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LA Festival highlights (Thanks Gauridasa Pandit) ISKCON 05/30/11

Madhu Pandit on TV (now on youtube) ISKCON ys pd 05/30

Sampradaya Sun not printing counter from Madhu Pandit side (ISKCON)

Sampradaya Sun failed to publish this article on their website which shows that their biased.

In spite of being asked to prove his identity, the ‘Bangalore Correspondent’ failed to do so. We are cognizant with the fact that if someone does not belong to a proper and authorized guru-parampara, what he is popularly known as. Let me not get into these details. However this ‘Bangalore Correspondent’ is a very nice trained attack dog of guru-fraudsters. I am posting this article as a reply to the following bark of this attack dog:

I would first like to point out that you people are actually doing too much of claptrap about your gurus, about whom the whole world knows. We all didn’t know that inside the glass house you are all living in a state of dream thinking that this temple is Madhu Pandit Prabhu’s. I think you are not aware of the fact that thousands of disciples of Prabhupada are standing with Madhu Pandit Prabhu. He is not alone. This temple is the property of Srila Prabhupada, which you people now want to loot. It is not 1977, 1981 or 1998, this is 2011. Don’t be under an illusion that you are right. Actually you are all blinded by a guru hoax philosophy.

Let me unveil few facts which readers would be interested to know. JPS and his disciples are stamped to be political. History has recorded this. Let me give an example of what they have done to the disciples of Srila Prabhupada. In Mumbai, once TKG grabbed the mike, brayed into it ‘His Holiness Bhavananda Maharaja ki jai’ and being joyous His Holiness Bhavananda Maharaja took back the mike and yelled into it ‘His Holiness TKG ki jai’. These kinds of braying are prohibited in the main temple hall. And it can surely provoke a sign of pity into the mind of anyone by witnessing such behaviour. After this incident, Yashomatinandan Prabhu visited Mayapur during the GBC meetings where he openly mocked the guru fraudsters saying that they were bogus.

This angered them as they usually do. This quality of being angry itself shows that they are not qualified to be the gurus. The spiritual master is totally free from all these 5 qualities – Egoism, envy, ignorance, misery and anger. Those so called spiritual masters then released their dogs with sticks in their hands behind Yashomatinandan Prabhu chasing him all over the campus. He is a Temple President, the ultimate managing authority in the temple. And he was chased all across the temple by these attack dogs. He then approached His Holiness Hrishikesha Swami requesting him to look what they were doing to him. His Holiness Hrishikesha Swami looked at him and in a convicted state of lost mind, said – “Don’t you think you deserve it?” Hearing these sharp words Yashomatinandan Prabhu was taken aback. He was then grabbed by those attack dogs, who caught him by his neck and dragged him to the quarters of JPS forcing him to massage JPS’s feet and asking for pardon to be left safely.

This is how they treated such a respectable personality. Such shame on them! Below verse outlines all their qualities perfectly making them the imperfect man to become guru.

dambho darpo 'bhimänaç ca
krodhaù päruñyam eva ca
ajïänaà cäbhijätasya
pärtha sampadam äsurém

Pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance—these qualities belong to those of demoniac nature, O son of Påthä. Bg 16.4

Why should Madhu Pandit Prabhu walk out of the temple? He is an authorized Temple President chanting his 16 rounds every day, following all 4 regulative principles strictly, sincerely rendering his services as per the instructions of Srila Prabhupada and guiding the devotees as per the instructions of Srila Prabhupada. Why should he walk out from the temple? YOU SHOULD GET OUT FROM THIS MOVEMENT what to speak of getting out from the temple? It is gurus who have poached the properties of Srila Prabhupada. Many disciples of Prabhupada have left the movement from 1982-1998 but it was only Madhu Pandit Prabhu who stood against the entire false army of these people. Like you, we are not interested in the positions or the temples. We are more bothered about the preaching. With the control of unelected GBC, this model of preaching will fail as it has already. These gurus have been fighting for the properties. If JPS is such a powerful acharya, why doesn’t he open institutions? Why personally harassing the disciples of Prabhupada and ripping them of their services? All of you are bound by this offense to Srila Prabhupada. JPS could not even develop Mayapur project, what to speak of maintaining this Bangalore temple. I know it is falling on the deaf ears nonetheless we want readers to know the actual history!

Silence means you are accepting the money and exploiting the temples. As rightly questioned by Aishwarya Kumar, can anyone of your gurus declare their assets and bank accounts in court? JPS was a GBC for Trivandrum, Chennai, Hyderabad – instead of growth, these temples are coming down in their activities. That Vedanta Chaitanya in Hyderabad, being again one of their kinds tried stopping our preaching. Instead of stopping other’s preaching, he should first try to arrange for the offering of Deities in his own temple who were so lovingly installed by Srila Prabhupada. You are all interested in the disciples and transferring guru-dakshina into your personal accounts. However there was only such drastic progress in Bangalore temple that due to the endeavors of Madhu Pandit Prabhu. Don’t think he is alone. Thousands of them are there to fight you people and see to it that Prabhupada’s legacy is protected. For us all Prabhupada is still living and the words he has spoken are our lives.

Annam Balaji: Very well stated.

Upendra Chaurasia: They would not have courage to read this complete article as it praises srila parbhupada and believes that he is still alive as prabhupad himself said he will not die. And believing prabhupad is ultimate for us. hari Bol.
Mahesh Krishnamurthy K Indeed Prabhu...
Agrani Krishna Dasa Nice one indeed. A slap on the face of Bangalore Correspondedn
Saturday at 8:48pm · 2 peopleLoading....Suresh Kn Very well said. They are just like that. :)
10 hours ago · 1 personLoading....Tejashwath Achari rightly said, there unlawful acts are really not bearable

Bangalore devotees on TV (ISKCON) in Hindi (05/30/11) ys pd

My new deity! (Gaudiya Mutt folks going bonkers) ISKCON ys pd 05/30/11

Press conference in Bangalore (ISKCON) 05/30/11 ys pd

May 29, 2011
The News Editor / Chief Reporter, Bangalore.
Sir / Madam,
Sub: Invite to the media representatives to Press Conference addressed by Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa, President, ISKCON Bangalore.
Date : May 30, 2011
Time : 2:00 pm to 3:00pm
Venue : Press Club Bangalore
We are organizing a Press Conference to explain about the tussle between ISKCON Mumbai and ISKCON Bangalore.
We request you to send your reporter and photographer or videographer to report the same in your esteemed newspaper / channel.
Our Media Representatives, Bharatarshabha Dasa ( Mob 9341034710), Sripathi Das (Mob. 93413 22458), Dayashankar (Mob. 96111 31962) Amit Karnik (Mob 9880432198) will be glad to meet your representatives at the Press Club.
Thanking you.
Yours in the service of humanity,
Bharatharshaba Dasa,
Head – Communications and Public Relations

Bangalore court case response (ISKCON) 05/30/11

PADA: OK prabhu, Jaya, yes -- the good people of India are never going to accept that Lord Krishna's acharya successors are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, and any Karnataka Judge in the court there that rules in favor of these child molesting acharyas should be driven out of town on a rail. Inform the mass of people what kind of nasty judges they have there, judges that want your children to worship a pedophile acharya program right here in Bangalore, and the Bangalore people will rise up and take these bogus judges to task. Its that simple. ys pd

Facebook: videos of Bangalore TV here. ys pd

ISKCON Truth discusses BANGALORE CASE (ISKCON) ys pd

PADA: There has been some TV media shows where Madhu Pandit appeared on TV in India recently, I have seen them on Facebook but cannot figure out how to link them here. Anyway this is a good start, you get the idea of his counter arguments: ys pd

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Thanks Sandy here it is:

The link to my video "ISKCON's gurus future births" 

What is a diksha guru? (ISKCON) 05/29/11

Dear THH, The diksha guru absorbs the sins of the followers, di means divyam jnanam and ksha means to protect from sins, also by absorbing the sins. That is the meaning of diksha. Not all diksha gurus are crucified and I never said they were. Srila Prabhupada says Jesus is still absorbing the sins of his sincere followers, so the guru absorbs the sins even if it is 2,000 years later, this is the meaning of diksha. Srila Prabhupada says the guru absorbs the sins, you say the guru doesnt, who are you to challenge the statements of the acharyas? As for the Christians, you are the person following the GBC voted in guru system which is exactly like voting in the Pope, you are a follower of the bogus Christian voted in Pope system here. Now you are saying the diksha guru, who by definition absorbs the sins, is not doing that since 1977, you changed the process going on since billions of years? Who are you to change millions and billions of years of definition of the diksha gurus? You also have not told me where Srila Prabhupada authorized his followers to be gurus, when in January of 1977 he said suspend sannyasa, they are not fit for sannyasa? As for animals, they do not engage in illicit sex with men, women and chilrden as a genral rule, the GBC gurus cannot even follow that standard. ys pd      

Goddess Laxmi T-shirts on Etsy (ys pd) ISKCON 05/29

Less than animals equals Jesus? (ISKCON) ys pd 05/29/11

Dear THH, OK, you said Lokanatha was a guru. And the GBC says he is a diksha guru, and a diksha guru is a person who absorbs sins like Jesus, how can a molester absorb sins like Jesus? A diksha guru absorbs the sins like Jesus, how come you say people like Jesus are blooping, touching children, taking off into illicit sex and so on? No, Lokanatha is not like Jesus, he cannot absorb sins, he is like a priest, a person who may touch women. You are confusing the roles of priest and guru / messiah / acharyas. Lokanatha's writer Jayadvaita says that gurus in ISKCON fall into illicit sex with men, women and children, so that means, they are not even ritviks, they are not even animals, animals do not engage in illicit sex with men, women and children. How can someone less than an animal absorb sins like Jesus and be a diksha guru? Why are you saying less than animals can perform the job of Jesus? ys pd

