temples; and removed and banned this doubting person from visiting ISKCON's temples where he is polluting people with the idea that Srila Prabhupada's teachings are defective, and the Vedas are fictional writings? 

In addition, Hrdayananda is "writing a novel" based on the Mahabharata, and this itself shows that he thinks the Vedas are fictional novels. Why hasn't the GBC stopped this person from having any role in or around ISKCON? Meanwhile, the "ritviks" -- i.e. those who think the Mahabharata is not a fiction novel -- are often banished, marginalized, if not removed from ISKCON? OK so if a person thinks the Vedas are fictional, then the GBC makes him their authority, and if a person thinks the Vedas are factual, that person is banished?

Then Rocana and his clones like Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna et al. are saying we simply need to clamp down and enforce better GBC committee's rules for "controlling" their doubting, wayward and even illicit sex acharyas. They think the whole problem is -- we need to upgrade the laws, regulations and enforcement control group that "manages" their wayward acharyas. The acharya is "managed by a committee"? Where do they find this in the Vedas? 

Wait a minute, God's successors are usually deviants, and therefore, we need to fix the enforcement rules to correct their deviations. Why does Rocana, Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna and the assembled GBC clown car program assume that God's successors are usually deviants -- in the first place? That means they are still all disciples of Harikesh swami, because that is what he says, acharyas are often deviants and they need to be reigned in by their committee. Ooops, same committee that voted in deviants as their acharyas?  

That means, their wayward and deviant acharyas are not the problem, but having tighter controls on these wayward acharyas is the problem. OK so if they give Badrinarayan "maharaja," Ravindra swarupa das, Romapada swami etc. a new set of "rules for controlling the acharyas" that is going to fix everything?  

Wayward acharyas are not the problem, tighter rules for managing these wayward acharyas is the problem. Really? Therefore, having atheists as their acharyas is not even a problem. The problem is, we need to have better means of containing and controlling these deviations among their acharyas by fixing their committee's rules and regulations to control wayward messiahs. 

These guys have no idea what an acharya is, actual acharyas do not deviate, acharyas do not declare that the Vedas are fiction, and so forth, thus acharyas never need to be fixed and repaired by the legislation of a committee. Yes all of them, Rocana, the GBC, Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna, the bogus Gaudiya Matha, they all think their job is to mass produce false acharyas and then "fix and repair" their bogus acharyas when they break down. Sorry, Krishna is the person who produces HIS own acharyas, and then controls HIS own acharyas, not this lot! These idiots forget that Krishna owns and controls the acharyas, not them and their foolish committee!]

And others have already pointed out what the opinions of Srila Prabhupada and our purvacaryas are on the matter, so again no need to re-iterate the same. Srila Prabhupada also said that if you are arguing with someone like a Buddhist who doesn't accept the Vedas that you don't present sastra as evidence because they reject that, but rather to use logic and reason to defeat them. So that is the situation with HdG -- he doesn't accept Prabhupada, so quoting Prabhupada will not work.

[PADA: Right, the only way to fix a cleric who has become an atheist, an unbeliever, is to have this person removed from all posts of authority and not allow him to enter the society, and to make a public declaration this person is persona no grata henceforward.]

My line of reasoning was: that since HdG is using Madhvacarya as an excuse to reject the teaching of Srila Prabhupada, to then investigate and present what Madhvacarya's views on the matter actually were.

[PADA: No, there is no need to argue anything with a person who has rejected the authority of the acharya of ISKCON, he needs to be removed from ISKCON.]

And, that all acaryas who came after him, including Srila Prabhupada – remember we Gaudiya Vaisnavas are a branch of the Madhva Sampradaya – also accepted the views of Madhvacarya. And that it is only HdG who has used kutarka (false logic) to arrive at absurd conclusions that make him the laughing stock of anyone at all conversant with the topic. This of course says a lot about the intellectual acumen of HdG's followers. But, just like soaking one's infected foot in salty water draws the pus out of the body, HdG is inadvertently doing a service to ISKCON by drawing to him a whole class of intellectually defective and problematic devotees. (Boiling the milk.)

I hope this clarifies your doubts.

[PADA: This is another problem: the GBC allows people like Jayatirtha to soak out a thousand people from ISKCON; Satsvarupa soaks out Gita Nagari's manpower; Kirtanananda soaks out another few thousand -- thus New Vrndavana has to turn to fracking to survive; Suhotra kicks out many Prabhupada devotees and soaks up the few remaining people into his 1940s detective noir loving scheme -- ad infinitum. And of course the GBC acts like the Pied Piper and leads thousands of people off to Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, Babajis etc.  

