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Defending Madhu pandit (ISKCON) ys pd 06/09/11

True colors of Madhu Pandit Das
Bangalore, India — A spiritual organization’s/movement’s role in society is to bring awareness of spirituality in the society through good causes which will automatically be executed. Unfortunately ISKCON being the world’s largest spiritual movement with high standard philosophy is under limelight due to undesirable development of ISKCON’s followers.

Coming to the background of Madhu Pandit Das (former name Madhusudan S) was born in 1956 in Trivandrum, India. He completed his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT-Mumbai, in the year 1980 and continued his M.Tech course in IIT-Mumbai in 1981 which was left incomplete.

Literacy level was only 43.6% in 1981, which has now in 2011 crossed 70% with lot of competition in the field of education and employment which shows us survival of the fittest. But scenario was entirely different three decades ago, where graduates were treated like how scientists are treated today and what to think of having master degrees from IITs which is the best educational qualification which will fetch lakhs of salary where gold rate of those days used to be just 1240rs (now: 23000).
Now let me state the positions of some successful IIT passouts during those time.

1) Arun Saxena (passedout 1984 IIT Mumbai btech ) President International Consumer Rights Protection Council

2) Prof. Srinivas Aluru (passedout 1989 IIT Madras) Bajaj Group Chair Professor Computer Science and Engineering

3) Mr. Colin H. Gonsalves (B.Tech., Civil Engg., 1975) Founder, Human Rights Law Network.

We can give numerous personalities who are at in top most designations in many professional platform, which will let any individual lead a luxurious, comfortable, happy life. You can even go through this link to know more about IIT ‘s 2010 Distinguished Alumni Awards which will give you the positions of alumni of IIT link:

The reason behind above explanation is: Why does a person leave such a good opportunity to earn money and status? Which Sri Madhu Pandita dasa has left! What was the reason behind he leaving such an opportunity? Many many questions arise – and the only reason is his dedication to serve Lord Krishna through authentic instructions of Srila Prabhupada which is deep rooted in his heart!

And for having given up one’s own personal materialistic interests for such a good cause the allegations he is facing today is “fraud” – what is the necessity for him to fake when he has given up great career opportunities in his youth just for the reason of serving Srila Prabupada’s mission? When he did not want to enjoy materially in such a young age why would he want to fake or make possessions at this age? It is so cheap and unjust to make false allegations on a person who lives in a small room on little sattvic food (prasadam) and works hard for the mission of Srila Prabhupada round the clock. It is not only MPD’s case, there are 100′s of examples with the same life history among the devotees in ISKCON.

An ISKCON temple has its validity only when the activities of temple are favoring the desires and teachings of Srila Prabhupada: good deity worship, book distribution, prasadam distribution, good sadhana of devotees, youth programs etc… and in each of the mentioned activities ISKCON Bangalore is among the best out of 100s of ISKCON centers, and if some one disturbs such activities, what do you call such a person? to be continued….. Narendra Das

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