Going after the molester messiahs club (ISKCON) ys pd 05/29/11

Thanks *****, yes this "madhubandit" web site was sending me their stuff years ago, this is not at all new. One thing I would do -- in addition to attacking the GBC over their molesters acharyas in the media etc is, whenever a particular GBC or temple leader said he was going to kick me out of an ISKCON temple, I said, -- Goody, I'll make 10,000 leaflets with your picture on it, and hand it out to all the people in this city where your temple is, with a photo of YOU on the leaflet saying "here is the local leader of the homosexual pedophile messiahs club," with a brief explanation of who you are, guess what, no one ever tossed me out of any temple ever. Why not target these individuals in the madhubandits site by making leaflets with their photos and handing out all around the neigborhoods whrere they live etc? I never had any problem with these people because of my just threatening this. When they want to play baseball, you refuse to do that, and you instead play nuclear war, its that simple. ys pd 

Dear THH -- Gurus do not fall down (ISKCON) ys pd

Dear THH, OK, good progress, so now you are admitting you are saying that acharyas fall down, which shastra says is -- gurusuh narah matih narakah sah, anyone who says acharyas fall down like an ordinary man is a resident of hell (narakah). Therefore you are an official resident of hell, says shastra. Why should I listen to you since you just admitted that your idea is that acharyas are falling down, which shastra says makes you a resident of narakah? Narakah sah actually means, you are already there, you are already a resident of hell -- and you are lecturing to others? As for the Christians, yes we are following their idea, they say that the priest is falling down, that is the correct idea, that is what we (ritviks) say. Whereas you and the GBC says its not the priest -- its the acharyas who are falling down, and this means -- narakah sah, one is a resident of hell, already. Shastras say you are a resident of hell and you are simply trying to drag me and others there with you. Srila Prabhupada wanted persons engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children to beocme gurus? No, he never said that. As for Lokanatha, Srila Prabhupada says diksha / initiation means that the guru is abosorbing the sins of the followers just like Jesus is taking the sins of his followers, how can a person who is touching little girls be another Jesus, who is giving diksha and taking sins? That means now you are attacking Jesus as an ordinary man. Now you are telling me people who are diksha gurus like Jesus might "bloop"? A person like Jesus is the blooper, but you are the advanced one here? What! ys pd   

The Lugubrious Clowns of ISKCON's GBC (ISKCON) ys pd 05/29

The Lugubrious Clowns of ISKCON's GBC


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently quipped that, "If comedians could invent people, they'd create Donald Trump." That means that Seinfeld has never met ISKCON's GBC. If the GBC were to carry out their supercilious charades in the real world, they'd end up as a regular feature on Saturday Night Live. There would be skits of swamis meeting with Feng Shui architects to plan their pompous samadhis. Jay Leno would roast them with jokes about elitist sannyasis with empty begging bowls and million dollar bank accounts.

Comedians enjoy sticking needles into bloated public figures like Donald Trump because the falsely aristocratic are usually blissfully unaware of how pompous they appear to others. When the social climber takes himself a bit too seriously, it automatically makes for a good joke for the simple reason that the audience is already quietly laughing. Self-righteousness makes a comedian's job a cinch because the jokester needs only to ignite giggles at something the public already agrees is funny. Neither do the masses feel guilty about laughing out loud when an affected upstart is ridiculed because of a mass sense of justice that snobs have no humility and deserve it.

That is one of the reasons why blundering President George W. Bush was such an easy mark for comedians. He wore his incompetence on his own nose while he stumbled to overcompensate for his lack of dash, ability and intelligence. But the many humorous aspects of George Bush fell flat because of the great harm he caused his own countrymen and the world in general. As a puppet for banks and world corporations that have politicians as their CEO's, his financial policies bankrupted the very people who voted for him while his merciless wars killed millions of innocent civilians. The Oliver Stone satire of Bush "W" flopped for that reason. By the time the film came out, so many had been personally undone by a buffoon in power that the joke had turned to ice. It's hard to chuckle at a rich dolt whose policies have forced you to move into your car. Laughter had turned to bitterness. And that is the situation with the GBC.

The GBC should take some satisfaction in the fact that they are not as famous as they think they are or they, too, might have been the centerpiece of the next Hollywood flop. But laughing at the self-righteous clowns ends and real action begins when hurtful policies come banging on your own front door like a LA SWAT team. And nothing raises the ire of a genuine devotee of the Lord like seeing the Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Krishna, Whom the bhakta lovingly serves, belittled. That is why Shrila Prabhupada deprecated in the meanest of terms mayavadis who minimize the glory of Shri Krishna. Prabhupada never spared impersonalists who try to dismember the Supreme Lord. He always condemned these aparadhis as rascals, fools, mudhas, jackasses, demons, atheists and the lowest of mankind. In fact, for a high-class Indian gentleman to have spoken in this way, if translated into good old American English, the listener's ears would burn. But those are the facts: one who assaults the Supreme Lord with lewd, seductive verbiage disguised as wisdom should be unmasked in no uncertain terms, which Prabhupada never failed to do as the torchbearer of truth in a world darkened by deceit.

ISKCON News, the official source of information for devotees, has hired an editor, Krishna-lila dasi, who is also a filmmaker. Her offensively-titled film, "Krishna the Playful God" plainly reveals that she does not understand the personal philosophy of Krishna Consciousness from the very first beginning of Bhagavad-gita As It Is: Shri Bhagavan uvacha. The words on her website, linked to her bio-data at ISKCON News reads"

"According to Plato, the human being is a playmate of God, and the world is God's playground. There are many cultures in human civilization that have the notion of a playful god or gods in their concepts. Among these figures is one of the most prominent: the Hindu god Krishna, whose mischievous, wily or celebratory activities have been preserved in thousands of literary works, paintings and sculptures throughout the millennia. This documentary elaborates on the importance ‘play' in the world of religion and culture."

ISKCON News' signing on of a filmmaker -- whose film openly advocates mayavada --- plainly exposes their intent and lack of commitment to Shrila Prabhupada's ideologies. In one stroke, they have declared war on the philosophy of the Sampradaya Acharya. They have crossed the line to the point where it appears useless to merely poke fun at their imperious masquerades. Sincere devotees of the Hare Krishna Movement must become serious about defeating the contamination that is infecting the Society's management like rust in a junkyard of old cars. But rather than educating devotees on the fine line that separates mayavada from Vaishnavism, they have shown a convenient solidarity with the nirvisheshas and shunyavadis.

Krishna is not so cheap that any human being can become "a playmate of God." The Editor of ISKCON News is responsible for offensive mayavadi philosophy, pure and simple -- offenses that are an egregious affront to everything that Prabhupada stood for. This means that the pomposity of the GBC has spewed overboard and the joke is no longer funny. With the false propaganda of an impersonal penthouse yogi, their own official Editor is attacking the Supreme Lord Whom they claim to serve. Perhaps long ago the Kauravas and their friends also thought Krishna was some kind of 'playful God', but they didn't know that Lord Yamaraja as King Yuddhisthir was facing them on the other side of the battlefield. So the Kauravas got to play with Krishna's representative as Death personified instead.

According to, another GBC site known to criticize Shrila Prabhupad regularly, each year the GBC takes an oath at the samadhi of Shrila Prabhupada. It is an oath which all devotees and friends of ISKCON should carefully read:

1. To accept His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as the Founder-Acarya and Supreme Authority of ISKCON. To follow his teachings, instructions and directions.

2. To accept the Governing Body Commission of ISKCON as the ultimate managing authority of ISKCON as directed in Srila Prabhupada's last will and testament.

3. To abide by the Society's spiritual rules, namely no illicit sex, no intoxication, no gambling, no meat-eating and chant a minimum of sixteen rounds of maha-mantra japa every day. To follow the principles set forth in Srila Prabhupada's books.

4. To accept that all ISKCON's funds, assets and properties under my control or direction, including anything ISKCON may have acquired under my direction, is the sole property of ISKCON and in the event of my death, resignation or other relinquishment of all ISKCON responsibilities, all these shall accrue solely to ISKCON and at all times I shall have no claim on them whatsoever.

5. To be guided by the spiritual directions of ISKCON's management, to cooperate with the local GBC representative, and to fulfill my duties in a serving spirit never intentionally acting against ISKCON's interests.

6. I will maintain the spiritual programs, standards, and teachings established by Srila Prabhupada in the projects and with the devotees placed in my care. I further agree not to involve the Society or those devotees placed under my care in any activities contrary to the above mentioned principles.

The GBC is actually pledging allegiance to itself. Like a crowd of obedient, patriotic Americans at a baseball game, with bowed heads, the GBC adopts a mood of grim seriousness and pays due homage unto themselves. Although the oath contains no words about SERVING SHRI KRISHNA THE SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD, it is replete with words about serving their own interests. Sure, you can argue that Krishna-seva is built into the first point of following Shrila Prabhupada. But it is a fact that the guiding principle of service to the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna is not specifically mentioned, whereas following the GBC is mentioned twice.

