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Leah Remini: Surviving Scientology

ISKCON is getting more Sahajiya (Hanuman das)

Message-ID: <> Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2016 09:00:18 +0000 Subject: Re: opening the russian front From: Hanuman das To: Bhakti Raghava Swami, Sacinandana Swami, Jayadvaita Swami, Kadamba Kanana Swami, Lokanath Swami, "Virabahu (das) ACBSP (GBC)", Gopal Krsna Goswami, "Kavicandra Swami (GBC Japan)", Sesa das, Sankarsana.ACBSP, Bhaktivaibhava Swami, Bhakti-bhusana Swami, "", Basu Ghosh Das,, dina.sharana.acbsp

Dear Sacinandana baba,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Ramesh baba.

Having received no reply, today I launched my Russian campaign. This is preemptive strike against Ramesh followers in Russia. Now, I challenge you, please try to insult Srila Prabhupada by bringing Brajraj Sharan and other Ramesh nonsense followers to ISKCON Russia. Let's see how well that goes, now when I warned devotees in advance about true nature of Ramesh nonsense.

All your GBC friends, like Radhanath Swami, who says in his book that Ramesh baba is "his lifelong friend" can't help you any longer. Because real truth is out in the open, and real truth is that Ramesh baba is sahajiya, Prabhupada told us not to associate with sahajiyas.

By associating with Ramesh baba, taking instructions from him, by staying in his temple, and by bringing his followers to Croatia, you betrayed Srila Prabhupada. And before that, you gave us the present of association with mayavadi Krishna das. Now, with Russia included, I make my target at 10,000 views for my videos. 

After that, all that will be left is that you leave ISKCON, dress as gopi, and join Ramesh temple. And you can take your secretary with you and finally associate with her publicly without being in fear.

your servant,
Hanuman das

[PADA: Right, and other GBC gurus are also associated with Ramesh Baba like Indradyumna, so why is the GBC allowing this program to develop inside ISKCON and their own GBC program? Right, the Babajis do not even accept the guru line of Srila Prabhupada, and they harassed Srila Saraswasti when his party went there in the 1920s, why are we connecting with the same people who object to our sampradaya? ys pd]

The Value of Discrimination (Narasimgha dasa)

By Narasimgha dasa

The Value of Discrimination: Lord Krishna said, “This man is an assassin and murderer of your own family members. Not only that, but he has also dissatisfied his master. He is but the burnt remnants of his family. Kill him immediately.” (S.B. 1.7.39)

In spite of this unequivocal instruction from Lord Krishna who was personally present, both Arjuna and Draupadi wanted to spare evil Ashvattama for the sake of being kind and gentle to all Brahmins and brahmana-bandhus. Neither Srila Prabhupada nor Lord Sri Krishna faults them for their sentiment because such rare sentiments illuminate the matchless quality of great Vaishnavas. Such kind and forgiving qualities can’t imitated by ordinary devotees. It would be beyond the imagination of lesser devotees to forgive a false Brahmin who had mercilessly and enviously attacked and killed ones sons — just for spite — while they were sleeping.

It would also be impossible, and beyond our duty or power, to forgive:

1.) those who secretly fed poison to Srila Prabhupada

2.) those who went along with persons who tried to hide this incident due to political motives.

Devotees who are not great paramahamsa uttama-adhikaris should hear carefully Srila Prabhupada’s final conclusions on these matters.

“The specific words used in this sloka arevama-swabhava, ‘mild and gentle by nature.’ A good man or woman accepts everything very easily, but a man of average intelligence does not do so. But, anyway, we should not give up our reason and discriminatory power just to be gentle. One must have good discriminatory power to judge a thing by its merit. We should not follow the mild nature of a woman and thereby accept that which is not genuine.” (S.B. 1.7.42, Purport)

Had he been killed for his heinous sins, as Lord Krishna had advised, Ashvattama may have been much better off. Instead he was fully humiliated, denuded of the magical jewel in his forehead, and cast out into the cold with nothing but a curse that made him suffer in his wretched body for another 2,000 years.

“Such a death sentence for the murderer [as Lord Krishna advised] is the lowest possible punishment offered to him, and it is said in the smriti-shastras that men who are punished by the king on the principle of a life for a life are purified of all sins, so much so that theymay be eligible for being promoted to the planets of heaven.” (S.B. 1.7.37, Purport)

Only anitya-siddha parishad of Krishna, acting fully under the direction of Lord Krishna’s internal yoga-maya, can second-guess the Supreme Lord’s advice. It’s obviously better for other devotees, and the whole world in general, that we must not second-guess Srila Prabhupada’s instructions or try to imitate great uttama-adhikari devotees. Srila Prabhupada warned, “By imitating amaha-bhagavata, one will eventually become degraded.”

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ISKCON is going Ritvk! (BV Padmanabha Maharaja)

"ISKCON is starting to become like a ritvik Catholic Church"

BV Padmanabha Maharaja

BV Padmanabha Maharaja originally joined ISKCON in the 1970s. Later he joined Gaudia Math and participated in International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society. As a sannyasa he spends time in Vrindavan, India and travels the world.

[PADA: Except, the Catholic Church has a "voted in" Pope system, and the GBC has adopted a similar system -- their "2/3 show of hands" -- voted in gurus. And Sridhara Maharaja is one of the persons who told the GBC to "vote in more acharyas" (like the Papal system). And Narayana Maharaja says that Sridhara Maharaja is an acharya, so the acharyas started this system -- of voting in conditioned souls as their co-acharyas? BV Padmanabha is glorifying the people who initially made the Papal / guru vote system in ISKCON, while claiming it is a deviation?  

Why does Narayana Maharaja support Sridhara Maharaja and his program -- that acharyas approve of conditioned souls, and their illicit sex, drugs and other deviations process -- to be voted in as Krishna's successors and acharyas? Does NM even know who is Krishna, for starters? Krishna is all pure, thus HIS successor has to be all pure. Why doesn't the NM clan even know this basic ABC point of siddhanta? In 1936 Sridhara Maharaja made a bi-sexual deviant as the acharya of the Gaudiya Matha, and that makes Sridhara Maharaja a bona fide acharya himself?   

And when these alleged acharyas get caught taking drugs and having illicit sex, then Sridhara Maharaja says we should STILL keep them in the acharya's seat and "none should protest." Why does NM think we should worship illicit sex and drugs as our acharyas, and keep these deviants in the Vyasa seat even when they are caught deviating, and the founder father of this bogus idea -- Sridhara Maharaja -- is an acharya? The founder father of the worship of illicit sex as acharya, is also an acharya himself? Where does Krishna say we need to worship Sridhara and Narayana maharaja's illicit sex guru process as HIS successors and acharyas?

And their system of guru voting is much more like the Papal voting system, its not like the priest system / church council process of the Lutheran Church. And this bogus guru voting system was given to the GBC by these "outside advisors." And after these deviant people gave ISKCON this bogus guru appointment and guru voting system, Narayana Maharaja then says, Sridhara Maharaja is our acharya. The founder father of the worship of illicit sex acharyas is -- our acharya? No, Srila Prabhupada says Sridhara Maharaja is the leader of the SEVERE OFFENDERS Bagh Bazaar party.

Worse, NM also says -- Tamal Krishna swami is Krishna's diksha guru successor (acharya). Tamal is a diksha guru who can absorb sins like Jesus? Why does NM confuse Tamal with someone like Jesus, when none of the rest of us do? Tamal used to lecture that his two favorite people are NM and Bhavananda, wow, peas in a PADA! 

And Narayana Maharaja was very PROMINENT in the post-1978 ISKCON GBC's advisory group -- "advising" the GBC's guru voting block sabha, and indeed NM was helping Satsvarupa Das Goswami write the bogus "Guru Reform Notebook" -- where their foolish guru voting concoction was first being detailed and organized. In short, Narayana Maharaja was aiding and abetting the entire bogus GBC and their bogus guru voting process, and he was hanging out with all of the leaders of that devious ecclesiastical guru voting program like Tamal, Satsvarupa Das Goswami, Giriraja, Indradyumna, Sivarama and all their associated pals. And worse, NM thought these people are all equal to Jesus and they are diksha gurus who can absorb sins like Jesus. Didn't Rupa Goswami say ecclesiastical guru voting programs are -- bogus?

If the Catholic Church's Papal voting system is bogus, why has Narayana Maharaja been the biggest cheer leader of helping those who are placing this identical Papal / guru voting system into ISKCON, and he has been the biggest adviser to the people making this bogus system? And worse, NM said we critics are bogus for attacking his guru voting program and its main henchmen architects, ok like Sridhara Maharaja and Tamal? 

Even worse, Sridhara Maharaja founded the bi-sexual acharya's deviation of 1936, where dissenters were beaten and killed. And this is what NM thinks acharyas create? Why does NM say that the founder father of the illicit sex -- and then beating and killing of vaishnavas project -- is an acharya? Devotees are being banned, beaten, having their faces pushed into dogs stools, and some are being killed, and Narayana Maharaja says the founder father of this deviation is -- an acharya?]   

"Just consider Prabhupada your guru? No need to have another guru. What is this called? Ritvik"

[PADA: Why is accepting a pure devotee as our guru called ritvik? Where does Srila Prabhupada say that anyone who worships a pure devotee is to be called a ritvik? He never said, after I depart, no one can worship me because that will be the ritvik deviation? The followers of Madhvacara are bogus for worshiping him as the acharya?]

Leaders in ISKCON have a term they like to use, Oh, he is a GBC or a Guru in good standing and we've all heard this before: In good standing. But many of those who were in good standing are no longer standing. One after the other they fell down, then more fell, and then more fell, ... and one after another fell. How many years of history do we have to have of gurus falling down!?

[PADA: OK so BV Padmanabha wants us to associate with his "outside gurus" process, but these same outside gurus -- ok like BR Sridhara Maharaja, BV Narayana Maharaja, BP Puri Maharaja, Fakir Mohan, Radha Kunda babajis and others, they all encouraged and supported the GBC and their constantly falling down / ecclesiastical / guru voting -- guru's program -- and worse, many of them came from the Gaudiya Matha where they had a "guru falling down" fiasco going on over there as well. 

