Tuesday, May 11, 2021

News Reporters: Considerable "Under-counting" Of Bodies in India


[PADA: That is also what some of our contacts there said. They hear about people dying on a much larger scale than the official news is reporting. It does appear that India is in a virus "free fall" -- and all that after our Trump loving readers kept telling PADA "the whole thing is a hoax made up by the Democrats." Really pilgrims? 

Ummm, nope. A hoax does not produce masses of dead bodies worldwide. Duh-oh! Incidently, more and more dead bodies piling up now on the banks of the Ganges. There is simply no other means of discarding all these bodies left for a lot of people. So more and more bodies are being dumped into the river, which contaminates the river. And this process then leaves contaminated bodies here and there on the banks, and spreads the disease all the more. 

I know, these people all died from "the new hoax." 

Meanwhile BB Govinda Maharaja said his lung scan "does not look good." Sorry, not a hoax folks. This is a major chunk of karma coming down Krishna's karma pipeline. Nothing Krishna arranges is "a hoax." ys pd]


Monday, May 10, 2021

First Female Diksha Guru in ISKCON (Tucson)


PADA: Looks like Kalakantha and his crew. We will get more details in time. Some of them are heading into the Female Diksha Guru program full steam ahead. Actually only certain sectors of ISKCON will be doing that, there are other sectors that disagree. It is more splintering into factions. Conditioned souls cannot absorb the sins of another conditioned soul, "male or female conditioned soul" is not the real issue. ys pd]



Sunday, May 9, 2021

Children Making Climate Lawsuits Against Adults


PADA: It is remarkable that many children see that the Earth is on a non-sustainable course, while a lot of adults are simply -- in denial. These children are right, the Earth will become less and less inhabitable due to: severe weather changes; toxic pollution of the soil; bad water -- or no water; and so on and so forth -- as is predicted in the Vedas. 

For example, a study now is finding that fish have been eating degrading microplastics in the ocean for actually decades now, it is just that no one was keeping track decades ago. And that means the people eating these fish are ingesting microplastics, and it is getting into their blood streams and etc. And that is simply one example of the mess being made.

And yes, the adults and their large corporate plundering of the Earth are all part of making this mess. These kids are waking up, hopefully not "way too little and way too late" to make at least some positive corrections. 

Srila Prabhupada wanted his devotees to have self sufficient rural communities, because in part, that is a sustainable lifestyle for the planet. Some devotees sent me some memes making fun of Greta Thunberg. Right, you stalwart devotees with Unicorns and "Peace in the Middle East Now" stickers on your car are going to fix everything. 

She has done more to spread a meatless diet than most devotees ever will. We need to do better. Of course the Earth is not our real permanent home, but we should leave something leftover for the souls that will come here to live on it after us, which includes future Krishna devotees. 

ys pd 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Lokanath Swami Case Review (ISKCON NAC)

[PADA: A day late and a dollar short. Really does not explain how Krishna's alleged gurus, successors and acharyas are constantly caught deviating left, right and center. Of course something is better than nothing. The really good news is, the ISKCON GBC's "messiahs from heaven who can absorb your sins like Jesus" are generally only caught deviating by having illicit sex with men, women and children and -- at least are not being caught having sex with the family's goat. 

We have to give them some credit! And this odious lot is the group Narayan Maharaja has been giving "rasika classes" to? "Gurus" and illicit sex with men, women and children and -- rasika? ys pd]

Lokanath Swami case to ICPO - May 8th, 2021

Dear North American Devotee Community,

Please accept our respectful obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

There has been a great deal of recent discussion on the Internet and social media about Lokanath Swami, regarding an incident of sexual abuse of a minor that occurred in the Eastern United States in 1990. The North American GBC felt that the international GBC Body made a good faith effort at the time to investigate and respond to this case of child sexual abuse and placed some restrictions and mandates in place over his activities. 

Later, in 1998, when the Child Protection Office (CPO) office was established, the GBC Body felt that since Lokanath Swami had gone through a previous investigation, there was no need for the CPO to reexamine his case. In addition, due to the legal concept of double jeopardy, a person is not “adjudicated” repeatedly for the same offense. 

However, in retrospect, the North American ISKCON Leadership Council (composed of NA GBC members and other leaders) now feel that the case needs re-examination because first, the full GBC was not aware of the extent and details of the actual sexual abuse of the eleven-year-old girl. Second, we feel that, regardless of double jeopardy, it was a serious procedural error to not have the CPO examine this case. In retrospect, we acknowledge that it would have been best for the case to have been dealt with by the Child Protection Office, which is independent from the GBC and other ISKCON management. 

Therefore, the North American Leadership Council resolves the following: 

1. The NAC requested that the Lokanath Swami case be turned over to the International Child Protection Office, which will work cooperatively with the North American Child Protection Office for a resolution that will be binding within ISKCON. The GBC EC has agreed and the case has been turned over to the ICPO.

2. While the case undergoes further investigation and decision, Lokanath Swami is restricted from coming to North America nor initiating any aspiring disciples based in North America, including online initiations. Lokanatha Swami has agreed to comply with these conditions. 

3. Further we recommend to the GBC Body and the Executive Committee, that Lokanath Swami be suspended from further initiations globally until his case is resolved by the CPO. 

Finally, we apologize for any lack of vigilance or follow through with this case, which did occur in North America. There was undoubtedly great trauma, hurt, and confusion to the young girl and her family, that should never be caused by the actions of a trusted spiritual leader. 

Over the last 30 years, the ISKCON Society, the world in general, and we as individuals have developed a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the nature of the great harm caused by child abuse. The North American GBC and North American ISKCON Leadership Council members remain committed to the vital cause of child protection and considers child abuse to be Vaishnava aparadha. We will continue to strive to eradicate child abuse from our ISKCON Society. 

Your servants, 

ISKCON North American Leadership Council 

Please note:

Badrinarayan Swami was not on the calls to discuss the Lokanath Swami case and did not sign the letter. He chose to personally write to Lokanath Swami and urge him to resign.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Narayan Maharaja Plagiarized His "Rasika Teachings"? (ISKCON)

GH: I was in the NM camp from '97 to 2017. I witnessed firsthand the ecstasy and finally ... the agony. Many things became clear.

The elephant in the room is the failure of even the sanyasis to follow the 4 regs. One in particular was 'falling down' with regularity. After NM passed on, this sanyasi had "his own disciples" ... and he simply went on 'falling down' with his own female disciples. This 'guru' passed away in recent times and was placed in samadhi! I'm not exaggerating. It was the last straw for me. Clearly the system didn't work for this poor fellow, yet he was placed on a pedestal.

[PADA: Yes, I saw some of the internal conversations. One other leader said if he went to confront this person "he would be beaten with bamboo sticks." So it looks like they have simply created false "Krishna's guru successors" complete with sub-violent cult followers, bogus samadhis and etc. Meanwhile there is evidently at least one other "guru" in their program who cannot follow. They have become another GBC style cover up program for false gurus.]

For me, a big disappointment was the fact NM's preaching of Rasika topics came not from his personal realization, but from the classes and books of Sri Ananda Gopal Goswami (1950's) and Sri Anantadas Babaji of Radha Kund (1980's til 2000's). There is nothing wrong with sourcing others but if we don't cite our sources then it's called plagiarism. NM would source material then recall it almost word-for-word presenting it as his own.

As one of his many disciples, I was shocked. Firstly, for obvious plagiarism. Secondly, in the same breath he would say "...don't go to the Babaji's!" So there was the hypocrisy factor.

I'm sorry NM, that's dishonest. Plain and simple. Lastly, the gurukul abuse was discussed at this time (late 90's) and he said it was basically their karma. In some cultures, sexual abuses of children is not seen as all that bad. Even fall downs by sanyasis is not seen as that bad.