The actual sum and substance -- purport if you will -- of this oath is that, "If a GBC member bloops, he should disappear with empty pockets. Just leave the money behind for the rest of us." Sure, Shrila Prabhupada set up the GBC, but as Krishna's service to guide others into Krishna's service, and not as a whimsical autocratic body like some pope-run monarchy that is right in all it decrees because it decrees that it is right.

Also consider what it means when your local GBC says, "I swear to be guided by the local GBC." It only means that he is willing to be guided by himself. It is double talk that gets him a free license for unlicensed autocracy.

The awful "playful god" movie is only one issue. Hundreds of articles written by or about Mayavadis appear on their ISKCON News website, sanctioned by an editorial staff that is accustomed to indiscriminately praise, rather than defeat, Mayavadis. Those who ride the political yacht for the free refreshments should consider that when the boat goes down, they will all drown together.

The contaminated impersonal sentiment that has infected the GBC -- as shown by their tacit approval of a film repulsively entitled, "Krishna the Playful God" -- is turning what could have been a world Vaishnava movement into a Mayavadi-ridden organization that swears allegiance to a body that has misunderstood the intent of the Founder-Acharya. Are there no devotees and friends of ISKCON left who are faithful to the Torchlight of the Sampradaya? If so, they must rise up in the face of this tyranny of transcendence for the sake of preserving the dignity of Shrila Prabhupada's mission; a mission that, by the grace of Shri Guru, is based only upon loving service at the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Krishna.

"It Can't Happen Here!"  After the GBC meeting, the good old boys sat around together to watch episodes of the playful God Krishna cartoons.

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"Religious Right" in love with atheist's writings! 05/28/11 ys pd


PADA: Yes, you said that the Windle Turley lawsuit, which stopped the suicide epidemic, was wrong, of course because you wanted children to die. Why else would you say that? And now you say, a lot of them are dead spiritually because your guru's team had them molested. And the same people who orchestrated all the molesting and homosexual gurus are still in charge. Now you say, nevermind why these kids are dead spiritually, that means you are an apologist for the molester regime. I do not say, never mind, I say, they are responsible for what happened to these kids and they are, this is called the laws of karma. Jayapataka was eating like a hog and he weighed 300 pounds because he was eating too much food, and the children in his care were being starved, now you say, we should not care about that? Why are you defending the leaders of the starving, beating and molesting of children regime? ys pd  

Hare Krishna thrives in Norfolk UK (05/28) ys pd

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Biggest Guru in the Empire! (ISKCON) ys pd 05/27

ISKCON gurus rap music video (ys pd) 05/27

Prabhupadanugas Rathayatra in Montreal Canada (ISKCON)

Another "Original Prabhupada" devotee dies prematurely (ISKCON) 05/27

PADA: This is very odd, that so many of the original Srila Prabhupada devotees have already died, and we keep hearing  reports of them dying off on a regular basis like the report below. And many of them are expiring untimely often before or around -- age 60. Why is it that so many devotees, who are non-smoking vegetarians, and who are living a supposedly "sattvic" life -- keep dying off like this? Meanwhile we see so many "karmis" living until they are 80 or 90, and a number of those people at that age are still very physically active and generally in good health and so on?

Something is amiss!

We feel that there is a serious problem amongst these devotees being first of all -- sort of experiencing a sort of mental pain,  by being depressed by the current state of ISKCON's mis-directed policies, usually resulting in these devotees being sort of exiled from ISKCON. The result is that these devotees actually lose their will to live. I know some devotees who died and this is for sure one of the reasons they died, they were depressed at not being able to serve Krishna so they lost their will to live, and this caused them to die untimely. Actually this is a known and recognized medical problem, death being caused by a person's literally giving up the will to live.

I also know a few women who start talking to me about the current mess in ISKCON and they end up crying at their despair etc. So this is the reason so many devotees are dying, Mulaprakrti also had cancer and so she died and so on. I think the leadership of ISKCON is thus responsible for most of these untimely deaths, including my friend who recently died of alcohol poisoning, the GBC exiled people back into the ocean and off the good ship of ISKCON, and these people could not stay in the ocean, so they drowned to death. Of course Krishna will see that as their problem, and He will reward them with a good  opportunity for serving in their future life. ys pd

Future births of ISKCON leaders for mis-treating all these devotees:

Lenny Sislac commented on your post.
Lenny wrote: "As usual, poor ISKCON's rank & file can only afford a quack doctor while the leaders have a team of medical specialists: "One day while visiting Padma a month before she passed, she told me that she had gone to a healer who could see beyond the five senses and guide her with his visions. " Source:"

Jayapataka followers exposed in 2009 plot (ISKCON) ys pd

ISKCON "where is the Sheriff?" (ys PD) Friday 05/27

Lenny Sislac
Make Wealth and Accounts of ISKCON Leaders visible | BIF

The solution to the problem lies on the paper trail. How is it that an organization with claims to constant ongoing expansion, cries bankrupt when put under the legal hammer? The answer is simple:- they do not hold valuables or assets in a central bank but have franchised ‘gurus’ who build wealth.

Louis Bernier: Srila Prabhupada has said that one should be practicing what he preaches BEFORE such preaching! We would also like to see YOUR "wealth and Accounts" - FIRST!!! Do not ask someone to do, what YOU are not prepared to do - first!

Lenny Sislac: Prabhupada: "Bookkeeping is the most important item. As you are growing in stature, our accounting system should become very perfect. We have to publish now a short statement of accounts. As we increase our life membership number, we must submit our audited accounts and that will convince the public of our stability." Prabhupada: "There will be many discrepancies in the trial balance if books are not kept properly. Trial balance means to test how the accounts are kept scientifically. So if the accounts are not kept properly but haphazardly there will never be a correct trial balance. To present a correct trial balance means to correct the whole past accounting system. One letter has just come from Giriraja in which it is said "As for accounts, at least the trial balance sheet has shown great discrepancies. For example I have collected Rs 70,000/- from the Maidan advertisers, but only Rs. 55,000/- has been recorded, and after being informed I was able to account for a possible Rs 5600/- of the difference, but still Rs 9,400/- is unaccounted for. Also a profit of Rs. 15,000/- was supposed to have been made due to the maidan program, and that profit was to have paid off a previous Calcutta debt to the building fund, but now that Rs 15,000/- has been spent for maintenance, and an additional Rs 8000/- of membership money collected since the program has also been spent, so the Calcutta debit is now Rs. 23,000/- and is increasing''. Now who will be responsible to account for this Rs 23,000/-? Please let me know. And who has been appointed treasurer and secretary? The president, secretary and treasurer elected by the members of the center cannot be changed at least for one year; better to continue it for three years. All combined together should be responsible for keeping correct accounts."

Louis Bernier: Lenny, I still do not see where Srila Prabhupada is asking for an accounting of "personal" - individual accounts; or, that ANY "accounting" be published to the general public???
Have I missed where they were to submit the report to YOU?

Lenny Sislac: ‎@Louis Bernier Do not ask someone to do, what YOU are not prepared to do - first! Answer: With respect, you should be curious within your limit. I'm not a globalized monastic order where there is no cartel office who checks their bookkeeping. That's like comparing pears and oranges? I'm obligated to my local tax office, not to others. So far my fiscal authorities are satisfied with my accounting system. Is this an satisfactory answer for you?

Louis Bernier: It is a satisfactory answer for everyone - including ISKCON!

Lenny Sislac: ‎@Louis Bernier Lenny, I still do not see where Srila Prabhupada is asking for an accounting of "personal" - individual accounts; or, that ANY "accounting" be published to the general public??? Answer, Prabhupada: "Otherwise, those who are renounced order, those who are brahmacari, for them to keep money separately for his maintenance or for accumulating bank balance is not allowed." (Bhagavad-gita lecture New York 1966)

Louis Bernier: Where did He appoint you the Sheriff?

PADA: This is the same identical question people of Louis ilk asked me in the early 1980s when I said there was child molesting problem, they asked me the same thing, "Who appointed you as the sheriff?" and in this way Louis ilk people stunted and checked my protest, thus Louis ilk people created several thousnds of children to get molested by attacking our protest. Hence, Louis ilk program is directly responsible for all the molesting because of their attack on us dissenters of the molesting program. And after Louis ilk program created thousands of molestings by hampering and attacking us dissenters, they are proud that they created thousands of molesting by attacking our protest. They are still saying no one should ask for accountability, whether on money issues, molesting issues, or any other issues, Louis ilk wants full regin of the criminal actions to take place unchecked. Thanks pd

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How Bangalore could have won 12 years ago (ISKCON) ys pd

PADA: If a few devotees picketed in front of the court "this court defends Mumbai's homosexual pedophile acaryas program," a million people in Karnataka would eventualy join you and smash them to pieces. Its actually that simple. Anyway I know you are fighting and that is good, however no one ever sues me because they know I will forward their pedophile messiah program agenda from the outset, and smash them before they even get started. That is how I beat them in the $400m Windle Turley case, they did not even want to be in the same court with me. They plead "no contest" and then plead "we are bankrupt" rather than face me in court. They cannot even face one person with a sign saying they are a molester messiahs cult, what to speak if you organized with a few dozens, or better yet hundreds. ys pd

Second court favors Bangalore managers (ISKCON) ys pd [05/25]

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Dear Nave (ISKCON) ys pd

Nave to PADA: read ur above mentioned posts. just because u dont want 2 surrender u speaking all these u want to be like ekalvya (learn without guru). Find me a place/community where there are no problems. This world is dukhalayam. U can never find a place without it. Arw there no problems within HKH ? If u say that if current ISKCON society is wrong. Then u r saying that prabhupada is wrong.(prabhupada said ISKCON is my body). everytime u speak in ur post u r comitting vaishnava aparadh.u kno the result ! post a reply

PADA: Dear Nave, there are two ISKCONs. (1) The formal GBC ISKCON (Mumbhai) which says that acharyas engage in illicit sex with men, women and children. (2) The Prabhupadanugas, those in Bangalore and elsewhere, and we say Krishna's successors are not engaged in debauchery. Which ISKCON do you belong to? ys pd 

A snippity discussion of Bangalore (ISKCON) ys pd [Tuesday 05/24]

Jennifer Edwards to -- PADA
Iskcon Mumbai owns City arm
In a verdict that puts an end to a de­cade-old feud, the High Co­urt of Karnataka on Friday ruled that the entire property of Bangalores International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) belongs to the Iskcon Mumbai...

