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Ramayana on you tube

Many photos of bogus GBC "harinama"

Gaura Govinda folks reply to PADA

Dear Puranjan Prabhu

The attachment is for your REAL WELFARE. Although i was advised by well-meaning brothers to give up on you, I'm making this my last-ditch effort to help you to introspect and reform. I cannot understand why you want to lose this battle against your wicked mind. Why be a hog, for goodness' sake?

[PADA: What I realy meant to say is: Gaura Govinda maharaja is "cooperating with" the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as God's successors / acharyas / messiahs, thus -- even us hogs do not act that degraded. So GGM is not advanced enough to promote the worship of hogs as acharyas, because even us hogs have a better "achar" than his acharyas program. So even if I take birth as a hog, I will be superior to his acharyas. That was my point, his acharyas program is not as advanced as us hogs.]

*** Be assured that all of us in our GGS Gurudev's Parivar don't hate you, but your unfounded offences are what we are against.

[PADA: GGM is the hater, not me. He knows that his promoting the illicit sex acharyas program is getting people like me beaten and killed. So he is supporting, coooperating, tolerating, working with, the people who are beating, banning, molesting and killing us. He is supporting the haters, beaters, molesters, murderers by his cooperating with them, working with them, writing for them, standing up at the GBC meeting saying the founder fathers of pedophile worship "have to stay," etc. He is getting us beaten and killed by his working with our beaters and killers.]

*** Please give yourself this last chance to rid yourself of the 30 year-collection of garbage you are burdening yourself with, when chanting the holy name is more rewarding.

[PADA: No one is allowed to say acharyas are debauchees, or to "work with" that odious offense. Nor do I have any problem chanting the holy name. I have almost zero sex desire and feel great happiness chanting the holy name, in other words Krishna is helping me and He is pushing down these bogus gurus that GGM was working with, they are degrading and I am advancing. The proof is in the pudding.]

*** Trust me, i mean well, truly--- scathing though my words be at times. PS: To all others in the "cc" box. Sorry if i upset you in any way. It was my desire that this thread be shared with many more people in our Gurudev's Parivar missing in my list, but for strange reasons no one is bothered, even though our Gurudev is being bashed. What more need i say? Doesn't anyone care to share on such grave matters and to present a united stance in protecting Gurudev's integrity. Some show concern briefly, then abandon the battle for Gurudev's honour midway, convinced that the RESULT will be futile. NOT ONLY THAT, THEY BRANDISH THEIR "SENIORITY" TO TELL OTHERS TO STOP, QUOTING GURU AND SASTRA, RELEVANT OR NOT.

As big preachers, is this what you think the Bhagavad Gita 2.47 teaches? --- to be RESULT-ORIENTED? and not DUTY-ORIENTED?? Of course, there are back-door instigators who don't want their fingers burned, but prompt me to do this or that, or don't do , ... iT'S SO DISAPPOINTING ... anyway, who listens to such peeves??? Yes, i may be a crude demon, but if i don't try to help someone like Puranjan, who will help me when i'll need help???

H a r e K r i s h n a
Begging forgiveness,
Your humble servant,
in defence of my Gurudev's integrity,
Gourgovindsevak Senan / 29.02.2012
+91 - (0) 96922 82029

[PADA: The results are simple, thousands of people accept what I say, and hundreds more accept every month, whereas the local Sridhara temple here has maybe five people there for the past 15 years. We are gaining, they are slipping. The results are clear, our position, that acharyas are not debauchees, is being accepted while their position is slipping. You so far have not answered the original question, why is GGM himself admitting to me in person he is supporting, cooperating with, tolerating and working with the GBC aka -- the enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophile messiahs program? You said I admit to being a hog, so be it, that means I am way more advanced than the worship of homosexual pedophile messiahs, even a hog does not engage in these things nor does he worship these odious abominations, so even a hog is more advanced than GGM's molester messiah program. Actually I am feeling great bliss these days, Krishna is blessing me with jnana and vairagya. Do not judge me lest ye be judged. Who are you to be my judge? And in your program, your GBC thugs people are also my executioner. Incidentally, a GBC thug just told my friend he wants to kill me, this is just yesterday, so GGM is promoting these people, who gives him the authority to incite this GBC mob which wants to kill me for the past 30 years? And does this not prove Krishna is on my side, since -- I am alive? My being alive proves that Krishna is on my side, after getting hundreds of death threats, being chased with baseball bats, and having my friends get killed, I should be dead. Krishna has blessed me a million fold just by His, keeping me from getting slaughtered like -- the pig you people already think I am. ys pd]

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A few quotes about sannyasa dharma

[PADA: Thanks to Mahesh Raja prabhu for sending these quotes]

SB 3.24.34 P The Renunciation of Kardama Muni
Actually, sannyasa, or renunciation of material household life, necessitates complete absorption in Krsna consciousness and immersion in the self. One does not take sannyasa, freedom from family responsibility in the renounced order of life, to make another family or to create an embarrassing transcendental fraud in the name of sannyasa. The sannyasi's business is not to become proprietor of so many things and amass money from the innocent public. A sannyasi is proud that he is always thinking of Krsna within himself. Of course, there are two kinds of devotees of the Lord. One is called gosthy-anandi, which means those who are preachers and have many followers for preaching the glories of the Lord and who live among those many, many followers just to organize missionary activities. Other devotees are atmanandi, or self-satisfied, and do not take the risk of preaching work. They remain, therefore, alone with God. In this classification was Kardama Muni. He wanted to be free from all anxieties and remain alone within his heart with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Parivraja means "an itinerant mendicant." A mendicant sannyasi should not live anywhere for more than three days. He must be always moving because his duty is to move from door to door and enlighten people about Krsna consciousness.

