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Bhakti Vikas Swami Evades ISKCON's Child Suicide Issue

PADA: Bhakti Vikas swami is now a self-advertised savior of the world's children from suffering and suicide. Why hasn't BVKS been showing all this "child welfare concern" when there has been a growing child abuse and suicide epidemic in his own ISKCON society -- among their numerous child abuse and molesting victims? Instead, all along BVKS has been pounding the drum for supporting the ISKCON GBC's management system, and having all of its children accept and promote people like Jayapataka, and other leaders of the molester webs and nests empire. 

And under their system, children have been reporting being abused if not molested, left, right and center, and then there has been a growing suicide problem among victims of the BVKS process. Recently BVKS said that many of his God brothers had "taken up the service" of being gurus, as if being another Jesus is something we just self advertise ourselves as -- and its all fine. "I have taken up the service of being as good as Jesus and God, any questions"? So we are as good as Jesus, therefore, our alleged multi-Jesus society's children have been abused left, right and center. Does that make any sense at all pilgrims?

In the Bhakti Vikas swami post-1978 "ISKCON guru" process -- we have seen a problem of the society's children experiencing all kinds of suffering, depression and even suicides. Many / most of the former "ISKCON kids" now avoid if not boycott the official institution. And very few of them have any active roles in the official society. OK the BVKS empire failed these children, and on a horrible scale. Apparently, at least according to some victims, 50 percent or more of the ISKCON kids were mistreated. 

Mostly, these victims subsequently "voted with their feet" to avoid if not totally abandon ISKCON. How did this mass exodus take place -- if the leaders have been so worried about the welfare of these children? BVKS correctly says -- if a smaller number are committing suicide -- that means there is a much larger and widespread problem (of stress and depression). 

The smaller number of suicides is thus the tip of the iceberg of the suffering. How did so many ISKCON kids come to the stage of stress and depression, and even -- suicidal thoughts, if not suicidal actions? And this is a program that evidently cares deeply about other folks' kids, but not their own society's kids?

The evidence is in -- there has been a wide pattern of child suffering, some would call it an epidemic -- in the Bhakti Vikas swami (BVKS) guru program. BVKS is correct, the suicides are simply the tip of the iceberg of the size of the problem in his program. This has actually been a very much larger scale problem affecting nearly ALL the ISKCON children, because they either were neglected, exploited or abused themselves, or they know of various friends, associates, class mates or peers who were. End result? The ex-ISKCON youth have mostly lost confidence in the leaders overall, including BVKS.

Of course these ex-kids probably almost all know at this stage -- that there has been a big abuse process going on -- because its pretty much public info at this stage. Yet BVKS seems to handily -- skirt over -- the mess he and his GBC guru's program have caused for the ISKCON children, and he shifts concern over to the regular mundane society's children. Our ISKCON society's children suffered badly, but that is not the problem, its the suffering children in the mundane society. Seems a little uncaring / aloof / callous -- to say the very least.

Avoiding the elephant in the room? 

Again. Why is the welfare of the ISKCON children seeming to be frozen out of genuine concern among these leaders? And they thus seem to never come to grips with the ISKCON children's issue, but feign concern for children in unrelated areas?  

Therefore the real issue BVKS avoids is, why has there been a widespread problem of child mistreatment in the BVKS / ISKCON GBC managed program. Of course none of these leaders (which simply includes BVKS) ever seems to address how and WHY this odious child mistreatment process evolved in their own society, where these leaders have become prominent enablers, leaders, cheer leaders, apologists, gurus and supporters of the abuse regime and / or its core leaders and enablers. 

BVKS is chopping away at a few outside weeds in the "mundane society's" children, but misses chopping away at the internal child abuse weeds that evolved under his own feet in his own ISKCON society. In short, the BVKS process has co-coerced the children of ISKCON to worship their GBC's illicit sex with men, women and children guru program, which has been banning, beating, molesting, suing and assassinating the Lord's Vaishnavas. Then he fails to mention, why there has been a suffering and suicide problem within children victims of his own GBC's program, going on right under his own feet, self evidently under his own oversight? 

Never mind the (now ex) children -- there seems to have ALSO been a subtle  suicidal tendency -- or de facto suicide epidemic -- among numbers of various ISKCON adults -- who tend to get fatal ailments like cancer -- and they die prematurely when compared to the so-called mundane society. Even my "karmi" nurse friend is astonished at how so many "Krishna devotees" are getting fatal ailments at or before the ripe old age of 60, or perhaps mid 60s, and she says "its some sort of epidemic."

There has been testimony from a number of BVKS's program's ex-child victims from ISKCON, who reported various severe if not extremely odious abuse problems, such as -- being starved, beaten, molested, and deprived of basic needs like proper food, clothing, medical care and even -- shower soap. 

Some reported being forced to eat green moldy rotting oatmeal, while BVKS and his pals have been eating huge opulent feasts. In fact BVKS's sannyasa guru Jayapataka was bloating up to near 400lbs. for his eating like a pig or indeed more like an elephant. Some victims told PADA the BVKS program is like North Korea, where the big fat cat leaders eat nicely, and the peons have to find cock roaches to put into their grass and weeds soup. 

Elephant-pada the Acharya

Other victims told us they were in "Auschwitz (concentration camp) for kids." So its good that BVKS is finally addressing that children need care. Yet he spells out no plan for how he is going to mend fences with the existing ISKCON ex-children and help them recover from the abuse regime they suffered under -- and which BVKS has been a prominent leader / enabler / and supporter of. 

Of course, as soon as we turn off the de facto gas chamber's cyanide gas supply for the Auschwitz for kids program (because its killing children) - then GBC defenders like Sanat / Mukunda / Krishna Kirtan / Janardan / Panchali / Prahlad das (Paul Coats uk) / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur folks et al. -- all start screaming like stuck pigs, why are we turning off the cyanide gas in our nice Auschwitz for kids program? We need to get PADA off the internet, and turn back on the cyanide gas! Well jeepers, sorry for spoiling your wonderbar party!     

A devotee said that when he first met Jayapataka, the first thing he asked very aggressively "who is your guru"? And Jayapataka wanted to know -- very insistingly -- which GBC guru he would select. So they insisted that either newcomers or the society's children would have select one of the members of their homosexual pedophile guru's process in order to participate in the ISKCON society. Of course, those of us who selected Srila Prabhupada as our guru (and we protested their child abuse empire) have been driven out on a rail. 

Meanwhile, a newer devotee told me I am right, people like Jayapataka are "suffering the bitter fruits of bad karma" Yet BVKS is still saying these people should take karma? Notice below that a woman realizes the faults of the BVKS program, despite BVKS claims he and his men party are more advanced than women.

[From another conversation] PADA: Yes, the ISKCON GBC says gurus have to be 2/3 show of hands voted in, then the guru can be committee managed and thus chastised, censured, suspended, monitored for deviations, and sometimes excommunicated. None of this occurs in the actual guru parampara from Krishna. Lord Balarama is the adi guru of the guru parampara, and only His actual representatives are bona fide. ys pd

SJ (a female): Putting Guru and the act of being committee managed in the same sentence????? Something is terribly amiss!

PADA: So BVKS has pushed the women and children under the rug, lets face it. Anyway, lets be nice to children, and lets start by not following BVKS and telling children they have to worship an illicit sex with men, women and children guru lineage. Lets help him get this child protection process moving, sign me up! ys pd]
PADA @ angel108b@yahoo.com

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God can guide us from within (SP Video)

Balarama Sahasra Nama Mantras (Video)



Who is Lord Balarama?

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, is the fountainhead of all incarnations. Lord Balarama is His second body. They are both one and the same identity. They differ only in form. Balarama is the first bodily expansion of Krishna, and He assists in Lord Krishna's transcendental pastimes. He is the source of the entire spiritual world and is the adi-guru, the original spiritual master.

He assumes five other forms to serve Lord Krishna. He Himself helps in the pastimes of Lord Krishna, and He does the work of creation in four other forms called the catur-vyuha (four armed) forms known as Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradyumna and Anirudha. He executes the orders of Lord Krishna in the work of creation, and in the form of Lord Sesa He serves Sri Krishna in various ways. In all the forms He tastes the transcendental bliss of serving Krishna. No one can approach Krishna without first getting the mercy of Baladeva.

Descent of Balarama

Whenever Krishna appears in the material world, He is accompanied by His associates and paraphernalia. Five thousand years ago when Krishna descended into the material world, He was first preceded by Baladeva. Only after Baladeva give His mercy did Krishna descend, such is the intimate relationship between Krishna and Baladeva.