Now, it is a historical fact SP heard about child sex abuse and abuse of the kids as far back as 1970. Bhavananda was involved. One of SP's top Generals in the fight against Maya. What did SP do? From all accounts he was shocked. So he wrote letters telling those involved to stop. That's it. He ignored it thereafter.

After the 1972 Xmas Marathon, the emphasis was on book sales and recruitment. With the money coming in, SP ordered the opening of the Dallas gurukul. He ordered all his disciples to send their kids, as young as 2, to a gurukul. That way the parents could go on preaching unhampered by family responsibility. These are facts. After SP passed on, the money chase never stopped.

[PADA: I know it looks like Srila Prabhupada was not concerned about the gurukulas. However, I do believe he wanted -- and expected -- that his Western followers would follow the basic laws of the USA -- and to contain if not report crimes. And that simply was not being done for the gurukula abuses, the mass criminal programs that evolved after 1977, and so on and so forth. 

In my opinion, Srila Prabhupada basically expected that his Western followers would maintain law and order in his society. It is impossible for me to imagine he wanted the floodgates of crimes to be opened and unleashed in his mission. 

At the same time, I believe Srila Prabhupada (and his desires and orders) were being intentionally ignored, or suppressed -- or worse -- he was being poisoned physically by this group, so they could engage in crimes without restriction. There is NO evidence widespread criminal activity was ever approved of or encouraged by Srila Prabhupada. There IS evidence he complained of being poisoned by this sabha.

In any event, we have to pick up the pieces now as best we can and move forward. I am glad you got free of both the GBC and NM programs, neither are acting properly. ys pd]   

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Patita Uddharana Dasa (Miles Davis) Update


Henry Doktorski: I just received a nice endorsement today, from a reader in Bulgaria (Patita Uddharana das):

The books of Henry Doktorski are very popular among devotees who “were there.” That is because not only are the books well written, and subject to meticulous research, but Doktorski was also “there.” But, most of all, these testimonies to a period of history are a message to any future egoistical and self-appointed “leaders,” who think that their crimes against Vaishnavas can be swept under the rug and that sins at the lotus feet of Krishna’s devotees carry no repercussions. Let the future generations of bhaktas read these accounts, and let them take note that the eyes of the all-pervasive Supreme Lord are everywhere. As Prabhupada used to say, “Be very careful, you are dealing with Krishna.”

Patita-Uddharana dasa Adhikari, ACBSP (Miles Davis)

(Initiated September 1968, Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Photo caption: Patita-Uddharana dasa with a statue of the famous Bulgarian artist Vladimir Dimitrov (1882-1960), Frolosh, Bulgaria (Spring 2021)

[PADA: Correct. And there will also be an accounting for all of those who enabled, empowered, apologized for -- and provided the cheer leading squad for this process -- like Patita Uddharana das. He came to Berkeley temple when I was there -- to organize a kirtan to pray for Kirtanananda to recover after he was whacked on the head. 

Meanwhile at that exact same time, me and Sulochana das were struggling to expose Kirtanananda and his child molesting regime. So these "egotistical leaders" had many help mates, hand maidens, apologists, and people praying for them to stay in power like Patita Uddharana das (Miles Davis) was at the time. We cannot separate the bogus leaders from their support group, which formed a foundation platform for the false leaders to stand on. 

There will be repercussions, for the fake gurus -- and their enablers. Patita Uddharana still supports the other co-guru squad members of Kirtanananda like Indradyumna swami -- who thinks he is another Jesus and he can absorb sins like Jesus. They are still encouraging the bogus false guru platform in other sectors, which means they have not learned the lesson fully yet. ys pd] 


Pankajanghri prabhu's "Serving the Demons" Question

PADA: Not really a good idea to go around saying:
Krishna's acharyas are often illicit sex criminal deviants.

Dear PADA: Is it not possible like sometimes even pure devotees like Akrura and Vidura are on the wrong side due to force of circumstances? Just being on the wrong side doesn't necessarily degrade them. Can you clarify this doubt prabhu?


PADA: There are examples of great devotees evidently serving the cause of the demons:

1) Lord Shiva. He is constantly encouraging and enabling the demons, even to the point of allowing them to take over the planets of the demigods. Of course this is all Krishna's divine lila. The Lord has an aspect that sometimes encourages the demons, because Krishna wants to fulfil their desires to be demons -- to some extent -- but only on a limited scale. Some souls wanted to be fully independent of the Lord. And He sometimes encourages that desire -- but it is never serious -- because in the end all of the plans of the demons are frustrated and ruined. 

Notice, the demons never actually "take over the universe" for any really lasting duration of time. All of these demons have to eventually be defeated and die, and Krishna knows that in advance. So it is a form of lila, it is not actually a substantial argument for us conditioned souls to support the demons. 

Generally, even after the demons take over temporarily, they are defeated and eliminated. This is simply an example of Krishna allowing the demons to think they are winning, but He always knows -- that never happens in the end.

It is not a program that EVER ends in success in any case. And we conditioned souls should not attempt to take on -- and duplicate -- such a lila ourselves. It is WAY over our level of spiritual realization. We neophytes need to follow the instructions of the acharyas to -- avoid assisting the demoniac.

2) Narada Muni. He is sometimes encouraging the demons, and is criticized for giving them sympathy and advice. I read a Hindu web page that alleges Narada Muni once sang a song of praise for Hiranyakasipu, and he did a silly dance to appease that asura. So this is another example of lila. Narada Muni is an agent of Krishna and he might encourage the demons -- because he knows the future fate of the whole situation. 

And that is evidently why Narada Muni is sometimes known as a sort of prankster joker, he knows the future of the whole situation and so he laughs at their attempts to conquer the Lord, since he has seen hundreds of thousands of these cases -- fail. And so he sort of acts as a pastime enhancer. 

Thus Krishna sometimes uses Narada Muni to be a fire starter for some lila or another, but again that has nothing to do with us conditioned souls trying to imitate these lilas. And all of the demons who get his "help," end up defeated anyway, which Narada Muni knew in advance was going to be the case. We cannot promote demons in ISKCON and expect ISKCON to thrive, it will be defeated and destroyed. And it has been.

Some demons wanted to kill Narada Muni and he told them, it is impossible for you to kill me in any case. Evidently, he has a non-material boody. We do not. We are nowhere near his level and so we should never think we can do what he is doing.

3) Bhishma. He also evidently fought with the wrong side. However, he wanted to see Krishna come after him in Krishna's military fighting mood, and he begged Krishna to kill him in this fighting mood. So this is also a lila. Bhishma is fighting with Krishna to see the Lord's military lila and again, we conditioned souls cannot imitate. Then again, Bhishma was defeated because, he was on the wrong side. It means, suppose we want to fight Krishna just to see His militant activity against us, we will not win that fight, and neither will ISKCON -- if it fights the Lord.

4) Vidura. Vidura was in the Kaurava house due to a curse. At the same time, he was acting as a spy to help feed information to the Pandavas, which saved the Pandavas from various plots. Again, this is ALL lila. And in the end, Vidura did speak up and protest. Vidura was always advising the Kauravas to make peace with the Pandavas, he was not really encouraging them to attack at any stage.

5) Akrura. Akrura was acting as a liaison
 between Krishna and Kamsa. Again, this is lila. There had to be some way for coordinating the lila of Krishna entering Mathura, and Akrura had that task. He was serving Kamsa in order to enact a lila, and that means he was serving Krishna properly. Again, we neophytes cannot try to imitate these pastimes. 