PADA: -- Right, so the Karnataka courts of India decided to uphold the Mumbai ISKCON preaching project, which says that Lord Krishna's successors and acharyas are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. I am not too impressed! This is not a problem at all, it means our devotees will have to get more solid in their preaching and quit avoiding the real issue, we are not going to worship illicit sex as acharyas, period, even if the court wants us to. We are servants of Krishna and not the courts. ys pd

Amar Puri: Well, all the Iskcon Bangalore Ritvik devotees can become un-cooperative with the Iskcon Bombay management and still continue preaching and adhereing to the Ritvik system in the Bangalore temple as some sort of protest until some new development comes forth. I am sure that Shri Krishna will reveal some new plan. Thanks for sharing, PADA Prabhu.

Lenny Sislac: They excluded religion and simply judged from mundane contracting point of view. But don't panic, if the issue goes to the Supreme Court, things look different. The whole world will become aware of ISKCON Mumbai's false guru graveyard.

Bhakta Balaram: The lower court gave a 350 page verdict explaining why Bangalore folks are the owners of the property. Now the high court has overturned the decision and gave a mere 50 page document explaining the reasons. Bangalore team is not panicked. They have strong faith in Srila Prabhupada and it is actually a fight for his unique position in ISKCON. The Lord is in control and let's see what happens.

Lenny Sislac: ISKCON Mumbai wants to establish that like any other mundane religion to indulge in fighting till everything is destroyed and the karmis peacefully open brothels right next to their temple gate. The government installing toughened secularism. Everybody saw the successful perfomance of the Bangalore Prabhupada devotees. ISKCON Mumbai's only reply: Sh** on their heads.

Randall John: We just got a six week "stay away" order against mumbai (noon here in bangalore Tuesday) way are we going to surrender to GBC's elected gurus. we are family here, Prabhupada is protecting us.

PADA: Well, if a group of devotees went out with a few thousand leaflets saying "Bangalore court rules in favor of homosexual pedophile acharyas project" -- we'd have the people of Bangalore demanding the courts remove those judges in about 24 hours. I just cannot imgaine why we'd be spending 12 years in courts when we can solve this in about 24 hours. ys pd

Jennifer Edwards: "stay order" has been rejected. so its finito ... next thing iskcon mumbai will do is to prove that iskcon bangalore had been unlawfully financing other ritvik temple's. so whats plan B?
If madhu pandit hadnt forged the documents ... all this wudnt have happened. all his fault.

Lenny Sislac: ‎"Forged" isn't exactly the right word. The end justifies the means. After all he could manage to do service for Prabhupada from 1997 till now. Without doing what he did they would have kicked him out already 10 years ago. Let's say they really kick him out. After so many years of successful performance ISKCON Bangalore is a legend. Only when it doesn't exist anymore people will realize what they destroyed. Madhu Pandit prabhu should go into exile and just wait. At one point they will arrange for a new temple that is ten times bigger and more beautiful and invite him back.

Bhakta Balaram: Is lower court foolish not to detect the forgery? They gave a detailed report of 350 pages explaining the reason behind their verdict. If this was a clear forgery, why they didn't detect it in the lower court itself? It seems in the high court verdict, some of the startling evidences from Bangalore camp has been completely ignored. There is a definite sense of foul play here. Anyway, Madhu pandit prabhu has only good and sincere intentions for Srila Prabhupada and his movement. I am sure whatever he did has been inspired and fully protected by Srila Prabhupada. On to the supreme court now.

Jennifer Edwards: I was always told that it was iskcon mumbai who started the court thing.. that was a lie.. here are the facts (see iskcon's site):

PADA: Actually Srila Prabhupada wrote a letter to Jayapataka saying that he did not want the temples in India centralized under Mayapura, they should be independent. When that letter was read in court Jayapataka said -- he never saw this letter, he denied Srila Prabhupada ever even wrote that letter. A few days later JPS had a massive stroke and now he needs two people to take him to sit on the pot, and he has a metal wire to hold his mouth open etc. So yes, the GBC side has not only provided changed documents, they are tossing out Srila Prabhupada. Of course even if the courts say that the homosexual messiahs program is bona fide, who cares? We care for Krishna, not the courts. And yes, JPS is already getting karma for all this. ys pd

Jennifer Edwards:

PADA: It really does not matter who started what, we are not going to accept the GBC and their kangaroo courts and their idea that acharyas are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. Its really that simple. We worship Krishna and not the courts. ys pd

Jennifer Edwards: of course we worship krsna.. but now i am annoyed that you lied to me. you said that iskcon mumbai started the case court! and i also find that madhu pandit falsified papers in the beginning. what is this nonsense??? i thought u guys were the good ones.. the perfect followers of Prabhupada! what happened??? i am so confused once again now. what abt the gurukuli abuse story? were you not worshipping courts then? You are messed up, both of you .. iskcon and the ritviks!!! u've been calling them homosexuals etc .. but now the HIGH COURT has proved Madhu pandit a dishonest man! this is official.. not some rantings by an old guy behind his pc. u get me?

PADA: Well Jennifer like I said, they were asked to pay $400,000,000 in court because of the rantings of an old man. Of course $400m is chump change for you? This is official, the people you cite as your authorities lost the case because of my "rantings." Even the courts knew that my idea that child molesters are not messiahs was -- right. The GBC says Krishna's messiahs are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, and rant all you want, we are not going to accept that idea. ys pd

Jennifer Edwards: “There is no legal existence to the Bangalore society. By falsifying accounts, president Madhu Pandit Das has conspired to breathe life into the society.”

PADA: Jennifer, you are defending them by citing them as your authority, ys pd

Jennifer Edwards: I am new to all this. i became attracted to this philosophy and in a few months i got sucked in all this thanks to you.

PADA: You are citing the web site of the people who say gurus engage in illicit sex with men, women and children, why are you attracted to this "philosophy"? ys pd

Jennifer Edwards: You got ur own PADA website as well ... calling them homosexuals. they got their websites and u got urs.. its the same mentality. where is the krsna consciiousness in all that?

PADA: Even dogs are not engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children? Why are you citing the people who are saying Lord Krishna's successors are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children? ys pd

Jennifer Edwards: All you guys are doing is criticising each other.

PADA: OK, so worship of illicit sex with men, women and children should not be criticized, that means -- maunam samyam raksati, you are protecting that idea by trying to silence its opponents. Why should we agree with you that worship of illicit sex with men, women and children should not be criticized, we should worship that? Jennifer you are a hoot! ys pd

Jennifer Edwards: YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE RITVIK MOVEMENT! I was better off with christianity. u have seriously put me off prabhupada now. u call urself a prabhupada disciple and all u got on ur mind 24/7 is worship of illicit sex with men, women bla bla bla. ur a disgrace to the ritvik movement. they should hunt you down like they did bin laden!

PADA: OK, but you are the person who is citing the web site of the people who say that acharyas engage in illicit sex with men, women and children? You are the person who brought this all up. You are citing the web site of people who make children molesters into messiahs. You did not ask me about Krishna, you argued with me that I am wrong because I do not listen to the writings of your -- citing -- the site of the illicit sex messiahs web site? You have been citing the web site of the same people who say acharyas are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, you said I have to listen to their views, I do not listen to people who worship illicit sex even with children as messiahs, sorry.