When Baladeva appeared as the seventh child in the womb of Devaki, she could understand that this was a divine child and this made her all the more concerned about His safety. Even Kamsa could sense His potency and he became fearful, thinking he may have been tricked by the prophecy that he will be slain only by the eight child of Devaki. At this time Krishna instructed Yogamaya, His internal potency, to transfer the unborn child from the womb of Devaki to that of Rohini, one of the other wives of Vasudeva, who was hiding from Kamsa in the house of Nanda Maharaja in Gokul.

In this way Balarama was born in Gokul under the protection of Nanda Maharaja. Garga Muni the venerable kulguru (family priest) of the Yadu dynasty revealed to Rohini that the child she was carrying was indeed that of her husband Vasudeva. At the time of the name-giving ceremony he named the child Rama, one who gives all pleasures. Referring to the immense strength of the child, Garga Muni predicted that He will also be known as Balarama (bala meaning strength). Since He was forcibly attracted from the womb of Devaki to that of Rohini, He was also be called Sankarshana. As the son of Rohini He was known as Rohini-nandan and as the elder brother of Krishna He was also called Douji.

The form of Lord Balarama

Powerful Lord Balarama is sixteen years old, full of the luster of youth and has a fair complexion the color of crystal. He wears blue garments and a garland of forest flowers. His handsome hair is tied in a graceful topknot. Splendid earrings adorn His ears and His neck is splendidly decorated with garlands of flowers and strings of jewels. Splendid armlets and bracelets ornament Douji's graceful and very strong arms and His feet are decorated with splendid jeweled anklets.

Lord Balarama's beauty is enhanced by the earrings touching His cheeks. His face is decorated with tilaka made from musk, and His broad chest is ornamented with a garland of gunja. Balarama’s voice is very grave and His arms are very long, touching His thighs

The splendor of Lord Balarama's transcendental form eclipses many millions of glistening rising moons, and the slightest scent of His boundless strength is sufficient to destroy many armies of demons. Although He knows the supernatural power of His younger brother, Krishna, still, out of love for Him, He never leaves Krishna alone in the forest even for a moment. Balarama is Sri Krishna's dearest friend and is a great reservoir of the nectar mellows of many kinds of transcendental pastimes.

Specific Pastimes of Lord Balarama

Balarama slays Dhenukasura

Dhenukasura was a powerful demon who had assumed the form of an ass. With his demon friends he was occupying Talavana, one of the twelve forests of Vrindavana. Out of fear of these demons no one could approach Talavana and enjoy the numerous flowers and fruits in the forest. Balarama, induced by His cowherd friends, entered the forest desiring to kill the demons. He began shaking the fruit trees, making a big noise. Dhenuka, furious at the intrusion, attacked Balarama with his rear legs, but Balarama easily picked him up by his legs and whirled him around until he died. 

As the other demon friends of Dhenuka rushed to attack, Krishna and Balarama picked them up and threw them on trees, killing them. Soon the forest was free of all demons, and it appeared that the bent trees were being directed by Balarama to pay obeisances to Krishna.

Balarama kills Pralambasura

Once when Krishna and Balarama were playing with the cowherd boys, a demon named Pralamba entered their midst, disguised as a cowherd boy. Understanding the invincible potency of Krishna, he instead decided to abduct Balarama. At the end of the game, as the losing party he was supposed to carry Balarama on his shoulders. Carrying the Lord on his shoulders he ran swiftly, but Balarama realizing the true identity of demon began to make himself heavier and heavier. Unable to bear the weight, the demon assumed his original form which was like a huge dark effulgent cloud, decorated with golden ornaments. Balarama then bought His fist down the head of the demon splitting it into two and causing him to give up his life.

Balarama glorified by Krishna

As the elder brother of Krishna, Balarama was the object of His love and respect. Once when walking in the forest of Vrindavana, Krishna observed the trees bending down as if paying obeisances. He glorified the lotus feet of Balarama as being the object of devotion even for the demigods. He said that the trees, which were impersonalists in previous life times, witnessing the personal form of Balarama were now praying for His devotion. 

At other times when Balarama would get tired by playing, He would lie down the lap of one of the cowherd boys and Krishna would personally massage His feet, fan Him and give Him service. Such was the sweet reciprocation of love between Krishna and Balarama.

Yamuna devi chastised

Once Lord Balarama, Who was at the time living in Dwarka, came back to stay in Vrindavana for two months. At this time He enjoyed pastimes with His gopi friends (who were different from the gopis of Krishna). Enjoying such pastimes on the bank of Yamuna at Rama-ghata, the Lord summoned Yamuna so that He could sport in the waters. 

When Yamuna devi did not respond. Lord Balarama took up His favorite weapon, His plow, and began to drag Yamuna in a hundred streams. Understanding the position of Balarama, Yamuna devi personally appeared and offered her obeisances to the Lord with many prayers in His glorification. Thus appeased the Lord entered and bathed in the waters of the river.

Kauravas chastised

Samba, the darling son of Jambavati and Krishna, kidnapped Laksmana the daughter of Duryodhana from the assembly were she was supposed to choose her husband. The furious Kauravas after a prolonged fight, finally arrested Samba by sending in six of their greatest warriors. When the Yadavas heard of this they prepared for battle but Lord Balarama pacified them, preferring to find a peaceful solution. However when He requested the Kauravas to return Samba and Laksmana, the Kauravas responded by insulting Him and the Yadava dynasty. 

Understanding them to be ignorant in their false prestige, Balarama took His plow and began to drag Hastinapura into the Ganges. The terrified Kauravas now surrendered to the lotus feet of Balarama, begging for His mercy. They immediately returned Samba and Laksmana and had them married ceremoniously with many opulent gifts.

Balarama marries Revati

In Satya yuga there was a King named Raivata whose daughter Revati was excellent in all respects. Unable to find a match suitable for her, the king took her to the court of Brahma for his advise. After waiting for some time when the king met with Brahma, he was shocked to learn that in the short time he spent in the Brahmaloka, millions of years had already passed on Earth and at the time Dvapara yuga was concluding. However Lord Brahma informed King Raivata that present at this time was Lord Balarama Who was more than qualified to be the husband of Revati.

King Raivata returned and approached Balarama to accept Revati as His wife. However Revati belonged to an earlier yuga when people were much larger physically. So Lord Balarama placed His plow on her head until she shrunk to an appropriate size and accepted her as His wife.

Balarama and Mahabharata

In general Balarama was equally affectionate to both the Pandavas and the Kauravas. He accepted both Duryodhana and Bhima as His disciples in the art of mace-war. As a teacher He appreciated the superior technique of Duryodhana as opposed to the raw strength of Bhima. At the time of Mahabharata, He refused to take sides and instead went on an extended pilgrimage to the holy places. In the battle between Bhima and Duryodhana, He became angry at Bhima for killing Duryodhana by trickery, but was appeased by Sri Krishna.

Killing of Romaharshana

Towards the end of Dvapara yuga thousands of sages assembled on the banks of Naimyasharana to perform a thousand year yajna in an effort to reverse the onset of Kali yuga. They appointed as their leader Romaharshana, one of the main disciple of Vyasadeva, who was also present when Sukadeva Goswami narrated Srimad Bhagavatam to King Parikshit.

When Lord Balarama entered the assembly, understanding Him to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead, all present rose to offer Him respect. However Romaharshana, proud at occupying the position of the leader did not get up. Lord Balarama could understand that even though Romaharshana was a an expert Vedantist, he had not yet realized these teachings. Considering him unqualified to lead the ceremony, Balarama touched him with a blade of grass causing him to die. He then instituted Suta, the son of Romaharshana as the leader of the assembly and continued with His pilgrimage.

Mercy of Lord Balarama

Lord Balarama exemplifies the service attitude to Krishna. His only mission is to please Krishna by rendering service to Him, whether it is in the creation of the material worlds, maintaining the spiritual world or as His personal paraphernalia.

Lord Balarama is the eternal companion of Sri Krishna. He came as Lakshmana with Rama and later as Nityananda Prabhu with Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He is the original spiritual master, and any one desiring to make spiritual progress must first get the mercy of Lord Balarama.

All glories to Lord Balarama !!



TEXT 28: Then, in Vraja, after five days, in the month of Bhādra (August-September), on the sixth day of the bright fortnight, when Mercury, five exalted planets, and the constellation Libra were on the horizon, at midday, as the demigods showered a beautiful rain of flowers and the clouds sprinkled drops of water, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, illuminating Nanda’s home with His splendor, was born from Vasudeva’s wife (Rohiṇī).