Madhya 15.243 The Lord Accepts Prasada at the House of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya
A sannyasi is expected to collect a little food from each and every householder. That is to say, he should take whatever he requires to eat. This system is called madhukari. The word madhukari comes from the word madhukara and means "honey-collecting bees." Bees collect a little honey from each flower, but all these small quantities of honey accumulate to become a beehive. Sannyasis should collect a little from each and every householder and should eat simply what is necessary to maintain the body. Being a sannyasi, Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu could collect a little food from the house of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya, and this was the Bhattacarya's request. Compared to the food eaten by the Lord on other occasions, Bhattacarya's feast was not even a morsel. This is what Bhattacarya is pointing out to the Lord.

Antya 8.85 Ramacandra Puri Criticizes the Lord
"For a sannyasi to indulge in satisfying the tongue is a great offense. The duty of a sannyasi is to eat only as much as needed to keep body and soul together."

Madhya 3.70 Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's Stay at the House of Advaita Acarya
The word upakarana indicates a variety of foods, such as dal, vegetables and other varieties of possible dishes that one can eat very nicely with rice. It is not proper, however, for a sannyasi to eat such palatable dishes. If he did so, he would not be able to control his senses. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu did not encourage sannyasis to eat very palatable dishes, for the whole Vaisnava cult is vairagya-vidya, as renounced as possible.Caitanya Mahaprabhu also advised Raghunatha dasa Gosvami not to eat very palatable dishes, wear very nice garments or talk on mundane subjects. These things are all prohibited for those in the renounced order. A devotee does not accept anything to eat that is not first offered to Krsna. All the rich foods offered to Krsna are given to the grhasthas, the householders. There are many nice things offered to Krsna--garlands, bedsteads, nice ornaments, nice food and even nicely prepared pan, betel nuts--but a humble Vaisnava, thinking his body material and nasty, does not accept such preparations for himself. He thinks that by accepting such things he will offend the lotus feet of the Lord. Those who are sahajiyas cannot understand what Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu meant when He asked Advaita Acarya to bring two separate leaves and give a small quantity of the prasada to Him.

Meeting to suppress molestation victims

Revenge of the Godfathers BY: SUN STAFF

Feb 27, 2012 — CANADA (SUN) — The following testimonial was recently published on Facebook by HG Yadunandana Pada dasa, writing in response to an article about the plight of ISKCON's gurukulis, and Srila Prabhupada's movement:

"I will take this a step further and you can quote me and I am willing to testify in court if this ever goes to trial again in any manner.

I sat as the secretary (taking notes) for the North American GBC (2003) then involved in the Turley case. When they saw that there was no way to win the case and that ISKCON was going to have to pay all the claimants millions of dollars, an evil (possibly a crime) was pursued.

Their tactic within that one meeting became a malignant "punishment" to the then original 150 claimants. Headed by Gopal Bhatta Das and the other members of the group called the SSPT. The topic came up of "what to do with these claimants who are attacking Prabhupada by taking this case to court."

It was no longer than a few minutes before the entire room came to agreement that "the best way to get them back is to make sure that they each don't get any large amount of settlement by inviting as many possible claimants worldwide to join in the distribution of the funds." This was an idea spearheded by Gopal Bhatta dasa, Badrinarayana dasa, and Ramabhadra Dasa.

It was put to a vote and decided by the members of the SSPT/North American GBC. A campaign immediately was launched world wide asking for any one who had any kind of claim to come forward, and be supported by the ISKCON authorities. They set a stage for any one within ISKCON or affiliated in any manner to be able to sue ISKCON with the support of ISKCON. It was more than encouragement it became a campaign. This they said, "will teach those original claimants a lesson and it will make us look like we are trying to be forthcoming and deliver justice."

The following are the members who conspired in these meetings on this issue: Gopal Bhatta das, Romapada Swami, Badrinarayana dasa, Jayaadvaita Swami, Ramabhadra Dasa President of Brooklyn temple, BirKrsna Swami, Rabindra Svaraup Dasa, Malati Dasi, and three others whom I will not mention because they were against this unethical, possibly illegal approach.

I resigned in protest. You have my written permission to share this viral. And I hereby swear on the all holy scriptures that this is precisely the way it went down. I have been trying to tell this story to many deaf ears over the years, perhaps this is the correct venue. 

These children were so brutally abused while their perpetrators who continue reigning as Gurus and GBCs. Shame and curses on them and any one who supports them. Hare Krsna -- Yadunandana Pada Dasa in the service of the vaishnavas and those children"

Hare Krishna's on TV show
PADA: Show is called "Scrubs"-- comedy about doctors.