And now the New York temple is being sold -- supposedly because of a lack of people. And this process continues all along, with the recent fall down of Prabhavishnu, which soaked out hundreds of more people, and so on an so forth. Is there any plan to actually keep any actual people left in ISKCON? Where is any of this authorized by the acharya? ys pd]   

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NFL football player turns farmer

[PADA: This is pretty amazing really. This one fellow quits football and starts his own farm, and he learns how to grow things in no time, and he is giving away thousands of pounds of free vegetables to organizations that feed the poor. 

So there you have it, one guy can get a farm going all by himself. Meanwhile, all the King's horses and all the King's GBC men, cannot seem to get much of anything going of substance -- especially when it comes to farms. 

Worse, they have sold some farms, driven some of them into ill repair, and in sum the GBC does not have the reputation of starting rural projects that are actually functioning very well. It does not help very much that they now have the reputation for assisting the "water mixed with chemicals hydraulic fracking" industry at New Vrndavana either. Yet, as this one farming fellow shows us, a person can get something going, if he has the proper determination. ys pd] 

Research Confirms: Consciousness Survives Death

Gauranga Song with Krishna Art (Video)

Sushma wants Gita as India's National book

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Few Words About Book Changes


Revatinandana: One day we were going to a Gaudiya Math in Calcutta. This particular Math had a bookstore with all kinds of old Gaudiya Math publications, some of which were quite rare. Prabhupada and I were standing in the doorway of the ISKCON temple on Albert Road, and I asked, "Srila Prabhupada, I understand that your books are all that we need, but there will be books for sale at the Math. Once you told Bali Mardan that if he read the Brahma-samhita he would become a good preacher. I was wondering if it would be all right if I bought the Brahma-samhita and some other books, since we are going to this place."

Prabhupada answered my question in three parts. He said, "For one thing, I do not think you will be able to understand those books very well. My Guru Maharaj was not pleased with the sincerity of most of his disciples, and he wrote his books in a difficult language so that almost none of his disciples could understand them."

Then he said, "Actually, my Guru Maharaj wrote those books for me. Only I could understand them."

Another thing he said was, "We shouldn't read anything published by the Gaudiya Math after 1932, because by that time politics were entering into the editions that were being printed." I said, "Didn't your Guru Maharaj pass away in 1936?" He said, "Yes, but in the last four years he was infirm and was not directly supervising the editing."


From Andrew Whitlock

To all my devotee friends:

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

And here's a story that proves this Mark Twain quote to be oh so true! Back in the late sixties Srila Prabhupada arrived in the USA on a mission to spread Krsna consciousness in the West. He brought with him manuscripts, written in Sanskrit, which were to be translated into English. Among these the Bhagavad Gita for which he would also write purports, or explanations of what was said in each verse.

Srila Prabhupada wanted to get the book published as quickly as possible and remarkably, this was achieved in the space of two years after he met Professor Howard Wheeler, who by most accounts, did the bulk of the editing in consultation with the author. This work was done in San Francisco and is well documented.

Prof Wheeler was one of the youngest and clearly most talented English poetry experts in the USA at that time. So Bhagavad Gita As It Is was published by MacMillan Publishers in 1968 in an abridged version and then in 1972, what is now known as the Original Edition, was published. The book received great reviews and was an instant success.

And that really should be the end of the story … there were a few grammatical mistakes which could easily have been corrected in a Second Edition. Srila Prabhupada's clear instruction was to correct only spelling and grammar, without interpolation … The number of minor errors, including spelling and grammar and the famous "Planet of Trees" totalled around 94.

But instead what happened was … (and this is where the people who have been fooled should starting taking notes) … the Zonal Acaryas who were running Iskcon at that time, commissioned a Revision of Bhagavad Gita and in 1983 the Revised Edition appeared. The Editor of the Revised Edition made 4984 changes to the text and claimed that this was what Srila Prabhupada "intended". The Editor made these changes in complete anonymity, instead of following the standard practice of placing his name on the cover of the book, or at least on the inside cover page.

The BBTi then replaced the Original Edition with the Revised Edition at all Iskcon Temples. So for about 12 years the Original Edition which the Author had signed off at MacMillan Publishers, was not printed by BBTi. The attempt to "replace" the Original was almost successful!