Text 29: Nanda performed the child’s birth ceremony and gave in charity a million cows to the brāhmaṇas. Then he called the gopas and observed a very auspicious festival with the music of many singers and instrumentalists.

Text 30: Coming there with Devala, Devarata, Vasistha, Brhaspati, and myself (Narada), Vyasadeva was pleased when Nanda washed his feet and worshiped Him in many ways.

Text 31: Sri Nanda said: Who is this handsome boy, whose equal cannot be seen anywhere? How is it He was born after only five days (in the womb)? O great sage, please tell me.

Text 32: Sri Vyasa said: Nanda, you are very fortunate. This child is eternal Ananta Sesa. In Mathurā City He was conceived by Vasudeva in Devakī.

Text 33: By Lord Kṛṣṇa’s wish He was brought to beautiful Devakī. O King Nanda, you may see Him even though the great yogīs cannot.

Text 34: I, Vedavyāsa, have come here to see Him. Therefore, please show Him, the Supreme Person who is greater than the greatest and who now displays the form of an infant, to us.

Text 35: Śrī Nārada said: Then Nanda showed them the child Ananta Sesa. Gazing at the child in the cradle, Vyasa, struck with wonder, bowed down, and spoke.

Text 36: Sri Vyasa said: O master of the demigods, O Supreme Personality of Godhead, O Lord who grants desires, obeisances to You! Obeisances to You, who are Lord Ananta Sesa! Obeisances to You, who are directly with Lord Rama!

Text 37: Eternal obeisances to You, Lord Sankarsana, the maintainer of the earth, perfect and complete, effulgent and glorious, holding a plow in Your hand, and having a thousand heads!

Text 38: You are Baladeva, Revati’s husband and the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead’s elder brother. You are armed with a plow. You are Pralambasura’s killer. O Supreme Person, please save me!

Text 39: Obeisances! Obeisances to You, who are known as Bala and Balabhadra, and who carry a palm-tree flag! Obeisances to You, Rohini’s fair-complexioned son dressed in blue garments!

Text 40: You are the enemy of Dhenuka, Mustika, Kuta, Rukmi, Kupakarna, and Kumbhanda. You put an end to Balvala.

Text 41: You divided the Yamuna and dragged Hastinapura. You are the enemy of Dvivida. You are the king of the Yadavas and the decoration of the circle of Vraja.

Text 42: You are the killer of Kamsa’s brothers, a pilgrim who goes to holy places, the Supreme Master, and the teacher of Duryodhana. O Lord, please protect, please protect the world!

Text 43: O infallible Lord, O greater than the greatest, O Lord Ananta, O Lord whose fame is everywhere, glory, glory to You! Obeisances to You, who hold a plow and a club and are the master of the demigods, great sages, and regal serpents!

Text 44: A person who regularly reads or recites these prayers attains Lord Hari’s supreme abode. Even in this world he attains all strength. He crushes his enemies. For him are victory, wealth, and followers.

Text 45: Sri Narada said: After circumambulating Lord Balarama and bowing down before Him a hundred times in the company of (the other sages), intelligent Vyasa Muni, who was the son of Parasara and Satyavati, went to the Sarasvatī river.

- Garga Samhita 1.10.28-45

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Los Angeles Reduced Rathayatra 2020

PADA: The virus issue seems to be creating all sorts of problems for ISKCON. Its hard to have assemblies of people in the current situation. So they are having a "drive by in your car" and social distancing Rathayatra. Well, they had all this time to revive the harinama samkirtana movement to save the earth, but they have been instead making all sorts of new age yoga stuff, hindu weddings, "improving social relationships" etc. programs, which are really watered down programs. 

Anyway, something is better that nothing at this stage, so we are glad at least something is being done somewhere. Trivrikrama swami is correct, when the GBC guru is known to be a fallible soul, then ISKCON is de facto ritvik. So we are slipping our idea into the official movement gradually. Lots of these people are just coming to see Lord Jagannath, and they really are not gung ho followers of GBC gurus at this stage. Haribol. ys pd      

Uncle Rob Tests Virus Masks (Video) And Opening Schools

PADA: Well personally, if someone was coughing next to me, I'd rather they had a mask on. Sheesh pilgrims! It does appear that in countries like S. Korea -- where they use masks, mass testing and contact tracing, they have been able to contain the virus to the point they have less than 100 cases per day. OK that means, we know the masks help. 

Another devotee wanted to know my idea on sending their kids back to school. Well, I would say, if you can avoid it, you should. It does not look like they have the situation of groups of children under control. Of course -- if we think of kids in general -- and all their snotty noses, fevers, coughing, etc. already going on well before all this, they are not candidates for good hygiene techniques. Not rocket science?

And if the kids get it, they bring it home to the parents. That could be potentially devastating, plus some kids are having long term ill effects. Its not really clear yet how these long range effects will last etc. because all this is too new. Avoid if possible is my advice.    

There are also devotees sending me links saying that the US government intentionally back pedals the mass virus testing process -- which could contain the virus as it has done in other countries -- so that the US will have a huge spread of the virus. And then we will be dependent on a vaccine. 

And then we will all have to get a vaccine -- that will inject us with a computer chip to monitor our actions. Therefore this is a "plandemic," the government wants to whip us all up -- so we'd all volunteer to get the vaccine. 

I am not sure if that is the case. Is the government actually organized enough to pull all this together? Or is this just a random act of karma from eating bats, cats, rats, dogs, turtles, snakes, frogs, centipedes, which the government has no control over, because this reaction is being formed as punishment by the material energy of God? And now the humans are in a mess because they allowed this animal eating process to run amok? OK from history, generally plagues are seen as a manifestation of the anger of God, I would say that cannot be ruled out.   

Probably the mass chip idea is not the case -- since the government cannot possibly keep track of hundreds of millions of people walking around with computer chips -- so the government will know when my neighbor goes out to buy a pack of Marlboros and a new lawn chair. They just don't have enough computers to monitor all that stuff, its impossible.

But its either that -- or its lots of incompetence. Just saying! Overall, I think as devotees we have to be smart about what is going on here. A devotee went flying on an airplane, which is not recommended due to recirculating air, and he is now dead from the virus. 

My conclusion? 

I think that the pandemic was not planned, but severely mismanaged. And now they are scrambling to pick up the pieces. And we as devotees are all affected because now we cannot have normal work, and we cannot congregate in the temples from fear of public spreading etc. 

So it appears to me as first of all -- bad karma from eating animals and then -- a broken down approach to trying to contain the problem once it began. Overall it all karma for all of us, which is another reason to get serious about being Krishna conscious and getting out of here.

Anyway this below is from "Vanity Fair" -- and it points to a conspiracy to back pedal the testing -- to make us all dependent on a vaccine -- and whether there was a conspiracy or not, they bungled it badly. Which means, we have the karma of incompetence, or maybe malefic intent, the same problem we have had with ISKCON leaders, nothing new under the sun. As for the vaccine being valid or not, I am not an expert who can say, but when we get to this point in the scheme of things, we are already in deep trouble. 

Take care and stay well folks! ys pd

[Thanks LD: Yep they apparently did not know that the blue states are adjoined and contiguous with the red ones. And thus its just a question of time -- and their lack of testing process -- when the problem will catch up with everyone else. 

Good question? Lack of managing skills, or conspiracy? Either way its a mess. China is sending a huge testing squad into Hong Kong right now to start a mass testing regime, they apparently know what needs to be done in this type situation. We are evidently still wondering why its not only confined in the blue states over here.]    

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Bhakti Vikas Swami's Laying Down Lectures

[PADA: Someone asked me to comment on Bhakti Vikas swami's recent lectures where he is laying down on his back. Well it looks like a painful situation, which can of course happen to anyone. However it does look like the GBC's gurus are sort of getting knocked out one way or the other these days. 

One thing BVKS does not seem to take into account is, he is taking the karma of a lot of people as his diksha disciples, and that will certainly impact him either now or later -- because we neophytes are forbidden to take karma. His current ailment could be connected to his taking karma -- without authority. Its quite possible.

Anyway he is rambling on in hindi about how we need to have devotee association. That means -- in BVKS's secret code -- we need to surrender to his illicit sex with men, women and children guru sampradaya. And anyone who worships a pure devotee is a bogus Christian ritvik deviant according to BVKS. BVKS evidently says that he cannot find any examples of people worshiping pure devotees in shastra. However, there are supposedly plenty of examples of worshiping -- illicit sex with men, women and children, and sex with taxi drivers -- guru programs in shastra? Really? 