Lecture by Srila Prabhupada on Bangaloregroup videos
Lecture by Srila Prabhupada on Bangaloregroup videos (check out their other videos). This video has matching TEXT. Great work! ys pd

Sex, lies and Hindu gurus

PADA: Yep, Srila Prabhupada is correct, sex attraction is the main thing that traps us bewildered living entities to the wheels of samsara. So if a person is a "God realized guru," who is supposed to be free of material attachment, and he is engaged in illicit sex, then no wonder he goes to the most obnoxious regions. He is making material attraction appear to be liberation, so he is simply binding many other people to material illusion, he is not saving them, he is ruining their spiritual lives by cheating them. This is very sinful for very self evident reasons. A self realized soul will not be attached to mundane sex life -- because he would know that all living beings, including all beautiful men and women, are simply parts and parcels of Krishna. So these beautiful entities were not created for our enjoyment, they were created for Krishna's enjoyment. And for us to want to exploit others by enjoying them means -- we are still either partially or fully envious of Krishna. So a person who is still envious of Krishna cannot be a guru, and if he takes that post, he is "the most dangerous element in human society." ys pd  

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Dear Evil das 02/26/12

Dear Evil dasa, I think we are finally making progress. (A) The GBC's spokesman Jayadvaita swami writes a paper that says in ISKCON their (alleged) -- gurus -- are often caught falling and in sum, engaging in illicit sex with men, women and children. Now the people who support that deviant apa-siddhanta are (B) the people you call "the current acharyas." Sorry, none of the acharyas has ever said that the parampara is populated by illicit sex with men, women and children debauchees? You are making this up. And I just had to explain all this to a follower of Gaura Govinda maharaja, -- i.e. that acharyas are not debauchees: This is rather amazing, people have no idea the parampara is "eternally pure" and they keep saying its full of odious deviants. They have no quotes to back that up of course, since there are none. So we are not jumping over the current acharya Srila Prabhupada, he says anyone who claims acharyas are debauchees is a resident of narakah, gurusuh narah matih narakah sah, not going to hell, already there, that is what he said, they are already residents of hell. ys pd 

GBC gurus not accountable

Gaura Govinda maharaja update

[PADA: OK, you apparently did not listen to the video, I did speak with Gaura Govinda Maharaja in person and he told me he has to "cooperate, tolerate and work with the GBC (and their gurus)." OK, and I also told him the GBC gurus are falling down sometimes into homosexuality, and he agreed they are. In fact the GBC spokesman Jayadvaita says these acharyas are sometimes caught having illicit sex with men, women and children. I have also stated many times that even the cannibal witch doctor's culture is more advanced than worship of illicit sex, they worship something wonderful in nature and not debauchees. You have failed to explain why GGM wants us to cooperate with less than cannibal culture?

Why would any religious man like GGM is supposed to be, want to "cooperate" with the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children "Vishnupada" messiahs? Is there any history of any vaishnava in any Vedic literature who "cooperated, tolerated and worked with" the worship of debauchees as acharyas? There are no examples of even a Vedic mleccha or dog eater "cooperating" with the worship of illicit sex?

There is clearly no example in the history in all Vaishnava siddhanta where any bona fide acharya, or any bona fide pot washing devotee, never mind that -- any prostitute devotee of Vishnu, who has "cooperated with" the worship of illicit sex as Vishnupada? Rather, all the acharyas say it is an extreme offense to cooperate with the claim that acharyas are debauchees. This is one of the ten offenses, to say guru is ordinary. Of course GGM could not even find an ordinary pious man to "work with," he had to work with extreme debauchees posing as Vishnupada messiahs program.

Even the lowest Christian drunkards would never cooperate, tolerate and work with the worship of homosexuals, pedophiles and so forth as Vishnupadas or messiahs. They know this is very ofensive towards God almighty. Worse, GGM was voted in in 1986 at the recoronation of Bhavanananda, at a time when almost everyone in the management of ISKCON was discussing that Bhav was having homosex with Taxi drivers in the holy dham etc. I did not cooperate with that, rather I objected, does that make me pure? No, but it does make me way more advanced than the people who acquiesced and got certified as acharya by that abominable sabha like GGM.

Atreya Rsi came back from that 1986 meeting where they re-annointed Bhav as their Vishnupada, and they simultaneously annointed GGM as their new messiah, and he told me personally, the leaders were all aware of this "problem." And there was a stack of written reports on this problem being read and discussed by the leaders. Are you saying everyone else knew except they did not tell GGM? Anyway he would have certainly known soon after that meeting because it caused a storm of controversy all over the society.

So again -- why does GGM "cooperate" with the worship of homosexuals who are paying Taxi driving men to have oral sex with him in the holy dham? Why don't you folks know it is a severe aparadha for a person to pose as a "Vishnupada" while having homosexual acts in the holy dham, and even worse is for a person to "cooperate" with that when he is a big scholar like GGM to help cement in these deviations? He should have protested way before I did because he was setting the example of a sadhu from India.

When I was in Vrndavana some sadhus there told me they never even pass stools in the dham, they go outside the borders of town, they said this is an offense, but yet there is a person posing as a Vishnupada having homosex in that same holy dham? And GGM is cooperating with this program? And I even told GGM they are making homosexuals into Vishnupada, and he told me he knows they are, and still AFTER THAT, he still said he has to cooperate with that process. So -- he knew, because he told me he knew!]