Anyway Jennifer, please do go and be a Christian, the Christian's and their -- police, FBI, Federal Marshalls, Media, Rolling Stone magazine writers, CBS Television, Mississippi SWAT team, New Orleans police, Dallas courts, and so on ad infinitum, these good Christians have been my best allies all along, and by putting me under good Christian police protection, they saved me from getting whacked a number times. Yes, you are better off with them, because they have all along been with me, in spades. I worship these Christians as some of my important allies and assistants, they saved my life and they are still helping me in all respects. Krishna sent them to help me, they are also part and pacel of the Supreme God. None of the Christians would ever say that child molesters are messiahs, and none of them would ever cite as their authority your web site which is part of the illicit sex messiah's camp. ys pd

ISKCON's homosexual pedophile messiahs club mis-states facts

This is a letter from Dayarama, the lead enforcer of the "illicit sex with men, women and children" messiahs / acharyas club. He says that Madhu Pandit (Bangalore ISKCON) is the person who has initiated all the lawsuits. No, the GBC lost their court case and Dayarama folks appealed. The bogus GBC initiated this current lawsuit to defend their pedophile messiahs and acharyas program. They also initiated a separate suit which they lost in the Delhi courts recently, Dayarama says MAdhu Pandi initiated  these lawsuits, he is lying. Notice that Dayarama admits they have been spending millions fighting in the courts "for the past 12 years." There is no money to pay the molested gurukula victims, no money to get rid of the bed bugs, mice and rats out of the temples (I just found out that there are rats in a temple in Australia) -- there is only money for lawyers and courts? Anyway the Bangalore devotees got a stay order, and they can now appeal to the high court in Delhi. This is amazing, this Dayarama fellow wants us to worship his illicit sex with men, women and children project as our messiahs, so why isn't Bangalore folks simply saying, we do not want to worship Dayarama's illicit sex with men, women and children as Krishna's succesors and messiahs program, and have these Dayarama folks and their child molester worship defending lawyers beaten with shoes by the citizens of Bangalore? Notice, the GBC never dreams of suing me, they cannot take a person to court who points out that their messiahs are: child molesters, genital suckers, criminals, assistants to murders, people who are getting murdered for having sex with followers wives and so on. ys pd

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A few Words About Bangalore Yatra

May 23 2011, India — Hare Krishna, I have read your article by “ISKCON Correspondent”. I was appalled at the opinion given by the correspondent in the name of update on ISKCON Bangalore vs. ISKCON Mumbai Court case. Let me dissect all the points in this update categorized into various headings. Firstly it has come from an Anonymous, which means that either the author does not exist or someone is trying to impersonate oneself.

No authorship of the article indicates that he wishes to hide many things which itself is a sign of suspicious character. One of the main things being “Fear of contempt of Court” since he is openly mocking the Indian judicial system. It will be gentlemanly and brahminical for him to openly state who he is so that he can stand to his false claims.

On the whole this so-called correspondent equates the victory of ISKCON Bangalore with an individual that is Madhu Pandit Prabhu. He mocks the Harinama Diksha ceremony recently held at ISKCON Bangalore. He says that the properties and preaching of Prabhupadanugas in Bangalore is a “loot”. And he claims that TAPF is in a state of turmoil with in-fights between the trustees.

I wish to clarify that all these points are baseless allegations and just continuation of the unelected GBC and the guru hoaxer’s malicious plans, in which they have been very successful for past 30 years and a consequences of which has stolen/looted the followers and the temples of Prabhupada being engulfed by the guru-mara consciousness. In the past also many and many disciples of Srila Prabhupada have raised the issue of these gurus being unqualified and being hounded out of the movement by being accused of being materialistic and power hungry. History has witnessed all their atrocities.

This local Bangalore correspondent has been trained nicely by his guru His Holiness Jaya Pataka Maharaja and has seemed to imbibe that same spirit to attack Madhu Pandit Prabhu and coins this whole fight for re-establishing Srila Prabhupada as the diksha guru in ISKCON, as a personal fight. This fight is actually a hope for reestablishing Prabhupada as the sole diksha guru of ISKCON and sampradacharya of ISKCON.

Why this propensity of considering it as personal property/fight in you? I will give the reason, because all the guru hoaxers consider ISKCON as their personal property (as whole devotee community knows). It is their fields. Their consciousness is actually allowing them to think it as the loot from Prabhupada and his ISKCON. By actually calling it as a personal fight, it is like seeing the devotional service to Krishna on a very mundane platform, which is obviously an offense.

Madhu Pandit Prabhu is doing his service as a President as any President was doing previously and would do in such a case. We have many devotees serving here with Prabhupada as a centre. Everything here is offered to Krishna through Prabhupada.

That is the system we are following here. It is not a loot to anyone. All devotees have dedicated their lives and serving under the direction of an authorized President who is doing his duty as per the instructions of Srila Prabhupada. And we have many such temples like that.

The fight is actually between Prabhupadanugas and guru-hoaxers and not only Madhu Pandit Prabhu. We all understand this well. All devotees are supporting this not just sentimentally but after scrutinizingly and intelligently studying the July 9th Directive and Direction of Management (DOM) Letter by Srila Prabhupada. You all quote yourself on logic and not on sadhu, shastra or guru pramana. This itself is faulty.

Regarding the in-fights, there are actually no in-fights amongst the trustees in Akshaya Patra. In fact after the house committee report (Link), the operations of Akshaya Patra have even further improved. They are all very happy since they know that the house committee report proves the credibility of ISKCON and Madhu Pandit Prabhu to a greater extent.

And it is an established fact. Being inside the organisation it is easier for me to report these things on a very truthful platform than this “staff correspondent”. Since these kinds of people are envious, they cannot appreciate this fact and they keep trying to convince themselves. It is like a rabbit which thinks that let me close my eyes and I will not die, although the lion is just standing right in front, to eat it.
The Harinama initiations were conducted under the banner of an elected GBC, strictly following the July 9th Directive and DOM Letter by Srila Prabhupada. It is so funny or rather hilarious that this very corresponding person mocks such an authorized initiation process. This bogus anonymous correspondent should first look at this own backyard before mocking the diksha ceremony at ISKCON Bangalore which is a great offense in itself.

For widely opening his opened eyes, let me produce the following facts: H H Umapati Swami who was known from beginning for his sexual activities, was made to sit on the Vyasasana and glorified on the level of Acharya. And he is giving diksha. Everyone knows that Jayatirtha Maharaja used to be drugged while sitting on the Vyasasana.

Recently H H Lokanath Maharaja was banned from giving initiations due to a woman complaining that he touched her. Murderers, child abusers, and what not are giving diksha. A sexually inclined person sitting on a Vyasasana and initiating the disciples, is that okay for you? See how faulty your system is, a person who is accused of a murder and who was imprisoned for life, he was awarded sannyasa while in jail itself and he again started giving initiations by himself to others.

Such a stupidity and foolishness! History knows more. Initiation is not a mere process as how you are thinking. It involves the purity of a pure devotee and sincerity and commitment of a disciple. People who are on the platform of kanishta adhikaris cannot give diskha.
Neither unqualified disciples who cannot chant even 16 rounds can take diksha. It is like people sitting in the glass house and throwing stones on the others. They are speaking of the initiations in our temple but they are in dark of what is happening in open light on their side.

Now let me tell you the facts – what is actually happening in Bangalore. ISKCON Jagannatha Mandir in Sheshadripuram is filled with 300-350 people and with fights. Recently the viscosity increased so much that they had to resolve by making Narahari Chaitanya, the incharge of Kumarswamy temple and they even shifted out one sector and made a group for Girinagar. They are 300 people and there are 300 Presidents, each one of them President for oneself. That itself shows how chaotic is the situation there. Since ten years the only thing they are doing is to fight.

Even though it is not openly announced it is understood and known that they have a very small temple in HSR layout with some 5-10 devotees who are found to be unfit in ISKCON Bangalore and whom they grabbed. There is one more group of Anakulya Keshava and Madhusudhan Hari who are all sindhis. Narahari Chaitanya has another group who are all kannadigas. In verse 5 of his book Nectar of Instructions, Prabhupada writes,

“In this Krishna consciousness movement a chance is given to everyone without discrimination of caste, creed or color. Everyone is invited to join this movement, sit with us, take prasada and hear about Krishna.”

Where is this instruction of Prabhupada? Why these groupies of sindhis and Kannadigas? Well to me it sounds very funny indeed. Varada Krishna is sitting there in a hot seat trying to manage these wild passions all together. The temple is so small (obviously since they don’t spend a farthing on preaching and expansion) that even if they try dividing the temple amongst those 3 groups, they will only get one tile per President. Each one is not able to accommodate the clashes of others. Obviously this behaviour also finds it source in their guru who is a politician himself and who is known worldwide for harassing his god-brothers.

Before accusing Akshaya Patra, you better set your house in order. If you want I can send the reports every week about the fights which are happening there. Officially they are all trying to make a big face. They are all united only for fight and nothing else. Among themselves only they are fighting for nails. Even if you get this temple what will you do, you will all fight similarly.

For one group Prahlada Narasimha temple, for one group Srinivasa Temple and other group Radha Krishna Temple. One President for every temple and department! Please don’t spread these rumors. Don’t try to become the author of Pavana Purana. They falsely accuse Madhu Pandit Prabhu and devotees at ISKCON Bangalore (reg in 1978). They steal documents from our temple, they hack our database of our donors and send them false letters, they try to disturb devotees and youth here, they install spies in the temple here. They send dirty SMS to devotees and our donors and VIP’s. They are all involved in such nasty activities. Does this befit a character of a devotee?

One should judge by the results. ISKCON Bangalore is known for its preaching activities all over the world. Temples are opening, massive book distribution and prasadam distribution just like how Prabhupada wanted to be. As a President, Madhu Pandit Prabhu is managing so wonderfully. What is your problem in that?

Why you are calling it as a loot? For gurus it is a loot of course. Your own guru HH JPS said that Prabhupada is dead and how could a dead father produce children. No wonder for you Prabhupada is dead but for all of us he is still living and guiding us. He will surely remain to be our only spiritual master life after life.

HH JPS himself has said many a times that Madhu Pandit Prabhu’s service and integrity are beyond a doubt. Just because he is upholding the truth that Prabhupada is the only diksha guru, you people are maligning his integrity. For that he does not become a culprit. According to you then whoever does not accept your guru and accept even other living guru, is surely a culprit. You are all using politics to stop the preaching activities of Prabhupada’s own mission. What shall you achieve by doing so?