And in fact often these outside folks were the people who gave the GBC's gurus "shiksha advice," which helped the GBC gurus write a number of their bogus post-1978 position papers, and these outside people acted not only as the GBC's ghost writers but as the GBC's "rasika authorities" and so on -- which supported, empowered and enabled the falling down / voted in / guru process of the GBC. 

BV Narayana Maharaja was perhaps the worst offender in this group because he was constantly associated with Tamal Krishna and his band of falling down gurus, and he eventually emerged as the GBC guru's biggest cheer leader. 

BV Puri maharaja, to his credit, said that BV Narayana Maharaja's follower Satsvarupa's writing about his passing stools enema, and the colors of the saris of the gopis, all in the same few pages of a book, proves that BV Narayana Maharaja is "worse than any sahajiyas" because at least the sahajiyas do not create a program of writing about their passing stools and the gopis all in the same few pages of a book. BV Padmanabha does not even know that we cannot support a program of writing about our passing stools -- and the gopis -- in the same few pages of a book?]

Because they are not taking sadhu sanga. All of their anarthas come out, and they become overwhelmed and commited so many offenses. I'm not saying this of all of them. I am not saying that. There are some who are sincere. No doubt. But I have seen that those who are in that category, they're very careful about committing offenses against Srila Narayan Maharaj.

[PADA: The whole reason Narayan Maharaja was introduced into ISKCON is because the GBC declared he is their shiksha guru / rasika guru authority. No one heard about him before the GBC approached him and placed him in the post of de facto rasika acharya of ISKCON and the GBC.

The real reason so many GBC gurus fell down is that they are not qualified to take sins as diksha gurus, and they are overwhelmed by that process. It never seems to have occurred to NM that neophytes cannot act like Jesus and take sins? 

Rather NM encouraged these neophytes to take disciples and make pretend they are another Jesus. NM was tossing them into the shark infested Jesus wanna be waters. Srila Prabhupada says, if we neophytes try to act as diksha gurus we will be absorbing sins, and this will make us get sick, fall down or both, ok and maybe die from such illness, why does NM want to see many vaishnavas fall down, get sick, and die from said sickness, due to taking sins without authority?]     

They have very much respect for him. So, this is the standard: If someone is advancing in bhakti, they will want to have sadhu sanga. But in ISKCON they have made this rule that you cannot have any sadhu sanga outside of the walls of this institution. Not allowed!

[PADA: Totally false. The GBC gurus are constantly associated with outside people, including Sridhara and Narayana Maharajas, BP Puri, BV Puri, Fakir Mohan, Babajis, Tantric ghost busters, psychics, astrologers, therapists (who they might end up having sex with) ... you name it. There has been a huge pile of these advisers and associates over the years. And these advisers helped shape the current policy and current mess.]

So what kind of rule is this? Do we find that anywhere in the sastras? This is the point. ISKCON is starting to become like the Catholic Church. It's true. It's true. And it has only been three decades after Prabhupad's disappearance. 

You've heard of the Ritvik philosophy? Correct? You all have heard of this? Right? Now, ISKCON does not accept the Ritvik philosophy. You know this? Right? They have written papers: No, no. Ritvik philosophy is wrong. But do you know that they are practicing Ritvik in ISKCON? Do you know that? 

I'll tell you how they are practicing Ritvik: There was a disciple and his guru fell down. So then they would tell him, Ok, your guru fell down. No problem. We have more gurus. You can get another guru. So then he would follow the instructions of his leaders and take a second guru in ISKCON. But he wouldn't be so fortunate because the second guru also fell down. And I m not just saying this. There are many circumstances like this in ISKCON. I think the record so far is four gurus. Yeah, I've heard. But anyway, he would take a second guru again. But then that second guru would fall down.

[PADA: But that is the system that Narayana Maharaja helped Tamal and Satsvarupa set up? They started this guru voting system in 1986 and NM was their adviser and friend on helping them implement this system, and NM is mentioned many times by all of these people, like Tamal, Satsvarupa, Sivarama, Indradyumna, Giriraja etc. as being their confidential adviser, if not rasika adviser. And NM is mentioned in the Guru Reform Notebook itself as one of the prime consultants for that book. So the first wave of gurus fell, then a second wave was voted in, third wave and etc. and this whole process was given to the GBC by these outside advisers.]

So now by this time the ISKCON leaders are a little reluctant to tell him to take a third guru. They want to encourage him somehow. But they are not very confident now to tell him, Oh, you should take another guru. So many years ago they have already started to tell that disciple, Don't worry, you don't need another initiation. It doesn't matter your guru fell down. It doesn't matter because you're initiated in ISKCON. You're connected with Prabhupada.

[PADA: Hee hee, well yes, they are being forced to adopt the right idea because the bogus idea they got from Sridhara and Narayana Maharaja, vote in more dubious gurus when the first wave of dubious gurus crashes, does not work.]

Just consider Prabhupada your guru. No need to have another guru. What is this called? Ritvik. This is called Ritvik. I will go directly to Prabhupada and I will be his disciple. No need for any other intermediary. 

[PADA: As long as your intermediaries keep falling down, why would anyone want to worship such a fallible process? As soon as Gaura Govinda Maharaja departed, many of his people ran off to Narayana Maharaja and Fakir Mohan, ok and now those "living gurus" are dead as well. So their people will now be running around like lost ghosts seeking yet another alleged live guru. Our Prabhupadanugas process does not have this problem, we all worship Srila Prabhupada as the acharya and this is gradually creating a stabilized society. 

Aren't these followers going to run off to yet another living person, who will die soon? You cannot build an institution based on changing the worshiped leader every decade, especially if these leaders are falling down or they are fools like NM who support falling down guru projects, because the line of consistent authority breaks down constantly? So the society is always in a state of continual chaos of change of worship process, which is not going to attract many folks to it.]

And now-a-days its pretty much the general policy that if any disciple's guru falls, they don't tell him any more to accept a second guru. Now they just tell him, you are re-connected with Prabhupada. So if this continues for a hundred years more then it becomes very much like the conception of Christianity where Prabhupada is like Jesus Christ and everyone just has to accept him. 

[PADA: Right, we would not want to have a successful mission where billions of followers could get organized and build a huge program like the Christians have done! We would also not want to have organized programs like farms, cow care, child care, elder care, care for the poor, feeding the needy congregation members (like the Mormons are doing), and have world class temples and churches full of people! We want an empty shell of a few people constantly running off to find the next live person, next live person, building temporary personality cults of independent maverick acharyas who are fighting among themselves even, and then everything disintegrates under our feet! 

Never mind all the scandals, bad publicity, lawsuits and other problems associated with this alleged living guru program, which causes even more disintegration. Not sure what is the harm of having everyone worship the pure devotee, when we see first hand how this creates a religion where billions want to participate, and huge programs and projects are thus possible.]

But Srila Prabhupada never preached this himself. Ever. None of the other gurus in our sampradaya ever preached this philosophy. In fact all of them demonstrated by their own example, including Chaitanya Mahaprabhu himself, including Sri Krishna himself, including Rama Chandra himself; they all had gurus, living gurus. So this is the main problem. The main problem ISKCON has created is to ban pure Vaishnavas, to ban devotees within ISKCON from having association with pure Vaishnavas who are outside of the institution. This is the main problem.

[PADA: OK wait a minute, we need to associate with pure devotees, the same people who helped the GBC introduce their bogus guru voting concoction; The same people, like Sridhara Maharaja, who say acharyas go mad after money, women and followers?

Even when Narayana Maharaja was physically here, a bunch of his followers were our neighbors, and there was a powerful smell of pot smoke coming from their house constantly. You could get loaded just walking past the place. Later, the daughter of a GBC guru became the main leader of the NM program here in San Francisco area. She went to a friend's house, where she lighted up a giant blunt and she then passed out for two hours. Is this the living guidance we want to give people? Where is the living guidance?

And now there is a big cat fight going on among the biggest NM leaders and gurus over the fact that one of their gurus is alleged to be having illicit sex. And one NM guru says he cannot go to Mayapura to complain about this, or he will be beaten to a pulp by the fanatical followers of this alleged guru. 

And that does not include the giant cat fight they are having over the two camps that disagree over the rasa of Srila Prabhupada, where there has been reported shunning, banning, death threats etc going on. You cannot artificially rubber stamps acharyas. Sorry!

Srila Prabhupada said he should continue to be the acharya and this system would be managed by Governing Body Managers, not gurus. NM does not agree. And the list of other things where NM does not agree with vs Srila Prabhupada's statements is long and shocking.   

As usual, these people never mention the name of the living sadhu we have to now take shelter of. Same problem with Kailash Chandra, Rocana, Torben Neilsen, Ajit Krishna, et al. they have no idea who we should worship now instead of Srila Prabhupada?

NM has also said that Srila Prabhupada is wrong, we do not originate with Krishna in His leela or sport, and he got Kundali, Uttama Sloka and others to join his attack on the acharya. Whereas Srila Prabhupada says that his God brothers did not agree with this because they are TINGED WITH MAYAVADA. Why are we associating with these mayavadas? Anyway, this is good news, ISKCON is going ritvik, we are winning either direct, de facto, front door, side door, back door, through the hole in the roof, etc. Hee hee! ys pd

How The Soul Becomes Entangled "I, me and mine"

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India's Rural Economy Crushed in Rupee Imbroglio

[PADA: Why didn't leaders know that the rural economy is not set up for a "cashless" credit card society, since its widely known most of these rural folks do not even have a bank account? As usual, India tries to catch up to Western society, and have all the people there using credit cards and smart phone transactions, but way too quickly, and without any clear plan to do that. 

