Saturday, June 20, 2015

Preaching Report from Purujit Prabhu

Finally, we have returned from our European preaching tour, so I have a little bit more time to respond your last longer email. Our trip began in Bratislava here in Slovakia, where we were hosted by our good friends Brano and Dominika. They are our good friends since 2012, when they similarly hosted us in their flat and did not mind us doing the full morning program (starting 4.30) and would always join in ecstatic kirtan before going to school. 

We used their place as a base to meet many of our other friends from Bratislava. We also did a harinam and some book distribution there, which was nicely captured by Brano, who is actually a professional photographer. After this we continued to Prague, where we met our friend Lukas, who is chanting a few rounds a day and he was very pleased to get from us the first Slovakian edition of Easy Journey to Other planets. 

We did a harinam with him in the streets of Prague. People are very favorable to devotees in this city. We then stopped in Goerlitz to do a home program, Leipzig to do harinam and then we headed to Weinsberg where Gaurangi Mataji and her two little cute devotee boys opened the third Bhaktivedanta Lives In Sound Society center in her flat. 

Devotees from Spain, Austria, Frankfurt and other cities in Germany showed up and we did a massive harinam in close by city Heilbronn with at least 20 devotees chanting through the streets. After we spent a few days in the new center associating with Gaurangi. She is an absolutely amazing and a sincere devotee following strictly despite her situation being a single mum. 

Daily we have been killed by the most wonderful prasadam preps I have ever tasted from her kitchen. It was as though Radharani Herself was cooking for Krsna. Gaurangi is a great cook, great singer and she can also give a nice class. She is a great soul and we are simply thinking how to help her out so she can kick start the preaching in Weinsberg. 

After this we along with Gaurangi Mataji went to see our friends in Frankfurt, who organized another smashing harinam through thick crowds and a nice evening program with the Bhagavadgita class. These devotees very much appreciated our efforts with our new society and are our big supporters. Later on we travelled to Clermong Ferrontin central France to do a small home program and then we split : gaurangi went to Austria to prepare another festival with our Austrian friends and me and Makhancora ended up spending 2 night on the beaches of France and Italy taking a small break. 

We attempted to do harinam in Verona Italy but were told by cops to get out. They were very polite though and when I said we’re Hare Krsna, the cop smiled: Oh Hare Krsna!!! Very good. We then did a little book distribution in the streets of Verona and then drove to Austria. Here, our good friends Monika, Nina and Vaishnava Thakur organized a nice program with a nice tent in the garden and with many nice guests. 

We cooked prasadam for more than 100 people. Gaurangi Mataji organized the whole cooking and cooked to the point of complete exhaustion. Vaisnava, Nina, Monika and Makhancora helped. Over all the tour was a success in connecting different devotees who are focused on Prabhupada and gave us a new experience of never experienced before preaching method thanks to all who supported us during this time.

[PADA: Good job! ys pd]

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