Of course there are people who write and just flat out ask me, is BVKS a gay guru, and that is why he is voted into the oral sex with taxi drivers in the holy dham guru program? Or what? We just had to explain to another person (from Russia) that BVKS promoted the illicit sex guru process, which was then sued for $400,00,000 for mass molesting. 

Then, after BVKS helped pour gasoline all over ISKCON, and helped burn down the ISKCON house, he learned hindi and started hiding out in Salem India, acting like nothing was wrong with his support of this regime. Anyway, we don't wish these guys well or unwell, but we do think that members of a regime of forcing little children to worship pedophiles and deviants as their messiahs will meet a bad future, and perhaps, a bad present. ys pd       


Jhulan Yatra Bhajan (Video)

PADA: Lots of nice Krishna art here!

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Kailash Chandra's Ground Breaking 1990 Position Paper

Writing "Position Papers" for the GBC's Gurus?

pada @ angel108b@yahoo.com 

Bhakta Ernest : It is always interesting to know more about those early actions against the deviations. Recently Eric Johanson prabhu posted an interesting comment (shared here with his permission):

[PADA: Right. Kailash Chandra wrote a paper for the GBC in 1990, saying that our idea of promoting Srila Prabhupada as the acharya is "the ritvik deviation." And that is why various GBC folks circulated his paper as a wonderful example of the correct siddhanta (that we cannot worship the "departed / posthumous" pure devotee, we have to worship their "living" conditioned souls).] 

His strategy or hope was that the ISKCON institution leaders would reject it, leading to an ongoing conflict between the ISKCON institution and the, then new, dispensation, something that would sap the energies of both over time. 

[PADA: This makes no sense? Kailash writes a paper saying that our worshiping pure devotees is the bogus ritvik deviation, and that would start a war among the GBC's gurus? Nope, they already united on this point in 1978. The GBC ilk already pretty much agreed that our worship of the pure devotee is the ritvik deviation. 

All Kailash did was pour gasoline on us by calling us deviants, and helped the GBC light the match to take us down. Kailash said the GBC's idea is the right idea (we need to worship the living person) and this helped the GBC's attack our program.] 

Being kind of prescient about the potential of deviations to become popular, Kailasa foresaw the benefits of the institution taking on rittvik. 

[PADA: Hee hee! Yep, there are many benefits to stopping people from worship of the pure devotee and have them worship half baked neophytes instead. Of course, this what also happened in the Gaudiya Matha, they attacked the worship of the pure devotee and established the worship of conditioned souls as gurus. This is amazing, Kailash helps the GBC with their idea that we need to STOP the worship of pure devotees, and worship conditioned souls instead, and this is going to benefit ISKCON and human society.] 

This was way back when the ISKCON institution was still requiring mandatory "reinitiation." Indeed his sense of how things might go turned out to be correct as the institution has now made reinitiation voluntary with the idea that so-called disciples of disgraced "gurus" are still linked by "virtue" of their service to the GBC. Of course there is no virtue because there is no sastric backing for such people to serve some questionable institutional governing diplomats in the place of a self-realized soul. 

[PADA: OK but Kailash says we need to replace the worship of self realized souls with his living conditioned souls. And worse, he writes a paper favored by the conditioned souls gurus, and the fake gurus circulate his paper as a foundational position paper to back the GBC's conditioned soul guru's system.]

Anyway the real reason the GBC made reinitiation voluntary was that almost everyone whose "guru" became disgraced was going to the rittviks instead of accepting another neophyte institutional appointee. 

[PADA: So we cannot worship Srila Prabhupada, then de facto, people will go to worship the neophyte institutional appointee. PADA's friend in India lives near an ISKCON temple, who said anyone who does not worship the local institutional guru there is banned, vilified and kicked out. "There is no other option, we all have to surrender to the local temple's neophyte guru, or we cannot participate in ISKCON." Of course, this friend is glad to meet PADA and find out this process is totally bogus.]

What has resulted from dropping mandatory reinitiation, however, is what even some institution inmates admit is a kind of "soft rittvik," thus proving Kailasa's point. I am proud to have played some small part in this pivotal moment in ISKCON history.

[PADA: Pivoting to what? The GBC says we cannot worship pure devotees, Kailash agrees and says we cannot worship pure devotees, and both of them are part of the club that says pure devotees are -- posthumous, post samadhi, post mortem etc. 

And worse, worship of the pure devotee is "the bogus Christian's idea." Oddly, Kailash has largely removed himself from the Krishna devotee's association and he lives in American cities -- full of Christian ritviks? If you can't beat em, join em'? Hee hee. So their ground breaking major new position paper, is simply recycling the same old same old GBC stuff around. Been there, done that. ys pd] 

Bollywood Stars Launch India Vegan Meat


Ancient India's Flying Saucers (Video)

Changed Books Petition for 2021 GBC Meeting


A group of devotees will present this to the GBC. Goody! ys pd

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

India has the Virus cure, but does not allow its use?

PADA: OK some devotees, actually more than a few, sent me a link to the Dr. Stella Immanuel video, claiming she has the whole virus problem figured out. She seems to be blending some sort of Christian Evangelical materials with various conspiracy theories about: Illuminati serpent people running the planet; science making a DNA vaccine to make you reject religion; science using alien DNA, witches and demons attacking us in dreams -- and maybe impregnating women in the process -- and so on. 

Dr. Stella Immanuel speaking about the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and preventative for the novel Coronavirus. 

So this drug is the cure. Fine. Yet, there is plenty of this same exact drug found readily all over India. In fact this drug is manufactured there. So its readily available and cheap, and they are not using this drug there -- so their people will get sick and die? 

I am not sure that is a good argument? 

Already China, India, Brasil, UK, USA etc. has tried every drug in the book including this one, and every combination of drugs, and tossed in the kitchen sink, and there seems to be no verified record of tons of people getting better. Or else, everyone would use the known cure -- if one was readily available?  

If this drug is a readily available cure, and its widely available in India, the only reason they would not use it is -- to make their people die. I have not understood why that is a good argument. I simply do not believe they are not allowing a known cure, which is widely accessible there. 

Why would India not allow their own people to use their own in house manufactured drugs, that are made there, and can evidently be purchased off label all over the place there? I don't believe this drug is a cure, or they would use it there. A known cure, widely available, is not being used, so their people will die? And no other country is using this alleged cure either, so their people will die too. OK really?

Or maybe, some of the people pushing this alleged cure, have some problems with their demon sperm "experts" that they are citing? Can we get some actual verified cases of actual verified cures from use of these drugs? And can we explain why places like India would not use it -- if it is a cure? Or wait, I forgot! They are spending $$$ billions on a vaccine, because -- there is no cure? 

Meanwhile these devotees seem to be oblivious to the fact that people who are eating cats, bats, rats, mice, frogs, snakes, lizards, snails, dogs, donkeys, monkeys, alligators, various bugs, centipedes, fish, and everything else that walks, moves, crawls, flies, swims etc. just might make some sort of plague by that process? Yep, that's not the problem! I forgot, these devotees evidently watched too much 1960s TV where its always the mad scientist who makes the zombie formula, its not people's really bad eating process.   

I need to take my percodans now.

ys pd

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tirtha Maharaja is "One Sick Puppy" (Discussion)

Where is this parade going?

[PADA: BV Narayan Maharaja's "guru successor" BV Tirtha maharaja was involved in some sort of scandals. He was being exposed in different forums, but he suddenly died. I still don't have a report on what his actual cause of death is. If anyone has more details to this story send to --


PS Another TV documentary show wants to interview PADA editor. Lets see what happens. ys pd]

MA: It’s not that uncommon for those entering the madhyama stage to have problems with sex desire. The idea is to use the same ground as we have fallen upon to again raise ourselves up. Of course the whole sannyas - guru thing pushes a lot of buttons. Buyer be warned.

[PADA: No, the Madhyama stage is started at "anartha nivritti," where one has conquered anarthas such as attraction to mundane sex. These guys are always trying to telescope neophytes, or less than that, with advanced devotees. And what exactly is a "buyer beware" guru system? Madhyama devotees are also not recommended to take the post of diksha guru, they do not have sufficient brahmana tejyas to burn off the sins of their followers.] 

TD: The whole sanyas guru thing is dangerous ground for a madhyama ...
Or at least not sanyasa.