For the information of readers GBC at ISKCON Bangalore is elected through the Direction of Management Letter by Srila Prabhupada and initiations are conducted as per July 9th Directive. Everything is as per Prabhupada, what is your problem then? We are always defending for our services and I am sure that they will go on. It is a fact that all gurus have their own bank accounts. All the guru-dakshina goes into it. It is not accounted by anyone either whereas Madhu Pandit Prabhu has openly declared about his assets. Let one guru file such an affidavit.

Let them prove how much HH JPS holds in his bank account. How much H H Radhanath Swami has in his account? This particular property of ISKCON Chowpatty has never been in ISKCON’s name. Will you get that loot transferred to ISKCON?

This court case in itself is not everything. You just wanted to say that tomorrow is verdict but you made it very spicy. Please don’t do that. We are all interested in preaching and we will go on preaching.
You said that if ISKCON Bangalore wins than “ISKCON” will go to the Supreme Court. You better tell your Doyarama not to waste Krishna’s money for fighting. Let there be temple where Prabhupada is worshipped. Why do you want to fight this temple? Why do you support this cause? Are you seeking an authorization from Vaishnava community to fight for this? Or are you being paid nice wages to write such reports?

In the case of Civil Court judgement, although it was a 350 page long judgement, you approached high court yourself. And in this case if we lose, we also have a right to do so and we should do so to keep up the position of Prabhupada. You are the aggresors always and we have been defending. We have never been aggressors.

In the third option you are stating about your activities in 5 days. Whole world knows about what you did in Calcutta. Gundaism and Thuggery. They even rammed lorry to break open the gate of the temple to take it over and even tried blowing up the temple also. Are you warning everyone about this thuggery in Bangalore, which you did in Calcutta? Better watch out. Vaishnavas are watching you. HH JPS now is harassing Madhu Pandit Prabhu who is not accepting him as guru which he has very rightfully done as per the instructions of Srila Prabhupada. Are you trying to threaten for that? Hope you are not lost as much as you appear to be lost. Hopefully your mind is in your control.

Our only prayer is to be engaged in the service of Srila Prabhupada and I am sure that many vaishnavas will join me in this prayer.


Court claims that Bangalore forged documents

Decann Herald account

Ruling against ISKCON Bangalore (ISKCON) ys pd

PADA: We said for many years that Madhu Pandit prabhu has to use the actual argument: [Radhanatha swami and] Mumbai ISKCON are promoting a homosexual and pedophile guru / acharya lineage. Use that argument and no India court will rule in favor of their homosexual and pedophile "Krishna's successors" acharyas program. As for us, we never get sued -- ever, because we come out right at the beginning: Homosexuals, drug addicts and pedophiles are not Krishna's acharya successors, and the result is, we have had success, no one even thinks about suing us. Either get out and fight without patty cakes, or face losing. The good news is that the we keep getting more and more of these formerly mild devotees eventually getting tired of being beaten for 30 years, and they eventually say, Oh Arjuna -- stand up and fight! ys pd

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Krishna T-shirts

They are $25.00 plus shipping. YS PD

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Update on the Bangalore Case


May 20, 2011 — BANGALORE, INDIA (SUN) — The most important news is that the High Court of Karnataka will finally give their verdict in the ISKCON vs Madhu Pandit case on May 23, 2011 at 2 PM. The judges can give three different verdicts.

1. They find in Madhu Pandit's favor, in which case it then proceeds to the Supreme Court of India.

[ PADA: Notice, the GBC started this lawsuit in 1997, and is now proposing that even if they lose, they will start yet another lawsuit in the High Court. They have already been suing the devotees for more than 14 years, and now they want to go on spending -- unlimitedly -- more time and more money -- suing the vaishnavas. One of their followers even told PADA that the GBC will sue the Prabhupada devotees of Krishna "more or less forever." ] 

2. They find in ISKCON's favor, but because Madhu Pandit will appeal to the Supreme Court he will ask the High Court to grant him a "stay order", meaning that the status quo remains and he will keep the Bangalore temple while the Supreme Court is hearing the matter.

[ PADA: The courts may find in favor of the illicit sex messiahs program? Lets hope not! ] 

3. They find in ISKCON's favor, but because Madhu Pandit will appeal to the Supreme Court he will ask the court to grant him a "stay order", but they do not grant it to him, which is likely, if they believe it to be a fraud case. (The court would not want to continue to perpetrate a fraud). He will then have to work very hard to get a petition together to bring to the Supreme Court of India, at which time he can ask them for a "stay order."

Because of the legal complexities involved it will take him at least 5 days from the time he gets the High Court of Karnataka's judgment in his hand to the time he can approach the Supreme Court of India and ask for a stay order. In that 5-day window it is possible for ISKCON, with the order of the High Court of Karnataka in hand, to take back the temple that Madhu Pandit usurped. Then, even if the Supreme Court issues a "stay order", the status quo with ISKCON in possession will continue while the Supreme Court hears the case. This would be to Madhu Pandit's great detriment.

[ PADA: Meanwhile some ISKCON temples have been rented out as Bingo halls where meat is being served so they can make money, claiming they have no money. Yet there is always money for expensive lawsuits! The GBC likes to feed their chicken tikka eating lawyers, apparently making sure that lawyers have nice Mercedes in more important than getting the mice and rats and bedbugs out of some of their temples, they are worshipping lawyers. ys pd ]

Kirtanananda future birth (ISKCON) ys pd

All devotees are (shiksha) gurus (ISKCON) ys pd (Sun 05/22)

Los Angeles
7 July, 1974
Los Angeles
My dear Satadari devi dasi:
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated July 13, 1974 and have noted the contents carefully. Yes, a shiksa guru is anyone who can give spiritual advancement. You take instruction from my books, and if you are unable to understand any portion of the books, then you can get it explained by any senior devotee, whether Madhukanta or anyone else. Any senior devotee can be an instructor in spiritual subject matters. If you like to take instruction from Madhukanta, there is no harm.
I hope this meets you in good health.
Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Early Morning in Vrndavana with bhajan (ISKCON) ys pd

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Atheists to hold Rapture party (ys pd)

Prabhupada Festival info

Temples "all dried up" by Vyasasana dasa

Recent Conversations (ISKCON) Friday 05/20

SRILA PRABHUPADA SIDDHANTA: If you believe that Srila Prabhupada authorized the present day GBC Iskcon guru system, then you are saying that Prabhupad is directly responsible for all deviant behavior in the past, present and future of this movement. When a dog bites somebody on the street, the master is held accountable! The disciples of the spiritual master are invaribly condemned, critized and minimized and the guru is seen as just another conditioned soul because of apparently making such a conditioned mistake. What a legacy you all left His Divine Grace!!???

Nash David Selvester -- Gauridas - when you present conversations as shastra, you have to accept what goes with something be considered shastra. If I disagree on shastra, the course of action is to present the disagreement to Sadhu or Guru. We both accept Srila Prabhupada as Sadhu AND Guru, but how can we pose a question to Srila Prabhupada? Perhaps if I provide a conversation of my own, this time between Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj and one of His god-brothers who is a Prabhupada disciple. Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj exhibited the symptoms of Bhava as described in shastra in 1979 - I have spoken personally to an eyewitness who confirms that Homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors, as well as Krsna Das Babaji Maharaj, confirmed Him to be in Bhava.

** Nash David Selvester I think that the conception of ritvikism underlies a misconception that if you do not accept the ritvik system, then you do not love Srila Prabhupada. This is simply incorrect, and if you ask of my god-brothers and god-sisters I'm confident they will all agree that their understanding and love for Srila Prabhupada grew and grows under the guidance of our Gurudeva and His sannyasis.
** Nash David Selvester Yuga - LOL I cannot believe you actually think that because ISKCON has a better structured material managament, that they are "eons" ahead of anything out there. The only difference with the Gaudiya Matha issues and ISKCON is that, in the Gaudiya Matha we are publicizing it and ensuring that the people trying to take control against our Guru's instructions don't - whereas in ISKCON, nobody put up a fight against the rascal's that poisoned Prabhupada and raped, abused and murdered any devotee who stood in their way.

How can you even defend an organization that rubber stamps Guru's? The biggest downfall for ISKCON is that they put themselves directly in the center of the Guru process, when it has NOTHING to do with an organization and is a PERSONAL relationship between three people only - the person deciding to initiate, said person's spiritual master, and the person deciding to take initiation. To criticize the Gaudiya Math after ISKCON's history is a ludicrous statement, and shows an improper understanding of ISKCON's darker history.

** PADA: Thanks Martin, Yes, if a ritvik or anyone else becomes pure, certainly people will benefit from his association. Of course the system set up by Srila Prabhupada was for ALL of his disciples to preach, sort of grass roots level like ALL the ...Christians "preach or witness" on behalf of Jesus, and they ALL act as living guides for the mass of people. What happened in ISKCON was that they said we need living people to preach, so the kicked out 10,000 living people who were doing all the preaching and they made what Lokanatha swami said was "skeleton crew" -- where are all the devotees, that is what he wrote in 1988. So if your idea is you need living preachers, and you kick out all the living preachers, you have what they have, empty buildings. ys pd

** GHD: Thanks for sharing this. Its kind of a paradox... If one is too attached to their philosopical position as absolute for everyone, this predudice blinds one to see how krishna is working with various kinds of mentalities of his devotees and attracting them to various teachings, or even paths of vaishnavism. Its tricky. One has to honor the path of vaishnavism that one is attracted to and honor others who are inspired to follow another way as you pointed out with the ritviks who's faith in Srila Prabhupada was restored by having faith in his order.