Of course this same program would have been a disaster even in the USA, too much of our own economy depends on cash. If eighty percent of dollars were suddenly taken out of circulation, the USA would grind to a halt in no time. This is pretty much sort of what happened in ISKCON, we are going to make a bunch of acharyas, but we are not ready to do that yet. And as usual, the innocent peons suffer the most under these premature crash programs. ys pd] 


The plan Modi announced on Nov. 8 has taken 86 percent of India’s currency out of circulation and given people until Dec. 30 to exchange the defunct notes for fresh ones. The decision, aimed at weeding out unaccounted wealth and curbing tax evasion, rattled the world’s second-most populous nation, where nearly all consumer payments involve cash. The change has caused problems for individuals trying to pay for everything from weddings to funerals because ATMs are running out of smaller bills, and caused headaches for the Reserve Bank of India, which has seen a surge in banking liquidity pose an inflation risk.

Kailash Chandra's International Bhogha Eating Society

[PADA: Right! Why does Kailash Chandra live in Moab Utah, which is 100 percent run by the Christians (the ritviks)? And why doesn't he and his living guru pals like Rocana start an actual preaching process to so we can see how it works in practice? Because -- their system does not work in practice?]

PADA: OK so Kailash is proposing that people worship no one at all as the current acharya? He (and his disciples like Rocana / Torben / Ajit Krishna etc.) all say the ritviks are bogus for worshiping Srila Prabhupada as the current acharya, we need to worship someone else (a so-called living body) as the acharya. Who is this mystery missing link acharya? They never tell us. Bluffers. 

They never tell us who we should all worship now? But then neither does Jayadvaita, he says we need to find "the living guru" but then he never tells us who that is? Or worse, JAS says you can only select a guru from his illicit sex acharyas process.

Nor do these folks ever say who we should offer our bhogha to now, and accept as the current acharya now? They say for example that there is "no proof" that Srila Prabhupada is accepting our bhogha offerings now, or that he is accepting disciples now etc. ok do they have any proof Srila Prabhupada is not accepting these bhogha offerings or disciples now? How do they propose to prove these things? Srila Prabhupada says Jesus is still acccepting followers now, and he is even accepting their sins now, and they say that Srila Prabhupada is wrong? Worse, they do not tell us who should be worshiped instead?

And who should get these bhogha offerings? They never tell us either? Why do they want everyone to no longer offer their bhogha to the acharya, and everyone has to eat bhogha? Where does Srila Prabhupada say, after I depart you will no longer offer the bhogha, nor offer the disciples and the assets of the society to me, you'll offer that to someone else? And who is this someone else? And is this not what the GBC says, we can no longer offer these things to the acharya? 

I think that they are making a society that eats bhogha? Why do they want people to eat bhogha, which Srila Prabhupada says, means they cannot be liberated? Kailash helped the GBC write a paper "proving" that Srila Prabhupada can no longer accept disciples (or bhogha offerings) -- so he wants people to offer these items to -- no one? 

If we do not accept that the current acharya accepts the bhogha, accepts the disciples, and accepts the post of current acharya for all citizens, then who should accept these offerings? Why do they say that Srila Prabhupada should not get these offerings, but then never tell us whom else should receive these offerings of bhogha and disciples and temples and etc? That means they are saying no one should get these offerings, because they never mention who else should?

Nor do they ever explain how their system of not making bhogha offerings to the current acharya is going to work? Where does Srila Prabhupada say, we should stop making bhogha offerings to him after he departs, and not offer bhogha to himself any longer? 

Kailash says we should go back to square one, well, that is going back to square one! Kailash follows the real siddhanta, and therefore, he has no temples, no devotees, no bhogha offerings, no training programs, etc.? How is that the real process? Kailash is saying exactly what Tamal and the evil GBC says, Srila Prabhupada is no longer the acharya. He says the people he repeats are all evil, then he  becomes their sock puppet, and he says what Tamal and his clan says. Why is Kailash saying the GBC is evil, then he repeats what Tamal says? ys pd

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Disappearance of Srila Kaliya Krsna Dasa (Nov 25th)

Disappearance of Srila Kaliya Krsna Dasa, an associate of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu 

Friday, November 25, 2016 in Los Angeles

Disappearance of Kaliya Krsnadas, an associate of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.


In Madhya 7.39 Srila Prabhupada mentions: “This Krsnadasa, known as Kala Krsnadasa, is not the Kala Krsnadasa mentioned in the Eleventh Chapter, verse 37, of the Adi-lila. The Kala Krsnadasa mentioned in the Eleventh Chapter is one of the twelve gopalas (cowherd boys) who appeared to
substantiate the pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He is known as a great devotee of Lord Nityananda Prabhu. The brahmana named Kala Krsnadasa who went with Sri Caitanya to South India and later to Bengal is mentioned in the Madhya-lila, Tenth Chapter, verses 62″“79. One should not take these two to be the same person.”

Of the 37 principle associates of Mahaprabhu who lived with Him in Puri, the Adi lila chapter 10.145 mentions Krsnadasa:

The twenty-second devotee, Krsnadasa, was born of a pure and respectable brahmana family. While touring southern India, Lord Caitanya took Krsnadasa with Him.


Krsnadasa is described in the Madhya-lila, chapters Seven and Nine. He went with Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu to carry His waterpot. In the Malabar state, members of the Bhattathari cult tried to captivate Krsnadasa by supplying a woman to seduce him, but although Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu saved him from being harmed, when they returned to Jagannatha Puri He ordered that Krsnadasa remain separate from Him, for the Lord was never favorably disposed toward an associate who was attracted by a woman. Thus Krsnadasa lost the personal association of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Madhya 10.62 onwards:

Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya then asked all the people to leave. Afterward, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu called for Kala Krsnadasa, who had accompanied the Lord during His South Indian tour. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, “My dear Bhattacarya, just consider the character of this man who went with Me to
South India. He left My company to associate with the Bhattatharis, but I rescued him from their company and brought him here. Now that I have brought him here, I am asking him to leave. Now he can go wherever he likes, for I am no longer responsible for him.”


Kala Krsnadasa was influenced and allured by nomads or gypsies, who enticed him with women. Maya is so strong that Kala Krsnadasa left Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s company to join gypsy women. Even though a person may associate with Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, he can be allured by maya and leave the Lord’s company due to his slight independence. Only one who is overwhelmed by maya can be so unfortunate as to leave Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s company, yet unless one is very conscientious, the influence of maya can drag one away, even though he be the personal assistant of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. And what to speak of others? The Bhattatharis used to increase their numbers by using women to allure outsiders. 

This is factual evidence showing that it is possible at any time to fall down from the Lord’s association. One need only misuse his little independence. Once fallen and separated from the Supreme Personality of Godhead’s association, one becomes a candidate for suffering in the material world. Although rejected by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Kala Krsnadasa was given another chance, as the following verses relate.

Hearing the Lord reject him, Kala Krsnadasa began to cry. However, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, not caring for him, immediately left to take His noon lunch. After this, the other devotees — headed by Nityananda Prabhu, Jagadananda, Mukunda and Damodara — began to consider a certain plan.


Even though a person is rejected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the devotees of the Lord do not reject him; therefore the Lord’s devotees are more merciful than the Lord Himself. Srila Narottama dasa Thakura thus sings, chadiya vaisnava-seva nistara peyeche keba: one cannot be relieved from the material clutches without engaging in the service of pure devotees.

The Lord Himself may sometimes be very hard, but the devotees are always kind. Thus Kala Krsnadasa received the mercy of the four devotees mentioned above.

The Lord’s four devotees considered, “We want a person to go to Bengal just to inform Sacimata about Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s arrival at Jagannatha Puri. After hearing news of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s arrival, devotees like Advaita and Srivasa will certainly come to see Him. “Let us therefore send Krsnadasa to Bengal.” Saying this, they kept Krsnadasa engaged in the service of the Lord and gave him assurance.


Because Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu rejected him, Kala Krsnadasa became very, very sorry and began to cry. Therefore the Lord’s devotees took compassion upon him, gave him assurance and encouraged him to continue to engage in the Lord’s service.

Vasanta Dasa Would Like Your Prayers

This is his wife, now in intensive care unit. Christian churches have a program where the entire church is praying for their sick and dying, we need to adopt the same program, and develop more care and concern for one another. I have personally been at the bed side of a few dying devotees where almost no one else showed up to be with them in their hour of need. We need to change that. Yep, I know, a few elite GBC leaders get fifty servants taking care of them when they are sick, tending to their slightest issues, the peons, ok not so much. We wish Vasanta das and his wife all the best ... ys pd
* Hadidjah in ICU at UCLA * - on 16th St in Santa Monica
With labored breathing and possible pneumonia, she is now connected to more wires & tubes than we can count. Please send your prayers ASAP. She may be leaving us shortly. Thank you. Vasanta Das

The Falling Down Acharyas of Sridhara Maharaja / Narayana Maharaja

Acharya Fall Down Problem

From PADA-Newsletter Jan. 30, 1999

PADA: In 1976, "Nitai dasa" said that vaishnava acharyas may fall down. He cited the alleged example of Lord Brahma's fall down (which took place before he had heard the Bhagavatam Verses), and which is not appropriate to cite as an excuse for bogus cheaters posing as acharyas in the first place. Anyway, Srila Prabhupada said Nitai is a rascal, poisonous, and he banned Nitai from ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada says in his "who is that rascal?" conversation, that those who think the acharyas do not have to be a pure devotees are rascals. This would seem to indicate many prominent current leaders of both ISKCON and the Gaudiya Matha?