Besides that, it is not "Krishna's lila" to support a deviant acharya's group. We cannot really find any examples of great devotees supporting an illicit sex with men, women and children guru's program. That lila never seems to happen with any great devotees, because it is evidently not lila, it is illusion.

6) Putana. She wanted to poison Krishna, but she ended up being killed by Krishna and going back to Vaikuntha. Therefore, we do not know for sure how her previous births and actions lead her to that stage. She was obviously a special case lila scenario, which we cannot duplicate or imitate. Rather, the example of Putana is, we should not tolerate child abusers.

In the end, us neophytes are ordered to follow the instructions of the acharyas -- and not to try and imitate great souls who appear to have some form of compromise with the demons. Our position is very neophyte, we cannot artificially think we are another Lord Siva, Narada Muni, Bhishma, Vidura, Akrura, Putana etc.

These souls are engaged direct in Krishna's lila, and so they have a license to appear as encouraging the demons. Even Krishna Himself sometimes encourages the demons, "Oh yes, you failed to kill Me this time, so try again and maybe you will kill me on the next attempt." All of this is lila, and it is not something we neophytes should attempt, or even dream to attempt.

At the same time, the GBC's program has been -- to promote the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as God's gurus / acharyas / parampara members / successors; and to ban, beat, molest, sue and kill the Lord's Vaishnavas. There is no way Krishna and Srila Prabhupada would have wanted any of their followers to assist that process.

Apart from that, when it comes to the protection of women and children, it is the duty of all adult human beings to do that. It is not something that has to be done only in certain examples by very advanced souls. ISKCON has failed to protect its women and children, which is the duty of all members of human society as stated in the Vedas and as is practiced by all bona fide religions. 

When little children are being starved, beaten, abused, molested -- and there is an "anal reconstructive surgery epidemic" (and then resultant suicides of victims) then all normal, sane and moral humans know they have a duty to protest and rectify that situation. This is not rocket science. This is not something only known to devotees of Krishna, all regular normal human beings know they have a duty to protest that process -- or they will not be counted as basic level human beings. 

All the more need to protest when the victims are the personal property of a spiritual institution being conducted in the name of Krishna. We need to not only protect the children, but we need to protect Krishna's name from being associated with an odious molester messiah's regime. We have a double duty -- to protect the society's children, and a duty to protect the name of Krishna from being associated with mistreating children. Then again, we have a duty to protect all children everywhere from abuse and exploiting, just as a normal function of being a basic moral human being.

Even when the Titanic was sinking, women and children got onto the lifeboats first, because protecting women and children has been the policy for all human society since time immemorial. It is not some highly abstract and advanced concept, it is the foundation of even the mundane society. ys pd


PADA: The followers of Narayan Maharaja were encouraging the "Vyas Pooja" of the GBC's gurus like Tamal Krishna swami. And when Narayan Maharaja was in Dallas -- yelling at our associates -- not to attack his best friend Tamal, we were putting together a $400,000,000 lawsuit for child abuse -- also in Dallas. These people have no idea what is Vyasa and what is a Vyasa pooja. Vyasa is not being sued for $400,000,000 for orchestrating mass child abuse, nor is another Vyasa in Dallas defending the false Vyasa, for starters. ys pd

VK: Which year was Srila Narayana Maharaja in Dallas? Never. You’re lying.

PADA: There are many, many public posts of Narayan Maharaja meeting with the GBC's gurus, having discussions between himself and Tamal, and his "rasika classes" for the other GBC, and so on and so forth. You can google that and find many examples. Narayan Maharaja invited me to his ashram in Fullerton in 1997 to discuss all this. He left me sitting all day, from 8 am to 5 pm, and not inviting me into his room. Then he sneaked off the property, not seeing me the whole day. Narayan Maharaja people advertise a certificate he got from Houston city officials, when he was in Texas with Tamal. I do not have to be advertising that, his followers are. ys pd

NM in Tamal's Houston temple: https://youtu.be/IJ57tyBCG30

Houston Tape 1
20090523 Houston Tape 1

NP: It's called denial. It's very hard to force someone to see when they do not want to. Regardless, I do not believe you are lying but even you prove you aren't lying the denial will still be there, I have seen it so many times and I am sure that you have too.

PADA: Correct. That is why Narayana Maharaja invited me to his ashram, but left me sitting outside his room from 8AM to 5PM. After not seeing me at all the whole day, then he sneaked off the property to avoid me altogether. He knew that he could not substantiate his support for the GBC's gurus like Tamal, and he would have looked foolish trying to answer any of my questions. So if their leader cannot honestly answer even one question, neither can his followers. NM knew that I was putting together the child molesting lawsuit against his "dear Tamal tree of Radha" friend at the time, and he did not want to be exposed. Of course they also all said I was "a liar" when I said there is child abuse going on, they enabled the child molesting. Calling me a "liar" is how they got all these children molested in the first place. NM helped cause the lawsuit. ys pd

NP: Its is certainly very gross ignorance that would make anyone side with such vile acts against children. Even ignoring what is perpetrated by it. People do not even believe there is such a thing as "taking the blood of children to enhance an adult's longevity" adri no хгоме .. what to speak of validating the foul interests behind on keeping such a thing silenced and swept under the rug. Big red walking bugs. And then they call you an offender... Offender? My gosh.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Preaching Love: But Having None (Ex-kuli)

Srila Prabhupada..."One who betrays the confidence of a living entity who takes shelter of him in good faith, whether that living entity be a human being or an animal, is extremely sinful." 

PADA: An ex-ISKCON gurukula student said: 

"ISKCON is preaching love of God, and love of everyone else -- 'all the spirit souls' -- as parts and parcels of God, but they have no love to give. They can only muster up isolated and cult - like love -- for a very small circle of people -- the GBC's leaders. 

The leaders then have -- all the big houses, big cars, big bank balances, big feasts, lots of servants, latest Apple laptops -- while the rest of us get treated like sh*t. What about loving ALL the living beings, like us? Where is the love for Krishna -- if we mainly love the leaders of a child abusing cult?

"They have no love to give. At all. It is a big fake show. If we are not within the inner circle of leaders, we won't get loved -- and we won't be treated lovingly -- sometimes even by our own parents. Many of our own parents have loved the 'sacred' inner circle of leaders. They threw us to the wolves -- because most of our parents gave everything to these leaders -- and not us. The leaders got all facility -- we got barely any. 

"And we still don't get crap even now. 

"We were not loved and still are not. These leaders get all the love -- and we get sh*t. They cannot love us -- because they have no love to give. They mainly love a teeny little group of misogynist men leaders and not 'all of Krishna's spirit souls.' Their love for Krishna does not exist -- or they would have loved us -- and all the others who suffered by their misplaced love. 

"These people misplaced their love. They loved the leaders, and so they caused this problem as much as the false leaders they have love for. There is no love to give -- but it is worse -- there is plenty of love -- for the horrible people posing as God's successors -- who created hell on earth for us devotee children." 

OK, could not argue with this person, because in fact -- pegged the whole thing. 

Just like the Berkeley police told me in 1980, "There was Prabhupada and then there were those who thought they were Prabhupada." Same thing, figured it all out. So here in Berkeley -- there was 100% love for Hansadutta. And they all thought he was "Krishna's successor" who is 100% "shaksat hari" same in quality as Krishna. So that means they were insulting Krishna every day by saying His "pure successors" are: fools, drunkards, womanizers, people who are having sex with half dozen disciples. And "God's successor" was always saying his pedophile guru pal was "the purest devotee on the planet." 

So they -- actually whole ISKCON GBC -- wanted people to love their sexual predators, deviants, and / or pedophile gurus and NOT love Krishna. This gurukula student is right, they have no love to give. And they have none to give because they are loving the wrong thing. They are loving selfish, foolish, self-aggrandizing megalomaniacs -- and not Krishna.    