*** For that, you have launched a cowardly attack on him in his "absence." Why cowardly? Well, if you are indeed the pure devotee you say you are, you would not have waited over a decade to deride him after his aprakata-lila without giving him a fair chance; you’d have patiently and tolerantly faced him in his prakata-lila.

[PADA: You did not listen to the video. I did talk to him in person, he told me he has to cooperate, tolerate and work with the GBC gurus, AFTER I told him they are making homosexuals into acharyas. And GGM even agreed they are doing that. So he (A) agreed with me in person that the GBC is making homosexuals into Vishnupada acharyas, THEN (B) he told me he has to work with them. Even the worst and most fallen Christian drunkard in New York City would never cooperate with homosexual pedophiles posing as messiahs and acharyas.

This is verboten for any pious man, or even a very fallen man. In fact, even the lowest most fallen prostitutes who used to ride around in my taxi, they would wear a cross of Jesus on themselves because they have some love and respect for Jesus. And they sincerely hope that Jesus could save them somehow or other, so at least they have some respect and love for their acharya. These prostitutes would never even DREAM of saying their acharyas are fallen debauchees -- who are worse than a common prostitute.

In fact, even if these prostitutes live to be 100 years old, the thought that they would need to cooperate with the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as messiahs would never even enter their minds. This type of thinking is so grossly odious and offensive to God, they could not even conceive of such degraded mentality. It is below their dignity. Yet this was GGM's whole theme of his existence, we have to cooperate with the worship of debauchees as Vishnupada acharyas. Even by 1993 GGM was still saying at the GBC meeting, we need to keep Tamal. The founder father of the worship of homosexual pedophiles needs to stay? These prostitutes in my taxi could never even imagine such dastardly attacks on God by saying His successors are perverts and criminals. These prostitutes are pure devotees compared to GGM.  

That is because these prostitutes have some respect for God and for the post of His acharyas. Even in their worst nightmares they are not walking around saying, oh yea, the acharyas are having illicit sex with men, women and children. Their brains could not even contain such an offensive thought because they have love and respect for their acharya. Nor would they tolerate and cooperate with people making these offenses. So this is not about me saying I am pure, its commonly known by the ordinary man that its an offense to say God's successors are abominable, this is known even by the lowest prostitute in the city.]

*** After all, was he not present for many more years (until Feb 1996) after you felt peeved about his advice to tolerate and cooperate with the GBC goons about their gross maladministration on many matters, including all the perverted sexual indiscretions you correctly and factually talk about?

[PADA: OK so now you are arguing with yourself, you just said I am writing correctly when I say many of the GBC gurus are falling into sexual indiscretions. So I was complaining about that deviation and exposing it, but GGM refused to write anything to counter them. I asked him, you have to write a counterpoint position paper, and he said no, he has to work with them. So I was the one who was writing (to my peril) and he refused to write because he said he is working with them. So he is compromised with them. More importantly, people like me were getting beaten and killed while he was sitting on the lap of the people beating and killing us. Who authorized him to cooperate with the people who are beating and killing us? That means his finger is also on the collective karma trigger shooting at us, he is helping them shoot at us by encouraging them "oh the ritviks are deviants" (ok to attack them).]

*** So now it behooves his sincere sisyas and followers to defend his integrity. But, uncle dear, I’m helplessly seeing you degrading yourself by not even trying to give them a chance to say ANYTHING at all by twisting their words and condemning them as liars and even as supporters of sex-offenders. Is this gentlemanly behaviour?

[PADA: Well if people are cooperating, tolerating and working with the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children, this is a deviation. I am not twisting anything? This is a fact and you just admitted that these GBC gurus have been falling into illlcit sex, even perverted sex. And so Prabhavishnu is merely the latest example of this degradation of the parampara idea, that's all. So yes, if you cooperate with deviants, you are supporting them.

For example, if I "cooperate, tolerate and work with" the bank robbers -- who shot the people in the bank  -- by driving their getaway car, then the judge will say to me -- you have to go to jail along with the bank robbers themselves, you are guilty of murder as well. Its called conspiracy, complicity, acquiescing and so on, this is also a crime. If I drive the getaway car, I will still be charged with the murder of the bank teller inside -- even though I was not in the bank -- because I would be complicit by aiding and abetting. I am shocked you have no idea what is called collective karma.]

*** So, my ‘Pure’ (hence POWERFUL) Uncle, please stop cursing that very expansion of Nityananda Prabhu, and those who defend his integrity, and pay pride-less attention to all that follow. Then, like the ground on which you slip and fall is also the ground that stops your fall, let the harmless person you have so unreasonably blasphemed be the ONLY person who can save you from your naraka-bound careless headlong fall. (Even Krsna could not save the greatest POWERFUL sage Durvasa for cursing His premi-bhakta, King Ambaris, until, swallowing the humble pie and heeding Krsna’s advice, the sage begged the king’s forgiveness. Without malice, Ambaris forgave him.)