It was only when some senior Prabhupada disciples noticed changes in the text, that the full extent of the changes became clear. The Editor, Jayadvaita Swami, claimed that he had "returned to the oldest manuscripts" and that Srila Prabhupada had sanctioned these posthumous changes.

Central to this debate is the question of the "Manuscripts". The most recent information on BBT website finds Jayadvaita Swami saying this: In this conference, I shall present and discuss some of the more interesting, instructive, and controversial revisions made for the Second Edition of Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

Unlike comparisons published elsewhere, these discussions will include comparisons to the original unpublished manuscripts. (You can expect to see, as in Krsna’s universal form, “many wonderful things which no one has ever seen or heard of before.”)

A few words of explanation: “Original manuscripts” means different things, according to different Gita chapters. For the first five or six chapters, it refers to original manuscripts apparently typed by Srila Prabhupada himself. For the middle six chapters, it refers to the original transcriptions of his tapes. And for the last chapters it refers to the old retyped manuscripts from which the 1972 Macmillan edition was produced. In all cases, “original manuscripts” means the oldest and most reliable manuscripts in the BBT files.

The “retyped manuscripts” for the last six chapters were copied from original transcriptions on which much editing had already been done. The typist followed the edited version, adding what the editor had added and deleting what he had deleted. Sometime before 1972, the original transcriptions themselves were apparently lost. (This loss is why the revisions in the last six chapters of the Second Edition are particularly light.)

The text of the manuscripts for all eighteen chapters has been converted into digital form, and for convenience while traveling I am relying on the digital version. If this results in any significant errors that later come to my attention, I shall report them.

Thank you. Hare Krsna.

Get Out of the Materialism Trap NOW!

[PADA: The supersoul is giving some sincere folks inner guidance -- that the population overall is simply serving the material world -- and its not helping their inner spiritual identity. Even a number of "devotees" have got sucked into expanding their material spheres. This video is a pretty good illustration of the fruitless endeavor of serving the material world. Of course, only by serving Krishna can we get free of this mundane world. ys pd]

Another "Fund Me" for medical needs

[PADA: Yep, another case of a devotee who does service, gets ill, and does not get much help from "the leaders." ys pd]

Bhagavad gita class (Video from Montreal)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Akshaya Patra wins India's Padma Sri Award

Madhu Pandit Dasa, Chairman of The Akshaya Patra Foundation and President of ISKCON Bangalore has been awarded the prestigious Padma Shri. The award has been conferred in recognition of the distinguished service rendered by Akshaya Patra for the children of India.


As reported in the Mathura / Vrndavana newspapers --

[PADA: Goody, at least some devotees are giving Krishna and Srila Prabhupada a good name. Its well overdue. Nice! 

We have duly noted some of the various critics of this program, and it appears to us that most of these critics are unable to start a program to feed two stray cats daily, much less feed over a million children daily. ys pd]

Original Hare Krishna Cookbook

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Even Lucifer was once with God

[PADA: This new TV show details the life of Satan, after he gets bored ruling the netherworlds and he comes to earth for some entertainment. I found the idea of Satan quite interesting even as a child -- i.e. Satan was once a great servant of God, then he becomes envious of God, thus he falls from his service and becomes a "demon." 

This idea is really pretty much identical to the Vedic idea -- that ALL of us spirit souls were originally Krishna conscious, we were all serving God nicely, then we somehow became envious, fell down, and we became "demons." Its also pretty much what happened to Adam and Eve, they were with God, they disobeyed God -- and indeed then they "fell" out of the Garden of Eden (and out of God's association). 

Not sure what happens to Lucifer in this show, if he gets back with God or not, but its interesting that people seem to realize that even the worst of demons, like Satan, were once serving God. Correct, even the worst demons were formerly serving God, then -- these souls became envious and then they fell. 

What is kind of funny here is that my Christian friend told me the FOX TV channel is a favorite of the Christian conservatives, but now many Christians are not happy with FOX TV for making a show that sort of glamorizes Satan, and they are asking for a boycott of the station. 

Anyway, the concept is correct, we were all with Krishna, we became envious, i.e. we became either big or little Satans, or as Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati thakura says, we became renegade souls. 

The Vedas also have many illustrations of people who became very powerful demons, and some even had magical Satanic powers, or they became powerful opponents of God, sort of like Satan. Same idea. So Krishna's plan for us is, to learn that we cannot be happy as such renegades, and we should re-surrender to Krishna and try to re-establish our lost link to God. And even if we become demons or Satans, our souls will always be pure and eternal and Krishna will wait patiently for us to come back home to Him. ys pd]                

How Russian Lady Found Krishna

My Bhagavad-gita As it is

I remember Srila Prabhupada once said in one lecture: "Somehow or other, if our book goes into someone's hands, they will be benefited. At least he will see, Oh, they have taken so much price. Let me see what is there." If he reads even one sloka, his life will be successful. 