MA: Srila Sridhar Maharaja explained to ISKCON devotees in 1981 that sannyas is forbidden for Kali Yuga, so its now karma sannyas, not the sannyasa where one dedicates one’s body, mind and words to guru and Krishna.

[PADA: So Sridhara Maharaja thinks that the GBC's conditioned soul "karma sannyasa" folks need to be worshiped as acharyas?]

Sridhar Maharaja considered Jaiva Dharma, by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, apparently a book of fictitious characters, to be a more substantial reality than our current sensual experience. Srila Sridhar Maharaja considered Jaiva Dharma to be sastra because he saw that it was descending knowledge from the divine plane. So therefore a genuine sadhu's words are sastra and the followers of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur consequently consider Jaiva Dharma to be as good as Srimad Bhagavatam and Caitanya Caritamrta. 

The same thing would therefore be applied to the creation of Tridandi sannyas by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur. So this Tridandi sannyas is eternal or sat, sometimes it is manifested and sometimes unmanifest. Of course this is also the mood of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, otherwise why would he have accepted sannyasa initiation from his Godbrother, Srila Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Maharaja, who he considered an exalted Vaisnava in the line of his Guru Maharaja, Sri guru and Gauranga? This siddhanta is accepted by Srila Prabhupada and all of his Godbrothers. Tomorrow is the Divine Disappearance day of Srila Bhakti Rakshaka Sridhar Maharaja who left this world and entered nitya lila 32 years ago.

[PADA: Sridhara Maharaja endorses illicit sex deviants as acharyas, sorry, that is not nitya leela, that is deviation. And the supporters of false gurus have to go to the lower planets -- with the false gurus they supported. Where does Srila Prabhupada say supporting false gurus is nitya leela?]

TD: If one sadhu makes a statement it becomes shastra.. If another sadhu makes a contrary statement it becomes competing shastra. We've seen a lot of that. How bout the fall from Vaikuntha. I think it best to accept what every you like, but on the basis of logic based on shastra, and know that it is not the last word on any subject. Sanyasa or no sanyasa. The choice is yours.

[PADA: Except Srila Prabhupada says that the people who do not think we fell from Vaikuntha are tinged with mayavada, and are not qualified to be acharyas.]

MA: When one receives Tridandi sannyas they also receive an extra gayatri mantra that gives entrance into Radha daysam or the service of Srimati Radharani. Also, Srila Saraswati Thakur gave this mantra in Babaji initiation.
Gaur Kishore das Babaji left this world in 1915. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur took sannyas from a picture of Srila Gaura Kishore das Babaji in 1918. 
The question is, does one accept that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati can accept sannyasa diksha from a photo?

[PADA: Well there you go, a person can worship a departed person and take diksha from him, that is what we said all along.]

NK: Madhyama stage and sex desire? A madhyama-bhakta has bhava bhakti. Sex desire is a samskara. The revelation of samskara-s is part of the anartha nivrtti when doing bhajana kriya. Failing to uphold vows is niyamaksama which is a symptom of anistha bhajana kriya, far off from madhyama bhakti.

[PADA: Yup. They are not madhyama yet.]

MA: Wasn’t Bharata Maharaja in the stage of bhava when he became too attached to a young deer? That was considered a fall down due to attachment, but sex desire was not an element of his fall. It is also said that Bharata Maharaja’s attachment was to sattva guna. Anyway this pastime shows how one can still fall from the stage of bhava.

[PADA: Bharat Maharaja was not posing as an acharya.]

MA: Sex desire was not the cause. And good point about Bharata. Maybe there is some commentary of Visvanath on this that would corresponds to his analysis of bhakti krama. If material attachment could cause someone in bhava to fall wouldn't that mean that prema would be actual stage of perfection? 

That would be why no one falls from Vaikuntha, because the residents there, all have attained prema. Yet even bhava if beyond anartha-nivritti, and material attachment is certainly a root anartha. So why would it not be possible for someone in bhava, especially in it's beginning stage to fall from sex desire? Also, what about the influences of potential vaisnava-aparaha on a bhava bhakta?

[PADA: The souls do fall from Vaikuntha, Sridhara Maharaja is wrong to say we fall from the brahmajyoti. This is flat out mayavada.] 

TD: I wonder where you copied that from ... one of GM's less enthusiastic fans.
Question: Puri das did a lot of shastra work after leaving I think. I heard the name Puri das a lot but only lately did i find out he was Ananta Vasudev... btw, his samadhi is in Puri, on the same property as BSST's bhajan kutir there ... funny huh?

[PADA: Yes, Ananta Vasudeva aka Puri Maharaja fell down from acharya and created a big scandal in the Gaudiya Matha. Its odd that Bhakti Charu swami was supplying money to the Ananta Vasudeva matha after 1978.] 

MA: Puri Maharaja left sannyas to get married. He was a sannyasi for a brief period of time. From an objective viewpoint SBSST was a revolutionary innovator in Gaudiya Vaisnavism. Ultimately we accept Srila B V Swami Prabhupada based on faith or Sraddha. If we accept him then how can we not accept our Param guru? If you are in another line, each to his own. The cessation of siddha and guru pranali took place in other parallel lines as early as the 18th century.

TD: Ouch!! That's extreme! You love extreme!!

MA: The cessation? who's saying that? There are still pranalis about ... tho not in our faces so much. 

TA: Shit happens ... all over town actually ... if Daddy hadn't kicked him out he wouldn't have gone rogue and started the GM, and then where would we be eh??
Gauranga's non-sectarian sankirtan movement casts a wide net!!!

GG: I thought that sanga was so much more advanced! Don't really sound any different than the other Vaishnava groups.

[PADA: GG worships Satsvarupa, another rogue guru who likes to have affairs with followers.]

TD Don't let old envy creep in there GG ...

GG: Its just a practical comparison. We were told by recruiters that with initiation by sad guru and with higher education we were making the only reasonable choice given the substandard gurus existing in other groups

[PADA: Yes, how can ISKCON attack substandard gurus in other groups, when they are spawning their own substandard gurus?]

TD: Every institution has institutional problems.. I don't have many illusions about that ... it's the words of guru that are important ... and that's a personal thing.

[PADA: Yes, the actual guru says we should never worship substandard people as gurus, and yet Sridhara Maharaja / Narayan Maharaja endorsed the substandard as gurus anyway.]

MA: >>>Every institution has institutional problems<<< 

All of us, all conditioned jiva souls, have turned away from Krishna, towards Maha Maya for almost unlimited births. 

[PADA: But you just said we did not fall from being with Krishna? And yes, the problem of institutional gurus is, the whole idea is bogus from square one. We have to worship the bona fide guru and not the rubber stamped conditioned soul institutional and ecclesiastic gurus.]

TA: The problem isn't so much that we have attraction for non Krishna, but that we have little attraction for Krsna. That attraction is the key and if you find a drop somewhere, then sell your assets and buy buy buy!!!

KP: Sannyas in Kali yuga is mostly an abomination.

PA: Well stated. Every father, every mother, every single person in society should be concerned about such a sexual predator and certainly not glorify such a hypocrite as a saint, despite what wonderful service he may have done.
Those young women he raped will still be traumatised and their devotional development no doubt disturbed.

It is shocking that some devotees can overlook the immense suffering of the victims of abuse and prop up the myth that an unrepentant molester is worthy of ongoing glorification. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. They have a long path ahead of them for healing.

[PADA: Yes, allowing deviants to pose as gurus victimizes others, and often causes the victims to lose faith in the whole process. As this problem was unfolding, some of the other Narayan Maharaja leaders were complaining that they could not confront Tirtha Maharaja -- because his followers would get violent. So that means they are spawning bogus guru cults, which are victimizing others, including evidently minors and / or young adults. So the other leaders were powerless to fix this, because they had already empowered this deviant to the post of guru. They created their own Frankenstein monsters, and could not later on reign them in.]

JH: Tirtha Maharaja never raped anyone.

[PADA: OK here we go, its not really a big problem, its just a little problem.]

PA: The evidence from victims is that he digitally raped them . You may choose not to believe the testimony of the victims. That is your choice. By so doing you invalidate their traumatic experience and cause them more suffering. I am the victim of rape myself and I can tell you that those who chose not to believe me and instead sided with the perpetrator, caused me untold emotional damage.

I have also worked extensively with victims of sexual assault who were disbelieved, called liars and dismissed by those who couldn't face the TRUTH about the true nature of someone they had been regarding as a pure devotee / guru / Acarya. It's painful to face the truth. But it needs to be done if we are on the path of spiritual realisation.