[PADA: I am not the person who is cooperating with the worship of deviants posing as Vishnupada acharyas? The collaborators with that deviation are the persons who go to Yamaloka, not me? Of course I may go there, or I may not go there, this is all speculation, but it will have nothing to do with me defending the parampara by saying it contains no debauchees? I am not going to be charged with that crime in this regard. I currently worship the pure devotee so I am not involved in that karma. You are blaming the messenger. Shastra says -- false gurus go to the lowest regions, and so do their supporters, ok like GGM. Shastra thus says the supporters of false gurus go to hell along with the false gurus, ok shastra says I am safe from going to hell for that offense because I am not a false guru nor their position paper writer like GGM is  --GGM is in danger, according to shastra.]

*** O, just one more thing --- I know it’s wrong to be angry, especially at one’s “pure” uncle. If at times I do say things in justified anger, please see the reason for it before condemning me. In this regard, let my Gurudeva (whom you have ignorantly demonized) advise you in his own words:

"'Krodha bhakti-dvesi-jane' – how can you utilize the enemy krodha (anger)? I will engage krodha against those who blaspheme Krsna and who blaspheme krsna-bhakta … that means a vaisnava can become angry, but only when someone blasphemes Krsna or a vaisnava-sadhu. He becomes angry when one speaks against krsna-bhakta.” GGS then cites the best example of Hanumanji who angrily burned Lanka for Ravana’s offense against Lord Ram.   [from p169, "SRI GURU PADA PADMA" —Tattva Vicara Publication]

[PADA: Right, so when someone says Lord Krishna's successors are having illicit sex with men, women and children, I am the one getting mad and GGM is sitting on their lap writing papers to support them. OK. Why is he not joining me in getting angry at them? ys pd]

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Unity in diversity?
PADA: OK, lets unify, however since the GBC says their gurus are often falling, and some are even having illicit sex with men, women and children, how many people are going to rally around that flag? And at the same time, anyone who wants to worship the pure devotee is banned, harassed and villified, again, how is that creating unity? ys pd

Poison issue is getting around
PADA: OK, but this does not answer any of the questions about the poison issue's relevant statements and related factors. This is a sentimental answer, not a factual answer. Anyway this means, they have no factual answers. ys pd

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PADA did not get lawsuit money?

PADA: Thanks Evil dasa, This keeps coming up, you folks keep thinking I made a fortune from the Windle Turley case. Well I did not take a penny from the Windle Turley case. I do not want one penny of that money and said -- anything that can be scraped out of the pocket of the GBC goes to the children. Yes, Turley took money too, but without him the kids would not have even got one red penny ever. At least he got them a token, whereas your plan was for them to get nothing, you did zero to help them and your plan would have produced zero result. Did I forget to mention there was an epidemic of victims suicides before I launched the case, and at least we slowed that down to almost none. Again, your plan was to allow the suicide problem to get worse, then you wonder, why did we reject your plan? Well maybe because -- we do not like to have the blood of children on our hands as you and your ilk apparently do not mind having. And did we also forget to mention, that the lawsuit created the CPO and some form of child protection, so at least the GBC had to pretend they were taking care of kids? Without that lawsuit there would be no protection office at all, zip, nada, zero. It seems your plans always end up being a big poof of zero. ys pd

Dear Sattvic dasa

Sattvic Das: The worse part of all this madness is that Srila Prabhupada is getting a bad name. Yes, because people tends to associate these rascals with Him. They think Srila Prabhupada authorized these clowns to act the way they do. Are we to just sit and watch? Let the Australian yatra lead the way for a total Disobedience Movement against these fakes, cheaters, thieves, murderers and what not. It's time devotees the world over wakes up from their slumber and recognize the dept of darkness this Movement has been plunged in. Kali chelas have taken over the leadership by treachery and manipulation. How many more fools have to bite the dust before we act? How much more Prabhupada's wealth have to be plundered before we act responsibly? How many more families have to be broken apart and how many children have to be molested before we do something?

[PADA: This is the problem in a nutshell. The movement is so out of control at the moment, being unchecked since 1977 except for a few punctuation marks of very rare legal raids by the Federal Marshalls etc., and maybe few lawsuits from time to time, it has not been checked substantially -- and has thus grown into a giant mass of corruption. Meanwhile, the amount of people resisting have been so few and so dis-organized, and this has been the case for such a long time, the corruption is now pretty much cemented in. It might require much more of a public expose to start to shake the roots of this deviation. 

There are at least some dissenters finally getting together and comparing notes, and the good news is that the number of the dissenters is growing, but most of the dissenters are basically humble brahmanas aka poor beggars who are having a hard time challenging the big organization. OK, this is what happened in the Gaudiya Matha. Srila Prabhupada resisted and challenged, but he was not considered as a big threat because he did not have a big operation to back him up. 

I think a lot of what is happening is simply fear and repression of the evil empire, people are afraid to speak up because they are going to be suppressed. Srila Prabhupada said the same thing, my God brothers gave me depression, repression, oppression. Anyway, expose is the best tactic to work against them. Its working slowly but surely. As for Krishna getting a bad name, this has been the case all along. 

I remember way back in the early 1980s, some devotees showed me an article from a "Hustler" magazine, again way back in the early 1980s, ok its not such a good source of reading, but it had a big article in there, starting with the picture of a  goddess with a hundred arms pulling cash out of people's pockets, and it was all about the Krishna movement's "hustlers for cash." It was very detailed and showed clearly that the public was going sour on the movement way back then. Yet few people stood up to attack the leaders and their policies, most devotees simply compromised and did nothing. Of course in 1980 we also had the Syracuse NY lawsuit in all the news papers in the USA saying the movement was "engaged in systematic defrauding of the public."