Even if he reads only one sloka, even one word. This is such a nice thing. Therefore we are stressing so much, "Please distribute our books, distribute books, distribute books." A greater mrdanga. We are chanting, playing our mṛdanga. It is heard within this room or little more. But this books mrdanga, this will go home to home, country to country, community to community, this is the big mrdanga.

My father bought a Bhagavad-gita before I was even born, but he didn't really become a devotee since he interpreted it in his own way. He could not have the full benefit from it. About 20 years later, I found the book in our house and I remember that I opened it, because I saw Krishna's picture and He looked so beautiful. 

I opened one page and read these 2 verses :
"And whoever, at the end of his life, quits his body remembering Me alone, at once attains My nature. Of this there is no doubt."- Bg 8.6

"Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, O son of Kunti, that state he will attain without fail. " -Bg 8.6

So I thought, "Oh great, that is right, its the secret to life. I should think of Krishna when I die." I didn't really read the rest since I was still not fond of reading books as teenager. I left the book in my room and 1 year passed. 

I often thought about these 2 verses that I read. Especially when I was in danger, I would think, "Now I will have to think about Krishna, so if I die, I will go to Him." Then some months passed and I again remembered these 2 verses when my grandmother was dying. 

I thought that if she could now think about Krishna, she would go to Him, but I was not a devotee at that time and didn't know more than these 2 verses, so I didn't know how to make her think of Krishna. Again, some more time passed and I wanted to know more about yoga since I knew I am not this body. 

I wanted to know who am I? I was searching a lot but was not satisfied with the various answers, and so one day in my room I looked again at the Bhagavad-gita and I opened it. This time, I read the whole book. 

I found all the answers in it. I had no picture of Krishna, so I put Bhagavad - gita on an altar, and I said, "Krishna now I surrender to you, please help me." This is how everything began. Now I read Bhagavad-gita every day with my mother. 

This is why it is very important to distribute books whenever we can . As Prabhupada said -- even if we read one verse -- our life will be successful.

Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

[PADA: Yep, every day another person finds Krishna. Actually every day -- many, many persons find Krishna. This story is a great example. And, at least some of the people who found Krishna -- are reading our sites.]  

Chapter 18: Conclusion - The Perfection of Renunciation TEXT 65

Always think of Me and become My devotee. Worship Me and offer your homage unto Me. Thus you will come to Me without fail. I promise you this because you are My very dear friend.

The most confidential part of knowledge is that one should become a pure devotee of Kṛṣṇa and always think of Him and act for Him. One should not become an official meditator. Life should be so molded that one will always have the chance to think of Kṛṣṇa. 

One should always actin such a way that all his daily activities are in connection with Kṛṣṇa. He should arrange his life in such a way that throughout the twenty-four hours he cannot but think of Kṛṣṇa. And the Lord's promise is that anyone who is in such pure Kṛṣṇa consciousness will certainly return to the abode of Kṛṣṇa, where he will be engaged in the association of Kṛṣṇa face to face. 

This most confidential part of knowledge is spoken to Arjuna because he is the dear friend of Kṛṣṇa. Everyone who follows the path of Arjuna can become a dear friend to Kṛṣṇa and obtain the same perfection as Arjuna.

These words stress that one should concentrate his mind upon Kṛṣṇa-the very form with two hands carrying a flute, the bluish boy with a beautiful face and peacock feathers in His hair. There are descriptions of Kṛṣṇa found in the Brahma-saṁhitā and other literatures. 

One should fix his mind on this original form of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa. He should not even divert his attention to other forms of the Lord. The Lord has multi-forms, as Visnu, Narayana, Rama, Varaha, etc., but a devotee should concentrate his mind on the form that was present before Arjuna. Concentration of the mind on the form of Kṛṣṇa constitutes the most confidential part of knowledge, and this is disclosed to Arjuna because Arjuna is the most dear friend of Krsna's.

Jayadvaita Swami addresses "secret temple sale"




(Take notice of how he stacked the deck with bottom names. Ramabhadra is TP, board and property trustee. Romapada is GBC and head of board. Ramabhadra's wife is also on board).
From: Jayadvaita Swami:

With a sense of duty mixed with sadness, I plan to send this out to the ISKCON world this morning, around 9 am. Around 6:30 a.m. I sent a copy to Romapada Maharaja, as a courtesy. Feel free to send it on to anyone else.