And that is why they defended the enforced cult ritualistic worship of pedophiles and deviants as messiahs project. They loved that process, and not the real process. 

When me and Sulochana were opposing the GBC's guru regime (and its child molesting tentacles) Satsvarupa Das Goswami was opposing us. SDG said we are "poison pens," and he was simultaneously saying Kirtanananda is a great soul. Simultaneously Sulochana was complaining that Hari Sauri had been describing me and Sulochana as "bogus sahajiyas." Sulochana said, "these people are demonizing us, which is painting a bull's eye on our backs." 

In other words, our opponents have been trying to paint us as deviants, offenders and so on, so we could become targets of violence -- or even assassination. Which is what happened in actual fact, they orchestrated that Sulochana would be assassinated -- just as he predicted he would be.  

Sulochana was joking, "Wow, so us bogus gopi sahajiyas, who are supposedly wearing saris and smoking pot, we are the only people who oppose their program of worship of pedophiles as gurus? The 'sincere chanters of 16 rounds' are supporting the worship of these fools"? That is a major advertising for being a sari wearing sahajiya who smokes pot! Let us all do that, because we will be MUCH more advanced than the "sincere chanters."  

So this is rather amazing. Sulochana was incredulous that the GBC's guru folks were basically saying only us -- the bogus sahajiyas -- have enough discrimination to realize that deviants are NOT EVER God's successor gurus, while the "sincere followers" do not realize this point. At all! 

Of course, at the time even the mundane "karmis" were saying Kirtanananda's sitting on a big seat covered with the hands of dozens of boys is "pedophile heaven." So the sahajiyas, the karmis, and many others -- they could see the problem -- but the "sincere devotees" could not? So this was all bluff and false propaganda.

And so that became the standard for bogus ISKCON, the "sincere followers" have been promoting the worship of deviants and even pedophiles as "Krishna's guru successors," but not us -- the alleged sahajiyas? OK! Only the sahajiyas do not worship pedophiles as their acharyas, rather the sahajiyas worship pure devotees and not deviants. Does that make any sense? So this was all orchestrated by false preaching from SDG, Hari Sauri and others.

We also had problems with the Naranarayan Dasa Visvakarma / IRM folks / Kamsahanta / Pancali / Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Krishna Kirtan / HK Jaipur group -- who formed a group and began quoting Hari Sauri's writings against me and Sulochana. They joined with the GBC folks saying me and Sulochana are sahajiyas. 

And thus they began quoting -- how did you guess -- Hari Sauri's writings against me and Sulochana. And HKC Jaipur thug Prahlad began saying the same thing, "PADA is not chanting his rounds." Yep, only lovers of their child molesting messiah's projects are chanting their rounds! Bowing down to kiss the jack boots of a pedophile messiah's club -- by quoting direct from their apologists -- is the result of love of God! Who knew! 

And this group also wanted to have PADA "removed from the internet" so they could save their mass molesting messiahs program by keeping that program. That deviant program gets to stay on the internet -- because they self-evidently love that program -- and not us. Let us remove PADA, and quote defenders of the pedophile messiah's program like Hari Sauri -- whom Sulochana said -- has painted a bull's eye on my back. So they love the people who have worshipers of pure devotees assassinated, to save their pedophile messiah's pooja project.  

So whenever there is a question about what me and Sulochana are doing to combat their child molesting guru project, the answer is always -- we have to kiss the jack boots of the defenders of the pedophile messiah's club, and read their version of events. Because evidently, they collectively love the defenders of the pedophile messiah's club -- and not us. 

And thus they quote them and their writings. Then, let us make pretend we do not know why there is a mass molesting process going on, when we are promoting the biggest defenders of that project? And the police told me, "These people hate your guts and they want to kill you." Yep, but there is love for the pedophile messiah's club folks?

Defenders who, incidently, are quoted by Sulochana as "painting a bull's eye on my back" -- to get me killed. Why are they always quoting the defenders of pedophile guru's project -- that assassinate the people who try to defend the children? Because they have love for that process, and no love for the people who are trying to rectify the situation. 

DP: I was in Mayapur gurukula. It was the same abuses taking place by Bhavananda. The guy was obsessed with mode of passion and anger which he took it onto to us Bengali boys. He never made any apologies. And he is going around EVEN NOW as if nothing has happened and he is totally innocent. Srila Prabhupada was on the other hand is the most merciful and kind. Where did you Americans get this nonsense from? Why did you treat the little children with such harsh hardships and trouble us in that disgusting manner?

And now Satsvarupa Maharaja is making an apology -- after almost 50 years later. After we are now grown up adults, and all the damage has already been done. This is totally absurd

S Dasi (#3): I was at the Dallas Gurukula during the time SDG was there. I was a "teacher," then just did support services. Satsvarup just locked himself up in his office, all day, every day. We were told never to disturb him. He didn't attend any programs or give class. Leadership? None. This is a very lame apology. He seems to maintain the delusion, and shares that with others, that he's very spiritual. It's ridiculous. He's caught up in all the trappings of being "spiritual." He should reach out to those students and others who have been abused, take some training in child abuse, and help them. Do some concrete spiritual work. Otherwise, this is a hollow and insincere apology.

G Dasa: Yeah....you can’t prelude an apology with “my abuses were not things I did” and then finish with “my guilt is not so much what I did to you”.

Pretty lame, in my opinion, and another example of how ISKCON has no accountability, whatsoever. Satsvarupa should have been removed from leadership amidst the allegations of abuse, period. He should have stepped down from sanyassa, what to speak of guruship, once he admittedly had an affair. We see this same case with Lokanath.

The men (and, of course, it’s always men) who deceived ISKCON by creating a ‘same as God’ dynamic and the zonal acharya system, and everyone who perpetuated it, deserve to be called out but, conveniently, that would be ‘aparadha’ and displeasing to Prabhupada. It’s a bunch of bullshit, frankly.

If this level of ‘guru worship’ doesn’t scream CULT, I don’t know what does.

AB: Well it's time to talk about this. Please keep in mind, when reading, that I was a child in Gita Nagari. I don't know the full truth or extent of what actually happened there. I think, as always, there are several levels / layers of issues being discussed here especially in regards to an Iskcon Guru. Thankfully, I was too young to be in Dallas, but my brother experienced horrible abuse there. 

I won't even attempt to dive into the the terrible concepts of "zonal acharya" as these men so graciously accepted total dominion over all who lived there. Since this was his zone, we have a pretty weak apology coming from a pretty good writer. But it is some sort of apology. Coming from a boomer guru, this might be a true revelation and the closest anyone will get to a real apology. 

It is something?! He is part of a group that might never be forgiven for their sins even if complicit by not doing everything in their power to protect the innocent devotees. Okay, the good news is he didn't actually abuse the children himself. 

I grew up in Gita-Nagari where he lived and lucky for us there were very only a few pedophiles who lived there or passed through. Of course, this was in comparison to New Vrindavana, run by a completely psychotic pedophile. So, in the Vaishnava Aparadha comparison chart for Iskcon gurus, Satsvarupa climbs to the bottom because he wasn't as crazy etc....etc.. 

He supposedly didn't systematically abuse his disciples, or steal the money and flaunt it. He is the best of the worst! I am kind of defending him only because Gita Nagari happened to attract people that were relatively peaceful, or didn't display outward psychotic behaviors. The teachers chosen there were decent hearted and the kids weren't abused or beaten. 

We were abandoned and generally neglected by our parents, but that's another discussion. In summation, they are ALL guilty! None of these gurus or gbc get to decide to what degree they took part in this evil perpetuated against innocent devotees. If you were leadership -- then you are absolutely responsible for all crimes committed. 