The idea that "acharyas fall down" is now the GBC's main siddhanta, which can be proven from numerous GBC documents. In fact, this bogus "falling acharya" idea has become the centerpiece of the GBC's post 1977 guru siddhanta. The GBC follows Nitai dasa. We find that this siddhanta was also given in the Gaudiya Matha: that acharyas fall down (as is also found in Sridhara Maharaja's book "Sri Guru And His Grace"): "So, deviation and partiality, these two things can take down the acharya." SGAHG p.78

Naturally, Srila Prabhupada says the direct opposite, acharyas like Narada Muni cannot ever be brought to the material plane, and it is an offence to think that they can. "Narada muni, Haridasa thakura, and similar acharyas especially empowered to broadcast the glories of the Lord CANNOT BE BROUGHT DOWN to the material platform. Therefore one is strictly forbidden to think that the acharya is an ordinary human being (gurusuh narah matih naraka sah). (SB 7.7.14)

In a portion of a book penned by Narayan Maharaja's group included below, we find that they still think that the (homosexual) Ananta Vasudeva was the appointed acharya for the Gaudiya Matha. 

From a PADA conversation with Sridhara Maharaja follower: "I was very much shocked to see, despite my pointing out this (bogus guru) to you, in person, nearly twenty times in a direct conversation, you skipped over it as not even barely worthy of a reply, and instead you went forward telling me that Vasudeva was a great scholar and so on. You are like the mother of a bank robber, "Oh, Charles is robbing banks, true, but he always ate his potatoes nicely." Fine. But then he started robbing banks? You have missed the point?

Indeed, you are missing the whole point: a person with unresolved homosexual anarthas might be a great scholar, agreed, but he is not and was not the acharya. Nor was he ever appointed as the acharya by His Divine Grace BHAKTISIDDHANTA SARASWATI THAKURA PRABHUPADA. Therefore Sridhara Maharaja and his associates --deviated-- by making Vasudeva the acharya. That point you are not even answering: the real point in question? I hate to say this, but you sounded very much like the ISKCON GBC sector."

I have been saying to them, for years together: "You have deviants in your guru parampara." And their reply is almost always, "So what, why are you objecting? People are getting molested, agreed. And dissidents are getting killed, agreed. And the media is practically vomiting in disgust, agreed. STILL we are not to be questioned, since we'll get our sidewalk goondas to threaten you"? In sum, both you and they are EVADING a direct reply, although I have to admit your approach is very much higher class in comparison.

Of course, the Gaudiya Matha's false gurus evaded the same question from Srila Prabhupada: "... I have also read specifically your articles on the matter of acaryas, wherein on the 14th paragraph I see that the acarya shall be entitled to nominate in writing his successive acarya. But we do not find any record [in the 1930s Gaudiya Matha] where our Srila Prabhupada nominated any acharya after him. Different persons have interpreted this point and every one of our God brothers are acting as acharyas..." (SPL August 21, 1969)

Worse, you tell me that Sridhara Maharaja's solution (to his Frankenstein mad guru concoction) was to leave the Gaudiya Matha and start his own independent institution. In sum, "I started the Gaudiya Matha's house on fire, as a result, innocent citizens are now being banned, beaten and killed. So, to help my fellow citizens, those who are suffering death threats and so on from my bogus creation, I am formally leaving the burning down house. I personally poured gasoline on that house for years, so 'too bad suckers,' I am moving to another house. Bye bye!

Or suppose that the ship's captain foolishly places the big ocean liner on the rocks in a 90 mph gale, with 2,000 passengers, and he slips off in his private yacht and drinks soda on the banks of shore, while the passengers are horrified and in danger? That is your idea of helping? How does that help?

Yes, how did that help? That ONLY made matters VASTLY worse for the suffering souls aligned with the Gaudiya Matha. In sum, Sridhara Maharaja created the very dangerous cult imbroglio, and instead of clearing up his own creation, he instead said, the best thing to do is to --leave the mission, and feed my poor God brothers to the sharks that I empowered, and forget all about it? How did this help? You TOTALLY lost me here?

Both Sridhara Maharaja and later Narayana Maharaja's book further says that there were eleven GBC gurus? What? No, there never were eleven gurus? Where is there any evidence of this? We have been asking for evidence of this for over 20 years? Are we ALL not aware, by now, that these eleven were only appointed as ritviks? Why are we saying there are eleven gurus, and some of them fell down as Narayana Maharaja's book says?

No. There were eleven imitators. End of story. And they were fallen WAY before they even spent one second on a vyasasana, because they were already thinking they could imitate the acharya. This is always forbidden everywhere in shastra. And then along comes Sridhara Maharaja in 1978 and encourages these cheaters, "wear the acharya's uniform and it will show you what to do" (i.e. cheat others by posing as acharya, as he had encouraged in the Gaudiya Matha). Just like he told Vasudeva to do in the 1930s?

Sridhara Maharaja should have said, "gurus were not appointed in ISKCON because your Srila Prabhupada opposed --appointing gurus-- for forty years. And where is the specific proof that you were appointed? Why was this not released earlier? And besides, you are not qualified to be acharyas, and so on, and so on, and so forth.

TD: It is precisely for this reason that Srila Madhvacarya does not accept Brahma-vimohana lila & so many other portion of 10th canto. This also one of the reasons Mahaprabhu felt Himself in some ways closer philosophically to the Ramanujas than to the Madhva camp Now your dealing with more substantial issues than who's in charge at New Dvaraka. You say the Gaudiya Math has similar guru problems.

[PADA: We don't say anything independently. The fact is that there are hundreds of quotes from Srila Prabhupada about the Gaudiya Matha's post-1930s guru debacles which included: false guru appointments; homosexual gurus; murders and beating of dissenters; bad publicity; an "acharya's" child not only being abused but murdered; and in sum: ditto of what has occurred in post-1977 ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada said: "Another man comes, another man comes (by vote) to be guru." (Room Conversation, August 14, 1976 Bombay, India)

TD: There are over 20 Gaudiya Math branches because most of Srila Sarasvati Thakur's sannyas-sisyas eventually opened up their own branch, not to defy the others but to increase the flow of nectar of Mahaprabhu's sankirtan parties.

[PADA: That is the deviation exactly. Srila Prabhupada said in 1959 in his Vaisistha - astakam offering that this "many branches" is due to the tigress of name and fame. They were not supposed to start a big imbroglio of fighting guru camps, many separated guru branches, rather they were supposed to unite under one acharya, namely Srila Sarasvati Thakura, and form a GBC and work cooperatively. They did not do that. They have still have not done that.

Besides, the main parties were called "usurpers," not "bona fide brances" as you imply: "...Regarding the section 92 case against the Gaudiya Matha, I don't think there is any possibility of compromise. Both the Bagh Bazaar party [Sridhara Maharaja's group] and the Mayapura party [Tirtha Maharaja's group] have UNLAWFULLY usurped the missionary institution of Srila Prabhupada..." (SPL September 5, 1969)]

And these "bona fide branches" were simply a headache for Krishna and his pure devotees: "All along my [Gaudiya Matha "guru"] Godbrothers have gave me ONLY depression, repression, compression, but I continued strong in my duty." (SPL August 4, 1972)

TD: Any normal tree will eventually branch. That is not deviation; that is a sign of health & growth. We all have to become qualified gurus. Meanwhile we cannot tolerate that our gurudev's mission is being led deviants & cheaters. I support you until you blame senior vaisnavas outside of ISKCON such as Srila Sridhar Maharaja & Srila Narayan Maharaja. There's a saying among Christians: you're never defeated till you blame others. SSM never even kept any Vyasasan in his own Math for himself! What to speak of him being responsible for the size & altitude of asanas in ISKCON. Hoping this meets you in good health & protected by Sri Guru & Gauranga. Your god brother, servant & friend, Tarun Krishna Das

[PADA: This is fact finding not fault finding. Srila Prabhupada is the authority, and he has proven that by his books, his preaching and his accomplishments. And he severely criticized the Gaudiya Matha's false gurus.

For example, Srila Prabhupada called some of these so-called branches the "cockroach guru" branches:

"That [extensively preaching] is the duty of a [guru] acharya. Not that three dozen [guru] acharyas in Mayapura. [The Gaudiya Matha] Each one has a temple and a few dozen, not few dozen, one dozen disciples. Collecting some money, taking [pilgrims] to the holy place. They [artificial gurus] say "whatever is in our capacity we are doing". That capacity means when they are speaking that "cockroach is as good a bird as Garuda. Cockroach is also a bird and Garuda is also a bird." How can the cockroach say "I am also as good as Garuda?" Tamala Krishna: "That is called insanity. (RC April 10, 1977. Bombay, India)

Anyway, Sridhara Maharaja said on numerous occaisions that these eleven GBC were not ritviks --but gurus. The point is, you should not dare to question Srila Prabhupada's judgement on the Gaudiya Matha's deviation: "...If you are serious to be an important assistant in our society NOT mix yourself with my SO-CALLED [Gaudiya Matha] Godbrothers. As there are some residents, like monkeys and hogs, in Vrindavana, similarly there are many RASCALS in the name of Vaishnavas, be careful of them. And do not DARE to question impudently before your spiritual master... " (SPL November 21, 1972)

Narayana Maharaja also claims that the GBC were gurus in defiance of the order for them to be ritviks. Yet, there is no evidence anywhere that these people were ever qualified to acquire the title of acharya? This is the same false propaganda that caused the reactions (and responses from Srila Prabhupada) as mentioned above --in the Gaudiya Matha. These Gaudiya Matha folks have never proven their first point: that either Ananta Vasudeva or later our eleven were EVER appointed as gurus?

Yet they dare to challenge the acharya on this point, even in the book just now penned by Narayan Maharaja (see analysis below) --at their and our peril. "We haven't got to manufacture. To manufacture ideas is troublesome. Why should we take the trouble? And as soon as you want to manufacture something to my...., that is DANGEROUS. Guru mukha padma vakya cittete kariya aikya ara na kariha mane asa. This is ...You are singing every day, "What our guru has said, that is our life and soul. We do not want". Ara na kariha mane ...As soon as this POISON will come-suppress guru and I become Brahman-everything FINISHED. Spiritual life is finished. Gaudiya Matha finished, that, ...VIOLATED the orders of Guru Maharaja." (RC April 20, 1977 Bombay, India)]

FROM NARAYANA MAHARAJA's book "Guru Tattva" (herein as "GT")

GT: You wrote that your Prabhupada's instructions to you are open and direct, but by what you have written it seems to be the complete opposite. I will give you an example to clarify this point. Your Prabhupada had said that the "Gaudiya Matha had failed," but in your writings you say that "Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada radically reformed the Gaudiya tradition transforming it into a global preaching mission in the modern world." Now what is the name of that mission? It is the Gaudiya Matha.