JH: You should shut up ... it was one incident and doesn't wipe out his goodness. You raped a girl and people allowed you back in the community with all your mental problems. No wonder why you suffer.

[PADA: OK wait a minute? The guru is a sexual predator, and that is like a rank and file being a sexual predator? Nope. Its like when a criminal artificially becomes a policeman and robs and kills people. He is way worse because he is using his position of authority to exploit others. 

These folks never seem to recognize that the guru is supposed to be God's representative, so what he is doing has a huge impact on the victims. There is no comparison between and ordinary rank and file criminal and someone claiming to be God's successor acting as a criminal. And that is ALSO why these false gurus go to the most obnoxious regions, way worse than the rank and file ordinary man, because these false guru's crimes are way worse.] 

PA: It was NOT one incident. He admitted to more than one. Maybe you should read all the links before making further comments. And there is a lot more that has not been posted in this particular link.

AS: JH, so you mean to say, raping is fine if you say sorry? I just shudder to think what would you say if YOU were at the receiving end. Even if it is one incident, that does not absolve one from the deserved punishment.

[PADA: Yep, now we are counting victims. Well yep, he is the sum total of the demigods pure devotee, except when he was only deviating just once. Or twice. OK maybe more than that? Its not about counting deviations, a pure devotee is not deviating. Sulochana used to say, "they are arguing about how many dog's stools are in the sweet rice. Well jeepers there is only one dog's stool in the sweet rice. OK that is one too many."]

PA: Yes, what about her daughter, or her sister, or others who are affected?

AS: I just can't think about that. How one can be so insensitive. 

[PADA: Same things happened to us in 1997. We said there is a problem of the victims committing suicide and the GBC ilk and / or their staunch allies like Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad (Paul Coats UK) / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur types of people said, "well jeepers prabhu only a few of our victims are dying every few months, its nothing to get upset about"? 

Yep, they are counting their dead victims as "not too many." Well sure, we can continue to sell our bug killing chemical, its only killing a few children once in awhile. Jeepers, thanks a lot! Its what some police friends told me, it seems there is a policy to save the perps, and destroy the victims. 

These GBC clone folks are mainly upset that we are asking them ... where did you guys get all this children's blood on your iron clad jack boots? That is their biggest problem, there is children's blood on their giant child stomping jack boots, and we are exposing them. That is why they wanted to get PADA removed from the internet, so they could stomp all the more children down without any accountability.]  

PA: It truly is heartbreaking how many devotees appear to completely lack empathy for the abused and suffering innocent victims of known sexual predators. They close their ears, their eyes and their hearts. May they be illuminated with truth.

[PADA: Yep, so many devotees were aware of the overall policy of banning, beating, molesting, contrived lawsuits, and even assassinations, and almost none of them would ever report any of this to the police. The policy has been to save the perps, and toss the victims under the bus -- or what? An ordinary observer would maybe say this is a heartless and cruel bogus cult, as various observers have told me.] 

JH: I don't lack empathy ... I question the stories.

[PADA: What is there to question? Narayan Maharaja was a huge supporter of the GBC's bogus gurus, and he was thus enabling their program of banning, beating, molesting, suing and killing Vaishnavas. Then he appointed his own wave of bogus gurus, and various problems started going on with that wave.]

JH: But nothing surprises me since Srila Gurudeva left.

[PADA: Narayan Maharaja was already supporting the GBC guru program while he was here ...]

PA: That indicates you lack empathy. Sorry if you find my assessment brutal and unpalatable. The 2 teenage girls mentioned by GJ stated they had been digitally raped. At first the Swami denied it. Then he ADMITTED it and wrote apologies to the girls and their families. After all this, you are saying you are questioning their stories??.? I repeat, please read all the links here on this thread at the very least.

JH: Well I'm so sad if this is true ... so many falldowns since gurudeva left.

[PADA: Wrong, your gurudeva was already promoting falling down guru programs while he was here. This is not all of a sudden dropping out of the sky now.] 

PA: JH -- it is very understandable that you feel sad about all this. The Narayana Maharaja sangham is not my sangham, although I did have his association and found him a very saintly person who was really trying to help shell - shocked ISKCON devotees. This was over 20 years ago. I also have some dear friends who are disciples of Narayana Maharaja.

After my own initiating guru, Srila Prabhupada, disappeared in 1977, we were also distraught at all the fall downs of sanyasis, some of who had taken onl the role of Acarya. It took a long time for things to settle. In fact, although I am no longer associated with ISKCON, I know that things have still not settled.

MK: I have kept out of groups for years so didn't really know. I got to know him years ago and he was my friend and I developed a bond with him and had great memories of him showing love and kindness, so I was saddened to hear of his passing as a personal friend of mine who touched my heart, not vagina nor any of my kids when he came to my house over 10 years ago. Anyway, shame if it's true, hope it's not. As I said, for other reasons I stopped attending group functions and having much to do with groups, so wasn't really aware.

TD: I see he was well liked in the sanga, so my comments are my own experience...

MK: Well as you can see, if you read my whole comment, I haven't had much to do with sanga's, spiritual groups etc etc for a while. I keep out of it, so I hadn't heard. Now I will swear at you, so apologies in advance! That is what these f***ing groups have become to me! A bunch of hypocrites, congregating and being up themselves, thinking they're superior than everyone else on the f***ing planet and then when someone does something wrong, half stand up for them and the other half condemn them and then there's a war on! 

Or, there's a member of the group who isn't totally living up to what everyone expects and they're looked down on and gossiped about, or some up themselves person f***s another person's husband or wife. On and on and on and on, give me a f***ing break! Worse than the Bold and the beautiful! Cause they're supposed to be spiritual! Give me a glass of champagne and some nice music to listen to, a lovely day in my garden and some good times with my kids and pets. Much better imo. Sorry. Just being brutally honest! I chant when I feel like it.

[PADA: Yup, the consensus of many. They voted with their feet to leave the whole mess behind.] 

MK: I mean, they're not all like that but enough are -- to keep me away.

TD: I got alienated from this Narayan Maharaja sanga years ago ... i didn't quite fit in ... I was all into Gurudevs teachings for sure, but it seems no one much likes to discuss philosophy. Just guru, guru, guru all the time ... I'm just not into that. It gets culty. Guru is in his message ... It's the shiksha that is key ...

MK: Yeah I've been in both groups and saw this stuff. Then you get the, our Guru is better and more bona fide than your Guru stuff. 

TD: Not too worry! At one time Bhaktipada was the only bonafide acarya anywhere!

PA: To hear of the ongoing sexual assaults of this man, even after his so-called apology, is understandably distressing for those who felt affection and gratitude towards him. I've seen devotees recovering from this kind of dreadful betrayal for decades. From Bhavananda, to Prabhavisnu and so many others. Recovery is possible. Professional counselling can be of great benefit.

TD: Denial works pretty good too eh!

PA: Denial does not work for long. Those who choose to stay in denial inevitably become that special brand of lunatic - blind to Truth and embracing illusion despite all evidence. Just plain nuts.

LL: This is sooooo sick.

WS: It was a pastime to show us -- although at bhava stage fall down may occur it is exceedingly rare. 

BS: Abstinence from sex as a moral virtue / spiritual credential, might not actually make much sense. Never mind that everybody has been thinking it does for a long time ... how many other things can you think of that are clearly total nonsense that also have "a long and venerated" tradition behind them?

[PADA: OK pilgrims, false guru programs just don't work. Its what Srila Prabhupada told us three thousand times every month for years on end. It causes problems, scandals, loss of faith, and a break down of the mission. 

Never mind distraught, traumatized victims, who are sometimes suicidal and are often just plain dysfunctional people whose lives have been ruined. We need to get back to the basic process of worship of the bona fide acharya, Srila Prabhupada. Then all of these false guru outcroppings would not have occurred in the first place. ys pd]

Monday, July 27, 2020

Hare Krishna Orchestra Bhajan (DJ PADA Video)

PADA vs GBC Clone Debate the Poison Issue

KT: pada1008 if you love srila prabhupada then how can you think he was murdered he was a pure soul my only request watch this poison conspiracy debunked https://youtu.be/vA-CzGs8XfA

PADA: So Jesus is not a pure devotee? Why are you guys always coming up with the idea that Jesus is not a pure devotee, so he is being attacked? And Maharaja Pariksit is not a pure devotee? And Pradyumna was killed because he is not a pure devotee, and Bhishma is not a pure devotee ... and so on and so forth? You guys really need to start to read the Vedas, pure devotees can be attacked, and have been -- throughout history. ys pd

KT: Who told you that Jesus wasn’t a great devotee? Prabhupada was never poisoned as prabhupada himself stated.