Is it to what degree they take ownership of their prospective abusive roles that they be forgiven? I don't know! Here we have the spark of a start to a larger discussion! Dear Satsvarupa, I need to hear and see much more groveling, more begging for our forgiveness, more atonement for everything! CHEERS!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Pankajangri Departs / Mahasringha very ill

Jananivasa and Pankajanghri / Dr. Frankenstein's Helpmates?


UPDATE by GBC Executive Committee

Dear Devotees,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
HG Pankajanghri Prabhu, ISKCON's most beloved Nrsimhadeva pujari, has
departed from this world in Sri Dham Mayapur.

Having joined ISKON in the footsteps of his twin brother, HG Jananivasa
Prabhu, in 1973, the two brothers dedicated their lives to serving the
Lordships of ISKCON's International Headquarters in Lord Caitanya's divine
abode of Sri Mayapur.

Pankajanghri Prabhu served not only the Lord, but devotees worldwide, who
would turn to him in their time of need, begging him to offer their hearts'
prayers at Lord Nrsimhadeva's feet. Every devotee who has visited Mayapur
Dham will hold fondly the image of Pankajanghri Prabhu standing on
Nrsimhadeva's altar, offering prayers and puja on behalf of the devotees,
and in turn, offering the Lord's mahaprasadam to the devotees.

Not many of us, however, were aware that in the background, Pankajanghri Prabhu was also managing the pujari department for many years, ensuring that the service to Their Lordships continues efficiently while expanding and deepening exponentially. We are all indebted to Pankajanghri Prabhu for the great inspiration we derive from the beautiful darshans and festivals that can be experienced only in Sri Dham Mayapur.

Pankajanghri Prabhu also graced the devotees with weekly classes on Srimad-Bhagavatam and Caitanya-caritamrita. He was a founding board member and inspiration for Mayapur Academy, an international school for brahminical training, where he taught the proper mood and method of deity worship to hundreds of students as instructed by Srila Prabhupada.

Along with fifty years of steadfast service as a pujari, manager, speaker, and educator, Pankanjanghri Prabhu was also a dear brother, uncle, and friend to both the Mayapur community and ISKCON worldwide. Today is a heartbreaking day especially for the generations of Mayapurvasis who grew up in the affectionate shelter of such a loving and playful uncle.

It is rare indeed to find a personality with the combination of such
dedication, humility, joviality, and kindness. As Srila Prabhupada himself
said in 1976, “The two brothers Pankajanghri and Jananivasa – there is no

We join the worldwide family of Vaisanvas, especially HG Jananivasa Prabhu and the Mayapur community, in grieving the loss of a beloved godbrother and friend while simultaneously feeling gratitude for the mercy of Sri Nrsimhadeva, who kindly brought His dear servant home to Sri Dham Mayapur for a glorious departure befitting a dedicated devotee like Pankajanghri Prabhu.

Hare Krsna,

Your servants,
Bhakti Caitanya Swami
Bhanu Swami
Revati Raman Das,
GBC Executive Committee

[PADA: This report fails to mention that according to many GBC child molesting victims, Mayapur was basically the world headquarters of the GBC guru's child molesting empire -- with Dhanurdar, Bhakti Vidya Purna swami, Bhavananda, Satadhanya, Nitai Chanda, "Bhavananda's boys," et al. -- all protected by Jayapataka, Hari Sauri and the goonda groupies there etc. One teacher there told me he was booted out as soon as he spoke up about the problem. 

In short, various children reported being severely abused if not beaten there -- and so on and so forth. So Pankajanghri and Jananivasa were basically promoting that empire as "bona fide" when in fact it was described as "a house of horrors" by some of the ex-children victims. Not sure why so many folks are thinking that serving such an empire is great spiritual activity. 

It is the total reverse of spiritual activity. Promoting the worship of a sinful and child abusing guru empires always takes the promoters to the lower planets. The bogus gurus -- and their supporters -- go to the lowest regions of the universe. 

According to shastra, no one is allowed to serve a deviant program that worships illicit sex with men, women and children as "Krishna's gurus, successors, acharyas," and which also bans, beats, molests, sues and kills Vaishnavas -- and then we fully expect them to go "Back to Godhead." Nope. Serving that program is not serving Krishna -- by a hundred billion miles.

And as for "praying to Lord Nrsimhadev," well right -- look how the Lord handles child abusers. To say that we can promote a mass child abuser program and its "acharyas, gurus and messiahs" -- and expect to get the mercy of the deity that punishes child abusers -- is foolishness on steroids. Prahlad was being abused -- and the Lord shows us what he thinks of these deviants. To promote the worship of an abuser's regime is totally against everything Lord Nrsinghadeva represents. 

As for "training people in deity worship" -- same problem -- people there are being trained to offer bhogha to their illicit sex with men, women and children guru process. If we worship deviation, and offer our food to such deviants, then that food will contaminate the persons consuming that sinful Satanic offering. 

We recall that witches will offer food to Satan -- and give it to unsuspecting guests -- who will become contaminated by eating these sinful offerings. Of course Mayapur also tells people that persons engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children are going to be acting like Jesus and taking their sins. Nope.

Meanwhile Mahasringha is evidently very ill in Jaipur and there is an oxygen shortage. He has reportedly stopped eating to prepare to leave us. Anyway this is rather ironic, a number of our God brothers fled to India to avoid the guru imbroglio in the West, and now they are getting whacked with the virus problem in India. 

It seems like there is no escape from the karma of neglecting to protect our guru's mission from being overtaken by a molester messiah's project. Mahasringha told me he has to leave the West to avoid the guru mess here, but he evidently stepped into another mess over there. 

Anyway, we wish them all well in any regard. They are still my God brothers and so we have to hope against hope they get to move onto something better, despite shastra is against our thinking that the poojaris for a child molesting guru process are going to be better off. So there you have it -- God speed spirit soul. You are now in the hands of the higher authority -- and they will sort it all out for us. And yes, this means their empire is gradually unravelling as the leaders and their entourage are gradually being dissipated by the time factor. 

 ys pd]

Monday, May 3, 2021

Satsvarupa Das Goswami (Stephen Guarino) Non-Apology -- Apology

Satsvarupa Das Goswami (Stephen Guarino) 

Dear ex-gurukulis who attended the Dallas school,

A Letter of Apology

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. 

I want to write you a letter of apology for my misconduct or abuse toward you when you were small children and I was the GBC of Dallas Gurukula. During my period of service there, I did not enact any punishments for psychological abuses such as I have heard you suffered from in the extreme. I have heard you say you were beaten, put into closets, threatened that rats would come after you, yelled at, etc.

My abuses were not things I did do but an omission of proper management and care for you. I was aloof from you; I should have been more of a father and mixed with them intimately and with compassion and love. You were sent away from your parental homes and we, the faculty at Dallas Gurukula (including myself as the figurehead-leader) became your surrogate parents. 

I should have been more compassionate to you and forgiven you for their inevitable rambunctiousness as young children. I was not an ashram teacher or class teacher, so I did not mix much intimately with you. My sin was not to come close to you, show you affection and guidance. I am sorry I inadvertently caused abuse to you for not being your friend, more big-hearted and forgiving.

My guilt is not so much what I did to you but what I didn’t do. I didn’t play with you or hug you. I didn’t act as your close friend or surrogate father. I ask you to please forgive me for being an aloof “principal” of the school, rather than an exemplary Vaisnava friend and companion.

I ask your forgiveness,

Satsvarupa das Goswami

*** Dasi: That is awful and unacceptable. Good luck to all who suffered these atrocities. 

V Das: He wrote now? or earlier?