Thus, the name of the movement has been going down the tubes all along, I think it is time we realize the leaders have never cared for the name of Prabhupada or Krishna, ever. People say we cannot speak up to avoid giving us a bad name, meanwhile not speaking up is giving us the name of compromisers with extreme deviants. ys pd]   

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bangalore case in Deccan Herald

SC moved after HC overturned judgment

 Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle
While the civil court declared the Bengaluru society as a separate entity entitled to control all Iskcon properties in Karnataka in an order of 2001, the Karnataka high court set it aside in its verdict in 2009 stating that the Bengaluru Iskcon society had “failed” to prove its “title” over the properties in Karnataka.
And thus the legal battle finally shifted to the Supreme Court in 2011 with the Bengaluru society challenging the HC verdict with its counsel pointing out at least 10 alleged legal and factual “flaws” in the HC judgment. The SC while admitting the appeal last year, had passed an order for maintaining the status quo, which means that the Bengaluru society would continue to look after the day-to-day affairs of Iskcon temple in Bengaluru and its various other welfare projects. The major “flaw” pointed out in the appeal by Iskcon’s Karnataka chapter was that since both Mumbai and Bengaluru societies were registered as separate entities then how could the former have control over the latter.
The Bengaluru Development Authority records clearly showed that it had signed the land transfer deed for the temple and other related buildings with the Bengaluru Iskcon trust and Mumbai is nowhere in the picture.
Bombay trust’s claim was that the Bengaluru Iskcon society was only an extension of the movement, which set its feet in the land of the birth of Lord Krishna in 1971 with the aim to spread its activities in the country to make aware of the “Krishna consciousness”, therefore, any society registered in a particular state could not claim itself to be “independent” entity.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ramai is a bogus sannyasa

Gaura Prema dasa: Ever since Ramai was given sanyasa by Bhavananda, he has been travelling up and down the east coast of Australia, either in luxury campervans or fancy 4wheel drives. For many years he had a group of bramacaris collecting just for him and his ROCK band. They certainly organized many public programs in various towns and villages. But if you attended one of these programs you would find very little preaching, just Rock'N'Roll kirtan. 

If you even handed Ramai a Bhagavad Gita to speak from he would NOT open it, instead just ramble on for 5-10 minutes about Lord Caitanya's sankirtan movement, and then as soon as he could, "Okay boys, 1, 2, 3, screely weely cheezy, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech, hareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, krsnaaaaaaaaaaaa, boommmmmmmmmmmmm, bannnnnnnnnnnnnnng," All the neophytes and blind sheep would be dancing wildly as the band pumped out the music. For me it was unbearable to listen to or to watch such crazy kirtan.

But now strangely enough, this sort of madness is promoted even in INDIA by the likes of GOPALA politic swami. Just check out the band Madhavas at Chandigar rathayatra --  madhavas live at Rath Yatra Chandigarh, with "Maharaj" - YouTube -- after 1.30min GOPAL swami tries to lead a 'Rock Bottom' kirtan. WHAT A FARSE !!! Ramai once spent 5-6 months along with his band trying to record an album. They used New Govardhan and New Nandagram facilities for weeks and weeks of practice trying to get the tracks down. Then they spent 5 or $6,000.00 for time in a recording studio. They finally produced a tape which was a total flop. I never found even one devotee who liked their music enough to actually buy one of these tapes. 

 Ramai is well known for his elusive lifestyle and is known as the 'Invisible Swami' by many devotees. If you came across his travelling party up north in Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast, or Cairns, and if you enquired from the bramacaris where the swami was staying, the usual response was "WE DON"T KNOW". He always stayed at a different holiday resort/motel away from his hard working bramacaris. 

He was seen walking out of a video rental store in Cairns with a huge pile of videos / DVDs under his arm, obviously to watch in private. Ramai was once encouraging Lagudi Prabhu to take sanyasa, and told him what a great life he could have, with his own bramacaris collecting for him, with at least 1 or 2 free trips to India each year. Lagudi Prabhu was not impressed. So this is the life of the modern day sexyasis and guroos of ITSGONE. They are not accountable to anyone. They are the irresponsible 'PRINCES of ITSGONE'' And what is the so-called GBC doing about all this? NOTHING!

Sri Chaitanya's life and precepts
From Bangalore devotees. ys pd

Ancient Vishnu statue found in Russia

More big problems with ISKCON Australia

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Well at least we are in this lineage somewhere

This is good, it means the Prabhupdanuga line is being recognized. ys pd

Madhu Pandit on TV in Bangalore update
PADA: This is another channel 9 TV special. Hee hee. ys pd

Paper trail of Bhakti Caru's financial machinations

PADA does sympathize with ISKCON rank and file

Dear Evil dasa, yes there are some innocent people in ISKCON, and a number of them write to me telling me they cannot wait for the evil clown acharyas to go away. I am friends with many inhabitants of ISKCON, and they read my materials on a regular basis. Many of them just sit there and worship Srila Prabhupada and Krishna and they never dream of accepting the evil clowns as their messiahs. They agree with me that you need to worship a pure devotee and not a pack of folks who promote lusty fools as their messiahs.