PADA: "Vahi bat ye hamko poison diye," he said he is having mental distress from being poisoned. And the people there are talking about poison, etc.

KT: pada1008 truth is that this nityananda dasa is a traitor and so-called truth committee is misguiding the devotees

PADA: Ok so you have no explanation why they are whispering about poison etc.

KT: pada1008 the whisper is debunked by the audio engineers can they stated it is the swelling is going down not poison is going down.

PADA: No, three separate audio labs all agreed they are discussing poison ... they confirmed.

KT: I am suggesting you to watch this video with full scientific explanation what the actual matter https://youtu.be/vA-CzGs8XfA . You can’t say anything without any proof I also used to think same like you that prabhupada was poisoned to death but the I have a proof so I am 100% sure that prabhupada was never poisoned with full explanation.

PADA: Prabhupada says he is being poisoned. (B) He says he has the symptoms of a person being poisoned. (C) He says people around him are talking about his being poisoned (yeh sab friends). (D) One Kaviraja says that he found bone marrow in the urine sample, a symptom of heavy metal poison. (D) Forensically verified whispers show that people around in were in fact -- talking about poison, including sinister giggling. (E) Bhakti Caru is crying outside the room because -- Srila Prabhupada is saying he is being poisoned. (F) A gurukuli there said he suspected poison, at the time. 

(G) Srila Prabhupada says, please do not torture me and put me to death. (H) Srila Prabhupada says -- there is a Ravana in his room, and he needs to leave his room and be on a bullock cart, because he would rather be killed by Rama. (I) Tamal was saying to Satsvarupa that Srila Prabhupada "wanted something to make him disappear" (poison). (J) The entire tape was hidden and not revealed, and we had to obtain a copy by various sneaky tricks -- they were hiding it (reason is self evident). 

(K) I played the tape to a Bengali editor (who did the first transcript) and Brijabasi friends in 1997, the Brijabasis cried, the editor grimaced and and both said -- this man was poisoned. (L) A hair sample reveals heavy metal in the hair indicating "chronic poisoning over a period of time." (M) FBI folks said this would be prosecuted as a homicide if this had happened in the USA. (N) Bhakti Caru, Adridharan and others reported "being shocked at the complaint," thus everyone in the room agrees he is complaining of poison and so on. 

KT: pada1008 haha don’t torture me and put me into death. Have you listened the full audio of don’t torture me and put to death.

PADA: So this is a funny hah hah issue for you guys? The GBC hired no audio engineers? Who did they hire? ys pd https://youtu.be/chEEThNG_rI

KT: pada1008 not only they have hired audio engineers but also the medical experts who know the consequences and they made a documentary video on cross investigation. I have watched many of the videos and I was also believing that prabhupada was poisoned to death but I found this was a total lie. Why the truth committee lied about don’t torture me and put to death? Why nityananda das is afraid of the courts, he is a coward.

PADA: The main person who helped put together your poison counter video is Amarendra, the person the GBC had assigned to help them get out of their child molesting case. They lost that case, which was a $400,000,000 lawsuit against the GBC. Sorry, the people who are running from the courts are these guys, they pleaded "no contest." Don't torture me and put me to death -- has no good context? ys 

KT: I gave you the link of original tapes of prabhupada and you are not believing. Truth is in front of you but you are so bewildered that you became blind that you can’t see the truth presented to to you. Believe in false propaganda and live in ignorance as I lived for many years. I will challenge you if you are brave enough and want to know what prabhupada was actually speaking watch the video given by me then argue with me.

PADA: OK I have Brijabasi friends and when I played them the tape they started crying and said "they poisoned him." You are crying because we are pointing this out? So the other people who listened to the tape, namely the Bengali news people who translated the tapes, also said, they poisoned this man. So we already had all this -- way before the other evidences came in.

Mayesvara also made no concrete new arguments in his video, we already covered all of his arguments many years ago. The GBC came out with a book ... that had a fake audio expert (he records rock and roll) and their doctor was also a fake, he was only a nurse. Then they came up with this video, using Amarendra, a known faker who defends the child molesting process. Why are we even quoting this guy? He defends evil, and he also lost their case. We already challenged these jokers in court, they lost. ys pd

KT: pada1008 I don’t believe in the rumors like you do as prabhupada said they may kill me also, don’t torture me, why you want to show this clip as a so called evidence which the truth was missing. Yes you know everything because you are a parmeshwar if you have any evidence then prove me how they are fake and how do you know are you all pervading parmatma.

PADA: Yes, "my only request is -- please do not torture me and put me to death." That explains the whole thing in a nutshell right there. My Brijabasi friends convinced me -- way before I even played the tape to anyone else. They speak Braj, and they know Srila Prabhupada personally. They were crying. You are crying because they knew what happened, that's all. 

Why did I have to wait from 1977 - 1997 to even get this tape? If its innocent, why was it hidden? That is the truth, all this was suppressed. 

My Brijabasi friends can understand the tape better than you or Mayesvara ever could, they know Srila Prabhupada personally and for decades. They told me to run with the issue because, they agreed he is being poisoned. Dr. Kurana (one of the kavirajas) was also convinced, and that is why his son Naveen later on came on board to help me with the issue. Mayesvara has no idea what is on the tape, that is clearly evident. ys pd

KT: I don’t know who is that brajbashi and I don’t believe in anyone unless there is an evidence. I said I don’t believe in someone who claims that prabhupada was poisoned sorry your arguments are just a deceptions. It is clear in a full audio that prabhupada said he don’t want die in the hospital he says afterwords let me die here it’s all clear that what prabhupada wanted to say if you just remove these parts from the audio then it sounds like Prabhupada was begging for the life and he had a fear of death so you people think prabhupada was an ordinary person who is afraid of death you people damaged the image of Srila Prabhupada. If you say iskcon hired a fake audio expert then we can also say ritviks and so-called truth committee made this fake audio recording also with 100% proof.

PADA: Before all this started, when I first got the tape, before playing to anyone, I played it to some Bengalis and Brijabasis. They told me -- these deviants poisoned Srila Prabhupada. The Bijabasis know more than all these experts put together, they are Srila Prabhupada's personal friends, and they know what he is saying. This is proof enough for me. ys pd

KT: pada1008 so prabhupada's sons were also kirtanananda swami, he too was personally very close to srila prabupada. So why iskcon kicked him out and no one believes in him he also started his own fake temples. So why shall I believe in that brajavasi who I don’t know is telling a truth or just lying. Sorry this not an evidence. Everything’s is already exposed now Prabhupada didn’t beg for his life he was fearless devotee of Krishna. It was just a rumor caused by misinformation and elaborated by the fraud nityananda dasa.

PADA: OK well everyone is free to believe who they want to. Mayesvara uses people like Amarendra as his reference source, and he has been the GBC's lawyer -- thus very much disliked by some of the molesting victims -- because he defended the regime. In sum, Mayesvara is not even trying to give us a good source. Yes, I believe the Bengalis and Brijabasis over these guys. 

I really started all this with no other sources other than the original tapes. 

The fact that the tapes were hidden proves something is very wrong right out of the gate. I also find it amazing the the GBC people keep saying -- no pure devotees are ever attacked, which means they do not believe Jesus, Pariksit Maharaj, Pradyumna and others are pure devotees. They are totally clueless people who do not even understand the basic points which even the materialists understand, a pure devotee might be attacked, it happens. 

So clueless people are not a good reference for anything, they are clueless and rudderless. The people who do not even believe that Jesus is a pure devotee should not have any standing on any topic. ys pd

KT: pada1008, nityananda das Nicokuyth adliteraly hijacked the common land of 11.54 acres, meant for the building of Temples, Gurukulas etc. And had built his own house on such a huge piece of Land. Something like Nityananda's personal 10,000 square foot southern mansion captured the iskcons property and was dragged into the court where his lies got caught. Real tapes? That’s all editing. Why this tape wasn’t destroyed by the GBC if they knew there was the poison tape and they would be exposed. Sorry this is total hoax.

TkG: Srila Prabhupada? You just said that it is Said that you were poisoned ?

Srila prabhupada: No! These kind of symptoms are seen when the man is poisoned he said like that. Not that I am poisoned !