S. Dasi: Today, right now.

KP Devi: Hopefully others will follow his example ... and offer really meant apology ... not mere words....

KDM: This is not an apology. Skirting and minimizing the extent of the abuse, while absolving oneself of responsibility. Maybe I’m just cynical. But a much shorter and direct apology is due. Not a script writer. But I’d expect an apology closer to this: 

"I’m so sorry!!!! I was an arrogant, unqualified child, way out of my league.... and 'I f*cked up' majorly. Nothing I can ever say or do will ever atone for my what happened under my leadership. I beg for your forgiveness and beg for the opportunity to make amends to you, whether in this life or the next. It is my fault! I accept that. And for that, I am eternally remorseful. 'I am so sorry!' Please call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx and know that I will do my best to earn your forgiveness.

BW: 100%

JD: Don't quite have a reaction ready for this one... Should be a "like" that Maharaja actually thought to speak out and apologize, but yes, the whole mood is not really apologetic, is it? It's a bit ambivalent, as these things go... 

BW: Taking responsibility and ownership for everything that happens on their watch is expected of a leader. He was the GBC and ultimately in charge of the whole temple and school. Even in the Corporate and Political world, leaders understand this very simple concept of ownership of mistakes and tender their resignations. Instead we have; I heard there was abuse, but it wasn’t my doing, so I’m sorry I didn’t interact more with all the rambunctious children like I should have in the way of a father figure. I mean really? Lord help me.

EB: Too little, too late.

[PADA: Yes, lives have been destroyed and a number committed suicide, and a number have contemplated suicide. This problem has not been happening from leaders merely "being aloof." This process happened because SDG has been the ACTIVE biggest defender of the regime, and he was helping people like Kirtanananda and Bhavananada become "gurus" for the gurukula children in India. 

And SDG was writing all sorts of "position papers" and "GBC reports" to promote and uphold his pedophile messiah's program after 1978. SDG also wrote that me and Sulochana are "poison pens." Demonizing people can get them killed, that is well known. Sulochana said SDG has painted a bull's eye on my back. He would know better than most. Where is the apology to Sulochana and me, for trying to get us killed, and actually getting one of us killed? 

And SDG still invites folks like Dhanurdar to his "meetings" even recently. And Muarli Vadaka and others are still hanging around. In any case, too late to fix the ruined lives, suffering, suicides, assorted other deaths, murders, and their giant $400m lawsuits etc. that SDG's regime ALREADY caused. Of course something is better than nothing, but this is not much of anything -- because it does not explain the real situation: SDG has been a vociferous enforcer in "the enforced cult ritualistic worship of pedophiles as messiahs project." 

OK! VOCIFEROUS defender and constant position paper writer of the regime! 

Then again he writes, "the more I chant the drier it gets," "I am the guru of pills" etc. which is like giving Krishna's name a really bad advert. So he wants deviants to be worshiped as Krishna's successors, which is an attack on Krishna. If Krishna's "pure devotee successors" are criminals, sexual predators and deviants, that makes Krishna a criminal, sexual predator and deviant because the guru is "shaksat hari tvena" -- or the same quality as God. And if pedophiles are "in quality equal to God," then that will spur a GIANT outgrowth of pedophile's webs, nests and assorted out cropping -- all over the society -- because we become what we worship. 

Notice: SDG never explains why he wanted the children to worship pedophiles as their messiahs from square one? Why did SDG enforce that the ISKCON children have to worship pedophiles and assorted deviants as their "gurus," he never explains, ever. 

The good news is we have Rambhouru, Prithu et al. and their "Trauma Therapy" group on hand. So after Rambhouru's violent pedophile cult program stuffs pedophile pooja down the throats of three years old children, they can later give their victims comfort with "therapy." And what is that therapy? We STILL have to worship their illicit sex with men, women and children messiah's program. Wait? Same program that causes the trauma? We are going to fix the problem, by cramming the same problem down your throat -- again. Then they make pretend they do not know why people are committing suicide, or they feel suicidal?]

JJ: Where the hell are the Kshatriyas in this movement? You are ALL cowards for letting this happen and doing nothing! I'd like a few minutes alone with each of these abusers... we can start with Murli-Vadaka who raped children in Lake Huntington Gurukula and still goes to the Hartford Center, I'm told he even gives class. Srila Prabhupada said, "Anyone who harms a child should be hung". You scumbags better remember - Karma NEVER loses an address.

S Dasi: Yep, he does. Thank you for your support.

JJ: Ima going to show up there one day.

KE Dasi: "I ask you to please forgive me for being an aloof “principal” of the school, rather than an exemplary Vaisnava friend and companion." If he had ANY inclination of abuse, that is a disgusting apology. These people aren't suffering because they didn't get a hug from the principal, they're suffering because of long term ongoing abuse that was permitted or hidden away, and then the results never dealt with.

I'm disgusted to see so much congratulations for this on his post. No, this isn't even the bare minimum, he's not actually owning up to anything, just apologizing that abuse occurred in some abstract way separated from him.

[PADA: I did not hit you, my stick did.]

S Dasi: Thank you for this apology Maharaja. Something as seemingly simple as a few written words can have a deep effect. I cried reading this, because I have heard of some of the terrible suffering my gurukuli brothers and sisters endured in Dallas and it's so important that leaders such as yourself acknowledge what happened. Thank you.

Something you can do to keep children safe in Srila Prabhupada's movement is to donate to the Child Protection Office which is in dire need of resources. I have seen firsthand their director Lilasuka actively educating devotees on preventing, identifying, and healing child abuse. Thank you. 


Support Child Protection
Support Child Protection
Support Child Protection

[PADA: That is nice, however when me and Sulochana were reporting the molesting Satsvarupa said we are "poison pens" which resulted in the assassination of Sulochana, who was being demonized for reporting the molesting. ys pd]

LW Dasi: Thank you for searching your soul for a sincere apology and finding the humility to express it. Continue reading at your own discretion. I ask difficult questions, not to induce further pain, although they well might, but to prompt deeper growth.

Were you aware young ones slept on the floor?

Were you aware that being separated from their parents at such a young age caused irreparable distress?

Were you aware that being told one is not their body, while inhibiting a body that is constantly crying out to be connected with, can cause severe inner psychological turmoil?

I assume the answers are no, or at least at the time the abuse occurred, they were no.

When adults are not mindful of how their chosen beliefs impact their emotions, they grow blind to how their chosen beliefs impact the emotions of others too.
Please picture what a society that perceives Krsna in every child (at least in equal measure to the manifested form on the altar) would behave like.

Would it treat young ones like dolls to be kept out of the way until useful? Would it impress upon parents that their children, a direct gift from the one they serve on the altar, are but mere distractions to the true and important work of spiritual pursuits?

Because -- as a child raised in this institution, I strongly feel many facets of applied dogmatic belief, directly shape and facilitate the abuse of others.

Y DASA: Thanks for your apology Maharaja it takes a big man to admit that he's made mistakes, that called redemption I feel in your post your sincerity and we must always remember we all make mistakes that's the reason why we're here in this material world. Thank you for your heartfelt apology. 

JD: Not sure quite frankly what to make of this letter, Maharaja, with all due respect - I am not a gurukuli, but I am a great champion of children, and I really don't see that these words will truly bring any solace to those who lived those traumatic days so many years ago... 

Someone might feel gladdened that you have had the desire to express your feelings about those horrific events, and perhaps this letter may even motivate some similar consciousness raising among other senior devotees who saw and stood by. They could have said something, but didn't. 

[PADA: Yep, the so-called "silent majority." Stood by and did nothing. A daughter of a "senior devotee" said to PADA she will never understand why her own mother never reported her own daughter's abuse to the police authorities. She said, this really is a child molesting cult, I lived it. And the elders are part of the problem just as much as the leaders they enabled. Of course a lot of them were not silent, they actively and openly opposed me and Sulochana when we were exposing the molesting problem.]