And who were its members that dedicated themselves to that mission? You must learn to appreciate their position, but unfortunately you are busy publishing books that make false propaganda against these exalted devotees.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada said that his guru did wonderful things. However, his so called successors caused havoc. The above text mixes the success of the acharya with the failures of the false successor system. This would be like saying: "Jesus is wonderful, therefore, his (false) Medieval Papal successors are wonderful." Not really?]

GT: If it is not against your GBC rule I strongly request you to read the book entitled Saraswati Thakura published by Mandala Media and in that way get lots of real information about the global successful preaching mission, because according to your writings the Gaudiya Math is unsuccessful. Again you have quoted a room conversation in Bombay [August 16, 1976] wherein your Prabhupada wanted to nourish the very soft faith of the newly initiated (those who were less than ten years or so) and you think this is exactly the fact.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada said that the post-1930s Gaudiya Matha's philosophy was "as soon as he learns that guru maharaja is dead, then I kill guru and become guru. Then he is finished." (Room Conversation, Bombay INDIA, August 16, 1976)

So, this was not just to effect a few people with soft faith, Srila Prabhupada honestly believed that his guru was betrayed. The 1976 quote is merely one of hundreds of similar quotes critical of the Gaudiya Matha's post 1930s guru system. For example, Srila Prabhupada: "...These [artificial claims to be a guru] are weapons. That was the only endeavor, how he [Tirtha Maharaja] could legally occupy the bricks and stones of the Gaudiya Matha. That's all. He has no other ambition ...It was simply show. But real purpose was to occupy, how to take the whole property. BUSINESS." (Srila Prabhupada conversation January 13, 1977)]

GT: Before the passing away of Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, he gave orders that there would only be one guru and the rest should work in a very harmonizing way as to be able to preach the message of Rupa Raghunatha.

[PADA: False. Srila Prabhupada says that some prominent Gaudiya Matha leaders, such as Sridhara Maharaja, deviated because they thought there was supposed to be one acharya. Srila Prabhupada: "...So SRIDHARA MAHARAJA and his associate gentlemen unauthorizedly selected one acharya and later it proved to be a failure. The result is that now EVERYONE is claiming to be some camps the acharya is being CHANGED three times a year. Therefore amongst my Godbrothers NO ONE IS QUALIFIED to become acharya. So it is better NOT TO MIX with my Godbrothers very intimately, because instead of inspiring our students they may sometimes POLLUTE them. This attempt was made by them previously, especially MADHAVA Maharaja and TIRTHA Maharaja and BON Maharaja, but somehow I saved the situation. This is going on. We shall be careful about them AND NOT MIX WITH THEM. This is my instruction to YOU ALL. They CANNOT HELP us in our movement, but they are very competent to HARM our natural progress. So we must be very careful about them..." (SPL April 28, 1974).

In sum, Sridhara Maharaja and Madhava Maharaja deviated from the order of their guru. "They unauthorizedly selected one acharya." That means they engaged in mental speculation and they had no faith in their acharya's words: to form a Governing Body and not a false guru successor project. This "living guru" idea is very much akin to the smartas, the medieval Papal system, and similar other appointed, elected, and/or rubber stamped guru systems: ALL OF WHICH are eternally damned and condemned by our Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada said this man (Vasudeva) was not appointed as the acharya, so why are we still saying he was or could have been the acharya?]

GT: He also said that Ananta Vasudeva will preach the message of Rupa-Raghunatha and Kunja-bihari Vidyabhusana (later on Srila Bhakti Vilasa Tirtha Maharaja) will do the managing for as long as he lived and must be respected by all. A few years earlier he had written, vasudevananta dasye thakiya ta sada laha nama -always remain in the service of Ananta Vasudeva and chant the holy name.

[PADA: Apparently, Srila Saraswati Thakura wrote a few encouraging letters to some of his followers and it merely inflated their egos. A teacher may say to a 10 year old student, "Oh, your writing is wonderful." That is called encouraging. However, Srila Prabhupada says that both parties mentioned above are severe offenders, usurpers, and one was even the ferocious snake's party, etc. So, the final word has to be accepted and it is: condemnation by the acharya. "...And as soon as you manufacture, fall down. This manufacturing idea is very, very dangerous in spiritual life. ...Our mission is to serve bhakta visesa and live with devotees. NOT THAT YOU TAKE THE PLACE OF GURU. THAT IS NONSENSE, VERY DANGEROUS. Then everything will be spoiled. As soon as you become AMBITIOUS to TAKE THE PLACE of GURU, gurusuh nara matih. That is MATERIAL DISEASE..." (RC April 20, 1977 Bombay, India )]

GT: In his presence it was said that Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura wanted all of the members of the Gaudiya Matha to stay under the guidance of Ananta Vasudeva Prabhu and chant the holy name.

[PADA: It was said? Who said it was said? It might have been said? Who said it might have been said? Somebody was alleged to have said? What kind of evidence is this? It was known to have been said? Known by whom? No. That Vasudeva was supposed to be the prominent acharya, either de facto or actual acharya, after the departure of Srila Saraswati thakura, was never said. Ever. What was said was: that you make a mangerial body, a GBC. Many of these same Gaudiya Matha people now say that eleven gurus were appointed in 1977, because "it was said." No, it never was said. Speculation. Srila Prabhupada says, Vasudeva was never appointed as the acharya. The eleven were never appointed as acharyas.
Here is what is really said:

Srila Prabhupada: "...People complained against [a GBC for trying to appear as a guru]. ..No, no. You become guru, but you must be QUALIFIED FIRST of all. THEN you become.

Tamala Krishna: Oh that kind of complaint was there.

Srila Prabhupada: Did you know that?

Tamala Krishna: Yeah, I heard that, yeah.

Srila Prabhupada: What is the use of producing some RASCAL GURU?"

Tamala Krishna: "Well, I have studied myself and all of your disciples, and it's clear fact that we are ALL CONDITIONED SOULS, so we CANNOT BE gurus. MAYBE someday it may be possible..."

Srila Prabhupada: "Hm." [agrees]

Tamala Krishna: "...but not now".

Srila Prabhupada: "Yes. I shall choose some guru. I shall say " Now you become acarya. You become authorized.' I retire completely. But the training must be COMPLETE."

Tamala Krishna: "The process of purification must be there.

Srila Prabhupada: O Yes, must be there, Caitanya Mahaprabhu wants that. Amara ajnaya guru hana. "You become guru." (laughs) But be qualified. Little thing, strictly follower...

Tamala Krishna: Not rubber stamp.

Srila Prabhupada: Then you'll not be effective.You can cheat, but it will not be effective. Just see our Gaudiya Matha. Everyone wanted to become guru, and a small temple and "guru." What kind of guru?" No publication, no preaching, simply bring some foodstuff... My Guru Maharaja, "joint mess" a place for eating and sleeping amar amar ara takana: Joint mess. He said this.

(RC April 22, 1977. Bombay, India.)]

GT: On that basis he had been selected as the acharya of the Gaudiya Matha and no one had been fighting for that post.

[PADA: False on two counts. It was ONLY on the basis of some extrapolated mental speculation that Vasudeva was "selected" as the acharya, and this is not described accurately herein. This is why Srila Prabhupada says that the acharya is empowered (selected?) by Krishna, not by the votes of mental speculators. Next point, that there was "no fighting" for the post of acharya is also false, since Srila Prabhupada says they were fighting for forty years over the post of acharya. "Both of them (the two Gaudiya Matha parties) are severe offenders." April 24, 1977

There were also severe politics FROM SQUARE ONE to make and keep Vasudeva as the acharya. The fighting started IMMEDIATLEY. And that is because there were already plots, schemes and politics afoot, against Srila Saraswati Thakura WHILE HE WAS physically present. Just like our current poisoning investigation?]

GT: Your Gurudeva was also part of the Gaudiya Matha and he also did not object at that time.

[PADA: People who objected openly were sometimes getting beaten or killed. Krishna may have directed Srila Prabhupada not to object, and thus not to get killed, because Krishna had another plan, and to thus wait for a better time when the violent cult madness subsided. Of course, we also know that Srila Prabhupada did make numerous objections to their system way before he started ISKCON.]

GT: They did not create an artificial acarya.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says they had no authority, having disobeyed the order of their spiritual master. And, Srila Prabhupada says that they DID make an artificial acharya. So, Narayana Maharaja's book is now saying that Srila Prabhupada does not know what he is talking about? Narayana Maharaja's group has become the superior of our Srila Prabhupada?

Srila Prabhupada: "He, [Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura, founder of the Gaudiya Matha] before passing away, He gave them all direction - and he NEVER said that this man [Vasudeva] should be the next [guru] acharya. But these people, just after he passed away, they began to fight, 'Who shall be the next acharya?... "That is the failure. They never thought, 'Guru Maharaja gave us instruction on so many things, why did he not say, "This man should be the next acharya?"' They wanted to create somebody ARTIFICIALLY as acharya and EVERYTHING FAILED.

"They did not even consider common sense that if guru maharaja had wanted to APPOINT somebody as acharya, why he did not say? He said so many things and this point he missed? The main point? And they insisted on it. They declared, 'Come on unfit persons to become acharya,' then another man comes, then another, then another. So better to remain a foolish person perpetually to be directed by Guru Maharaja. So that is perfection. And as soon as it was announced that, 'Guru maharaja is dead, now I am so advanced that I can kill my guru and become [guru]'...then he is finished." (Srila Prabhupada conversation August 15 1976)

Srila Prabhupada says "artificial" guru and they say he is wrong? Of course the above is also a perfect description of the post-1977 ISKCON GBC. First of all, they artificially claimed that Srila Prabhupada had appointed them to be his "successor acharyas." Doubters were excommunicated, some even killed. As they become more exposed, they appointed "another and another man" to become guru. The current status in ISKCON is so much degraded that persons who have been openly exposed as having sex with ISKCON's children are still considered as "persons who are components of the bona fide parampara." Worse, such deviant persons authorized the current wave by their "rubber stamp." The GBC insists on it. Yet Srila Prabhupada called all of this "killing the guru."