This goes both ways. It is not proper to tell a devotee who is inspired by a certain guru to follow another path that one may believe in. It is also not effective to tell a ritvik to follow the living Guru system because one personally believes in it. A favorable mood for preaching is One can campaign for ones own path like holding out a lamp in the darkness for those who are meant to see it can.

** Gauridasa Pandita Dasa ‎@Nash ~ what Srila Prabhupada says IS Sastra! We need all three; Guru, Sastra And Sadhu ~ We can't understand the Sastra without the Guru. Srila Prabhupada's July 9th letter spells it all out. To speak nicely and properly we need to read and hear nicely and properly. Please read all the facts before you continue for your own benefit ~ On My Behalf, the facts without the faultfinding ~

** PADA: No one has ever answered my original question, if we need "living people" to do the "living preaching," why were 10,000 "living people" kicked out the door of ISKCON, and according to Lokanatha swami, the temples were turned into empty and skeletonized ghost towns? Lokanatha wrote, "in many temples there are more deities than devotees," so why are we saying we need living people, while kicking all the live people out? And why has no one ever answered this in 35 years? ys pd

** Gauridasa Pandita Dasa: While you are at it please read Chapter 23 of the Krsna Book ~ it's about the ritvik priests performing sacrifices, but they were not pure devotees with pure intentions, they wanted to go to the heavenly planets, but their wives were pure devotees and got Krsna's Blessings and Darshan in the forest. We need to understand the all inclusive nature of Krsna Consciousness. Advocating the Vedic ritvik sacrificial system doesn't mean we are against any other guru's. One who knows the science of KC can be a guru. The devil is in the details. Knowledge will destroy the devil and we will come to the proper conclusion and become fixed up at the feet of Srila Prabhupada, also honoring all devotees.

** Martin A. Raghavendu Lewis ‎>>> No one has ever answered my original question, if we need "living people" to do the "living preaching," why were 10,000 "living people" kicked out the door of ISKCON <<<Because those leader were asuric. But I had run ins with some of the original gurus and some other leaders before Nov. '77 and some of them were pretty asuric even in those days. That's why I was shocked when I heard that they were the 11 Acaryas. It always confused and I never really accepted it. But in retrospect I wish that I could have had the association of our godbrother Sripad Goura Govinda Maharaja. I don't think that he was contaminated by being elected by the GBC. He later opposed them but he definitely was not Rtvik.

** PADA: Dear Martin, Gaura Govinda maharaja is the person who wrote a paper for the GBC in 1988, basically saying gurus become demons (asuras). He was supporting them, now you say he was supporting demons? OK agreed. GGM constantly supported the id...ea that acharyas deviate into illicit sex and co-authored a number of position papers for the GBC saying that gurus deviate. He also said we could not understand things from Srila Prabhupada's audio tapes, because when we found out that GGM had been voted in as guru at Bhavananda's recoronation, that was not found in the tapes and teachings of Prabhupada, so GGM tried to discredit the tapes and teachings of Prabhupada. In sum, GGM thinks that acharyas (people like Jesus) are out of control debauchees. GGM also wrote a paper saying that the soul originates in brahman and not Krishna loka, and he said Srila Prabhupada was just preaching to the hippies so that is why he said we originated in Krishna lila. GGM also stood up to defend keeping Tamal in 1993, when even the other GBC wanted to boot Tamal out. GGM told me personally that Kali Yuga has entered the highest places of ISKCON, but that he still has to "cooperate, tolerate and work with them" (Kali Yuga). Yes, GGM said that anyone who gets voted in as guru is a fool, because gurus are not voted in, then he was voted in himself. Anyway, here is a summary of Gaura Govinda Maharaja:

** Yuga Avatar Das Nash David Selvester and freinds ,i offer this as a humble reminder.....

** Yuga Avatar Das -- The Narayana Maharaja camp's Madhava Maharaja is exhibiting disturbing commanding and controlling behavior within several of our affiliated Maths in India. He has been reported to be Interrupting hare katah speakers, taking an inordinate amount of time speaking, ordering math managers to do this or do that in the physical operation of the math, and taking money from them. These are a few of the disconcerting activities reported. Additionally we have witnessed flippant and disrespectful emails sent to devotees from both Madhava Maharaja and Brajanath Prabhu indicative of further unwarranted delusions of "entitlement to power" on their part. Generally these behaviors would not be noteworthy, but are particularly disturbing in our devotee community especially in light of financial abuses noted below.

** PADA: Right, Yuga's people are suing us because we do not worship his friends who have been preaching that acharyas and messiahs are: illicit sex with men, women and children, and these types of people are "meant ot be messiahs." Even dogs do not... engage in / worship illicit sex with men, women and children, clearly Yuga is not advanced enough to be on this platform. Worse, Yugas's program forced thousands of children to worship their homosexual pedophile messiahs, and many of them were molested as a result so we had to sue Yuga's messiahs for $400m, and in court Yugas' messiahs plead "no contest." As for Narayana Maharaja, he was the biggest cheer leader of Tamal and the molester messiah's project. ys pd

** Jayasri Radha: I dont even bother with yuga.. he's not worth it.I dont know why everyone doesnt just block him.. he makes no sense talks in circles .. I guess some people enjoy playing his games. I am happy I cant see his nonsense comments. Can someone answer me why they kicked out Adri Dharn from the IRM.. He is the first devotee I ever met.. And he alone warned me of the things in ISKCON.. What did he do that was so bad that they kicked him off? Hare Krishna!

** Rathangapani Dasa Buchert: They kicked him out because he was warning people. To stay in iskcon one has to ignore all the bad stuff, and never talk about it.

** Gauridasa Pandita Dasa The IRM didn't kick Adri out! He's still active behind the scenes ~ it's trouble with the ISKCON devotees have been causing that made Adri Dharan go underground for now ~ rest assured he is a good man, great devotee on an exile which will e...nd in due course of time ~ 2012 is supposed to be good for reform in ISKCON Astrologically according to Nalini Kanta Prabhu, the good Vedic Astrologer and Prabhupadanuga \o/ hold tight, our future is bright! The Golden Age of Lord Chaitanya is destined to increase in due course. Sri Sri Guru & Gouranga Ki Jaya! \o/

** Yuga Avatar Das: Obviously having just watched the movie ''gasland'' and seeing the immense damage being performed in the USA from fracturing the earth for cng gases drilling obviously explains why our poor american freinds seem dellusional many times on these threads! Do your tap fawcetts light up like on the movies ....? MAYBE THAT WOULD EXPLAIN THE RITVIK PERVERSIONS!
** PADA: ‎"Gasland" is what is happening in the Apalachian mountains (New Vrndavana West Vriginia), where Kirtanananda, Radhanatha, Umapati and all of Yuga's friends are, so he is right, Yuga has caused Gasland, I agree. ys pd

** Gauridasa Pandita Dasa: Here Yuga goes again being affected by Kali ~ it's Kali Yuga! Calling Srila Prabhupada's Ritvik initiation system a perversion is offensive to Srila Prabhupada. I had to delete him months ago for this nonsense and here he goes again after I ... gave him A second chance. We should not listen to his offensive nonsense ~ he wouldn't know the Truth if he saw or heard it because he has and still can't see it! Friends it's a waste of time and counter productive to keep him as a friend ~ let him go!

** PADA: Yuga just said that he endorses the New Vrndavan temple's program of selling gas rights to the karmis, so the temple water will be befouled with gas. Why does Yuga support NV managers and their gas fracking programs? ys pd

** Martin A. Raghavendu Lewis They got more fracking programs than you can shake a stick at! I don't know what the frack is going on with either Tim or Yuga?

** PADA: Yuga wants us to worship the people who asked the New Vrndavana residents to sign over property / mineral / drilling rights to the gas fracking program (it puts methane and drano-like chemicals into your drinking water), because Yuga apparently likes polluted drinking water for the devotees and cows. Why does Yuga support people who want to poison the drinking water of the devotees? ys pd

** Martin A. Raghavendu Lewis: Tim, you are real bull dog or maybe a pit bull on steroids when it comes to argument. You've got this particular style of ad hominem attack that expertly mixes the attack itself balanced with a dose of guilt tripping. And you've honed it down over the years until it is razor sharp. The problem is tarko pratisthanat. The Absolute Truth cannot be attained by argument.

** PADA: Dear Martin, the New Vrndavana authorities and people like Malati dd told the local devotees to sign off on the gas fracking program so the temple could make money by selling the gas rights, and Yuga worships these leaders, this is not a pe...rsonal attack, its a fact. This is the truth, the absolute truth because it is documented by my friends who live nearby, and by the machinery being used in the NV area, and this is all in the newspapers from Moundsville etc. You are a real bull dog here because as soon as we say this gas fracking is wrong for our ISKCON devotee communities, you defend the gas fracker project and attack me. I am simply agreeing with Yuga, it makes the ground water toxic. I am not a bull dog, I simply do not think devotees and the NV cows should drink poisoned water. Allowing this contamination on an ISKCON property is not authorized, that's all, I am surprised you are for selling our souls to the gas frackers. Is there nothing else more important than money in this world to you folks? ys pd

** Martin A. Raghavendu Lewis ‎>>> you defend the gas fracker project<<< What? As far as I am concerned all those Frackers can go to Fracking Hell!!!