These "senior devotees" might even have been peripherally aware of things at that time, but who lacked the courage (maturity? integrity?) to step up and say no, not only in Dallas, but in all of the centers where children's safety and healthy growth was just not a priority. But overall, honestly speaking, from a spiritual wordsmith like you, someone who knows how to craft a simple phrase that touches the right nerve, this kind of letter is... well, why not seek them out, the children who were there and personally apologize to them, one by one? 

Or why not find their parents and talk to them in person? Personalism, humanity, individual care - mostly, these are the things that are missing in abuse situations, aren't they? The fact that the abuser (or the complicit enabler) didn't think about the individual, didn't see the maimed and injured child as a person, as a devotee, as a spiritual person? 

Please forgive me for being so vocal - perhaps I should delete this post, and maybe I will. But maybe I should say what comes to my heart before I lose the courage just like all of the complicit enablers did before me, and just take my place in the line of silent facilitators of doom...

[PADA: Yikes, silent facilitators of doom ... oh my! Sulochana said they are tossing their own society's children into a wood chipper, same idea expressed more graphically.]

Y DASA: My heart felt I should reply to your post. I was not affiliated in any way with the Dallas situation -- but I heard about it. One thing comes to mind when I read your post is your lack of compassion. Lord Chaitanya compassion towards us gave us a chance to go back to him. 

We are all in this material world because we messed up in the past we have murdered been murdered so many lives millions of them, and so we end up here on this planet Earth. Redemption and Reformation are a part of healing. One thing we can give to those children that were abused is showing some compassion in our own mindsets. Maharaj said he was not directly involved in the abuse but he was the overseer. One quality of a Vaishnava is compassion. Sorry if I said too much here but these are my feelings about this. 

[PADA: The overseers are the main people responsible? That is what happened at the Nuremburg trials, the overseers got the bigger punishments than the foot soldiers. Satsvarupa was writing that me and Sulochana are "poison pens" for exposing his child molesting messiah's project. He was actively trying to get us killed by demonizing us, and he did get one of us killed. 

Of course foot soldiers are also implicated. For example, Mula Prakriti dasi was one of the "senior devotees" who was opposing me. She angrily chastised me, "You just want to start another Nuremburg trial for the child abuse." Yep, absolutely correct. 

And you self-evidently do not want that trial to occur -- because that enables, empowers and facilitates the mass child molesting. Then she began to promote Narayan Maharaja, who was in Dallas propping up Tamal at the very exact time we were putting together the molesting lawsuit. And her hero "new messiah" Narayan Maharaja was shouting at our associates for opposing Tamal. So as soon as Narayan Maharaja finds out his favorite child molesting messiah's program is being attacked, he goes on the defense.  

OK NM is another enabler. And a vociferous one. And Mula and others all ran off to promote one of Tamal's biggest hand maidens-- NM. 

(A) We are enablers of a pedophile messiah's club ourselves, and; 

(B) we are promoting the worship of other enablers like NM, and worse --; 

(C) we do not want a Nuremburg accounting -- and we are expecting --;

(D) exactly what other result? 

So Satsvarupa is a leader -- and he will be one of the main guys at the Nuremberg trials in Yamaraja's court -- but all of the other assorted enabling hand maidens are co-responsible -- and they will also all go on trial for lesser crimes, but all of them are part of the enforced cult ritualistic worship of pedophile messiahs process. They are all co-equally guilty to lesser or greater degree, by omission or commission -- and almost all of them are guilty collectively of giving me grief for protesting their regime. Again, "enforced" is the key word here.] 

NB Dasi: Thank you for writing this out. I always wondered how all this awful behavior went on during your watch. It is easy to say one was ignorant, but to quote one of your old, old classes, I have heard many times on tape (perhaps you got the phrase from Srila Prabhupada) "ignorance is not innocence". 

You've set a good example now by offering an apology. Better late than never. I hope others can do the same. Children should never be treated the way they were in Dallas. Anyone who says differently is part of the problem, whether they were an active or inactive participant on that abuse.

SP DASA: I can attest to rats in Dallas, I didn't know that a devotee of the Lord could abuse children like I've heard. I also admit to emotional abusing my young children by leaving them to pursue my own selfish advancement in Krishna Consciousness. This I live with everyday of my life, thinking it was the Krishna Conscious thing to do, abandoning my family to pursue selfish ideals. Sincerely, 

BS: So, now may the justice come to remove people from Iskcon that have been abusers? Are some in the ranks?

KP Devi: Hopefully others will follow his example...and offer really meant apology...not mere words....

KB Dasi: I have treated several traumatized Gurukulis in my psychiatric practice over the years. While an apology is a nice gesture, it far from adequate to repair the damage done to innocents who are now adults and still suffering. I am in no position to judge anyone, but I do believe Lord Yamaraj keeps accurate ledgers.

[PADA: Yamaraja keeps ledgers, right.] 


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Lokanath / Ex-ISKCON Gurukuli Murdered (with gofundme)


We are humbly requesting for help for the sudden tragic passing of my brother Lokanath / Lawrence Anderson.

He leaves behind his two kids -- Vrindavan and Ananda -- his only grandchild Lucas Gopal, his younger brothers Balarama and Srinama, his sister Krishnaya, his parents Vatsal and Shashikala and many aunties, uncles, nieces nephews.

We are requesting for for help with cremation costs, travel for family to attend -- and the rest will be going to his kids. This from our sister as we all try to make sense of this horrific act. My brother was the nicest guy, and there for anyone whether they deserved it or not.

From Krishnaya,

“When you see the news on TV of people dying, perhaps you feel sorry and a little sad, but it is nothing compared to the sadness experienced from a close relative being murdered 5 minutes away from your house. Today, I share that news with you. My uncle, Lokanath, was murdered today by gunshot sometime between 5-5:30 Pm EST on 05/01/2021. He wasn't shot to be injured, he was shot in the head, to be killed instantly.

"The person who shot him and has been arrested is named Dhruva. He has been living in the ISKCON community here in Sandy Ridge, NC for many years. Everyone here knows that Dhruva has mental problems, drinks, and does drugs. 

He has a side which is tolerable and another side when he drinks, which is nasty and aggressive. But many people have pity on him because of his clever words and way of speaking and asking for forgiveness. A couple years ago, my uncle had kicked Dhruva out of his life and banned him from ever coming to his house. 

But, apparently, because Dhruva was bowing down to Loks, touching his feet, and asking for forgiveness, Loks, being a compassionate person, accepted him back into his life. He accepted that person with open arms, that person who would later murder him; therefore robbing two people of a father, parents of a first-born son, brothers of their eldest brother, and nieces / nephews of an uncle.

There is no pain more agonizing than a loved one being murdered; not dying of illness, an accident, nor old age. He died because of another human's will for him not to live, not to exist on this earth. Yes, yes, many people can be like, "It's God's will ... it was meant to happen ... blah blah blah." For whatever reason it happened, at the end of the day, he was murdered for no substantial reason. 

When a tragic event like this happens, being in that loved one's house, you expect them to drive up the driveway any moment, be sleeping in their bed, or walk through the front door. You see the breakfast they didn't finish that morning, their coat casually draped on the couch, their dirty clothes on the floor, and many similar things. I experienced this and even put on his coat, which was so big for me and smelled of cigarette smoke. 

I know that his soul still exists and lives on, but that doesn't help the pain of knowing that I will never see his smile again, hear his funny singing, taste the amazing food he cooks, hear him talk about his time in gurukul, or be able to give him a hug. I can never hear the sound of his voice again and wonder how long I will even remember what it sounds like. 