Anyway, how can Narayana Maharaja's group make a public challenge to our Srila Prabhupada's words and call them false? Who do these people think they are: challenging the words of the acharya? Well, nevermind, we know already why they challenge. Deviants challenged the GBC idea in the 1930s and made artificial achayas. They have a long history of challenging the acharyas. Narayana Maharaja indeed thinks the three worst deviants of the Gaudiy Matha are acharyas as well.]

GT: Srila Ananta Vasudeva Prabhu was a brahmacari (in white dress, according to Gaudiya Matha tradition only when a brahmacari accepted the vow to maintain a life-long celibacy, the acarya will offer him the saffron cloth) at that time, and afterwards when his Godbrothers saw some flaws in his behaviour they left his association.
[PADA: Why are we calling this bogus imitator: "Srila"? And they call Srila Prabhupada "swami maharaja"? A KNOWN homosexual debauch is "Srila," but our guru is merely swami maharaja? What is this nonsense? And since when are there flaws in the acharya? This is the "acharyas fail" --Nitai vada, which Srila Prabhupada condemns.]

GT: Srila Audulomi Maharaja was then selected as the following acarya of the Gaudiya Mission and Srila Ananta Vasudeva Prabhu accepted the life of a Vaisnava grhastha and stopped giving initiations.

[PADA: This is the exact bogus system Srila Prabhupada condemns: another man comes, then another man comes, then another and another to be guru. And this is called "kill guru and become guru" by Srila Prabhupada. And we are endorsing this as something good? Killing guru to become guru? "Selected" is also a euphemism which really means: elected. This is the "guru by appointment," "guru by votes" system, that Srila Prabhupada condemned for a solid forty years. Ananta Vasudeva also did not just take to "grhastha life," he also engaged in homosexuality. In sum, he became a total debauched person due to imitation of the acharya.]

GT: After the disappearance of Srila Audolomi Maharaja, Srila Bhagavata Maharaja was appointed as the next acarya and when he disappeared Sripad Parivrajaka Maharaja was the next. There is nothing wrong with this.

[PADA: Everything is wrong with this. This system was never approved of. Vasudeva is a debauched person, not an acharya. His successor(s) were "appointed" by the same deviants who had appointed Vasudeva. Of course, the guru is not rubber stamped and appointed in the first place, but nevermind these minor details.]

GT: If you say that this is not enough proof that Prabhupada wanted Srila Ananta Vasudeva Prabhu to be the acarya, one may ask, "Did Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura want to appoint Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja as his successor acarya?"

[PADA: This book misses the whole point. The guru is not appointed by some ecclessiastical rubber stamp and vote system --in the first place. The guru is self realized, he sees Krishna at every moment, thus, he needs NO RUBBER STAMP FROM ANYONE. Although yes, we could say, in one abstract sense: Srila Prabhupada was "appointed" (?) by Srila Saraswati Thakura, BUT! --through the heart-- by spiritual vision, not some paper diploma or show of hands vote from known deviants! These people have forgot the whole process of internal realization of the acharya. This is why Haridasa Thakura was not recognized by many also, they thought he was not a brahmana etc. NONSENSE! Were Arjuna, Madhavacarya, Lord Caitanya, Haridasa thakura, the Goswamis, or etc. ever "appointed"?

Worse, some Gaudiya Matha leaders are also directly or indirectly described as "disciples of Kali-yuga." "Unfortunately in this age of Kali there are many mundane persons in the dress of Vaishnavas, and Srila Bhativinoda Thakura has described them as disciples of Kali. He says, kali-cela. He indicates that there is another Vaishnava, a pseudo-Vaishnava with tilaka on his nose and kunti beads around his neck. Such a pseudo-Vaishnava associates with money and women and is jealous of successful Vaishnavas. 

Although passing for a Vaishnava, his only business is earning money in the dress of a Vaishnava. Bhaktivinoda Thakura, therefore says that such a pseudo Vaishnava is not a Vaishnava at all but a disciple of Kali-Yuga. A disciple of kali cannot become an acarya by the decision of some high court. Mundane votes have no jurisdiction to elect a Vaishnava acarya. A Vaishnava acarya is self-effulgent and there is no need for any high court judgement. A false acarya may try to override a Vaisnava by a high court decision, but Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that he is nothing but a disciple of Kali-Yuga..." Sri Caitanya-Caritamrta Madhya-Lila 1.220]

In sum, Srila Prabhupada called the system of establishing false acharyas in the Gaudiya Matha: Kali chelas. How can Narayana Maharaja and our GBC say (as they did in 1990) that Tirtha is an acharya, when Srila Prabhupada says he is a Kali chela? Also, Srila Prabhupada pulls the carpet out of the "voting for guru" system: "mundane votes have no juristiction to elect a Vaishnava acharya."

GT: If not, did he try to become more than his guru?

[PADA: Just see the impudence of this upstart challenge to the bona fide acharya! This is an offensive mentality. Anyway, why does our guru need any visible rubber stamp that they can see? He is authorized by his guru, by his purity, by his spiritual realization. He wrote more books than ALL of them put together. Yet, we can even utter the above idea in public? No. Srila Prabhupada says that the Gaudiya Matha deviants are the ones who overstepped their guru.

Just who are you people to even pose the question "did he try to become more than his guru," of the greatest maha bhagavata in recent history, and raise such doubts about his authority in public? RATHER, Srila Prabhupada says that your Gaudiya Matha's "voted in guru" system is what is an impudent and foolish attempt to become "more than guru."

And why? We know why. Because Our Guru (and thus we as his followers): do not ever accept your DEVIANT APPOINTED GURU(s) and / or your similar deviations --from square one! You dare challenge us (on Srila Prabhupada's authority) because we do not accept your 1930s and 1970s bogus guru appointment(s) history and endorsements? We will NEVER accept this. No. You are deviants!!! And our Srila Prabhupada says so, over and over.

And now we see why! Tamal Krishna placed known deviants on our Srila Prabhupada's seat, and had us beaten and killed for not accepting, and you are giving this extreme deviant "gopi gita" classes? Rasika classes? And you think those of us who want to worship the acharya are ritvik deviants? And you have recommended the worship, as gurus, of the worst deviants in Vaishnava history? 

And you still think Vasudeva was appointed as acharya? And this is all some rasika teachings? Srila Prabhupada says: "As soon as this (guru imitation) poison enters --Gaudiya Matha finished."]

GT: All of these are your questions, can you answer them?

[PADA: You answered your own questions very nicely. You think that Ananta Vasudeva was appointed as an acharya, which means that according to Srila Prabhupada you are deviants. Your party also thought: there are eleven GBC gurus too. More deviation on top of deviation.]

GT: You may say that Srila Swami Maharaja inspired so many people to come to Krishna consciousness and that proves that he was the successor of his guru. In that argument one may say that H.H. Narayana Maharaja is also inspiring so many of your Godbrothers and Godsisters to follow him, which proves that he is a self-revealed successor.

[PADA: Not if Narayan Maharaja writes books like the above. Apparently Narayan Maharaja has not read, or understood, or accepted Srila Prabhupada's instructions in regards to the GAUDIYA MATHA, its leaders, and its history of deviation from the order of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta. Nor has he understood or accepted the unfortunate results of their so-called living guru necessity. Narayana Maharaja is introducing an idea of a so-called successor acharya, which was never ordered and desired by Srila Prabhupada for ISKCON.

GT: Before the passing away of Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, he gave orders that there would be only one guru (successor?) and the rest should work in a very harmonizing way as to be able to preach the message of Rupa-Raghunatha. He also said that Ananta Vasudeva will preach the message of Rupa-Raghunatha and and Kunja-bihari Vidhyabusana (later on Srila Bhakti Vilasa Titha Maharaja) will do the managing for as long as he lived and be respected by all. A few years earlier he had written, "vasudevananta dasye thakiya ta sada laha nama" -- always remain in the service of Ananta Vasudeva and chant the holy name.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada did not agree that either "Ananta Vasudeva" or "Bhakti Vilas Titha" had become acharyas. Instead, Srila Prabhupada said that they were usurpers, severe offenders, and so on. It is possible that Srila Saraswati thakura had wrote some letters of encouragement regarding these people at one time, but he had never said that they were acharyas.]

"...On that basis he (Ananta Vasudeva) had been selected as the acharya of the Gaudiya Matha."

[PADA: UTTER NONSENSE! As for Tirtha Maharaja: "...Regarding GAUDIYA MATHA books being circulated there, who is distributing? Who is sending these books? The Gaudiya Matha does not sell OUR books, why should we sell their books? Who has introduced these books? Let me know. These books should NOT AT ALL be circulated in OUR society . . . Bhakti Vilas Tirtha is very much ANTAGONISTIC to our society and he has no clear conception of devotional service. He is contaminated. Anyway, who has introduced these books? You say that you would read only one book if that is all I had written, so you TEACH OTHERS to do like that . . . " (SPL December 17, 1973)

Yet in their March, 1990 "ISKCON Journal," both the GBC and Narayan Maharaja exalted this Tirtha Maharaja to the same status as Srila Prabhupada. Meanwhile, some of the other very elderly and senior Gaudiya Matha members now agree that the current GBC has done what Tirtha Maharaja had done: the GBC gurus have made "a commercial business" of ISKCON or Srila Prabhupada's movement.