PADA: The investigation was already going on before Nityananda was involved. We had some Brijabasis on board right at the start. Nityananda is one of many people who agreed with my presentation of the tapes in 1997. 

There are people writing me every day about this issue, and they are agreeing. For you to say that the personal friends of Srila Prabhupada ... who are Brijabasis ... are therefore liars, fools and hoaxters is simply not very respectful. I don't think its your position to attack the Brijabasis as liars, fools and hoaxters -- when these are the personal friends of a pure devotee. 

Its amazing to me how you guys will insult and attack even Srila Prabhupada's personal friendly associates and call them cheaters, liars and hoaxters. Of course a lawyer who defends child molester projects is a valid person, I get it. I got the tape because most of it is in Hindi and none of them knew what was on it. Apart from that, Krishna wanted me to have this tape. I was praying to get it, and He got it to me. Sorry, more people are agreeing. ys pd

KT: pada1008 friends of srila prabhupada's are not liars but the whole iskcon devotees are liars. And all disciples of srila prabhupada are liars. So I am also bogus and all the followers of prabhupada are bogus and out of iskcon. Everyone is pure and innocent devotees and what about the god brothers of srila prabhupada who were very jealous of srila prabhupada. 

In your opinion one who is brijbashi is always pure. Sorry GBC is formed by prabhupada and iskcon is srila prabhupadas body and he is the soul of iskcon. There may be faults and downfalls of some devotees because iskcon accepts all kind people. Srila prabhupada predicted his movement will last up to 10,000 years and iskcon will live for that time. 

No one can destroy the image of iskcon not any silly ritviks who pretend to be disciples of srila prabhupada. Sorry leaving iskcon means leaving my instructions and me prabhupada himself stated so who are out of iskcon are not the followers of srila prabhupada. So you people say srila prabhupada begged for a life which is more insult to srila prabhupada than I did to his so-called personal friends. If prabhupada wanted then the iskcon should should be ruled by his friends not by his disciples.

PADA: OK so the first people I played the tape to are Brijabasis, and they knew Srila Prabhupada personally, and they told me the tape says, he is being poisoned. And ever since then, the GBC people have told me these Brijabasi people are liars, fools and cheats, and INSTEAD we need to listen to the people who defend child molester guru enterprises. 

Does that make any sense to any normal person? 

We do NOT listen to the friends of the person in question, we listen to the defenders of a molester guru enterprise? No normal person would accept that the friends are the fools and the defenders of deviants are the righteous and correct ones? I never said Srila Prabhupada begged for his life, he was not attached to this life. You are making him say things he never said. 

Why would you guys say a pure devotee would beg for his life in the first place? Pure devotees are not begging Krishna for their lives? Why do you keep insisting on making the false claim that we said he was begging for his life, when that is not what any of us ever said? Why are you misquoting us all the time, this means you are arguing with your own shadow. You are making a false claim, then attacking it, you are fighting your own shadow. ys pd

KT: pada1008 you always refer to this clip don’t torture me and put to death just hearing it a normal person thinks that prabhupada was tortured to death but in the full audio the full scenario changes. And you still refer this clip as a evidence what a hypocrisy.

PADA: You lost me when you said the Brijabasis are liars and fools, and a guy who defends child molester guru programs is valid. Ask any person walking down the street, do we trust the friends of a person, or a certified defender of deviants? Srila Prabhupada said ... my only request is, please don't torture me and put me to death. And you are criticizing his statements, saying we are wrong to expose these statements? 

He said that so that when we got the tape, we would know what happened, that is so we would understand the history. He wanted us to know what was going on, and so he made these statements so -- we would know. And we do know, thanks to these statements. 

That statement was not made for those people there at the time, it was made for those of us who would later on get these tapes and -- expose them, and we did. So now you are saying we should ignore his statements? That makes a lot of sense, ignore his statements and listen to people who defend molester guru enterprises, that is superior information? ys pd

KT: pada1008 just because of your propaganda videos and other ritviks videos it made me so depressed that I stopped believing on prabhupada and Krishna consciousness and it ruined many devotees lives and became non devotees just because of you people. This is not a service for srila prabhupada. Prabhupada said preach not to mispreach just as you people are doing.

PADA: Ok so you are depressed to find out Jesus, Pariksit maharaja, Pradyumna, Bhishma and apparently Srila Prabhupada were attacked. That's nice, but we cannot re-write history. What is depressing to most of the ex-children is the molesting empire, and its defenders. We cannot re-write history. 

Srila Prabhupada's astrology chart said he would live for many years ... if he could get over the immediate danger from "juniors and subordinates." That is why later he said "jyoti jnana," he was making a reference to that chart, i.e. danger from juniors and subordinates. So these are all historical events. 

Tamal told Satsvarupa just around the end of 1977 ... Srila Prabhupada wanted us to give him something to make him disappear, ok that refers to poison. And its on tape, we have the audio. So you can try to re-write all this, but Madhvacarya says, in order to be liberated we need to understand the itihasa, the history. So yes, Jesus was attacked, its very depressing, but its also history and none of us little peanut individuals are going to re-write it, it will stand as it is. Its not my job to deny or re-write history, its my job to know what it is. 

These gurus have created a program of banning, beating, molesting, lawsuits and murders, that is poisoning ISKCON all by itself as a separated issue. Would the same people who poisoned his movement also have poisoned him? We think -- yes. Anyway, we keep getting more people to agree, because the counter arguments just don't stand very well. These gurus had already discredited his movement by 1997 when I got the tape, it was too late to save anything at that stage. 

So I could have hid this, but the movement had already been poisoned by that point. His being poisoned as well thus made complete sense to me at that point. I was in 1997 also fighting them over the changed books and the molesting issue, so this was simply another evidence of their malfeasance core. 

I played the tape to Bengalis and Brijabasis as a test run, and the GBC failed the test run and badly. These Brijabasi people had tears streaming down their faces and I will never forget that. Its history. Even the original Bengali man who did my original transcript told me to never mention his name, he fears for the lives of his family in Bengal, he believes these people are dangerous crooks and poisoners. He knows what the tape says, and he told me that right off the bat in our first meeting, "they poisoned this man." ys pd

KT: pada1008 okay thanks for misleading me for many years Hare Krishna! No more debates because you don’t believe in me and I don’t believe in you so I decided to end it up here because it will never end l lose you win sorry as a bogus follower of iskcon I wasted your precious time.

PADA: So you guys have always said that ... the Brijabasi friends of Srila Prabhupada are liars, fools and cheaters. That has been your entire argument the whole time. Meanwhile you send me a link to a video made by some of the same people who defended the child molesting guru empire. Sorry, following ISKCON is not following these deviant people. 

Many folks are coming on board and agreeing because: they see what the Bengalis and Brijabasis saw at the start of all this; way before we had the whispers and all the rest of it; that Srila Prabhupada is himself complaining of being poisoned; and being tortured to death; and being in a room with Ravana; and his yeh sab friends are discussing poison (and they are as the whispers confirm); and his chart says there will be danger from subordinates and he refers to that chart etc. 

In addition, the whispers are incriminating whether we split hairs on their exact content; and Bhakti Charu says someone gave him poison here; and Srila Prabhupada said he is having mental distress from being poisoned, and so on and so forth. And our Brijabasis friends agreed to all this evidence. All all of that is lies? OK so that means you do not have any good explanation, and never have had one the whole time. 

And as soon as we came out with this issue -- immediately GBC poisoner lover guys like the Janardan / Gopijana / Krishna Kirtan / Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad das (Paul Coats) / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur types of ilk -- all screamed in unison with the GBC's folks -- "PADA is a liar"! Because these people all cannot stop kissing the jack boots of Judas, so they will attack anyone who is exposing their Judas and child molesting guru's program's pals. And they sent me links to listen to their molester messiah program's cheer leaders like Bhakta das.

Of course, saying that our complaints about book changes, molesting and poison are "lies" what these people have always done. Its not a substantial argument. That is how they co-created a massive child molesting program of extensive webs and nests, they said we were lying when we tried to expose them and their agenda. In any case, citing Judas defenders is not going to win the argument in normal circles.

Sorry, if this is all lies, then why is there no good counter evidence? And where is that evidence? More people are accepting our side of the evidence -- every day, because we have lots of it. In sum, the argument that "PADA lies" is losing traction and big time.

The GBC side of all these arguments, is crumbling more each day. Mayesvara is recycling old arguments we defeated more than ten years ago, he has no new arguments. And if he has to get dubious guys like Amarendra as his ally and witness, he loses all credibility right out of the gate.

ys pd