I am not addressing the rank and file, but am addressing the guru tattva issue, i.e. in ISKCON the leadership claim that acharyas fall down into "illicit sex with men, women and children" (as per statements from their annual reports detailing many of these fall downs). Therefore the official position of the leaders of ISKCON is: That acharyas are not as advanced as Mr. Snuffles the cat, who would never engage in illicit sex with men, women and children. And even if you gave Mr. Snuffles $2 billion dollars, he would never worship illicit sex with men, women and children either. You could not even pay him to act that degraded, that means he is more advanced than the ISKCON leaders. Therefore Mr. Snuffles is more advanced than the entire GBC leadership since none of them has written a position paper saying the GBC's illicit sex acharyas / GBC position papers like "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties" and so on, are bogus. Now if you had mentioned Mr. Snuffles as someone you could promote as your acharya, you might have some credibility. ys pd

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sridhara Maharaja folks insult Jesus update

[PADA: First of all, we offer heartfelt thanks to Alberto prabhu for bringing us to the point of making further investigations into various statements being made by the leadership of the Sridhara Maharaja group. We have decided that in the event the Sridhara Maharaja folks want to conduct a full scale public debate with us, we shall write an expose of their cult to local Christian churches, Christian charities, Christian colleges and religious groups around each and every Sridhara Maharaja center in North and South America asking them to help us investigate their charities. We already have the full list of their addresses in hand. Sridhara Maharaja's basic idea in 1936 was to say that a deviant with homosexual tendencies is a pure "guru" who could absorb sins (aka a diksha guru) -- yes, exactly who Jesus is and exactly what Jesus is doing. (See where Sridhara Maharaja tells the 11 GBC gurus they will take karma / absorb sins in our previous article).

And in 1978 Sridhara Maharaja repeated that same mistake of juxtaposing the position of a pure person like Jesus with deviants, and he was telling the GBC 11 they too were gurus who could absorb sins, ok like Jesus is a guru who absorbs sins. These 11 had big thrones, big worship, feet washing like they were Jesus, big titles as pure devotees like Jesus, diksha gurus etc. as the 11 were being promoted as gurus by Sridhara Maharaja (as we have documented in other places).

And now we notice (see below) while some Sridhara folks have been promoting various deviants as Jesus like gurus, others from their important leadership clique are attacking the position of the actual Lord Jesus. This is just wrong to minimize the actual Jesus, while simultaneously promoting fools as a type of Jesus. And we do not think people in either Philo, North Carolina or anywhere else would accept this type of assault on Jesus. We'd like to get a clarification from the Sridhara Maharaja group leaders about why these comments such as we find herein are being allowed on their web sites and so on. Please let us know why these attacks on Jesus are allowed? ys pd]


Our Guardians: Swami B.R. Sridhara

(Sridhara Maharaja leader) Narasingha Maharaja: This may be a radical idea, but it is also a historical fact. Christianity developed from a Jewish heresy and was mostly fabricated by Paul. Judaism had received its scriptures and religion [monotheism] from the Persians [Zoroastrians] and Zoroaster had been rejected from Vedic civilization for concocting a heretical philosophy [this is mentioned in the Rg-Veda].

Starting with Zoroaster one mental concoction simply gave birth to another mental concoction and the end of such mental concoctions is nowhere in sight – especially as concerns Christianity. They go on concocting ideas such as salvation through Jesus, purgatory, virgin births, Heaven, Jesus is God, inventing scripture, etc — none of which are anything less than a mental concoction.

The history of Christianity reads something like this: Jesus was a Jew, Christians were Jewish heretics, after killing off all Gnostic Christians and other sects of Christianity, the Orthodox church reigned supreme, Roman Catholicism crushed the Orthodox Church and killed any remnants of ancient Christianity and persecuted the Jews, Protestant Churches were the bastards of Catholicism, the Mormons are a Christian cult among the Protestants and Jesus is coming soon! [...]

Narasingha Maharaja: Bhaktivinoda is speaking in such a way as to encourage the followers of sectarian doctrines such as Christianity and Islam to give up their limited concepts and recognize real dharma [Vaisnavism]. Bhaktivinoda is not condemning the followers of Vaisnava dharma as sectarian for recognizing that Vaisnava dharma is the eternal function of the soul. Don't forget that Bhaktivinoda's opinion is [as stated in Tattva-viveka] that no intelligent person will accept the ideas of salvation thru the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus as Christianity suggests.

[PADA: You mean an intelligent person will worship the illicit sex messiahs promoted by Sridhara Maharaja instead, and this will give them salvation?]

Sunnyvale temple program this week end 02/17/12

Saturday, Feb 18, Srila Isvara Puri Tirobhava
Srila Isvara Puri is the disciple of Srila Madhavendra Puri. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is Krishna Himself, descended on earth 500 years ago to launch the Hare Krishna sankirtana movement and accepted Srila Isvara Puri as His spiritual master. Such is the exalted position of Srila Isvara Puri. On Saturday afternoon, on his sacred disappearance day, we will read the glories of Srila Isvara Puri along with continuation of Ajamila story in Srimad Bhagavatam. 