Srila Prabhupada: "Our mission is to serve, bhakta vishesha, and live with devotees. NOT THAT YOU TAKE THE PLACE OF GURU. That is all nonsense. Very DANGEROUS, then everything will be SPOILED. As soon as you become ambitious to take the place of guru-gurusu narah matih. That is material disease..." (April, 21 1977)

Srila Prabhupada also indirectly compares the "guru" Tirtha Maharaja to the demon Ravana in his Srimad-Bhagavatam. (SB 5.18.22) "We have seen that one of the disciples of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura wanted to enjoy the property of his spiritual master, and the spiritual master being merciful toward him, gave him the temporary property, but not the power to preach the cult of Caitanya Mahaprabhu all over the world. That special mercy of the power to preach is given to a devotee who does not want anything material from his spiritual master but wants only to serve him. The story of the demon Ravana illustrates this point!..." Yet the GBC and Narayan Maharaja issued a joint statement in 1990 that this Ravana was a guru like Srila Prabhupada?

The Gaudiya Matha "acharyas" generally are called "self-interested fools" in the Caitanya Caritamrita. (CC Adi-Lila 2.76) "... Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami, at the time of his passing away, ordered all of his disciples to work conjointly to preach the mission of Caitanya Mahaprabhu all over the world. Later, however, some self-interested, foolish disciples disobeyed his orders. Each one of them wanted to become head of the mission and they fought in the courts, neglecting the order of the spiritual master, and the entire mission was defeated. We are not proud of this, but the truth must be explained. We believed in the words of our spiritual master and started in a humble way- in a helpless way- but due to the spiritual force of the order of the supreme authority, this movement has become successful..." Sri Caitanya-Caritamrta Adi-Lila 7.95-96

This is merely a sampling, there are hundreds of similar quotes. Many important points are made. Here are a few: The Gaudiya Matha deviants and the GBC have a tendency to replace spontaneous Krishna Consciousness with "legal" formulas," as the Gaudiya Matha did in fact. The GBC has a tendency not to openly discuss their insidious plans with the general devotees, which fully ripened with their concocted guru appointment. The GBC had a tendency to enact legislation and money manipulations without following established guidelines or obtaining Srila Prabhupada's approval.

We should carefully deliberate on this because Narayana Maharaja's explanation and Srila Prabhupada's explantions of the so-called acharyas of the post 1937 Gaudiya Matha and their so-called successors were never authorized by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the current bona fide acharya of the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya and the foremost disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada. "NO ONE SHOULD BE WILLING TO HEAR ONE WHO DOES NOT REPRESENT THE ORIGINAL ACHARYA." S.B. Purport First Canto Chapter 4, text 1.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ekadasi is Thanksgiving (USA)

Utpanna Ekadasi
Utpanna Ekadasi (Margasirsa-krsna Ekadasi) from the Bhavisya-uttara Purana, observed November 24th in LA, 25th in Mayapur.

Suta Goswami said, "O learned brahmanas, long ago Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, explained the auspicious glories of Sri Ekadasi and the rules and regulations governing each observance of fasting on that holy day. O best of the brahmins, whosoever hears about the origins and glories of these sacred fasts on the Ekadasi days goes directly to the abode of Lord Vishnu after enjoying many different kinds of happiness in this material world.

"Arjuna, the son of Prithaa, asked the Lord, 'O Janardana, what are the pious benefits of complete fasting, eating only supper, or eating but once at midday on Ekadasi, and what are the regulations for observing the various Ekadasi days? Kindly narrate all this to me'.

"The Supreme Lord Krishna replied, 'O Arjuna, in the beginning of winter (northern hemisphere), on the Ekadasi that occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Margasirsha (November-December), a novice should begin his practice of observing a fast on Ekadasi. On Dasami, the day before Ekadasi, he should clean his teeth nicely. Then during the eight portion of Dasami, just as the Sun is about to set, he should eat supper.

"The next morning the devotee should make a vow, according to the rules and regulations, to observe fasting. At midday he should bathe properly in a river, lake or small pond. A bath in a river is most purifying, thsat taken in a lake is less so, and a bath in a small pond is the least purifying. If neither a river, lake nor pond is accessible, he may bathe with well-water.

"The devotee should chant this prayer containing the names of Mother Earth: "O Asvakrante! O Rathakrante! O Vishnukrante! O Vasundhare! O Mrttike! O Mother Earth! Kindly remove all the sins I have accumulated throughout my many past lives so that I may enter the sacred abode of the Supreme Lord." As the devotee chants, he should smear mud over his body.

"During the day of fasting the devotee should not speak to those who are fallen from their religious duties, to dog-eaters, to thieves, or to hypocrites. He should also avoid speaking with slanderers; with those who abuse the demigods, the Vedic literatures, or brahmanas; or with any other wicked personalities, such as those who have sex with forbidden women, those who are known plunderers, or those who rob temples. If any such person is spoken to or even seen during Ekadasi, one must purify oneself by looking directly at the sun.

"Then the devotee should respectfully worship Lord Govinda with first-class food, flowers, and so forth. In his home he should offer the Lord a lamp in pure devotional consciousness. he should also avoid sleeping during the daytime and should completely abstain from sex. Fasting from all food and water, he should joyfully sing the Lord's glories and play musical instruments for His pleasure throughout the night. After remaining awake all night in pure consciousness, the worshipper should give charity to qualified brahmanas and offer his humble obeisances unto them, begging their forgiveness for his offences.

"Those who are serious about devotional service should consider the Ekadasis that occur during dark fortnights to be as good as those that occur during bright fortnights. O king, one should never discriminate between these two kinds of Ekadasi. Please listen as I now describe the results obtained by one who observes Ekadasi in this way. Neither the merit one receives by taking a bath in the sacred place of pilgrimage known as Sankhoddhara, where the Lord killed the Sankhasura demon, nor the merit one receives upon seeing Lord Gadadhara directly is equal to one sixteenth of the merit one obtains by fasting on Ekadasi. It is said that by giving charity on a Monday when the moon is full, one obtains a hundred thousand times the results of ordinary charity. O winner of wealth, one who gives charity on the day of the sankranti (equinox) attains four hundred thousand times the ordinary result. Yet simply by fasting on Ekadasi one obtains all these pious results, as well as whatever pious results one gets at Kurukshetra during an eclipse of the sun or moon. Furthermore, the faithful soul who observes complete fasting on Ekadasi achieves a hundred times more merit than one who performs an Asvamedha-yajna (horse sacrifice). One who observes Ekadasi just once earns ten times more merit than a person who gives a thousand cows in charity to a brahmana learned in the Vedas.

"A person who feeds just one brahmacari earns ten times more merit than one who feeds ten good brahmanas in his own house. But a thousand times more merit than is earned by feeding a brahmacari is achieved by donating land to the needy and respectable brahmana, and a thousand time more than that is earned by giving away a virgin girl in marriage to a young, well-educated, responsible man. 

Ten times more beneficial than this is educating children properly on the spiritual path, without expecting any reward in return. Ten times better than this, however, is giving food grains to the hungry. Indeed, giving charity to those in need is the best of all, and there never has been or ever will be a better charity than this. O son of Kunti, all the forefathers and demigods in heaven become very satisfied when one gives food grains in charity. But the merit one obtains by observing a complete fast on Ekadasi cannot be measured. O Arjuna, best of all Kurus, the powerful effect of this merit is inconceivable even to the demigods, and half this merit is attained by one who eats only supper on Ekadasi.

"One should therefore observe fasting on Lord Hari's day either by eating only once at midday, abstaining from grains and beans; or by fasting completely. The processes of staying in places of pilgrimage, giving charity, and performing fire sacrifices may boast only as long as Ekadasi has not arrived. Therefore anyone afraid of the miseries of material existence should observe Ekadasi. On Ekadasi one should not drink water from a conch-shell, kill living entities such as fish or pigs, or eat any grains or beans. 

Thus I have described to you, O Arjuna, the best of all methods of fasting, as you have inquired from Me.' "Arjuna then asked, 'O Lord, according to You, a thousand Vedic sacrifices do not equal even one Ekadasi fast. How can this be? How has Ekadasi become the most meritorious of all days?' "Lord Sri Krishan replied, 'I will tell you why Ekadasi is the most purifying of all days. In the Satya-Yuga there once lived an amazingly fearsome demon called Mura. Always very angry, he terrified all the demigods, defeating even Indra, the king of heaven; Vivasvan, the sun-god; the eight Vasus; Lord Brahma; Vayu. the wind-god; and Agni, the fire-god. With his terrible power he brought them all under his control.

"Lord Indra then approached Lord Shiva and said, "We have all fallen from our planets and are now wandering helplessly on the earth. O lord, how can we find relief from this affliction? What will be the fate of us demigods?'

"Lord Shiva replied, "O best of the demigods, go to that place where Lord Vishnu, the rider of Garuda, resides. He is Jagannatha, the master of all the universes and their shelter as well. He is devoted to protecting all souls surrendered to Him.'" "Lord Krishna continued, 'O Arjuna, winner of wealth, after Lord Indra heard these words of Lord Shiva's, he proceeded with all the demigods to the place where Lord Jagannatha, the Lord of the universe, the protector of all souls, was resting. Seeing the Lord sleeping upon the water, the demigods joined their palms and, led by Indra, recite the following prayers:

""O Supreme Personality of Godhead, all obeisances to You. O Lord of lords, O You who are praised by the foremost demigods, O enemy of all demons, O lotus-eyed Lord, O Madhusudana (killer of the Madhu demon), please protect us. Afraid of the demon Mura, we demigods have come to take shelter of You. O Jagannatha, You are the doer of everything and the creator of everything. You are the mother and the father of all universes. You are the creator, the maintainer, and the destroyer of all. You are the supreme helper of all the demigods, and You alone can bring peace to them. you alone are the earth, the sky, and the universal benefactor.