I figure the word will spread quickly.

I regret the hurt this will cause to Romapada Swami and those who love and respect him (me included). But when I weigh this against the interests of Srila Prabhupada's mission and obedience to his final will, I have decided to press "send."

Hare Krsna.

--ys, js

For immediate release
January 24, 2016

Contact: Jayadvaita Swami
jaswami +

New York ISKCON leaders sign secret contract to sell Brooklyn temple

As ISKCON’s 50th year began, devotees in New York City were startled to discover that the authorities in charge of ISKCON’s Radha-Govinda temple in Brooklyn, New York, have signed a contract to sell the temple.

[PADA: However, the sale of the Brooklyn temple was noted in public newspapers a few years ago, and was posted on PADA a long time ago as well. Why are "the devotees" seemingly unaware of what the general public is aware of? Yep, everyone was also "startled" to find out that New Vrndanava was a criminal empire, and so on and so forth. Thus, the "karmis" had to figure this out way before the GBC did, but doesn't that mean that many of the rank and file devotees and the GBC are -- asleep at the switch?]

The devotees learned this from a real estate listing on the internet that showed the building as “under contract.” Those involved in the sale had kept it secret from the temple congregation and even from the ISKCON GBC.

[PADA: Yet the story was in the newspapers?]

The news of the sale took the GBC Executive Committee and the rest of the GBC by surprise. Mindful of the disastrous sale of Radha Govinda’s previous temple on 55th Street in Manhattan, Sivarama Swami, at the GBC’s midterm meeting in October, had put forward a proposal that the permission to sell be reconsidered at this year’s annual Mayapur meeting. The proposal was accepted.

Romapada Swami, the GBC man for New York, was present at the meeting.

In fact, two GBC members have both confirmed that they talked directly with Romapada Swami in October about reviewing the Brooklyn sale one more time at the 2016 annual meeting and that Romapada Swami agreed. What Romapada Swami kept secret was that in mid September he and the others involved had already signed a contract to sell.

The sale has still not been announced to the temple congregation.

For many years, the Brooklyn neighborhood where the temple is located had been a crime-ridden, miserable place. Accordingly, the GBC body, some years ago, had given permission for the temple to be sold. But in the last few years the temple’s location has become one of the most desirable in all of New York City.

The deal to sell received approval from the temple’s board, from its property trustees, and from the chairman of the North American GBC. But apparently none of them informed either the GBC body or its Executive Committee. The temple congregation, too, has been kept in the dark.

At a meeting last year, after seeing an impressive slide presentation, the North American GBC had approved the concept of selling. But although senior devotees from New York had made known their opposition to selling the temple, no one opposing the sale was told of the meeting or invited to attend.

Now that a contract has clandestinely been signed, opponents say that although the temple leaders have met all of ISKCON’s technical requirements for selling, they have secretly rammed the sale through and misled the GBC. This, they say, is not a good sign.



The members of the temple board are Romapada Swami, Ramabhadra Dasa (the temple president), Satya Devi Dasi (Ramabhadra's wife), Adi Deva Dasa (a New York devotee, not the artist), and Damodara Svarupa Dasa (Adi Deva's son-in-law).

The property trustees are Ramabhadra Dasa, Kuladri Dasa, and Bhaktarupa Dasa. The chairman of the North American GBC is Tamohara Dasa.

DASARATH DASA: All along, since 2007, we have been trying to address the issue of Romapada Swami's dishonest dealings here in Phoenix, of his subverting the legal temple board of directors and the appointed GBC, and making himself the "roaming guru" of Phoenix, and his disciple and her husband the temple president and V-president. Kuladri das was used as the agent to lie to the temple B.O.D. chairman and to the Phoenix temple GBC.

[PADA: Oh swell, Kuladri was one of New Vrndavana's and Kirtanananda's worst case hatchet men, and now the GBC has made him one of their biggest authorities over the society. It seems, the more a person is implicated in supporting criminality and corruption, if not an empire that promotes homosexual messiahs, breaks up marriages, abuses children and kills dissenters, then -- the higher one is placed in the GBC's totem pole of authority. 

Kuladri should have been sued by the GBC a long time ago -- for orchestrating criminality in the name of ISKCON and harming the name of the society by implicating it in his criminality program, which he was personally overseeing as a big manager there. And this is the guy the GBC turns to for "managing"?]