** PADA: Dear Martin, you said my complaint about Yuga's gas fracking program was bull dog ad hominem attack, that means you are (a) an apologist for and (b) a defender of -- Yuga's gas fracking program. ys pd

PS Adridharana dasa was part of the IRM originally. In 1997, I asked him if he was in the room in 1977 when Srila Prabhupada complained of being poisoned, and he said he was, and moreover he was "alarmed" by the poison complaint. Of course this begs the question why he covered it up and he supported the GBC gurus for such a long time? In 1999, Adri changed his whole story and he began saying I was a fool for forwarding the complaint, he dendied saying he had been alarmed, and he said that he had every right to hide and cover up for the issue for 20 years, and he was even saying: there was no poison complaint, sort of like when Jesus said "you will deny me before the cock crows twice" from the Bible, and apparently Adri's idea was that Srila Prabhupada was debiliated and confused when he made these complaints. As a result of his duplicity on this issue, by Krishna's arrangement Adri was forced into exile. We do not want these blatant apologists and cover ups to be out there harassing us, and Krishna stopped his harassing us. And we are getting many new people to agree with this issue, here is merely one example: [ jaya Srila Prabhupada! ys pd ]

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GBC gurus sahajiya-vada program (ISKCON)

SB 4.29.14
EVEN IN SUCH A SACRED PLACE AS VRNDAVANA, INDIA, UNINTELLIGENT MEN PASS OFF THIS RECTAL AND GENITAL BUSINESS AS SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY. SUCH PEOPLE ARE CALLED SAHAJIYA. ACCORDING TO THEIR PHILOSOPHY, THROUGH SEXUAL INDULGENCE ONE CAN ELEVATE ONESELF TO THE SPIRITUAL PLATFORM. FROM THESE VERSES OF SRIMAD-BHAGAVATAM, HOWEVER, WE UNDERSTAND THAT THE DESIRES FOR SEXUAL SATISFACTION ARE MEANT FOR THE ARVAK, THE LOWEST AMONG MEN. To rectify these rascals and fools is very difficult. After all, the sex desires of the common man are condemned in these verses. The word durmada means “wrongly directed,” and nirrti means “sinful activity.” Although this clearly indicates that sex indulgence is abominable and misdirected even from the ordinary point of view, the sahajiyas nonetheless pass themselves off as devotees conducting spiritual activities.

Poison Issue is Factual (ISKCON) by Mahavishnu dasa

The Poison Issue is 100% Factual

By  Disciples and Humble Followers of Our Beloved Founder Acarya Of Iskcon- Srila Prabhupada

What follows is a Transcript of the background of English conversations between Bhavananda and Tamal Krishna on Nov 10th 1977 in Vrndavana,(77/11/10/RCVRNMP3) while the Kaviraj (Indian doctor)  is conversing with Srila Prabhupada in Hindi.

Please pay special attention to the background English conversations going on between Bhavananda  and Tamal, despite the loud Hindi speech from the Kaviraj in the very beginning.

Bhavananda: ( in low whisper mode, simultaneously while the Kaviraj is speaking his very first and one sentence in loud Hindi)

 “Prabhupada is trying to trap us”

Tamal Krishna: (in louder clearer mode, practically on the level of a low sound conversation, simultaneously while the Kaviraj is speaking his second and third sentences in loud Hindi)

 “ Put the poison , Put the Poison in different containers, that’s all, its alright, - - - -  no other way”

Tamal Krishna:  (in louder clearer mode, practically on level of a low sound conversation)

 “Ultimately what Prabhupada decides, we will do”

Bhavananda:  Indistinct

Tamal Krishna:( in louder clearer mode, practically on level of a low sound conversation)

Yeah, but it goes on, as Prabhupada goes on, his disciples also go on”.

Please click here for the highlighted sound background conversations between Tamal Krishna to Bhavananda  ( If on Windows Media Player, MP3 CD timer is on 34:06 – 34:42)

Please click here for the original normal sound background conversations between Tamal Krishna to Bhavananda   ( If on Windows Media Player, MP3 CD timer is on 34:06 – 34:42)

The above particular audio portions of the conversations between Tamal Krishna and Bhavananda are yet the clearest and most easy to identify sound vibration proof regarding Tamal Krishna Maharaj and Bhavananda’s involvement in poisoning Srila Prabhupada. Indeed these above audio sounds are practically in the category of low sound conversations (rather than faint whispers), which can be heard by the naked ear, provided one takes a little time to pay some attention. There is absolutely no need for a forensic examination for these particular conversations to convince the Devotee world, or for that matter any open minded Karmi. These above audios are comparatively even clearer than the famous low sound whisper, namely “ Put some poison in the milk”, by Tamal Krishna, which is found in the beginning of this CD. Still, many devotees can also even hear this one, provided they also take the time and pay special attention to do so.  

Srila Prabhupada always used to say that when something is clear, it does not need to be interpreted. Unfortunately, as ill fate would have it, the GBC and some early proponents of the poison issue in the past several years claimed that the above audio conversations after being sent to a forensic sound laboratory for tests came out as Tamal Krishna saying  “Posing different opinions”  instead of  “Put the Poison, Put the Poison in different containers, that’s all, its alright - - - no other way “. However anyone with a little commonsense/half a brain knows that this is an absolutely ridiculous proposal.  Even a 10 year old retarded child will laugh at this proposal that the above sound vibrations in the conversation of Tamal to Bhavananda is “Posing different opinions rather than Put the Poison, Put the Posion in different containers, that’s all, its alright- - -  no other way “. Indeed the GBC and some early proponents of the poison issue, by foolishly falling in this trap of different opinions rather than basic common sense have contributed to one of the many reasons leading to the unecessary delay, stalling and confusion on the whole investigation of the poison issue for many years. Spiritual justice is unnecessarily being blocked for our beloved Founder Acarya Srila Prabhupada.

The GBC and some other devotees foolishly imply by their above example that from now on if every low sound conversations between devotees and Srila Prabhupada, after being examined by the forensic laboratory comes out as something totally opposite and irrevelant to what is actually being spoken, then we should accept their conclusion as final. Thus it is they who are at fault of actually posing different opinions from general common sense. Therefore we appeal to all readers after hearing these above audio sound conversations by Tamal Krishna and Bhavananda, for their feedback on whether they are what we have clearly mentioned, or whether they are the nonsense stupid version as presented by the GBC./some other devotees,

The above audio recordings comes up after many devotees, including the Kaviraj’s proposals to Srila Prabhupada to not go out on Parikram have been defeated and smashed by Srila Prabhupada. The Kaviraj (in Hindi ) makes one last try by joking that if Srila Prabhupada is so determined to go, he should order Kuvera (the demigod)  to bring his flower airplane, so that Srila Prabhupada can use it for the Parikrama. The Kaviraja then very humbly submits that Srila Prabhupad’s body, being a temple of the Lord made of the five elements is at present not fit to go out on the Parikrama, and by doing so will certainly further destroy his already weak body. The Kaviraj further says that actually under normal circumstances nobody should dare to even propose to Srila Prabhupada NOT to go out for Parikrama, and anyone who dares so wll take heavy reaction. However, because of Srila Prabhupad’s special state of health, the Kaviraj dares to do so.

Thus seeing Srila Prabhupad’s strong determination to leave the room and go out on Parikrama, and having smashed everyones proposal as to why he should not go out,, Bhavananda starts to panic, and  speaks to Tamal Krishna the above audio recording  “Prabhupada is trying to trap us,”  . Bhavananda is hinting to Tamal that Prabhupada seems well aware of their plan to keep him in his room and obstruct him from going out on Parikrama, and Prabhupada could be aware that they are both trying to poison him. Thus by Srila Prabhupada being able to go out, he is setting up a trap for both of them.

Tamal Krishna immediately replies in a so call cool, but calculated manner, to Bhavananda, implying that since this is the case , since they cannot stop Srila Prabhupada from going out on Parikrama,( “Ultimately what Prabhupada decides, we will do”)  then the best solution is to – “ Put the poison, Put the poison in different containers , thats all, its alright- - - no other way”.  By this statement one can clearly understand that Tamal Krishna was the ringleader in the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada, and is now reassuring Bhavananda (who is simply a toy puppet following Tamal Krishna), not to panic, with the words ”Its alright”.  That even if Srila Prabhupada does go out, and they may not have such an easy chance as before, they will still be able to continue to poisoning him, once the poison is “put in different containers”. Because the poison was to be put in different containers, thus being spread out, it would still be easy to get access to, and the poisoning business would go on.

Tamal Krishna also reluctantly, and having no other choice, is accepting the point by speaking  “Ultimately what Prabhupada decides, we will do”,  but yet very demoniacally, and not at all befitting a true disciple makes the next obnoxious statement Yeah, but it goes on, as Prabhupada goes on, his disciples also go on”. Readers, please  judge the mentality of such a ‘disciple’. Indeed it is the same competitive mood that we all have with Krsna and which has led us all to leave the Spiritual world and come down to this rotten material world, and which Srila Prabhupada describes as our sinful desire to be the competitor of Krsna, instead of his servant. By this statement, Tamal Krishna is competing in his typical independent mood with the pure representative of Krsna, with the challenging words “ as Prabhupada goes on, his disciples also go on”.

For hearing the whisper by Tamal Krishna to Bhavananda of “Put some Poison in the Milk”, one can click here for the audio sound (If on Windows Media Player, MP3 CD timer is on 4:09- 4:13)

To hear the whole CD of the Nov 10 1977 Conversations from beginning to end, please click here  or