Friday, September 7, 2018

Gunagrahi swami "final days" (video)

UPDATE: His Holiness Gunagrahi left his body at 3:47 am in Sri Vrindavan dham.

PADA: There you have it folks. If someone says that acharyas are often falling into illicit sex with men, women and maybe children, then the ISKCON GBC will make that person their guru and re-editor of all the ISKCON books. And they will sue anyone who wants original Srila Prabhupada books as a deviant.

And if one says that Krishna's pure devotee successors / parampara members / and gurus are watching porno videos, like GBC's guru / messiah / parampara member Gunagrahi was doing, then the GBC takes care of all your material welfare, medical needs and expenses etc. Yep, anyone who adds "pornography viewing" as a pastime of God's messiahs and acharyas is welcomed and well cared for by the GBC's guru sabha! 

Did we forget to mention that the Gunagrahi guru sabha also buried a known sexual predator in a samadhi in the holy dham? All glories to porno swamis!

NOTE: Radhanath was holding Gunagrahi's hand as he leaves his body. Yep, the burying sexual predators in the holy dham program loves the porno swami!  

Of course this begs the question, why are Gunagrahi and ilk thinking they can add: illicit sex with men, women and children; watching porno, drinking vodka, gambling in Reno, shooting guns at occupied buildings, offering LSD to the shalagram, buying mini-skirts for minor aged female students, and so many other crimes and deviations we cannot count them, as the characteristics of "Krishna's guru successors"? Why would anyone attack Krishna's guru parampara as a gathering place of flies, hogs, lusty dogs, wasps, blood sucking ticks, crows, viper snakes, and so forth?

Anyway, we feel very sorry for Gunagrahi swami. 

He is one of the people who has been with the party which has been saying Krishna's guru parampara is full of fools, rascals, deviants, molesters, sexual predators, criminals and endless deviations. And they will ALL have to pay a heavy price for that. Srila Prabhupada says that to claim gurus are ordinary men is a severe offense, which will take one to the lower planets. 

Yet Gunagrahi ilk could not even find an ordinary man, like the city garbageman, to be their messiahs. They went way out of their way to make all sorts of deviants and criminals into their messiahs. Yes, anyone who adds porno swamis to the guru parampara is well taken care of by the GBC's porno swami guru's parampara. 

And they will all be taken care of nicely by Yamaraja's crew when the time arrives. No one is allowed to criticize the acharyas as deviants, fools, sexual predators, porno swamis etc. since the acharyas are known as -- qualitatively the same as Krishna, shaksat hari tvena. And thus to say the acharyas are deviants is the same as saying Krishna is a deviant. It is severe enviousness of God. 

And that is why Srila Prabhupada says imitation of guru will not be forgiven by God or any agents of God. Chanting Krishna's name will also not save a person who insults Krishna and His parampara as being a nest of deviants and criminals. Yep, Gunagrahi thinks he can add all sorts of crimes and deviations to Krishna's parampara list of gurus, and that simply means he has no clue who is Krishna and what is His guru parampara. That is also why Srila Prabhupada says these "Veda Vada Rata" people who make false acharyas will go to far worse hellish destinations than the ordinary mundane man, because the ordinary mundane man is not making blasphemous attacks and insults upon Krishna and His guru parampara every day of their lives. ys pd  


  1. JT: Gunagrahi is holding hands with Radhanath? That cannot be a good send off. Wasn't Radhanath the second commander under Kirtanananda? How did Radhanath not know about all the criminal stuff going on at New Vrndavana? And Sulochana's hit men?

    You are right, they buried a known sex aggressor in Vrndavana, that shows how the GBC people are polluting the hoy dham with burying their crooked leaders there, and now making big send off programs for their porno swami.

    Anyway one by one these bad guru people are leaving this world, and this world is now a much better place because of not having them here to cause problems for us. I just hope they do not make some big ceremony now to glorify this pornography guru. That is like adding insult to injury of the holy places.

    Thanks for reporting on this.

  2. CPD: Puranjana prabhu: "Srila Prabhupada says that to claim gurus are ordinary men is a severe offense, which will take one to the lower planets."

    Certainly it is a great offense to say that a guru can be a degraded person. Then naturally a normal person thinks that all the previous gurus of the parampara could also have been such kind of degraded people.

    Certainly the idea that the parampara could have been these degraded people is a great offense against the pure devotees of the Lord, the greatest kind of offense, to offend a pure devotee. And transmitting this mentality publicly to his followers, transmitting this sinful mentality, is the biggest form of violence towards others. This must also be paid back by sinful reactions in their future lives.

    PD: Hence the Vedic story of the bogus guru becoming a snake, and then being eaten by ants, the ants being former disciples whose sins were not removed. Yes, I pity these people, for their future is very dark. Worse! They are leading others into darkness, and that is extremely sinful. ys pd


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