I had many talks with him and he always told me that if I ever needed a place to stay for any reason, I could always stay at his house. As a child, he was heavily abused in iskcon's gurukula system, but that never stopped him from loving Krishna nor keeping the framed picture on the wall of himself receiving a cookie from Srila Prabhupada. He was loving, kind, welcoming, friendly, compassionate, pure-hearted, humble, humorous, bright, and simply a good human being. 

I loved him a lot and will miss him a ton! Please send prayers and love for my older brother, Vrindavan and my sister Ananda. They are left without any parent in their life now. I don't know how they will survive this tragedy.

Life is very fragile. We see news of people dying but we never feel that it will happen to our loved ones, nor ourselves. We are caught up in the rat race of making money -- but sometimes we forget to spend time with the people who matter the most in our lives. We must live our lives fully and happily, true happiness comes from people, not money. We must take the time to be with our loved ones because there is no guarantee that they will be there tomorrow, nor we.

Loks, you left me too soon, only at the age of 54. I didn't have any chance to say goodbye or see you one last time. You will forever be in my heart and I love you! I hope that Krishna is taking care of you and that you're in a better place. Much love, Krishnaya.”

[PADA: Very sad situation indeed. He was "heavily abused in the gurukula" -- and all that -- after Srila Prabhupada had given him a cookie and had high hopes for his life. The victimizing regime will have to pay dearly for the way these children of Krishna were treated. 

Recently one of ISKCON's former youth was saying, "It is just finally dawning on me how much damage has been done to our generation of ISKCON children. It took me decades to realize just how bad our whole situation has been, and it has not improved for us much either. We still don't have much of anything to show for our being ISKCON's children. I have been living in denial. We were treated in a criminal manner -- and none of these criminals were ever prosecuted." 

Another one said "It is obvious the ISKCON leaders are not taking responsibility for the disaster that they made for our lives. They are a law unto themselves, and they appear to not care one iota about even ordinary moral laws."

Also recently, another "crazy person" stabbed a devotee in Australia. And another gurukuli was stabbed -- almost to death -- "by a crazy person." OK maybe we should ask -- why ISKCON has attracted some of these crazy persons? 

In the end, he has left all this mess behind. Krishna has a better plan for him, and he is moving into another BETTER situation where this birth here in a Krishna environment will propel him onto something more suitable to prosecute Krishna consciousness. 

God speed spirit soul!

And if people want to help by donating funds for his family, that would be nice. Hopefully, some ISKCON leaders will pull their socks up and do something to help this family.  

ys pd]


Saturday, May 1, 2021

Organic Seeds And Planting Guide Calendar



[PADA: Never know! Might come in handy. There are some devotees growing things on a big vacant lot in Detroit. Another devotee is growing herbs on the apartment patio, and so on. It is a good idea to learn the skill of growing one's one produce. Hope this helps a new or even experienced gardening person. These seeds ship worldwide, so it is for anyone anywhere. ys pd]  

Friday, April 30, 2021

Corpse of "Love Has Won" Cult Leader Found at HQ

[PADA: This lady claimed to be God. Evidently, or at least first idea is, she died of Colloidal Silver overdose. OK not really God. Body was so decomposed -- fingerprints were no longer available.

It is amazing what some people think is an incarnation of God, or His pure devotee. Looks like another cult melt down, but goes to show what people can be mis-lead to believe by clever con artists. 

This explains perhaps why so many Krishna devotees go along with insane ISKCON GBC's gurus programs, even the craziest ones. They want to find a savior -- and so they put on blinders and do not really analyze if this person is capable of being a savior -- or not. And once they are locked into the bogus process -- they try to defend it since now they are invested in it. 

ys pd]


[PADA: VICE Expose Video // 

Warning! // Graphic language content.

Patita Uddharana Wants His Article "Taken Down" (ISKCON)

 Patita Uddharana Wants His Article "Taken Down" 


PADA: Yes, he is thinking his article will: put him in the limelight; make him look bad in the devotee public; he will be criticized; he will offend someone etc. The article was meant as "reflection only," and was not meant for public consumption, whatever that means. 

So this has been a big problem, especially if we multiply this effect by thousands and thousands of Srila Prabhupada disciples -- who never said much in public arenas, much less wrote anything about anything publicly. They just let the GBC's version of events win by default without them protesting.  

Notice: If Srila Prabhupada's, ISKCON's and Krishna's names "look bad in public," so what who cares? "My name" cannot look bad and be in the negative limelight, but if Krishna's name is cast in a negative limelight -- who gives a hoot? Yup, that has been problem number one. A devotee of Krishna is supposed to defend the name of Krishna, or guess what -- he is not really a devotee of Krishna.

Krishna's name can be dragged into the mud of all sorts of public media scandals, court cases, police raids, and who knows what else. And if "Krishna's children" of ISKCON are being molested, we cannot report that to the police because then -- we will look bad. OK really, we do not care enough about Krishna's children to take action to protect them. 

We care more about ourselves, and making false propaganda and illusory images of ourselves and our Church. To the peril of the children. And ex-children have told me that -- they (leaders and many parents) have been more worried about themselves -- and their own looking bad -- than being worried about us, their own children. In sum, they are worried about themselves and their own image mainly, even if the image of themselves is simply a phantasmagoria illusion. "We are great devotees of God, which is why we are allowing His church to fall into the sewer." 

Ummm, but if we allow mass molesting to go on left, right and center, then the inevitable suicides of victims and mass molesting lawsuits will not make us look bad? How is that going to work? No, Krishna's name, Krishna's movement, Krishna's kids, these have to be protected or else -- we are not actually His devotees.

That will not only make us look bad, but also Krishna look bad, because we are supposed to be His agents. Bad, but also diabolically bad.

So that reminds me of the story I have told a number of times. A devotee was chastising me for trying to take action against the evils growing in ISKCON by his telling me -- I do not have faith in Krishna. Don't you know? Krishna is going to take care of all this. Just then, his child ran in the door with a big dog stools stuck on his shoes, which was being dragged into the carpet. This devotee started screaming at the child, get back outside!

But wait? I said prabhu, you have no faith in Krishna? He is going to be driving up here soon with His carpet cleaning truck to clean your carpet. You need to have faith! Same thing happened another time when me and another "Krishna will do everything" devotee were going down the freeway in the rain, and his front tire blew out. He pulled over cursing. He was also telling me Krishna would fix things, but evidently Krishna was not on hand to fix his flat tire? So we want Krishna to fix everything in His house, but we carefully take care of our own house? 

So it is a test. Krishna wants to see, are we going to clean up His Gundica Mandir, or are we going to sit back, drink a lassi while watching football on TV, and let Him clean up His own temple? So it seems evident to me, most people are more worried about their own house than Krishna's house. And worried about their own name being sullied, but not Krishna's etc.

Patita Uddharana is a prime example of how this process has gone on, and how it has had devastating consequences for Krishna's religion. I do not want my name cast in a bad limelight, but if Srila Prabhupada's, ISKCON's and Krishna's name are dragged into the mud, so what? Not my problem. 

OK you failed the first test. Do you want to serve Krishna, or serve -- "me, myself and I" -- and "my good name" etc.? Anyway, by allowing all this contamination to enter your religion, you ended up looking bad -- if not compromised with an illicit sex with men, women and children messiah's cult -- anyway. You failed to save anything, including your own good name. Your religion went down, and you who are compromisers went down with the ship. 

And there will be much future karma in store for people who do that. "My article was only for reflection" and not public. Well if you want to know how Krishna's name got to be badly reflected in public, go look in a mirror and see who compromised with the people who gave Krishna a bad name. ys pd