""You are Shiva, Brahma, and also Vishnu, the maintainer of the three worlds. You are the gods of the sun, moon, and fire. You are the clarified butter, the oblation, the sacred fire, the mantras, the rituals, the priests, and the silent chanting of japa. You are the sacrifice itself, its sponsor, and the enjoyer of its results, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Nothing within these three worlds, whether moveable or immovable, can exist independent of You. O Supreme Lord, Lord of lords, You are the protector of those who take shelter of You. O supreme mystic, O shelter of the fearful, please rescue and protect us. We demigods have been defeated by the demons and have thus fallen from the heavenly realm. Deprived of our positions, O Lord of the universe, we are now wandering about this earthly planet.

""Lord Krsna continued, 'Having heard Indra and the other demigods speak these words, Sri Vishnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, replied, "What demon possesses such great powers of delusion that he has been able to defeat all the demigods? What is his name, and where does he live? Where does he get his strength and shelter? Tell Me everything, O Indra, and do not fear."

"Lord Indra replied, "O Supreme Godhead, O Lord of lords, O You who vanquish the fear in Your pure devotees' hearts, O You who are so kind to your faithful servants, there was once a powerful demon of the Brahma dynasty whose name was Nadijangha. he was extraordinarily fearsome and wholly dedicated to destroying the demigods, and he begot an infamous son named Mura.

""Mura's great capital city is Chandravati. From that base the terribly evil and powerful Mura demon has conquered the whole world and brought all the demigods under his control, driving them out of their heavenly kingdom. He has assumed the roles of Indra, the king of heaven; Agni, the fire-god; Yama, the lord of death; Vayu, the wind-god; Isha, or Lord Shiva; Soma, the moon-god; Nairrti, the lord of the directions; and Pasi, or Varuna, the water-god. He has also begun emanating light in the role of the sun-god and has turned himself into the clouds as well. It is impossible for the demigods to defeat him. O Lord Vishnu, please kill this demon and make the demigods victorious."

"Hearing these words from Indra, Lord Janardana became very angry and said, "O powerful demigods, all together you may now advance on Mura's capital city of Chandravati." Encouraged thus, the assembled demigods proceeded to Chandravati with Lord Hari leading the way.

"When Mura saw the demigods, that foremost of demons started roaring very loudly in the company of countless thousands of other demons, who were all holding brilliantly shining weapons. The mighty-armed demons struck the demigods, who began abandoning the battlefield and fleeing in the ten directions. Seeing the Supreme Lord Hrsikesha, the master of the senses, present on the battlefield, the furious demons rushed toward Him with various weapons in their hands. 

As they charged the Lord, who holds a sword, disk, and club, He immediately pierced all their limbs with His sharp, poisonous arrows. thus many hundred of demons died by the Lord's hand.

"At last the chief demon, Mura, began fighting with the Lord. Mura used his mystic power to render useless whatever weapons the Supreme Lord Hrsikesa unleashed. Indeed, to the demon the weapons felt just like flowers striking him. When the Lord could not defeat the demon even with various kinds of weapons - whether those that are thrown or those that are held - He began fighting with His bare hands, which were as strong as iron-studded clubs. The Lord wrestled with Mura for one thousand celestial years and then, apparently fatigued, left for Badarikashrama. 

There Lord Yogeshvara, the greatest of all yogis, the Lord of the universe, entered a very beautiful cave named Himavati to rest. O Dhananjaya, winner of wealth, that cave was ninety-six miles in diameter and had only one entrance. I went there out of fear, and also to sleep. There is no doubt about this, O son of Pandu, for the great fight made me very tired. the demon followed Me into that cave and, seeing Me asleep, started thinking within his heart, "Today I will kill this slayer of all demons, Hari."

"While the wicked-minded Mura was making plans in this way, from My body there manifested a young girl who had a very bright complexion. O son of Pandu, Mura saw that she was equipped with various brilliant weapons and was ready to fight. Challenged by that female to do battle, Mura prepared himself and then fought with her, but he became very astonished when he saw that she fought him without cessation. The king of the demons then said, "Who has created this angry, fearsome girl who is fighting me so powerfully, just like a thunderbolt falling upon me?' After saying this, the demon continued to fight with the girl.

"Suddenly that effulgent goddess shattered all of Mura's weapons and in a moment deprived him of his chariot. He ran toward her to attacker with his bare hands, but when she saw him coming she angrily cut off his head. Thus the demon at once fell to the ground and went to the abode of Yamaraja. The rest of the Lord's enemies, out of fear and helplessness, entered the subterranean Patala region.

"Then the Supreme Lord woke up and saw the dead demon before Him, as well as the maiden bowing down to him with joined palms. His face expressing His astonishment, the Lord of the universe said, "Who has killed this vicious demon? He easily defeated all the demigods, Gandharvas, and even Indra himself, along with Indra's companions, the Maruts, and he also defeated the Nagas (snakes), the rulers of the lower planets. He even defeated Me, making Me hide in this cave out of fear. Who is it that has so mercifully protected Me after I ran from the battlefield and went to sleep in this cave?"

"The maiden said, "It is I who have killed this demon after appearing from You transcendental body. Indeed, O Lord Hari, when he saw You sleeping he wanted to kill You. Understanding the intention of this thorn in the side of the three worlds, I killed the evil rascal and this freed all the demigods from fear. I am Your great maha-sakti, Your internal potency, who strikes fear into the hearts of all Your enemies. I have killed this universally terrifying demon to protect the three worlds. Please tell me why You are surprised to see that this demon has been killed, O Lord."

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead said, "O sinless one, I am very satisfied to see that it is you who have killed this king of the demons. In this way you have made the demigods happy, prosperous, and full of bliss. Because you have given pleasure to all the demigods in the three worlds, I am very pleased with you. 

Ask any boon you may desire, O auspicious one. I will give it to you without a doubt, though it be very rare among the demigods." ""The maiden said, "O Lord, if You are pleased with me and wish to give me a boon, then give me the power to deliver from the greatest sins that person who fasts of this day. I wish that half the pious credit obtained by one who fasts will accrue to one who eats only in the evening (abstaining from grains and beans), and that half of this pious credit will be earned by one who eats only at midday. Also, may one who strictly observes a complete fast on my appearance day, with controlled senses, go to the abode of Lord Vishnu for one billion kalpas after he has enjoyed all kinds of pleasures in this world. This is the boon I desire to attain by Your mercy, my Lord, O Lord Janardana, whether a person observes complete fasting, eats only in the evening, or eats only at midday, please grant him a religious attitude, wealth, and at last liberation."

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead said, "O most auspicious lady, what you have requested is granted. All My devotees in this world will surely fast on your day, and thus they will become famous throughout the three worlds and finally come and stay with me in My abode. Because you, My transcendental potency, have appeared on the eleventh day of the waning moon, let your name by Ekadasi. If a person fasts on Ekadasi, I will burn up all his sins and bestow upon him My transcendental abode.

""These are the days of the waxing and waning moon that are most dear to Me: Tritiya (the third day), Ashthami (the eighth day), Navami (the ninth day), Chaturdasi (the fourteenth day), and especially Ekadasi (the eleventh day).

""The merit one attains by fasting on Ekadasi is greater than that achieved by observing any other kind of fast or by going to a place of pilgrimage, and even greater than that achieved by giving charity to brahmanas. I tell you most emphatically that this is true."

"Having thus given the maiden His benediction, the Supreme Lord suddenly disappeared. From that time onward the Ekadasi day became most meritorious and famous all over the universe. O Arjuna, if a person strictly observes Ekadasi, I kill all his enemies and grant him the highest destination. Indeed, if a person observes this great Ekadasi fast in any of the prescribed way, I remove all obstacles to his spiritual progress and grant him the perfection of life.

"Thus, O son of Prtha, I have described to you the origin of Ekadasi. This one day removes all sins eternally. Indeed, it is the most meritorious day for destroying all kinds of sins, and it has appeared in order to benefit everyone in the universe by bestowing all varieties of perfection.

"One should not discriminate between the Ekadasis of the waxing and waning moons; both must be observed, O Partha, and they should not be differentiated from Maha-Dvadasi. Everyone who fasts of Ekadasi should recognise that there is no difference between these two Ekadasis, for they comprise the same tithi.

"Whoever completely fasts on Ekadasi, following the rules and regulations, will achieve the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu, who rides upon Garuda. They are glorious who devote themselves to Lord Vishnu and spend all their rime studying the glories of Ekadasi. One who vows not to eat anything on Ekadasi but to eat only on the next day achieves the same merit as one who executes a horse sacrifice. Of this there is no doubt.

"On Dvadasi, the day after Ekadasi, one should pray, "O Pundarikaksha, O lotus-eyed Lord, now I will eat. Please shelter me." After saying this, the wise devotee should offer some flowers and water at the Lord's lotus feet and invite the Lord to eat by chanting the eight-syllable mantra thrice. If the devotee wants to gain the fruit of his fast, he should then drink water taken form the sanctified vessel in which he offered water at the Lord's lotus feet.

"On Dvadasi one must avoid sleeping during the day, eating in another's home, eating more than once, having sex, eating honey, eating from a bell-metal plate, eating urad-dal, and rubbing oil on one's body. The devotee must give up these eight things on Dvadasi. If he wants to speak to an outcaste on that day, he must purify himself by eating a Tulasi leaf or an amalaki fruit. O best of kings, from noon on Ekadasi until dawn on Dvadasi, one should engage himself in taking baths, worshipping the Lord, and executing devotional activities, including the giving of charity and the performance of fire sacrifices. If one finds himself in difficult circumstances and cannot break the Ekadasi fast properly on Dvadasi, one can break it by drinking water, and then one is not at fault if he eats again after that.

"A devotee of Lord Vishnu who day and night hears these all-auspicious topics concerning the Lord from the mouth of another devotee will be elevated to the Lord's planet and reside there for ten million kalpas. And one who hears even one sentence about the glories of Ekadasi is freed from the reactions to such sins as killing a brahmana. There is no doubt of this. For all eternity there will be no better way of worshiping Lord Vishnu than observing a fast on Ekadasi.'"

"Thus ends the narration of the glories of Margasirsa-krsna Ekadasi, or Utpanna Ekadasi, from the Bhavisya-uttara Purana.