Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Prabhupada Bhakta Writes

Purujit dasa: 


If we want to receive some information, we must inquire from authority with respect. It is just like going at the university. You go there and you listen from the teacher. Teacher says, "This is like that and this is like that....". We go at school, because we do not know something. So our position is inferior. If we will rebel against the authority, who is superior, we can´t learn anything. The teacher has some information and experience with particular subject, so he knows how it works and all the details. 

He is passing the information from another authoritative sources (previous teachers), from which he was learning that information and the same thing is also applied for the others in such a succession. If the authority is bona fide that is another question, but we should at least try to understand the principle, how it functions. 

Let´s say yo want to go to some nice place, like California, very nice weather is there, warm, palms, see nice people. And some person come to you and he says, "Sir, I have been there and it is very nice place, you should go to look there." That person has an experience with such a place, he describes all the details etc., so he is authority. 

He shows you also some nice photos taken from there and like that. And than he says to you how to get there, the process. You go on such and such plane and you board off at such and such place and that´s it. But he knows also many other people, who have been there and they are saying to us the same thing. So we can have some trust in them. The only thing to do is our initiation. 

If we take up the process, earn some money for ticket, get the right plane at certain time, board off at certain airport etc. the result become tangible. "Oh yes, he and the others were ac tually right, it is such a nice place, I am going to stay here forever." The same thing is wih our Krishna consciousness. 

We should also trust out spiritual master, who, by the way, must be 100% sure about the message he is passing via parampara beginning with Krishna Himself. "Therefore, the conclusion is that a spiritual master who is one hundred percent Kṛṣṇa conscious is the bona fide spiritual master, for he can solve the problems of life." (B.G. 2.8) 

Even 99,9% are not sufficient, because the missing part is also part of The Absolute Truth. If we go to measure 100cm with 99cm long ruler, we can not measure the missing part, so we do not have the experience with the missing part and in this way we can not understand the whole picture. In such a way spiritual master is showing us, how Krishna is beautiful, how to get there, but the only thing is the same as in previous example - to take our initiation. The parampara is so extensive and stable, so why should not we trust such authority at least theoretically. 

If we hear submissively from nonsense guy, we become nonsense as well. And if we hear like hogs and dogs from even right source, it is useless, because the message is lost and not preserved.So both the submissive hearing and the right source are very essential.

bhakta filipji

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