We have testimonies and emails to prove his scandal, and it was approved, with full knowledge of its deviance and misrepresentation of the truth, by Tamohara das, who was the NA GBC EC chairman at the time, and Badrinarayan das, who wrote, "what difference does it make how it was done."

Now under Romapada's hidden agenda and politics, 25 innocent Indian body devotees have been banned from the temple. The Executive Committee of the GBC, both past and present members, have been made aware of this disaster, but nothing has been done. We have been informed that Romapada has "big" protectors in the GBC, like millionaire Gopal Bhatta das.

Now this is another NEW YORK temple "money scandal." What more might be up his sleeve, and what does the GBC Executive Committee think this is all doing to the faith and trust in the GBC, of the devotees in general? Mine has been completely lost.

All the details of their dishonesty and politics of Romapada has been presented in the website, which I would rather see closed down, if the GBC will kindly "clean up their own house", and set up a fool proof system of accountability and checks and balances of the GBC, that is monitored by a non-GBC entity.

It is vitally necessary, or these embarrassments will continue again and again in the future. 

Founder of all ISKCON temples in Arizona
P.S. We have to get the word out about this. PLEASE SHARE ON YOUR FACEBOOK!

[PADA: Accountability indeed. First of all, the GBC rarely or never consults "the congregation" when they decide things. For example, they secretly decided to promote deviants as their messiahs, and none of us "congregation" were ever consulted. They basically conduct "secret meetings" where they decide all these things, and then we have to either accept, or get kicked out, which explains why their temples are so empty. 

Another example is Hrdayananda "swami" -- has been promoting his Krishna West scheme with all that entails; He uses the name of ISKCON to promote gay marriages; He says on a publicly released audio that the rest of GBC are basically a bunch of envious fools; He says parts of the Mahabharata are fiction; He says he is writing a novel (fiction) based on the Mahabharata; His pal Beer Krishna says dhotis look like giant diapers; He supported Bhavananda after it was revealed he was having "homosex in the holy dham," and so on ad infinitum. 

And yet -- the GBC cannot gather together enough brains or guts, to -- permanently remove this guy? That means, they are basically one with these deviants. Or what? Its self-evident they are having secret meetings where they are agreeing to allow all these deviations, and the creators of these deviations, to stay within the society. Kuladri is a prime example of how they "promote from within" the worst case hatchet men for their criminal messiahs. Secret? Nope! Its an open secret, hee hee! 

The good news is, more people are waking up to all this. For example I just got a message from an ISKCON devotee who says, more and more people are realizing only Srila Prabhupada can save them, these GBC gurus cannot even save themselves. True dat! ys pd]    

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Petition to remove Miami Temple President

Narasimha Astakam (Video)

108 Names of Krishna

Predictions of Kali Yuga (Bhagavata Purana)

Steve Gelberg and Nori Muster ICSA conference

[PADA: First of all, Steve Gelberg (Subhananda dasa) was a huge cheer leader / promoter of Ramesvara swami and the GBC's 11 gurus just after Srila Prabhupada departed. After 1978 Subhananda wrote a big book on how we ALL have to respect and worship the "11 appointed gurus" as parampara acharyas, and he wrote other articles which created the misconception that the 11 are "parampara gurus," and its wrong for us to question these "absolute gurus."

Simultaneously, Subhananda's group were saying our idea to continue to worship the acharya Srila Prabhupada is "the posthumous samadhi worship deviation." This idea has made the GBC and people like Rocana famous for their saying that Vaishnava gurus are -- posthumous, post samadhi and post mortem. Yep, Krishna and His acharyas are all post mortem, who knew! These folks all said in unison "we need to hear from the 'living lips' -- of our (homosexual and debauchee) gurus." And Subhananda has been a big promoter of this process.

Thus, we "dissenters" were being roundly criticized (and banished) by this group as "trying to have Srila Prabhupada worshiped as another Jesus" -- all because we did not want to worship conditioned souls like Ramesvara swami as God's "living guru successors." Unfortunately, Subhananda / Steve forgets to mention this crucial historical factor in the interview above, that he was one of the Joeseph Goebbels writers for the "living (debauchee) guru" regime.

Its very ironic indeed that Subhananda / Steve is now on the "Freedom of Mind" program, when he was one of the vociferous writers / enforcers of that vicious guru regime. That regime forcibly, and sometimes actually violently, took away our freedom to worship the acharya, and in fact made it almost impossible for anyone who still worshiped Srila Prabhupada to stay in the organization. 