Saturday (18 Feb) schedule :
 11:15 am : Vishnu Sahasranama recitation
 12 noon : Reading about Srila Isvara Puri
 12:15 pm : Srimad Bhagavatam discussion
 12:40 pm : Japa yajna
 12:45 pm : Arati and lunch
Lord Shiva from a Vaishnava perspective - 19 Feb
On the eve of Shiv Ratri, the Sunday afternoon program will consist of discussion of Lord Shiva's position and a Vaishnava's perspective of Lord Shiva. The readings will be from a collection of writings from our Acharya Srila Prabhupada.
"It is said, vaisnavanam yatha sambhuh: Lord Siva is the best of all devotees. Therefore all devotees of Lord Krsna are also devotees of Lord Siva... A devotee of Lord Krsna does not disrespect Lord Siva but worships Lord Siva as the most exalted devotee of Lord Krsna. Consequently, whenever a devotee worships Lord Siva, he prays to Lord Siva to achieve the favor of Krsna, and he does not request material profit. " -- Srila Prabhupada, purport to Srimad Bhagavatam 4.24.30

 Sunday program schedule :
 11:30 am : Bhajans
 12 noon : Readings from scriptures/Acharya's commentary on Lord Shiva's position and perspective of a Vaishnava about Lord Shiva.
 12:40 pm : Japa yajna
 1 pm : Arati and prasadam
 12 noon to 12:45 pm : Sunday school
Sunday music and dance classes
South Indian vocals : Afternoon 3pm to 5pm

North Indian vocals/harmonium : Afternoon 2pm to 4pm. (Registrations open for this)

Dance classes : Please sync up with dance teacher. For more details, please contact

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Sridhara Maharaja and "accepting karma" (SM pt.5)

From: Sri Guru and His Grace

Accepting Disciples and Karma

Devotee: It seems that those who accept disciples have to undergo some physical difficulty or suffering because of accepting the karma of their disciples.

Srila Sridhara Maharaja: Physical difficulty should not be considered. And physical success also should not be considered of much value. 

[PADA: So, when these false gurus promoted by Sridhara Maharaja after 1936 and 1977 began to fall into difficulty because they claimed they could absorb sins like Jesus, this should not be considered? First of all, how can neophytes who are still struggling with illicit sex, drugs and so on -- "take the karma" of their followers and absorb anyone's sins, and in sum act in the capacity of another Jesus?]  

SM: The spiritual master will have to digest some of the responsibility of the bad and undesirable activities of the disciple. 

[PADA: But how can neophytes, indeed people inclined to illicit sex, absorb the sins of others and act like another Jesus? Why do the Sridhara people never answer this since 1978?]

Devotee: Does the disciple's advancement depend more on the guru or on his own efforts? How will the disciple make proper advancement in following the principles of his guru?

Srila Sridhara Maharaja: That depends on the stages of realization of the disciple. Exclusive devotion must come from the disciple towards the guru. It is said in the Svetasvatara Upanisad (6.23)"The key to success in spiritual life is unflinching devotion to both the spiritual master and Krsna."

[PADA: Why is Sridhara Maharaja telling people to have unflinching devotion to people who are falsely posing as Jesus-like messiahs?] 

SM: To those great souls who have full faith in both Krsna and the spiritual master, the inner meaning of the scriptures is fully revealed." The guru is Krsna's representative. 

[PADA: The "gurus" supported by Sridhara fell into illicit sex and worse deviations, how can they be "God's (Krsna's) representatives"?]

SM: We are in search of divinity, and so, we must try to concentrate all our energy wherever we find a real connection with divinity. That is the key to success, because Krsna is all-conscious. So, the response to our devotional efforts will come from Krsna according to our attentiveness to Him. He is everywhere. In the conception of infinite, everywhere there is center, nowhere is there circumference. In every point there may be the center. Prahlada Maharaja saw the center present everywhere. Hiranyakasipu asked him, "Is your God in this pillar?" Prahlada replied, "Yes. He is there." And when Hiranyakasipu demolished the pillar, Lord Nrisirnhadeva came out. 

[PADA: Again, the gurus supported by Sridhara Maharaja fell into illicit sex, what does any of this have to do with "a real connection to divinity (God)"? ys pd] 

Bangalore HC issues notice to Bombay ISKCON

Shameless GBC gurus (by Gadhadhara dasa)

Associated with rascals

Dear Prabhu,
I am not sure whether you know this but the best friends of Sivarama swami have been Nitaicand swami with whom he was walking hand in hand in vraja in the 90s, as well as -- Danurdhara swami, Balabhadra das former Bhakti Ballabh Puri Goswami etc. Someone who is sober and has a minimum sense of morality, could not have any relationship with all this rascals except if he himself is rascal. Sivarama knows exactly when and what to speak just to keep himself protected in his position and get the continuous flow of money. There are innumerable cases of single devotess, families etc. getting crushed and broke, banned etc. by Sivarama and his thugs. I recommend you all to watch the well-known german movie from the 1930s titled "Jud Süss". We can compare and recognize many of the traits of the main character in the movie with the machinations of the ISKCON "gurus". From anondas