In other words Subhananda co-created a dangerous situation for anyone who wanted to continue to worship Srila Prabhupada and not worship his illicit sex messiahs program. And his agenda also made it very dangerous to continue to promote the ACTUAL acharya even after we left the organization, because the goondas from Subhananda's program could hunt us down, and perhaps beat us up or even kill -- us "dissenters." 

So now, after he has been a prime hatchet man / co-writer for the violent criminal messiahs project, a sort of Joseph Goebbel's writer for the regime, he has suddenly decided "lets have freedom of mind." Really? Well what about our freedom which your agenda took away from us, and viciously and even violently took away from us? Subhananda's regime has been referred to as "the enforced cult ritualistic worship of deviants program" -- and he was one of the enforcers.

Even now a lot of these folks complain that we are STILL not promoting their worship of the GBC's "living gurus" and yes, we are still promoting the worship of the acharya Srila Prabhupada instead. In other words, in 1978 these people thought that Srila Prabhupada's worship has to be replaced / displaced / over-stepped / duplicated / by the worship of the newly anointed "11 successors to Krishna." 

And Subhananda seems to be totally oblivious as to why his policy of promoting conditioned soul messiahs created all sorts of chaos in ISKCON including banning, beating, sexual predator gurus, and even -- murders. And as a result of this watered down guru program, the standard of being "God's successor" was sort of dropped to near the bottom of the barrel, and so now almost anyone could become "God's living spokesman on earth." What could go wrong with this idea?  

Yep, why worship the acharya when we can worship a conditioned soul instead? And they even started a program that we have to offer our bhogha to their conditioned souls gurus. Jadurani in 1979 said this would mean, everyone is now eating bhogha because these bogus offerings are not accepted by Krishna. The leaders still have this program in force even now, their people are still offering bhogha to the GBC's "gurus." Of course Srila Prabhupada had said -- do not change the deity worship or there will be a disaster -- and yet -- that was the first thing they did!

Then again, at the same time (1978) Sridhara Maharaja said the same basic thing, the GBC's gurus need to be worshiped as absolute acharyas and "none should protest." Sridhara Maharaja said Ramesvara types should just "wear the guru uniform -- and the uniform will show him what to do" i.e. dress like Jesus, then you are Jesus. So, there was a block of these people promoting these false 11 messiahs, and Subhananda was one of their prominent promoters, and in fact he was a big writer and scholar among them. 

Meanwhile Satsvarupa, Jaggadisha and Jayadvaita swami began co-writing "GBC position papers" to help coordinate their worship of conditioned souls deviation. Yet nowadays Subhananda and his ilk are apparently complaining that the formula of surrender to the "absolute guru" is wrong, forgetting that he was one of the prominent persons orchestrating surrender to his false "absolute" gurus? 

Is the process of surrender to Krishna and His bona fide gurus wrong, or is their idea of surrender to false gurus wrong? Subhananda fails to tell us -- or to distinguish one process from the other? How does he propose we surrender to Krishna if we do not worship His guru representative? 

Subhananda simply jumps over a huge chunk of the actual history here; the 11 falsely claimed to be God's appointed successors, and then folks like Subhananda supported that deviation, forgetting -- these 11 gurus were never appointed as gurus? Subhananda is not being clear here, and he seems to think the overall process of the Krishna religion is wrong, without admitting he changed the entire process by coercing and forcing the citizens of ISKCON to worship his conditioned soul pals as the acharyas of ISKCON. He was a huge promoter and apologist for the regime.

And his changed process is forbidden by Krishna and the bona fide acharyas. 

And lest we forget, their idea that we have to worship the 11 as acharyas -- empowered, enabled, energized, allowed, supported, promoted and generally cemented in people like Kirtanananda as "the new Jesus' of ISKCON." And in fact that is what their "Back To Godhead" magazine said, that Kirtanananda is like Jesus. In short, Subhananda's folks mistook Kirtanananda for "God's successor" -- and their mistake -- makes the religion at fault? 

Jaggadish said the same thing, Srila Prabhupada appointed these gurus. And that essentially blames Srila Prabhupada for all the troubles. Problem is, he never appointed any gurus.    

OK and what happens when a person questions the new "Jesus" enabled and empowered by people like Subhananda? Well, they might end up being banned, beaten up, or dead. This deviation did not happen in a vacuum, it happened under the supportive umbrella of people like Subhananda encouraging the worship of these false messiahs. Mukunda swami was saying the same thing, these appointed gurus have to be worshiped as "parampara" gurus. So there was a gang of these guys, and they insisted on having conditioned souls worshiped as God's successors.  

And this deviation is what lead to a dangerous cult situation, where Ramesvara's people were banning and sometimes beating people up. Of course some of Ramesvara's former "enforcers" told me he was involved in the murder of Sulochana. Subhananda seems to think all this manifested out of thin air, but it didn't, it manifested because people like him were promoting the false acharya's regime and program. And it was under the jack boots of the false acharyas regime where innocent people were being shunned, banned, abused, beaten and maybe worse.

Thus, he is certainly not explaining his role in promoting this false gurus regime. We have a big problem with this -- within the entire GBC's camp: (A) These folks VEHEMENTLY supported the false gurus, (B) All hell breaks loose, and then (C) It is "ISKCON" or "Krishna consciousness" that is at fault, and not them? Satsvarupa Das Goswami is expert at this somewhat psychopathic process, he promoted all of this and yet now he is always "the poor victim." Ohh boo hoo, we tried so hard (to make deviants into God's successors). Well yes, and that makes you directly and karmically responsible for all the ensuing mayhem your program generated.

Sorry! No, Srila Prabhupada NEVER said we should surrender to false gurus, they over-stepped his orders. In short, they created a Frankenstein monster, then they said, it is not their fault. All this happened by chance occurrence! Really? But weren't you the GBC's co-pilot when the plane crashed? 

Sridhara Maharaja also created the same Frankenstein monster false guru regime in 1936, people who dissented his illicit sex guru program were being beaten and killed. Yet he is the poor guy who "tried his best to push on the movement." Nope, he tried his best to cheat people by getting them worship a bogus guru.

And so now, boo hoo, in Krishna consciousness we have to surrender to a guru which is wrong because its not humanistic. Oh forsooth! Krishna consciousness does not take the humanitarian aspect into consideration. Nope, Subhananda's supporting and promoting false acharyas did not take the human aspect into consideration. He failed to take into consideration how his support of these false gurus would severely impact the society and its citizens under his bogus guru regime.

To sum, he is one of the original big cheer leaders of the idea that we have to surrender to these GBC's gurus. Why not admit, he made a huge mistake promoting these fools as messiahs, instead of blaming the entire religion? A bad carpenter blames his tools?

Yep, Ramesvara and the 11 were the "unquestioned" guru authorities. So Subhananda is one of the very people who co-created the very cult like atmosphere he complains of, by his backing this bogus guru appointment. To sum, Subhananda is one of the original authors of the idea that the 11 are "absolute and unquestioned beings." 

He has never really explained what else was ordered if these 11 were not gurus, or that these 11 gurus were never appointed, and so on. He says the Krishna culture does not normally have these false guru problems. Well sorry, it does have this false guru problem all over the place, for example with the sahajiyas in Bengal, false Gaudiya Matha gurus, and now ISKCON's "appointed acharyas." 

And the Krishna culture has ALSO had the problem of unqualified folks posing as "big scholars" (OK like Subhananda) who were promoting these false gurus, as did Sridhara Maharaja, Professor Sannyal, Madhava maharaja and similar others who supported their false acharyas imbroglio after 1936. 

I hope Subhananda will someday read the actual shastra where it is clearly stated, false gurus and their supporters (and scholarly backers) are "destined for the most obnoxious regions of the universe." Its a big jagat out there, and the place for false gurus and their supporters / writers will not be fun, guaranteed! Especially if they are unrepentant -- as most of them are ...

As for Nori Muster (Nandini) she was sort of going along with all this because these big scholars like Subhananda were all promoting it. She and many others thought the 11 gurus program was authorized, because so many others were part of that process and agenda. 

She was Mukunda's secretary for the "ISKCON World Review" and she realized eventually that Mukunda was covering up all sorts of crimes and corruption. He told Nandini that "I have a career to look after." Right, he made it his career to help introduce all sorts of criminal corruption into ISKCON and to cover up for it, and protect that agenda. And the result was that thousands of devotees were victimized. Sulochana said Mukunda's job was "to put a happy face on a piece of dog's stools."

Anyway, later on she has done a great job exposing a lot of the corruption and, what can I say, she has been doing the work of a Kshatriya man by doing battle with these criminal messiahs. She thus has more guts than a lot of the "men." I think she pretty much agrees, these GBC gurus were never appointed as gurus and they basically usurped that post. ys pd]